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Ready or Not, here we go [ closed ... ? ]

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Ready or Not, here we go [ closed ... ? ] Empty Ready or Not, here we go [ closed ... ? ]

Post by Calanon on Sun Jan 12, 2014 2:21 am

He would have loved to say that he had been waiting at the Northern Edge of the forest all day — but that would be a lie.  He would have been, but he figured that if he was going to go back, and avoid suspicion, he needed a weapon!  Therefore, Aylan had gone to the marketplace to see what he could get for… something less than an arm and a leg.  There was this nice lady whom he was able to convince into letting him have this neat looking short sword for nearly nothing!   She even was nice enough to have the armorer show him the correct way to hold it so he wouldn't accidentally stab himself in the side while trying to sheath it.  Alyan wasn't much for steel….   It was nearly night when he came walking through the woods, loudly, and using that sword to whack at the under bush.

Nine days had passed and Elessar was as ready as he was going to be. The room at the inn had been packed up and a note had been left on the door for Ryan or Epiphany- whoever may find it first. It was then with Armandeus he set out for the forest. While the trek took most of the day it was Elessar's feeling that it would have gone a lot faster without the cold silence that came from his traveling companion. Nine days had done little to ease Armandeus' feelings towards the trip and so he had settled for making his disappointment known between bitter silence that hung like icicles in the air and sending Elessar visuals of him hauling the green-haired Elf off in irons through the bond. The pair had nearly reached the edge of the forest when Armandeus stopped and reached out to grab Elessar's arm. "Wait- do you hear that sound?”

Perhaps he would have seen the others by now, Aylan was looking for them as he was chopping away.  May as well have fun now before he goes back. Little did he know that he was heading towards the other two!  Maybe they would know that it was him by the gallant elven tune that he half hummed, half sung, to himself?

What in the world was that? By the time he was pulled to a stop Elessar heard it too; it sounded like someone was hacking away in the forest and singing as they worked! "Is that the battle hymn?" He muttered at Armandeus as he headed in for a closer look. "Alyan?" He called out into the trees.

Lost in his own world, that was the best way to put it.. Thinking of the glory tales this would make, and thinking of a good way to cover his tracks for later.  Hearing his name he paused in mid-chop. "I'm here! Wait.. wait!  I'm coming!"  Recognizing the voice Aylan fumbled a bit in putting the short sword away, so he did it as he was making his way towards where he heard the sound.  "Don't go without me!"  wasn't too long before he saw them through the trees!  "Hello!  You made it!"  And he smiled.  "Elessar.  Brother.  Looking as.. chipper as ever."

Play nice. . Play nice. . . Elessar mentally chanted to himself as he watched Alyan appear out of the trees. It had been a fleeting, and a foolish thought to hope the younger elf wouldn't be here but alas here he was. The short sword sheathed to his side was a surprise however. After everything that had happened in the hallway there was something unsettling about seeing Alyan with an actual weapon. A glance was traded with Armandeus to see if he noticed it as well. "You made it as well." Turning back to Alyan with a thin smile. "Are you prepared to travel?”

He wasn't smiling. Armandeus was here under sheer protest and frankly he didn't give a care if the both of them knew it. Elessar may have wanted to play nice but Armandeus wasn't having any of it. "Planning on stabbing them if you can't charm your way out of things?" He muttered; the sword had been noticed by him as well. He looked away, one hand tightening on his quiver strap.

Aylan looked at Armandeu and blinked before he nodded his head.  "Well.. yeah.  That's what your'e suppose to do right?"  He pulled out the short sword and stabbed at that darkness. ."Stick them with the pointy end! Thats what they told me.  The lady who gave me this.. fine weapon."  he had no idea if it was well quality or not.. it looked well to him.

Stick them with the pointy end? Dear Eru, please let him be kidding! Elessar brought a hand up to rub over his eyes and bit back the first twenty or so things that had popped into his head. "They gave you a weapon you know not how to use?" Surely there wasn't anyone that stupid in the marketplace.

“How in the seven names of hell did you get that sword? It's not a child's toy to be waving around like that!" Armandeus showed none of Elessar's restraint as he glared through narrowed eyes at his brother. "Either sheath it or hand it over before I take it from you. You talk big about going to save our sister yet you continue to act as a child!”

"Ohhh!"  Aylan laughed and pointed the sword at his brother.  "Yes!  Let's hear how you didn't cower in your room, refusing to do anything to help your family.  Let's hear how you practically had to be forced, kicking and screaming to do anything valiant!"  The nerve Aylan had! Though he was smart enough, now, to put back the sword.  "At least I'm going boldly into danger instead of running from my fears like a child." He waved a hand around to the sky.  "Where is this portal."  he lost his mirth  and looked away from his brother.  "Let's get going before Armandeus runs away. Again."

He was going to kill the both of them. Elessar groaned behind his hand before he lowered it and shot a glare at the both of them. "Put that sword away before I run you through with it!" Shot towards Alyan, "And you, don;t you even think about it!" Rounding on Armandeus before he could unleash his fire abilities. "You're both behaving like children! Nitpicking at one another to get a rise out of it! We are not going anywhere until you two settle this! I will not be killed for your stupidity!" Elessar was pissed to the point he was practically growling.

For an elf with no magical abilities, Armandeus did have to admit that Elessar could be downright commanding when he wanted to be. That being said, Armandeus hated it when Elessar could read what he was going to do before he did it! "He is the one who started it, waving that sword about like that." He snarked, completely ignoring everything his brother had said. "The portal is a four days walk from here.”

Aylan deflated.  Visibly deflated .  His shoulders fell and his head dropped forward.  "Four days? Ugh!  Well, no wonder I never found it.  I was never anywhere near it." He took a deep breath and picked his shoulders back up.  "Let's get going then.  I'll take up the rear.  Can't have brother behind me…"

"There are many ways in but only one way out." Elessar sighed as he watched Alyan's reaction. "And you're both going in front of me." Alyan was out of his mind if he thought Elessar was going to let him bring up the rear especially armed with a sword! No, it was better to keep him and Armandeus in front where he could keep an eye on the two of them.

He shrugged.  "Then I'm in the middle.  I don't know where it is and, since Armandeus knows, he has to lead."  it made sense to him!  at least Elessar wouldn't stab him in the back  And he still got to be behind his brother.  Though, he could compromise.  "If it make you feel any better, I'll walk next to him even."  compromise.

How’d he suddenly get elected leader of this little quest? Armandeus was no more thrilled than Elessar at the thought of having Alyan behind him though having his brother right beside him wasn't a comfortable thought either! "try anything and I'll do more than show you what a fireball looks like." Directing a 'don't screw with me' look at Alyan before he was pushing past into the forest.

Well it wasn't exactly sunshine and rainbows but Elessar would take it. Clearly it was going to be a long four days and beyond... "Let's get going," He waved his hand after Armandeus' retreating form. "We have a lot of ground to cover."-


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Ready or Not, here we go [ closed ... ? ] Empty Re: Ready or Not, here we go [ closed ... ? ]

Post by Calanon on Wed May 21, 2014 12:55 pm

==== Four Day Later ====
There wasn't much time left, Elessar thought as he sat munching on an apple as he stared up at the sky. Already the moon hung full and bright above them and soon enough it would give way to the portal that would take them back. Sitting up straighter he looked around for Armandeus or Alyan. "Is everyone ready to go?"

Aylan hadn't gone far away from the group, even if he had wanted to at times they were his ticket home. He had wasted enough time here on this planet and needed to get back. "I'm ready," he piped in.  "Even have a few moves to use."  Aylan made use of the four days by practicing moves with his sword.  Had to keep in practice.  "What about you, pyro?  We going to have to drag you?"

"I'd like to see you try." Four days had done some good towards easing Armandeus' clear animosity towards the trip but that didn't mean he was going to be all sunshine and rainbows about it. "And must you call me 'pyro'? I can channel much more than fire." A roll of his eyes and he directed his look towards Elessar. "I am ready as I will be. Do you have any more apples?"

"Oh yeah?" Aylan chuckled a bit as he sheathed his sword. "We already know that you can channel your anger into stubbornness.  Elessar, let's see if we can get Armandeus here to channel his anger into beating up on enemies!"  He was trying to be nice, he thought he was being nice still! Nothing wrong with playing with his brother, now was there?  He came back around to the two of them now that he wasn't swinging that sword around.  "So where's it opening.?"

"Play nice," Elessar called out, though he didn't really think the two would actually attack each other. At least he hoped they wouldn't. .  The last thing they needed was to show up in the middle of Genesis bruised and bloody from fighting one another. Digging through his bag he produced two apples, tossing one at Armandeus and the other towards Alyan. "The portal will open over there, just above the ridge." Elessar pointed at the sky. "We must be ready, it will only stay open a few moments before it closes again."

Aylan caught the apple. Elessar probably passed them out to give something to do besides talk.  Fine.. he would keep quiet, for now. Taking a bite of the apple he shrugged and looked away from the other two and headed towards the ridge.  "How high will it be?  Need to jump up into it..  will it be on the ground.  Need to toss me in?"  His thinking was to  get them there as soon as he could.

Or it was more likely that Elessar didn't want to have a hungry, overactive elf on his hands! While the thought of tossing Alyan into the portal brought a smile to his face, one that was quickly hidden by his apple, Elessar had to set him straight. "It will pull us inside like the wind storms of this realm." Did Alyan know what a tornado was? "If it is like the last time we shall come out in the middle of the southern part of the forest, away from the prison." At least that was Elessar's hope. It would be easier to sneak into the prison if they didn't end up in plain view beside it.

"Oh."  And for a moment Aylan was quiet. He was thinking about this 'windstorm' that was mentioned and on how different it had been to get to this particular world.  he didn't remember anything pulling.  He remembered falling in and landing.  "Will we me tossed around then so i loose what I just ate?"  He thought it was reasonable to ask before he ate more of the apple.  If the answer were yes.. he was going to go in last!  Didn't need the others loosing their food all over him.

Considering the portals leading out of Genesis were set into the ground, at least the one Elessar remembered was, it made sense in a twisted way that the one going back there would be the opposite. "Tossing around?" Elessar cast a questioning look over at Armandeus before looking back to Alyan. "It takes but a mere moment to travel between the realms. I cannot recall any tossing or loosing what you eat." It was true, Elessar had more than one first-hand experience with travel between the worlds. "Your feet will leave the ground for but a moment before they are touching it again."

"Okay," he said cautiously, and he took another bite of the apple.  Since it was safe - he was inclined to believe Elessar over his brother right now - he was going to make sure that he ate.  He didn't know when he'd be able to  eat again.  "Are we ready then?  How long is this going to take anyway?"  A bit impatient. He's been waiting a long time to go back home and rescue his sister.  Now he had a way back and the key to freeing her.  Aylan only hoped that she had been able to hold on.

"The portal will not open until dawn." While Alyan hadn't been speaking to him, it was Armandeus who answered. "When the moon wanes and the sun begins to rise the veil linking our realms thins and allows the portal to open forth." He was idly playing with his apple as he spoke, channeling his powers to allow a thin layer of ice to slowly cover it before causing it to melt again. The simple action caused him to wince, obviously remembering the last time he had played with ice. "Impatience will get you nowhere." He couldn't help adding in that little dig.

Aylan didn't see him playing with ice, he should have been paying attention but he was too busy looking toward where the portal would open.  "Dawn?" He whined.  "We got together in the early evening, walked for four hours, only to sit around some more and wait until dawn?  Dear Eru."  Giving a dramatic sigh he turned around and tossed his head back to look at the sky.  "Though I suppose it's not that far away.  Maybe get some sleep…"  He was trying to think of something to do to pass the time that did not involve him stabbing his brother.

What was that old saying? Never underestimate your opponent? While they technically weren't opponents at the moment it was still wise to pay attention to what the other was doing, like Armandeus was doing to Alyan. His hands may have been busy freezing his apple but his eyes were on his brother. "Surely you did not think it would happen so fast. We cannot conjure portals when we wish." Perhaps it was a need for sleep himself, or simply from the memories the ice brought to mind, but Armandeus was feeling a tad snappy.

He laughed a bit, though it was a harsh one.  "You say that now, but you knew when it was going to open, didn't you?" That was when he looked at his brother. "Always so full of reasons why things can't happen and never with any of the solutions but to wait or hide."  He flopped down on the ground and watched him.  If Armandeus was still working with the apple, he would see it now.  

As much as he wanted to Armandeus wasn't going to rise to the bait of his brother's words. Instead he shifted his focus back to his apple which had thawed again and lifted it to take a bite.

It was interesting to see Armandeus working with ice again after all this time. Elessar had caught the flash of it before it melted away again and was now watching Armandeus with renewed curiosity. While freezing an apple was one thing, maybe, just maybe, it would bode some hope towards winning the battle they were heading in to. His eyes flickered between Armandeus and Alyan. "You should rest while you can.”

"But you said before that the portal could open any minute," Aylan said. He was reaching the end of his apple and wished he had some type of super-cool magical ability to do away with the core.  Random thought about a trash can before he remembered that it was an apple and biodegradable, so he tossed it over his shoulder.  Aylan shook his head. "I think I'll hang in there."

It was slightly unnerving to eat while being watched, Armandeus thought as he slowly chewed on the piece of apple. He could feel Elessar's curiosity as well though it wasn't like Armandeus could actually tell him anything. He had never tested his magic in battle before so his guess was as good as the next as to how it would work. He was surprised that Alyan hadn't appeared to show any inclination towards having magic thus far. Even elves younger than him showed some form of magic potential, though it seemed that his brother was destined to be a mystery. Rolling his eyes upwards he gazed up into the sky, gaging the course of the moon. "The sky is getting lighter. It shouldn't be much longer."

"Exactly."  He said as he pointed to Elessar and then to Armandeus.  "Won't be much longer so no point in sleeping when I'm going to have to wake back up right?  Am I right?"  Of course he was right!  This guy may be young but he did have some sense.  At times.  "Why don't you pass the time by telling me about the wonderful life you all have carved out for yourselves here?  Bets rotting away in a cell, huh?"

After four days of the two Elessar was starting to wonder if Alyan had some kind of crazy death wish with the way he kept provoking Armandeus. Elessar carefully avoided Armandeus' eyes at the mention of rotting in a cell despite feeling that purple gaze burning into his skull. "What do you know of rotting in a cell?" He crossed his arms, turning the question back on Alyan. "Why don't you tell us of your journey here instead?”

He did want to know. Aylan shrugged, spreading his hands and  tipping his head to the left side. "What's to tell?" He said while he continued lifting his hands and placed them behind his head.  He would have loved a wall right now. Or a tree. A tree would have been suburb and there were some a bit to the side but that would mean he would have to move.  It's not that he was being particularly lazy, he didn't want Armandeus to think he was intimidated in any way and was moving away.  "I came through that portal thing and arrived here.  Met some curious people though.  Ladies with quite too much to offer and guys, like the  one we met in the hallway, who have a thing for ears…."  He dragged on at that.  Pinching the lobe of his own ear a moment at the memory. "But no one - not anyone - was able to escape the talent of my talented tongue and charm!"  He smiled rather proudly at that. "Not even that girl I met in the garden.  'Cept you, Armandeus."

"Perhaps your charms are worthless towards your siblings." Armandeus had stopped trying to ignite Elessar's head on fire with simply his gaze and instead had taken to watching the sky as it lightened. "He wishes to know where you journeyed upon Genesis before coming here. Are there any villages still left? Where did you hide?"

Aylan responded to Armandeus' question with a slow nod.  He was giving a lot of thought as to how he would answer that question.  Truthfully, he didn't know.. When he left the prison…So after a moment he laughed and followed it up with a sigh. "Don't remember much."  He put on a solem face.  Even brought his hands down and scratched his chin.  "Once I escaped I ran as fast as I could to find Armandeus.  Fell through the portal…"

It was a familiar story, one that made Elessar wonder just how much Alyan knew of his and Armandeus' escape from the prison. "You were taken then to the prison?" Elessar was genuinely curious considering he couldn't remember his own escape from the prison. Curious, and a bit skeptical of Alyan's entire story to start with!

"I don't think that a campfire story about time in prison and what happened there, what is happening to my sister still, and what is waiting for us when we get there will make my dear brother any more eager to go than he already is."  Aylan stated, pointing a hand to Armandeus.  "He's barely holding it together as it is." Yes, that's what he would do.  Redirect the flow of the conversation so he wouldn't have to talk about what happened.

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Ready or Not, here we go [ closed ... ? ] Empty Re: Ready or Not, here we go [ closed ... ? ]

Post by Calanon on Fri Aug 01, 2014 10:24 am

Did Armandeus believe anything coming out of Alyan's mouth? Not a word. Unlike Elessar, Armandeus remembered his time imprisoned and their escape in vivid detail. "Your words make no difference towards my feelings of returning. I would still like to know the answers to where you hid to avoid escape.”

How was he going to answer this one?  There had to be an easy why that would be believable.  For the moment he only looked at his brother.  His mouth set in a straight line. Then he had a thought.  "If my words make no difference, then it doesn't matter if I tell you or not."  Then he suddenly smiled.  "Beside, that they've lost another prisoner, that manner is bound to be covered.  So we should get ready for this portal to open instead."  he smiled and pushed up to his feet.  "Where is that portal anyway…."  said that half to himself and  wandered off a few steps from where they were gathered.  He couldn't tell if he wasn't' there!

"Or are you not telling because you know your lies will not roll smoothly off me like they do everyone else?" Armandeus stared intently at his brother, his purple gaze piercing as he took in the straight line of his mouth before it morphed into a smile. "Mark my words that I will discover the truth someday and at that point there will be no lie you can hide behind from me." Was that a threat? Coupled with the strength of Armandeus' gaze it seemed that way before he finally broke the look and gazed upwards at the sky again. The sky was lightening by the minute and with it a thin pale slash was starting to stretch in the air above the tree tops to the right of their position. Armandeus tracked it with his eyes for a moment before looking towards Elessar. "Are you sure you want to do this?”

Elessar had been watching the sky as well, a look of grim determination on his pale face. For all his bravado and talk of going back now that the time was upon them all Elessar felt was fear. His memory may not have been perfect when it came to his past but he recalled enough to feel like he had been drenched in ice water and his blood run cold....

Meh.  That was his response, even if he did not say it.  He wasn't going to stay there and be accused by his cowardly brother.. That's why he had gotten up and had walked from the fire. he could hear Armandeus fine, but he didn't have to respond!  What did it matter how he had gotten out, but that he had, and had brought news of their sister still being alive, should have been enough to get him to go running back towards the place. It wasn't. That's okay. He was going to get his sister out, and if he had to smile and play along, and act towards this  elvish-duo, then he would.  Aylan did stop, though, because he didn't hear anything from Elessar in ways of a response.  He looked back at the pair and kicked a wayward stone towards them. "Don't listen to whatever he's saying, Elessar.  He's only trying to rattle you so he has an excuse not to go back.”

As soon as Alyan walked away Armandeus ignored him and focused his attention upon Elessar instead. He didn't need their bond to sense the other's discourse; Elessar's anxiety rolled off him in waves and rubbed against Armandeus's brain like the serrated edge of a butter knife. Could it be Elessar was actually nervous about going back to Genesis? Who would have guessed it? "The portal is nearly upon us.."

Armandeus was right. Elessar looked up, his dark eyes focusing upon the moon and the white slash that was growing in the air beside it. Slowly it grew until the half dwarfed the moon in length before it split open like a maniacal mouth hanging in the sky. Green light grew from the opening and Elessar could feel the air around him moving, pulling upwards as the portal started to draw them inside. Elessar swallowed hard, forcing his anxiety down. "Hold tight to your weapons," He called out as he looked between Armandeus and Alyan. "There's no going back now." And with that he was swept off into the sky.

There it was, the portal!  Dear Eru, he had been searching for that thing for months and now, it was there!  Just.. there.  "I'm coming, sister," Aylan said softly to himself.  He put his hand on his weapon - he wasn't going to loose it! "Wait for me!"  He ran over to where it was and then jumped towards the portal.  It was pulling Elessar up so he expected the same thing to happen to him.  what would await them on the other side?  Hopefully not a handful of guards right away .

For a brief moment Armandeus had half a mind to turn and run now that the moment was upon them yet he didn't. It'd be too easy to run and no matter how he may try to justify it to himself, Armandeus knew he'd never forgive himself for it. He watched Elessar then Alyan disappear into the sky, his hand tightening upon his bow as he moved over under the portal's opening. Taking in a breath he closed his eyes and hoped he wasn't making a mistake.

The portal worked just as Elessar had told Alyan; one moment they were in the air, pulled up by the force of the portal, and the next they would find themselves dropped down upon the cool ground of their home-world. Elessar stumbled with the jar from the impact but managed to stay on his feet. He wished he hadn't a moment later, however, as he straightened up and got a good look at their surroundings. He had been expecting to be surrounded, had expected a fight, or worse, but nothing could prepare him for the miles of ruined forest that stretched out for as far as he could see. All that was once green was now brown and dead. Trees lay scattered everywhere, most nothing more than burnt out hallows of their former glory. Elessar took it all in as he slowly sunk to his knees.

Brace for impact! He tried to anyway.  Aylan landed through the portal in a roll. He had been holding on to his knees and landed with an 'OOF'. Unlike Elessar, Aylan wasn't too surprised - nothing much had changed from when he jumped through.  Still.  He coughed and got to his feet, stretching his hands behind his head and looking around.  Aylan was trying to be casual, but he was looking for people.  Where was everyone?  How long would it be until everything fell into place?  "Well, here we are," he said.  "Home, sweet home."

Unlike the rest of them Armandeus landed lightly on his feet, not unlike a cat. Expecting trouble, his hands were held out before him, both sparking with red energy ready to turn deadly at a moment's notice. A glance took in Elessar's look of horror, Alyan's casualness, before finally landing on the ruin of the forest. "What in Eru's name happened here?”

"War, brother," Aylan replied, sighing as he put his hands back down to his side.  "Don't you know what war looks like?" He was bitter thinking about it.  It wasn't as thought he liked what went on here.  Aylan could only imagine what has happened in the time he has been gone. "We can't waste time here looking at what happened.   You see this, bet you can guess what it's like in prison."

How had the war grown this far out? Elessar was dumbfounded as he struggled back up on his feet, unable to stop looking around in wide-eyed horror. He was no stranger to war; he'd seen it ravage his village before his exile, but this was shocking. "The forest still stood the last time I was here." How much time had passed since then? He shook his head, focusing upon Alyan. "You knew about this and didn't say anything?”

The sparking energy faded into Armandeus' palms as he looked around. "We're south from the prison but there will be no cover to hide our approach. Is all the forest ruined or just this side?" Armandeus was listening to the both of them but he was already plotting as well. "Who is fighting this war? Are they marching upon the prison?"

Aylan gave a sarcastic laugh and turned on his heels so he could face the both of them. "Like it was easy to get you to come without you knowing this?" He huffed.  "If you had known, you," he said, pointing to his brother. "Wouldn't have come at all."  He turned back around and drew his sword from it's holding.  Turning it on its side, he laid it against his left shoulder. "The trees are gone," Aylan said, his tone serious for a change.  It lacked the usually joviality that he put on. The elves are gone. Everything you ever loved is gone." Maybe he still had a flare for the dramatic? "It's just us and them.  The humans you so lovingly rub elbows with back in your hide-away world."  Aylan began walking towards the direction of the prison.  "Who do you think did this? Come on. I'm getting my sister."  My sister, not our sister. As far as Aylan was concerned Armandeus was still only a tool for getting what he needed.

The humans did this? Elessar had no words to combat what Alyan had just said. What was there to say to it anyway when the proof was right before his eyes? He was far from surprised though; he could still recall the waste the humans had laid to his village years ago because they wanted the land on both sides of the river. It had been a terrible battle but at least the trees had remained standing in the end. "The humans of Rhy'Din are different than the ones here. They are not mixed with the elven line.”

Alyan was right about one thing; if Armandeus had known he wouldn't have came. He would even bet that Elessar wouldn't have came had he known about the destruction. Armandeus frowned as he looked to Elessar than to Alyan's retreating form and back. "He's right; humans, halflings, what difference does it make now? We can't stay here in the open. Let's get Eleniel and then get out of here." Tightening his grip on his bow he made to follow Alyan.


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Ready or Not, here we go [ closed ... ? ] Empty Re: Ready or Not, here we go [ closed ... ? ]

Post by Calanon on Mon Jan 05, 2015 2:31 pm

So Elessar had finally figured out what Armandeus had suspected all along: coming here was nothing more than a trap. It was hardly surprising all things considered, although Armandeus did have to admit he was surprised Alyan wasn't going to play along until they actually got into the prison. From a tactical standpoint, it made sense to split up and try taking the prison from three sides rather than one, but if Alyan wasn't going to play ball then it was time to come up with a new plan. Turning away from his brother and Elessar, Armandeus looked out towards the never ending horizon and tried to think.

"Come with us then, if you're so concerned," Alyan replied. He didn't care much if Elessar came or not, he had to bring his brother back and having him dead may break the deal. "We can't keep standing around here like this," he added.  Even they would see the truth in that.  They are the ones who wanted to go, now they were stalling.  "Agh!"  Alyan grumbled in frustration and started walking.  He made sure to bump his brother on the arm and pass him as he want. He motioned for them to follow him in the direction he took to the prison.

Alyan may have been walking off but Armandeus made no move to follow nor even acknowledge the bump he was given as he was passed. Despite his outward hesitation Armandeus' mind was buzzing as it mulled over a new solution to approach the prison without being seen. While he was in no way close to being a solider like Elessar, and his abilities lay wholly untested, a plan was forming in the green-haired elf's mind. Between their current position and the prison lay nothing besides the charred stumps of trees and the tangle of dead underbrush yet Armandeus could feel something stirring in the silence.

Armandeus closed his eyes, listening to the silence stretching out around them. At first there was no change around them, but then a shift of cool air wafted up around them, sliding forth like a snake as it wound around the trio and out into the distance. A light switch flared on in his mind and as he slowly raised his hands mist poured from his fingertips. The mist spread like the cooler air before it, twisting and turning as it branched out from where Armandeus stood and took off in all directions, blanketing everything in its path in a thick haze of white fog. Opening his eyes, Armandeus looked around and grinned "That should provide some cover.”

If it wouldn't seem like such a betrayal Elessar would have absolutely no qualms about stalking off on his own and leaving Armandeus to deal with his mouthy little brother. By Eru, stabbed in the back or not, Elessar couldn't wait to be rid of Alyan once and for all. He had opened his mouth to tell Armandeus he had no probably splitting from the two of them when the sight of Armandeus standing there with his eyes closed froze the words in his throat. What was this? Another vision? Sweet Eru that was the last thing they needed! Casting a look at Alyan's retreating back, he stepped forward only to freeze at the sight of the fog rising up around them. "What is this?”

Alyan didn't get too far before the fog started rising up.  He stopped right away and turned around.  He wasn't afraid of the magic, he was thinking that this magic would be used for his brother to get away from him! Alyan hastened back to his brother, a scowl on his face.  "I suppose this is better than nothing," he said.  "We can use it to our advantage."  Now, Aylan wasn't exactly trusting of this either. He hadn't been prepared to walk in fog, what if he tripped over the debris on the ground?  "Do you suppose we can get moving now? Or do you want to sit here in the fog until they find us…"

What was that old mortal saying? Something about expect the unexpected? While the other two didn't seem overly impressed with his fog trick, Armandeus was rather elated over it. He had a bounce to his step as he pushed past his brother into the fog. "Well c'mon then if you're so worried." Directed back at Alyan. As for the possibility of tripping over something.. well Alyan had better watch where he stepped!

Did he?  His brother didn't just push past him!  Alyan huffed and almost stomped his foot but settled for muttering under his breath instead.  "Suddenly I'm the one who wants to sit around," he murmured to himself.  Alyan only spared Elessar a glance before he took off after his brother. He was sure the other elf was coming. He couldn't let Armandeus get too far ahead and risk losing him.  "Yeah, yeah," that was said loud enough for them. "Sudden fog isn't suspicious at all.  Not at all."  It would all be over soon. He only had to hold out until then .


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Ready or Not, here we go [ closed ... ? ] Empty Re: Ready or Not, here we go [ closed ... ? ]

Post by Elessar on Fri May 22, 2015 11:46 pm

-The rising fog was. . . interesting for a lack of a better word. Elessar had always wondered at the back of his mind what it would be like to see Armandeus controlling his abilities but even he had not imagined using fog for a cover like this. Settling into pace behind the other two he brought up the rear of the group. For being magically based, the fog behaved like normal fog would, swirling around their feet and clouding everything from view. While Elessar was close enough he could make out Alyan's form in the gloom in front of him he couldn't see Armandeus any longer. Elessar had just opened his mouth to call out to him when the sound of a twig snapping from behind him stole his attention. "We're not---" Was all he got out before the arrows began flying!-

What was that? Armandeus had admittedly strayed a bit further away from Elessar and Alyan than he intended originally, but sue him for wanting to make sure they were heading in the right direction! The fog had worked beautifully, better than he had anticipated, but Armandeus still wanted to make sure he wasn't leading them into a trap. Unfortunately it meant when Elessar tried to give the warning it was already too late: Armandeus had turned slightly to try seeing Elessar and had ended up running straight into something solid.. that wrapped around him.-

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Ready or Not, here we go [ closed ... ? ] Empty Re: Ready or Not, here we go [ closed ... ? ]

Post by Elessar on Thu Jul 02, 2015 1:20 am

Alyan was being cautious in the fog. He couldn’t see much and he didn’t want to be caught unaware.   It was one thing for him to be leading his brother into a trap, but he still didn’t trust that his side of the bargain would hold up.  Not only that, how was he going to be distinguished from the others in this fog? Elessar’s warning almost came too late, but he heard the snap and the small *twang* of a loosed arrow, and he immediately hit the ground, flattening himself a much as he could. He couldn’t tell where the sound was coming from, but he was pretty sure that was an arrow.  He may not be able to see too well in all this, but someone could.

Ambush! Elessar hit the ground as soon as he heard the first of the arrows go flying past. He rolled, pulling his bow and a few arrows free as he went before popping up again and firing in the direction the first few had come from. The fog made it next to impossible to see what he was even aiming at however, and he was disappointed to hear the clatter of his arrows striking against the dead ground in the distance. He swore and swerved, moving deeper into the fog at an angle. With a little luck perhaps he would be able to see what was attacking them.

"Let me go!" Armandeus snarled as he squirmed and struggled against the bonds that held him. In the dim light he could see what appeared to be a thick sheet of silvery grey metal wrapping around his chest, pinning his arms to his body. "You'll... regret this!" Heat flooded through his veins as he strained against the metal.

"I regret nothing little elf!" A deep voice snarled in response as the metal wrapping around Armandeus tightened to bone-crunching proportions. It laughed, slow and sinister before suddenly booming out against the distance that separated the group: "Cease your struggling immediately and you will not be killed here!"

He looked around, squinting through the fog.  He did see Elessar - a bit of him anyway as he headed into the fog.  "Elessar!"  He called out in a coarse whisper.  Of course he wouldn't be able to hear him and, even if he could he didn't think it would make any difference.   Why should he care.  Really? He had a cover to keep and couldn't risk it being blown now - which surely would happen if he ran away.  Besides, if they were being caught he wanted the person he worked for to know that he had held up his end!   Therefore Alyan loosened the sword he had brought with him and followed where he say Elessar going.  "I must be crazy…" he muttered to himself.

Seriously, they wanted him to surrender with the only incentive being that he wouldn't be killed here? Elessar snorted softly to himself as he crept along what he perceived to be the edge of the group attacking them. He had no true fear of death but given the option he'd rather not meet it here nor in the prison. Focused on his goal, he didn't hear Alyan call out behind him. Ah! There! Moving just ahead of him Elessar made out the shape of two guards, weapons drawn, advancing in the direction he had been. Closer... Closer... He was almost on top of them when the fog began to suddenly disappear.

Alyan didn't stand up, but began running in a crouch. He didn't stay directly in-line with Elessar, but off to the side.   He was getting closer and the fog was ebbing away.  What did he see?  He saw a couple of guards that were about to have at it with the other elf.   They were not going to be the reason his cover was blown.  For a small guy he lowered his shoulder and rammed into the first guard he got to and swung his sword at the other one. "I told you to stick together!"  Was he reprimanding Elessar?  yes.. Yes he was.

The fog was disappearing fast and with it was going their cover! Elessar made a split decision and pounced upon the nearest guard, letting their combined weight take them both sprawling onto the ground while Alyan attacked the other guard? Elessar's head snapped up then down again to miss being stabbed by Alyan's sword! "Hey! Watch it with that thing! Oof!" The guard he'd pinned had swung back clocking him in the head

"Amaron!" Armandeus ground out as he continued to struggle. Of all his abilities fire was the one Armandeus held the best control of and he could feel it building up under his skin, heating it to the touch as well as heating the metal that was wrapping around him.

"If you wouldn't have run away…"  Alyan yelled at Elessar, going then for the guard that hit him on the head.  "I wouldn't have to save you!"   That's it, taking all the aggression out on him.  He didn't see his brother here, where was he?  Alyan may have knocked one man, down, but the guy wasn't out and Alyan found himself clashing swords with the guard.  

"Ooohhh lookie there! The wretch remember my name!" Amaron matched Armandeus snarl for snarl as he twisted the metal surrounding the captive elf like it was nothing more than ribbon in his hands. "I never would have thought you'd have the guts to return-- Aahhh!" The elf dropped the ends of the metal ribbon as it started to burn his hands.

Alyan's words for Elessar fell on deaf ears- literally. The guard had hit Elessar well and had knocked him out cold in the process. And now that one was down there was one still left to go! Pushing the limp form of Elessar off to the side he raised up the elf pulled a long knife out of his belt and jumped into the fray with the other guard and Alyan!

Cursed.  Swore.  Alyan wasn't a fighter!  He knew how to fight a bit, but his skill with the blade was advanced beginner at best.  He was better at using his charm to get what he wanted.  "I'm on your side!  You can drop the act!"  He shouted this to the guards.  Maybe they were in on the deal, maybe they weren't.  He stated backing away from the two guard, parrying when he could and simply trying to stay upright.   "Aylan!  Aylan that's me!"  

"Whoa there! Wait a minute now!" The guard that had knocked out Elessar pulled back, eyebrows and knife raised as he regarded Alyan. "You're Alyan? The real Alyan?" Eyeballed him up and down then back again. "Do you know how long you've been gone? Hey Joe! This is the whelp they told us about in training!" He laughed, looking at the other guard.

Armandeus couldn't help but laugh when Amaron yelped and dropped the metal holding him. As soon as the slack was lessened Armandeus pulled back and away, his skin still fire-hot to the touch. He took off, still trying to free his arms when he heard Alyan shout from somewhere behind him. Turning around he tried to see where his brother was-- and ran straight into a solid brick wall. As he crumpled to the ground the wall disappeared as a familiar female voice floated down to him. "Well hello again Armandeus." The guard captain straightened up, running one hand down an invisible wrinkle in her dress as she stepped over Armandeus.

Leaving behind the crumpled form of Armandeus, Ariella glided her way across the ground to where Amaron’s side. The white-haired elf was crouched, rubbing his sore hands together. “He’s going to pay for this. . .” Amaron muttered under his breath, casting a glance up at Ariella. “You didn’t tell us he could burn things!”

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