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-|| Wandering ||- (Semi-open, no strangers, not yet at least) Empty -|| Wandering ||- (Semi-open, no strangers, not yet at least)

Post by Serfius on Mon Oct 25, 2010 1:49 am

After a few...interactions...with some familiar faces, and a bit of rest, Serfius had decided it was time to familiarize himself with his new surroundings. It seemed as though he would be having a prolonged stay, and there was nothing that bothered him more than being unfamiliar with his surroundings. It made tactical analysis difficult, and...well maybe he was just plain curious. Unfortunately his lifestyle did not come with a switch he could simply flip on and off, and so his mind worked as it always had...seeing angles, potential exits...and entrances...where the shadows lurked...what lurked therein...

He found himself strolling through the corridors of the Inn, and eventually to the exterior that lay behind it...which appeared to be some sort As he stepped outside, he stretched out his arms and took in a deep breath of fresh air...icy blues glancing here and there, taking in the various decorations and landscaping...He stepped slowly, silently...he merely wanted to get out of his room for a while. The light would catch, and shimmer slightly in his short silver hair...he did not don the hood on his cloak, he had no reason to hide his face least that he was currently made aware of, after speaking with both Azlin and Gwendolyn...he was assured that this was a safe enough place.

He stopped for a moment, a dancing stray leaf caught his attention....he watched it for a moment, as it descended from the heavens...or some tree. It tossed and swirled about in the breeze, before coming to a halt when it came before him...he reached out and carefully caught the fragile dying leaf by the stem with his right hand. He turned it about, studying it with no immediate interest...before letting the wind take it back from him...The breeze picked up a bit, catching his cloak a bit...flapping about, as his gaze followed the leaf as it danced away from him just as nonchalantly as it came...

"I wonder....where will the winds take me in the future..."

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