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something winter this way comes -//- open

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something winter this way comes -//- open Empty something winter this way comes -//- open

Post by kiesahsidhe on Sat Nov 18, 2017 7:58 pm

such satisfaction wore upon the face of the tall, striking blonde that slipped out the door of the funeral parlor with the grace of a dancer. within was the third funeral director she’d met today, and each of them was more than eager to add the freelance embalmer to their roster for times when they had more dead than they could handle. how could they pass up one of her skill, especially when she was willing to be on call at any time, on any day, and she didn’t seem to have any care at all for weekends, vacations, or holidays?  for them, ilsa lund was a golden opportunity who would cut down on the griping from their regular staff. for the one who had stolen her alias from an old earthen movie, it meant that fresh, regular meals were assured.

her true name was kiesahsidhe laufey, and she was thrilled that this land suffered an unnatural number of deaths.

the frosts of winter were licking at this land, and that thrilled her as well. but the coming of her season wasn’t the reason that the winterling was making small roots in this strange, haphazard world. this city of new haven owed that to her seelie stallion, to clark, for he had been galivanting about this area for weeks and had taken a shine to its oddities. what argument was there for her to make, when the courts of both summer and winter hunted for them tirelessly on earth. that was her doing – or rather, her parents doing. her mother a noble of the summer court of fae, and her father (now deceased) the giant's former king of the court of winter, their thwarted attempts to give her a swift execution were the one thing the warring factions of fae could agree upon. she was an abomination in their eyes, yes, but also a danger. the unapologetic, brute severity of unseelie power wielded with graceful, exacting seelie precision.

as the sun set below, above it was clouding over. once the skies were dark, and heavy, a dusting of snow started its fall. was it her doing, or was it merely the season? the winterling basked in the soft flakes as she sauntered down the city street. for her meetings she had masked her truth, employing a simple glamour which traded the icy glory of her true appearance for the look of an equally striking, but properly mortal-looking blonde. but even the strongest of glamours could not hide the winter within completely – so when the flakes of snow fell upon her clothes and skin, instead of melting, they decorated her, giving her a sweet shimmer that was quite fitting considering who and what she was.

the cascading tribute to winter made her want to sing, to skip, and to find a fresh-faced native to toy with as they taught her about their world. but first, she used the fancy device clark had given her to tell him of her triumph. the phone was mere months old, but there was always a delay whenever she tapped at the screen – the depth of her chill made it sluggish. the winter maiden was used to it by now, tapping out her thoughts with confidence and pressing send once the device had caught up. there. surely her news warranted clark finding her a treat. he was quite good at that.

pocketing her phone, kiesah snuck her tongue out past her pale pink lips, catching some of the snowflakes on the tip and delighting in their taste. soft sweetness of the flurries deepened the satisfied triumph she already felt, bringing a fetching, if not cunning smile to the winterling’s lips as she looked about. she wasn’t sure yet what she wished to dip her icy fingers into next, but the hour was early, and this street filled with pretty establishments all with their lights on.

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