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The Circle -[ closed ]-

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The Circle -[ closed ]-

Post by -:|[ Titania ]|:- on Fri Jun 18, 2010 12:01 am

Since she had gotten the house, in her spare time, which wasn't always that much. Not that she was complaining, she was working on getting her circle made. She had been unsure of how to make the circle, so she researched, that would explain the gypsy caravan that was now parked behind the barn, and the two women that were out looking at every plant that was on the property. They had arrived to help her with her research. Thanks to the two, who did not agree on everything she had figured it out.

When she was in the basement the women all cleaned every nook and crany. Then the two women, that happened to be practicing Wiccans, pulled out brooms. They told Titania that they were sweeping away the negative. Even if their was no negative due to her, they said it was best to sweep any previous negative energys away. Once they were done with that, the two women, Titania and the two gypsy men that had came, all sat around the kitchen to discuss what was the best way to create the circle.

In the end, because she said it was something she would want to keep for a rather long time, they decided to tile the basement. The big debate was on if they would actually tile the complete floor or just the area that would include the circle. The full floor would take a rather long time, but they would do the circle then the inside, and then lastly they were doing the rest of the floor.

The circle itself would be compromised of colors, divided by north, south, east and west. A color for every area that would represent the four elements. For the North, which was Earth, green and brown tiles were intermixed. With Air being the element of the East, that was where the yellow and white tiles were intermixed. For the South of the circle, that would be fires home, and red and orange tiles were inter changed. Lastly was the west part of the circle, water, that was done in two shades of blue, a dark blue and a average shade of blue. The inner of the circle was done in black tiles. If one looked close enough they might see a pattern in the center of the circle.

The outside of the circle was also done in black tiles, it had taken quite a bit of time to get the tiles to fit just right. When it was done, they had left some chalk, in case she wanted to make any markings. A few supplies were left in the basement.

Everyone had left Titania down there by herself for a few moments, just so she could survey the handy work. They had taught her how to make the circle and get the tile work. It was a good thing the gypsy men had shown up for they had been the ones that knew about the tile. A smile touched her lips as she went up stairs. The pot roast she had been cooking was done. She had made plenty along with the vegtables, already the one lady was placing everything on a serving plate. The other lady was getting out the dishes. When Titania asked what she could do they told her to have a seat. Once the food was eaten, the two men slipped out of the house, and back to the caravan. She had given them permission to squat on her land so to speak, for helping her with the basement. She would of told Xavier but he seemed off lately. The two women gave nods, and when they left they made their way back to their homes. She went to the bathroom to take a nice long bath.

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