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Ghosts of the Past

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Ghosts of the Past Empty Ghosts of the Past

Post by Liberty Jean on Sat Jan 06, 2018 9:02 pm

{Greetings!  This is not to take away from the post I have going with this charrie right now on the board.  This would happen months afterwards!   There are some things left vague simply for that fact.   But she wanted out and well I figured why not!   Just a short little thing for now! }


Christmas had come and went.  She wasn't sure if anyone around the place celebrated it at all.   She had found a place to hunker down and not having her family around made it so she did not want to go out and be social.   Memories of Christmas pasts were hitting her hard as she thought about the times with her pack.   The fact that they actually did celebrate the holiday, decorating, baking cookies, exchanging gifts, crafting.   All things that were no longer hers to do and claim.  Oh she could do the things but it wouldn't be the same, the family feeling she had with her pack was gone, thanks to some reckless vampire that got all fang happy, and now she was what she was.   An abomination, a creature that if she hadn't had the forest fairy find her, a beast that would have no longer animation.   It was a choice she made, a choice she did not regret, yet she at times wished she did not have to make such a choice.  When she had been deserted in a strange place and left for dead she choose not to go into the darkness she seeked what life she could have.

She knew soon enough she would have to go out and get food, blood to be exact, the red meat she ate wasn't going to help her keep up her strength with the newly fledged being that she was.   Really she should have gone out during Christmas while spirits were bright and merry and perhaps that would have helped in her quest.  Instead she hunkered down with a book, a paperback about some silly love story, a damsel in distress and a cowboy who saves her and rocks her world, no doubt.   Tomorrow.  Tomorrow she would get out and see what she could find, pulling her attention away from the book to look at the ring, the only thing left from her previous life, that and her wolf form, taking it in before letting herself get lost in the book once more.
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