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What The Heck Happened That Night!

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What The Heck Happened That Night! - Page 2 Empty Re: What The Heck Happened That Night!

Post by Liberty Jean on Thu Jan 18, 2018 12:07 am

Liberty Jean was looking to Arcadia when she said that she wasn't the best person to give advice on that, and she looked thoughtful.   She would remember the words at least for a while.   And the way she was thinking of that one and she nodded, it would make sense why she said that, because the forest angel liked to keep everything close to her pocket.   “I might be finding my self headed that way with everything going on.”  She gave a nod of her head.

And when the man appeared she had followed the gaze a moment as was a natural reaction.    But she let them have their hellos and whatnot without her pipping in at that very moment.    And when he did uselessly take her heart rate she let him, as she was watching him just a moment, and well it was not a weird watch because it was a curious what he was going to say not anything else.  A nod of her head when he said confused was a understandable place to be.

When Dr Blake said that he was good too, a smile touched her lips, a hint at least because it tickled her.    Looking back to the forest angel she nodded when she said he was a vampire and she smiled to Doctor Blake, because he liked the nickname she gave her in the forest of all places, fitting.   Oh, L.J. Had not a clue that she wasn't a calm peaceful forest angel, silly girl.  Her head nodding to Arcadia speaking of how Dr Blake would be well-equipped to help her, she did trust her, and so when Dr Blake suggested moving to a room not the waiting room, she would move easily with him, not tensing when he did touch her, but truthfully it was probably because the forest angel whom she would be dead without, trusted him.  Hopefully it wasn't a mistake to trust him as well.   This could all be a death trap...kill her before she got her groundings!   But it was a medical clinic so maybe she was in good hands.  

She listened as Dr. Blake spoke and took her deeper into the clinic.   “Isn't there a trick to get people to do what you say?  I am sure there are many tricks.”  She nodded to him at that one, and she was thinking.   “I have heard things about vampires but being what I am...was...mixed with...” She stumbled over that one, “where I am from the two don't mix so its most legends about each other.”  A nod of her head, because it was a whole new ballgame..and she wasn't sure how this was going to go!   She looked around the room that he did lead her into and she noticed it did look somewhat comfortable.

She took in a breath though after taking a seat in one of the comfortable chairs after he motioned her to such.   And she nodded about the attacked, turned and already eaten.  A thoughtful look crossed her features.  “I was walking home after hanging out at my friends house....I always preferred to be out in the air instead of a car....and I remember voices...but the rest is well I have nothing there until I heard voices in the forest here...I wasn't near a forest and I was on Earth....and now I am no longer there at all.”  She frowned at that one.  “Unfortunately I passed out a few times...”  Not even sure what the heck happened and she hated that she couldn't find out what happened in her mind, was she passed out or just blocking things, she couldn't be sure because the memory was so hazy.
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What The Heck Happened That Night! - Page 2 Empty Re: What The Heck Happened That Night!

Post by Arcadia Caughey on Tue Jan 30, 2018 12:13 am

When Donald realized she was putting him in the driver’s seat of aiding this fledgling, Arcadia’s lips curled into one of her knowing little smiles. She knew he would ask her the reasoning behind her choice later, but that didn’t compel her to share that reasoning with him now. “Come now Donald, don’t undersell yourself. Ye have a strong hand on how t’ manage the blood. And your knowledge of all o’ that is still fresh, aye, considerin’ the start of your journey wasn’t so long ago.” To one as old as she, a decade was barely a bat of an eyelash.

When Donald asked to borrow Liberty Jean’s nickname for her, she couldn’t help but scoff. “Ye wish t’ call me an angel, really?” A faint smirk punctuated the sidelong glance she gave him. He could only guess the memories that were playing in her head that fueled that look.

It was all she said for a time, following behind the pair of them as Donald ushered them off to the lounge. Allowing him to take the lead, though she couldn’t help her small snort when he chirped the wonders of the internet. It was a miracle that Donald had convinced her to carry an archaic cell phone on her person so that he or the clinic could ring her if there was an emergency, but beyond that she still dug her heels in when it came to technology.

She decided not to blow the whistle on Liberty Jean in terms of what she was, leaving Donald to inquire about what the lass was mixed with. Golden eyes glancing over at her partner, she merely added a few words that she hoped would act as a compass for this conversation. “Without knowin’ the particulars about the blood of those that made her this way, she’ll need some guidance regardin’ the various possibilities, so she can find the right path to follow as she learns the ways.”
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