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Finding his way back.

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Finding his way back. Empty Finding his way back.

Post by Sky on Wed Oct 17, 2018 4:17 am

Soft steps could be lightly heard crossing the grounds of the Zen garden. Blacks fur covered with gray spots sleek against the clawed foot. The pattern continued over the lithe form of the cheetah. His ears perked and alert as his eyes scanned around taking in the familiar sights. It had been a long time since he had set foot here. He had been fortunate enough to call this place home. He had protected the forests with his guardian wolves. He had left them in charge though, his wanderers spirit never keeping him any place for too long. This was one of the few places though he had wanted to return to. He had old friends here he wanted to see. He didn't even know if they still existed. He had to know of their fate though. He always had to find out. That was what took him away from this place to begin with. He had to find out what happened to a certain centaur. He never found her though. He had caught her trail at one point but she was never to be found. She had simply disappeared and it wore heavily on his heart. Once her trail ran cold he was forced to return. He always caught his target. Why was this time so different. He needed to be around friends. He couldn't be alone, not anymore. He took a moment to sniff and see what familiar scents he could pick up. His nose rose into the air and his mouth slightly open. He could certainly whiff a certain Goddess and a shape shifter, but everything else seemed to unfamiliar at this point. Despite overcoming his fears of being inside of buildings he found himself not quite wanting to go inside. He brought himself out a little further into the Zen garden before he tucked his legs under him and laid down, long tail wrapping around his body. "You knew nothing stayed the same, but you left for so long all the same..." His voice was deep and scratchy from lack of usage. If only that trail hadn't gone cold... he would still be out searching.

Sky is a Black cheetah anthro. He has a small build esspecially for an anthro. He has black fur and dark gray spots including the signature cheetah "tear streaks". He prefers to stay in the forest, and is the self appointed gaurdian. He wears a black denim jacket.

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