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Birthday Celebration

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Birthday Celebration

Post by Inion on Sat Jul 04, 2009 3:14 am

As promised the coachs waited outside the inn for the party guests. On the desk inside the inn were maps, Inion had made sure that it was easy to read with landmarks to the portal and then the same from the portal to the location of the party.

The girls had left a day early to finish getting things ready. Inion had picked a spot in the realm that was away from the center of it for a few reasons. One was for the other creatures under the protection of the fairies, though she knew the guests would never bother them it was more about them bothering the party. The other reason was she had no idea how the magic of the fairy realm would effect the guests. She didn't want to find some still wondering the glade chasing unseen dreams.

So at a lovely corner edge of the realm on a bank over looking the ocean, the party was set up. Two large tents sat decorated in the colors Juliet had chosen, a soft teal and gold. One was busy with caterers setting up the food and drinks while in the other people where setting up tables and chairs. A D.J. set up his equipment, checking things over several times before he seemed happy with everything. The day was sunny and warm with only a slight breeze off the ocean, of course this was because of a bit of magic. Inion wanted to make sure the weather would not effect the party so a few spells created a lovely unseen bubble of perfect weather. Banners of teal and gold fluttered in the slight brezze creating a kind of enclosure. Juliet had helped plan the party picking out the food, colors and music, the party itself wasn't Inion's surprise, that would come later.

After a bit of checks and double checks everything was ready. All were dressed in their party clothes and the local guests moved in groups greeting each other. Inion in a flowing gown of soft purple and Juliet in a similar gown of teal stood at where the coachs would stop, waiting for the guests to arrive. Inion had to keep from giggling a few times as Juliet kept prattling on about Jason and her hopes that he would be able to come, and of course the little hints of wanting to go on the roller coaster trip thing.

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