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pris, donald, and the no more school celebration ][ a log

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pris, donald, and the no more school celebration ][ a log

Post by Guest on Sun Jun 20, 2010 5:19 pm

her duck was at work.  and pris knew her duck was at work.  but that didn't change the fact that pris wanted her duck to be NOT at work, because today was a very important day and they needed to celebrate it, hey nonny.  at least it gave her time to get ready.  it was the longest pris had spent in front of a mirror in a very long time, and that was part of the reason that pris' appearance got so many changes to it.  her hair was multi colored, but in thin streaks that must've taken hours to dye and did take six jars of dye to do - one for each color of the rainbow, besides yellow.  she spent a lot of time on her make-up, which wasn't something pris did with often, but her eyeshadow today had as many thin streaks of colors as her eyes did, and even her lips were painted with a very complicated pattern, as was the swirl of her nails.  she tie-dyed every bit of clothing she wore - including her bra and panties and stockings and petticoat that couldn't be seen under her glorious tie-dyed ball gown that had once upon a time been white.  it was eighty degrees outside and pris was going to sweat her eccentric behind off, but she really didn't care.  slipping her feet into the glass slippers that poof had given her for her ball, she put on both the necklace and the hair clips that donald had given her for her birthday, and she sat primly on the edge of donald's bed and waited for him to come home to his rainbow to take her on an outing.

Donald got home about his normal time. and per the usual he tossed his back pack next to the door, and leaned his walking stick against the wall. removing his lab coat which was tossed into his pile of clothes. All of this was done before noticing pris was there. And dressed up, he had it all the way to remove his tie before he stopped and did a double take. Offering Pris a smile. "Pris. hi! You look wonderful! What's the occasion? Is there a party?" Leaning against the wall as he removed his tie, allowing tit o join his lab coat on the floor.

oh the glowering look her most precious duck got then, when he asked her if what the occasion was.  "duckshire.  today-eth was my last day of school, hey nonny.  i am painted for a night on the town."  okay, so pris totally got that expression wrong, but her heart was in the right place.  what she didn't say - because surely it was more than implied - was it behooved donald to take her painted self on the town to celebrate.  for pris, the fact school was over was the most wonderful happening in the world.  since school and the teachers there and the students there and pris didn't mix.  if her legs reached the floor from where she sat on the edge of the bed she would have been tapping the floor with her foot.  as it was she was too short, so her right foot just bounced up and down like it was imagining there was a floor to tap on. impatience! that's what her bouncing foot said with it's activity.

"Oh? It was? That's great!" Donald smiled and skipped going into the shower in order to slip down next to her, bouncing  on the bed as he sat down. Wrapping an arm around her and giving her a squeeze. "Congratulations M'Lady Pris. You have graduated from this year of school and onto the next, and indeed a night out on the town is an absolutely amazing idea. Does M'Lady Priscilla have any ideas as to what a night on the town should entail?"

once donald sat down, it took all of two seconds for pris to adjust.  as soon as his arm was around her, pris rolled to the side in her most precious duck's direction, right up into his lap so that she was facing him.  her arms linking around the back of his neck, donald was a lucky man who got pris' rainbow lips pressed against his as her fingers toyed and tugged at the very tips of donald's hair on the back of his neck.  "purr purr purr," she replied after she took her lips back, fluttering open her eyes so she could watch her most precious duck.  "misses prisses of ganesvoortshire spent many many hours painting herself for the town.  it's duckshire's job to decide where his pris painting goes."  it might seem like a daunting task, but when the girl had a long-cultivated habit of just getting on busses and riding them until she saw something out the window that made her want to get off...she really wasn't that hard to please.  especially when you happened to be the good doctor duck.

When Pris pulled herself up into his lap Donald wrapped both arms around her and gave her a tight tight squeeze, returning her kiss. And then gave a nod. "Hm, well surely a painted up Misses Prisses deserves to go somewhere nice and fancy for dinner. And then a ride in a horse drawn carriage? In celebration for her last day of school?" It was hard to decide where to take her seeing as how she was really extraordinarily overdressed for any places donald was barely dressed enough to get into. Who knows maybe they'd find something.

like pris really cared about things like how people were dressed.  she wandered into places she wasn't allowed to be in no matter how she was dressed and behaved like she belonged there, so she wasn't even thinking about how her duck was dressed.  what she did care about was horses.  "no horses."  she didn't explain why no horses, just no horses.  it was probably because pris didn't care for animals very much. she kept her distance from them most of the time. except for kitsunes. because lumie was one of those, and she'd been a kitsune with him sometimes, so kitsunes were okay. "and i want lots of potatoes.  and cake made out of ice cream.  and we have to make art.  and stay up really really late and i want you to take me somewhere i'm not allowed but they'll allow me because i'm with you the responsible doctor duck and i want a present, last day of school means a present..." that's what happens when you ask pris what she wants.  it's a dangerous move that leads to the girl using her imagination and all the sudden before you know it you've committed to a week's worth of activities!

"Alrighty. No horses and a fancy bar where you can get fries and an ice cream cake... well, too bad there isn't a hooters around here... I think can find you a present though. But you cant have it today. because presents are surprises and it has to be a surprise. and since I'm spending my day with you, i cant get you a surprise present. You have to eat something more then potatoes too."

pris sat back from her snuggling of her post precious duck in order to give him a nice narrow stink eye.  "i AM eating more than potatoes.  i am eating also ice cream cake, hey nonny.  huff."  so there, donald!  pris wiggled her way backwards out of his lap, fluffing her dress and fluffing her hair and then fluffing donald's hair before she was satisfied enough with the both of them to get her faux leather black shoulder bag.  after slipping it over her shoulder she was ready.  in case that wasn't clear to him that it was time to leave as pris marched over to the door (so rainbowed up with colors from head to toe that she looked like a prom queen who'd found her way accidentally into a paintball match) she whined impatiently to her duck in a pitch only an impatient teenager could manage, "come oooooon duck let's gooooooooo!"  she opened the door, went into the hallway, and then whirled around to face him with her hands on her hips.  chip chop donald!

"No, you're going to eat a full and balanced meal for dinner. And then ice cream cake." Donald said with a firm nod. picking up his tie before standing, and draping it around his neck. And grabbing his walking stick before moving to follow pris out of the room. "Lead the way since we're in such a great big rush to go. Though we probably should have called a cab before we left so that we wouldn't have to wait for one."

the high-pitched wordless protest that pris gave to donald in reply to his meal demands could make dogs howl to mourn their busted ear drums.  so it's a good thing that donald wasn't a canine!  just because she felt the whining wasn't good enough, she stomped her feet a few times and the rhythm of it seemed to convey a 'huff huff huff huff huff' of the feet.  at least donald was ready to go, as he came out of his room pris gave a little spin that billowed the bottom of her floor-length dress, and she went tippy-tapping down the hall excitedly to the stairs.  she didn't seem to be worried about the cab issue, at least not yet.  just wait until they got downstairs and had to wait for one...

"Don't whine prissy. Thats whats going to happen." Donald said firmly and offering a nod. Taking his steps easily down the stairs, leaning on his walking stick with each step down. And when he got to the bottom, he started the task of tying his tie. "Do you know what kind of potatoes you want with your dinner? Because that will help us narrow down places we can go."

"HUFF!"  insisted pris.  which donald should be used to by now, since the girl could be a real terror when it came to getting her to eat anything besides spuds.  it was one of the ways that her compulsions didn't create the healthiest of behaviors, so he was certainly fighting the good fight.  "i want fancy master school is over spuds!"  she announced that over her shoulder as she tossed open the front door with a flourish, hopping into the night with surprisingly nimble comfort considering she was wearing her glass slippers.  the hopping stopped though when she saw that donald was still inside fussing with his tie.  a very over-dramatic sigh was heaved as pris crumpled to the ground in a big disgruntled tie-dye frumple.  poor donald.  pris had been sitting on the edge of his bed waiting for him for at least an hour after she'd finished getting ready, which is why she was so stir-crazy to get going on their adventure.

Donald was used to it, and he had ways around it. It was what he devoted his free time too most days, getting pris to eat something other then potatoes. He even had a bingo card made for it. When she collapsed donald stopped his tie, allowing it to hand loosely around his neck. "Really prissy?" A question asked with a tone that asked if she was serious in her actions. "How are we supposed to go on an adventure when you're sitting in the ground in your big pretty dress?"

pris rolled over onto her back, picking up her arms just so she could flop them back to the ground with an arm-huff.  "how are we supposed to go on an adventure when you're too busy just standing there fiddling with your neck clothes, duuuuck?"  he was the one that was still standing there and wasn't even outside yet!  pris might've been on the ground, but at least she was outside.  and since her gaze was doing it's usual ping-ponging here there and everywhere it didn't take long for her to notice the lack of a certain something.  click, went the line as it connected from one dot to the next.  "and where's the taxi, duck, you said there would be a TAXI...." hopefully once they truly got on their way and the girl had some food in her she wouldn't be such a difficult and contrary teenager.  because as it was half of it was an act - the results of pris missing donald all day and demanding affections through bratty behavior.

"Well I have to look nice for our outing don't i?" It was an honest question from Donald and he slid his hands into his pockets when he stepped up beside her "I didn't say there would be a taxi, i said i called a taxi so that it would be here soon. Do you know what kind of ice cream cake you want?"

when donald stepped up beside where she was laying dramatically on the ground, she curled the top half of her body so that she could best swivel her head to look up at her most precious doctor with her big green eyes. "you're duck. duck always looks nice. purr purr purr." yes, it was no secret - especially to donald - that pris had a gigantic love-crush on him and was going to have his sprouts. this she told him many a time, even though donald always told her back that he was unable to have kids. such limitations didn't matter to a mind like prissy's. instead of getting up off the ground, pris tried to take advantage of the compliment she just gave him by closing her eyes, holding up her hands so he could pull her up, and puckering her lips. the question about the ice cream cake wasn't important. the taxi wasn't here and she was trying to wheedle a kiss in the meantime.


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Re: pris, donald, and the no more school celebration ][ a log

Post by Guest on Sun Jun 20, 2010 8:00 pm

"Thank you Prissy, so do you, which means you really didn't have to wear a big fancy dress." Donald smiled and leaned down best he could and pulled her up, pushing up on his walking stick as he assisted her to her feet. Granting her wish for a kissy by planting a nice chaste one on her lips before giving her hair a pet pet. and giving her a hug around the waist. "I do like your fancy dress though.

both of pris' hands clasped around donald's offered arm as she pulled her upwards.  as soon as she was standing she was leaning forward against him, squishing her rainbow lips against his.  pris knew how to kiss, a real kiss that could show a person how much they were loved, she had been taught that.  and that's the kind of kiss she gave to donald, as always, even when the poor man was trying to keep things light and chaste.  after the kiss she rested her cheek against his chest, giving a soft sigh as she enjoyed the pet pet.  time was always easier when donald was home from work.  with her father dead, her mother a thing of the past, and now dommy gone as well there were very few people left in pris' life that she felt comfortable with, and her most precious duck was one of the lucky.  it was a lot of responsibility for the bachelor, but if she wore him out he never let it show.  "i gave the dress colors.  now we have a rainbow tub."  which was pris' way of telling him that she also stained the bathtub with her tie-dying.  the girl dyed things all the time and this was the first time any color had ever been left in her wake, so one had to wonder if she did that to the tub on purpose.

"They're very nice colors too." Donald gave her a squeeze and continued to pet her hair while they waited for the taxi to pick them up. The wait wouldn't be much longer too, which was another bonus. "We do? that's cool, what made you decide to dye the tub colors too?" Because she had dyed her clothes before but never dyed the tub. Hence his question, which he thought was a good question.

giving pris affection attention was a very good way to keep her from huffing and puffing about the taxi not being there yet.  she remained nestled against donald's chest, the fingers of both hands picking at his shirt.  not to pull it up or down or anything like that, just to have something to keep her hands busy.  she was never very good at idle fingers.  donald would feel her shrug against him because of their closeness.  "why not colors? all of the walls have colors and the shower curtain has colors and the mirror steals the colors to trap inside itself and the bathtub doesn't get colors?"  it only took so long with pris before all white things weren't blank canvases anymore.

"That makes sense... i hope that the tub keeps them, You know how it likes to keep clean." Implying that things cleaned up out of the tub, just washed all down the drain. That was when he taxi drove up. and stopped right in front of both of them Donald stepping from Pris and he opened the door for her, like a proper gentleman he was after all Sir donald. And Sir donald was a gentleman.

pris picked up her head, eyes narrowed and face puckered in thought.  would the bathtub clean its own colors away?  she didn't look to pleased with that notion, and sure enough she wasn't.  "it better not.  huff.  bad tubs get replaced."  wouldn't that be a fun day in the future, when donald came home to pris trying to remove the tub by herself as its punishment for the color washing away.  but that was an adventure for another time.  now pris followed after donald to the taxi.  before she got inside she crouched down, peering at the driver through the passenger's side window.  it was not often that pris stopped her ping-ponging gaze long enough to stare at strangers, but this one she did.  just long enough in order to determine this.  "it's not poof."  announced with a very matter-of-fact nod before pris climbed her way inside the taxi, careful not to pull at her dress or lose one of her glass slippers during the process of getting settled safely in the cab.  ever since the day benjamin drove up in a taxi to take her to the cinderella ball, pris was a little leery of them.

"We'll have to make sure it does its best not to then." Donald said carefully, walking around and taking the opposite seat int he taxi. "Of course its not, i don't think he'd be our driver especially since i called the cab." He smiled and tapped on the back of the driver's seat,signaling him to drive. And after a moment he leaned forward. "Please take us up to town please." And he relaxed back into the seat.

as soon as donald sat down, pris shifted her position.  swinging her legs up onto the seat so they would land in donald's lap with a plop.  she was wearing tights that could be easily seen through the glass of the slippers.  the tights, like all the rest of her, had been rainbowed with dye.  "that's because he wouldn't go to denny's.  if he went to denny's and you went to denny's and i went to denny's then it would be different."  pris truly believed that.  to her denny's represented a place where parents took their children after a fight so that everyone could make up.  the only other place like that, from pris' experience, was an ice cream place.  "and when he gave me the death-beater he wouldn't take me for ice cream.  if he had done that then it would be different too."  pris hadn't seen benjamin since he'd given her the gift of that silver vial on the chain with the very special purpose.  he hadn't come to see her and she hadn't asked or tried to go see him.  in her mind she'd already asked for him twice.  for denny's.  and for ice cream.  in her mind, without them having a make-up at one of those places just like she had all through her childhood with her biological parents, there was nothing else that could be done.

"Mmhmm." Donald didn't like Benjamin he made to secret of that fact, but he also loved pris and if agreeing with her meant she kept her happiness. Then that is what he would do, and he did so amazingly, in agreeing with her in that respect. "You are wearing very nice glass slippers. Do you ever worry you're going to break them? Since they're glass?

see.  duck knew about denny's.  pris expression morphed into a dark surly frown as she pointed and flexed her feet - when the right one flexed, the left pointed, and vice versa and repeated.  she was mind-grumbling about how at least her duck understood about denny's and ice cream even if her smelly fathead grandmother-what-big-teeth-you-have didn't.  she turned her vexed upset face up at donald when he asked about her slippers.  "no?"  it was a rare thing.  pris saying her answer as a question.  her head titled, the grumble falling out of her face as she looked at him with the same question there.  "shoes don't break.  they rub away like sandpaper.  scuff scuff scuff." she made the gestures with her feet as she said the onomatopoeic sound.

"Well yeah, normally shoes will scuff down and rub away. But most shoes aren't made out of glass. and glass breaks faster then your shoes will. I'm glad these ones aren't going to break. "Words of wisdom donald, keep your questions simple sometimes. "Did you decide what kind of ice cream cake you wanted?" pausing for a moment donald leaned forward and whispered a change i directions to the driver. He told the driver to take them to a denny's.

in a response without words, pris pointed both of her toes as pointy as she could get them.  so far there wasn't even a hint of a crack in the glass of both the slippers, which is amazing considering how pris wandered all over the place and did all manner of things no matter how she was dressed.  "hm.  hm hm hm."  she was mulling over his question about the ice cream cake as she looked out the window and watched the scenery fly by.  so far so good, there was nothing out the window that made pris want to say stop and request a change of plans. "chocolate.  with peanut butter.  and caramel.  and sprinkles that spell out 'the marvelous misses prisses."  it was a very specific cake order!  but pris' mind loved details.

"I don't know if they'll have that where we're going. But i will try really very hard to get all of that on a cake for you... i cant guarantee it though." God bless Donald he sure tried very hard to get her the things she wanted. Though why she couldn't ask for some chocolate ice cream cake. That question had escaped him.

he was an expert in brains, he shouldn't have to ask questions like that by now - he should just know!  especially since even pris' art-making was very specific with its details.  sometimes the smallest details that most people wouldn't notice were the ones that made it prominently into pris' portrait-making, rather than commonly observed features like eyes and mouths.  "yesssss." pris slithered out the word longer in satisfied happy victory, turning away from the window.  her fingers picked at the long skirt of her dress with fluttering excitement.  anticipation for the ice cream cake.  wasn't it nice to see her excited about eating something other than potatoes?  "so, you know, duck.  the school said i didn't have to come back.  and i can be done and can stay home and keep your shirts folded, hey nonny."  pris said that casually.  it was way too casual for pris.  usually she didn't try to make her tone one or the other thing unless she was mimicking someone.  so it was a gigantic tell that she was lying through her face.  but that was how much she didn't like school.

"The school most certainly did not say that. I got a letter telling me when the first day of school is."  He had that, on top of that being far too casual for pris to have been telling the truth. He had a letter that came along with her final report card. Yeah Donald went and had himself set as her primary guardian at school, since those stupid police back home took that tone with him. "Look, We're here." donald smiled motioning up to the big bright yellow Denny's sign. looking down at pris with a bit of a smile.

pris didn't expect donald to say what he did, not in a million zillion qua-trillion years.  her big green eyes bugged bigger, forming a trio of 'O' shapes along with her mouth.  "they did not!"  pris was shrieking, pointing her finger at him with emphatic wags as if that would change her most precious duck's story.  "you did not.  not!"  and pris would keep trying to negate the school reality if it wasn't for the fact that she turned and looked out the window and saw, "DENNY'S!"  it was a good thing that it wasn't pris' job to pay, because the seventeen-year-old flung herself out of the vehicle so fast she nearly tripped over herself on her fragile glass slippers.  quickly regaining her balance the girl ran to the door in a streak of excitable color, flinging it open as the rainbow went inside to demand herself a table and potatoes.  clearly in pris' mind there was no time to waste.


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