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Desperation, Pt. 1 ||Closed||

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Desperation, Pt. 1 ||Closed|| Empty Desperation, Pt. 1 ||Closed||

Post by Telguest on Thu Feb 09, 2012 1:42 am

||Hi there. Since it's not clear in the post the setting here is modern day Toyko which is why this is currently labelled closed. If you want to play later on feel free to message me- until then enjoy!||

It's been raining all day and shows no sign of slowing as the light fades away into the darkness of night. It's a dreadful, melancholy gloom and it shows in the deserted streets except for one lone boy standing hunched on a street corner.

He's a skinny thing and obscenely tall even with the inwardly curved shoulders against the chill of the wind and rain. The thin jacket he's wearing offers little protection against the torrent instead it clings stubbornly to his body much like the mesh shirt that can be seen peeking from above his collar. Clearly he's a desperate one for who else would brave the wet and rain to stand on a street corner like he is?

From beneath overly long bangs vibrant green eyes peek out only to dart nervously back and forth, up and down the street. He's freaked - he's only three blocks away from the academy and if anyone sees him like this... It's a thought he doesn't want to contemplate for long if only because he feels like he's testing fate merely by thinking about it. Still the thought niggles in the back of his mind.. What would Nao, Sora, or even Yoru think of him?

Yoru would probably understand, he rationalizes, there's a darkness about him that Kiba can't even begin to comprehend, but for the others, well they simply wouldn't understand.

All of them, himself included, has had sh*tty pasts and still have the nightmares to prove it but he'd bet ten thousand Yens that none of them are still living through hell inside. Hell narrowly describes the night sweats, the terrors, the puking, crying, disgusting, whimpering mess he becomes when the pain in his head becomes too much to handle. Yet, he cant stop. He can't stop because he loves that little blue pill more than life itself, loves it more than anything else simply because it makes him feel so good.

This loving addiction is why he's where he is now - standing out on a lonely street corner shivering in the rain. He's already lost track of how long he's been out here but he's soaked to the bone and probably looks closer to being a drowned guttersnipe than someone ready to offer a good time. Not that it matters anyway, there aren't any johns out in this nor anyone else.

For a while longer he remains there in the rain, rubbing his arms and marching in place to try restoring some warmth to flesh that has long gone cold until finally he's had enough. There's enough pills to last through what remains of the night so it's time to pack it in. Tomorrow is another day. As he turns to go he's startled to see the sudden bright glare of headlights coming up the street towards him...

The car moves closer then crawls to a stop just short a few feet away from him. For a few minutes nothing happens - its a stalemate as he stares at the car, eyes nearly closed as he tries seeing past the glare of the headlights but there's no response from the car, or it's driver, at all. Coldness is starting to seep into his limbs, weighing them down, and frustration is starting to mount. This isn't some kind of perverted peep show and he nearly grinds his teeth together to keep from screaming it out loud at the headlights.

He's never been a big fan of the cat and mouse game and the feeling that he's being watched isn't helping at all; so now he can add irritable to being tired, cold, and soaked. He's past ready to go home but the car is between him and the street that leads back to the dorms so there's no getting past it no matter how much he may want to.

He's still trying to decide what he's going to do when an audible *click* makes the decision for him - the driver's side door was opening. . . Old, ingrained instincts take over and he's off and running before his brain can even process that he's moving.

There's a shout from the direction of the car and suddenly there's footsteps running towards him, chasing him, and he's off like a mouse trying to escape a maze. A direction is picked utterly at random and before he knows it he's slipping and sliding his way down the stairs into the subway system below.


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Desperation, Pt. 1 ||Closed|| Empty Re: Desperation, Pt. 1 ||Closed||

Post by Telguest on Mon Jul 29, 2013 12:02 pm

The steps are slick from the rain and more than once he has to grasp wildly for the railing to keep from falling and breaking his fool neck in his haste. Adrenaline is a powerful, wonderful thing yet his heart is already thudding painfully in his chest and he can't quite seem to catch his breath. It's the byproduct of years of harsh abuse on a young body and he briefly thinks of the lecture he's going to get when he finally does get back to the dorms but for now its no matter because he's finally reached the bottom.

He stops. And stares.

This is not what he was expecting. His initial flight was on pure instinct but some small part of him knew to head someplace crowded, and despite the lateness of the hour and the downpour this place should have been packed. Instead silence greeted him as he glanced around at the deserted tunnel with growing horror.

This isn't right. The place looks as it always does- white bricked walls and smooth floor, clean to a fault but it's completely empty. There's not the slightest indication of anyone being there, which is surely impossible! He's been in this tunnel many times before 'cause there's always someone new to target on the trains but he's never been here when there was no one else around. It's unnerving on a level he can't quite understand because he's used to being on his own.

"Hey kid!" The shout echoes in the silence, bouncing off the walls- it's the man from the car and he's gone again, hopping over the turnstile and off running through the deserted tunnel before he even realizes it. . Damn! Why won't the car guy just give up already?! No means no and running means 'Awh hell NO!' and yet the sick freak was still tailing him!

He skids to a halt behind the cover of a large column and gulps in air like he'll never breathe again. Shit, but this is bad. He needs to get out of here! Where? Where? Where to go? He's panicking, close to hysterics as he can hear the thud of footsteps as the car guy closes the distance between hunter and prey.

"Come out, come out wherever you are..." Car guy's voice echoes in a creepy sing-songy way as his footsteps come closer to the column only to stop just a few bare feet away. "I know you're here kid. I can hear ya breathing."

Oh shit, oh shit. . What the hell is he supposed to do?! He's been lucky so far. Nobody has ever touched him without his consent but its always a matter of time before some freak decides to take it too far. He ain't ready for that- and certainly not in a freaky deserted dark subway tunnel! With that in the forefront of his mind he's off again-- jack rabbiting from around the column like a football player running for a pass and barrels headlong into the car guy. "Oof! Hey!" The guy is nearly knocked off his feet and Kiba can feel clawing against the thin material of his jacket as the guy tries to find a handhold. It's no use though, Kiba has speed and surprise on his side which helps as he scurries away into the dark.

From behind him he can hear the car guy swearing oaths as he fumbles around in a desperate bid to catch him again. Holding back a snigger of triumph at having escaped Kiba finds himself heading for the stairs once more. Going up is just as bad as going down was; the rain hasn't relented any from the looks of things. The steps are still just as wet and he slips and slides as he climbs his way to freedom.

He's nearly there! He can hear the sounds of traffic- just a bit more and he'll be home free....

...until a hand suddenly grabs ahold of his ankle.


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