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None Can Hide from the Will of the Gods >> Part I

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None Can Hide from the Will of the Gods >> Part I

Post by Guest on Sat Oct 24, 2009 12:20 am

Unless there was an emergency, the clinic was a rather quiet place in the late night hours wasn't it? Well it wasn't so tonight. For wherever the good Doctor Blake was, he'd hear a burst of riotous laughter. And if he listened hard enough, even the crabby elder nurse who made it seem like smiling was painful business laughed with the rest of the staff who was at the clinic that evening. Why, even the janitor was there laughing as hard as the rest! Wasn't that absolutely peculiar? It seemed that Donald was the only one who wasn't participating in the strange swell of merriment that was in the clinic's waiting room area, currently devoid of any patients.

Indeed it was. well to everyone that wasn't Donald. he was pleasantly sleeping. in the on call room. but that riot of laughter and merriment did stir the surgeon from his sleep. it wasn't bad though, he was sleeping but he had been regularly sleeping so being woken up didn't mean for cranky Donald. so, after grabbing his walking stick the doctor smoothed his hair out and started out towards the waiting room."Did Norm Macdonald come back through again or something?"

What he walked into was a circus. The staff was 'taking turns', which is just strange in itself. It was the elder nurse's turn. Would Donald believe his eyes to see the cranky curmudgeon currently in the center of the room with her skirt hiked as she did a reenactment of a dance she'd done with some girlfriends back in her high school dates for a variety show? She had made a disclaimer that there was no way she could do the cartwheel at her age, but Donald was there in time to see her do just that AND the split which came just after. As the nurse threw up her arms in typical 'ta da' fashion, the staff at the clinic burst into enthusiastic applause and cat calls. They were entirely engrossed in their impromptu talent show, which is why none of them answered Donald. Instead, an all-too familiar voice would give him reply. "My favorite thing about mortals. They have such sweet talents kept hidden far too often." Loki. Where was she? Just behind him. Dressed in the clothes of the modern mortal. A delicate dress of pale violet which hugged her form impeccably. Pantyhose with the seams down the back, kitten heels that matched her dress and a white sweater of the softest fabric. She looked like an upper-class debutante, so unlike her reality. Only the sly curl of her beautiful lip hinted at the Chaos within.

Donald's brows went up in surprise at the display from old nurse Doris. and he couldn't even stop himself from joining in the applause for her display. of course when it was he heard the familiar voice of chaos behind him, his smile faltered a bit but he did turn back and offer a smile to the woman." Very true... usually save them for parties so that they seem less boring. Did Jerry from the lunch room go yet? rumor mill says that he used to be a backup dancer for vanilla ice."

See. Chaos was catching. As he clapped his hands together, could Donald feel the urge tweaking at him that had captured all these humans to perform their secret talents? The more this crowd was enraptured by the entertainments their coworkers put on display, they more compelled they were to be the next to stand up and share one [or another one] of their own. This show would go on all night, at this rate, as each human in the room was remembering even more little ditties they could do that they'd forgotten about or very nearly so. "Oh yes. Jerry can certainly 'busta rhyme' as some are wont to say. Pity you missed it, but if you linger long enough I'm quite certain he'll be compelled to display himself once again." Had she noticed the falter? Yes. It made quite a tickled grin bless her lips sweet as the morning sun. She was quite fetching as a female, and she knew it. She stepped in closer to him to whisper into his ear. "Only after your turn of course."

donald gave a single mirthful "HAH!" and then he shook his head, looking back at his friends and co workers having the time of their lives. which is something he was cool with, so long as patients weren't going ignored. and since we didn't have any tonight he was gravy with it." no, I'm actually cool... my only secret talent is a three point two second tracheotomy not really something that we can display here... what brings you out o my neck of the woods though... thought you hated it down here, rubbing elbows with the greta unwashed

"Of course. How could I forget. You are the vessel of Brother Thor, which like him makes you a...what's the term for it?" She tapped her index finger against her chin as she tilted her head to the side, looking upward in thought. "Ah yes!" She snapped her fingers with victory and exclaimed, "Party pooper. Or is the better term 'Buzz Kill'? Sometimes I have difficulties with the subtleties of mortal slang. You understand." Said with a dazzling smile, full of grace and chaotic temptation. She clasped her hands in front of her, looking as dainty and alluring as a magnolia, with a similar musky multilayered sent. "But. Your question. Contrary to your assumption, Donald Blake, I spend the vast majority of my time here instead of in the gods' Kingdom. The number of entertainments are multitudinous. You and your guarded ways simply are not one of the number. What use have I for one who frowns at me as soon as he realizes I'm there? Who will decline my invitations for merriment. Who won't even share in this bonding moment with his coworkers that he spends so much time remaining professionally distant from as it is? These are not rhetorical questions, by the by." Her jungle green eyes looked deeply into his as she made that final clarification.

"I don't get to cut loose and have a good time. you know that... need to be ready at a moments notice to yanno... go and do things for Thor..." smiling and then giving his shoulders up in a shrug."and I didn't frown when you came by. i just let my smile fall a bit... Thought about that time you and Dr Doom sent robots to kill me, sort of a... buzz kill...." there was nothing more in his tone then a bit of truth. a hand came up to pat at her shoulder."Tell you what i will showcase a talent, if you showcase one as well... and then, you can buy me some dinner, sound like a plan?"

"You tell yourself you can't. Think contrary. To pick up the staff and strike it to the ground, how long does that take you? Minutes shorter than it takes for an ambulance to reach the hospital. Shorter than it takes a truck sirens blazing to reach a fire. Shorter than it takes a mother to run into the next room and see to her crying child. You can strike that stick as quickly as mortal man of the law can fire his gun. That is a moment's notice. Even when you're are in the heights o' your most private moments of pleasure." Underhanded of her, to mention that. But it made a point, did it not? That he had time enough for fun such as that. And then, a graceful waft of her hand to swat away another of his comments. "And don't insult the pair of us. Mentioning such nonsense as robots. My actions, a means to serve a great end. You're an intelligent man, Donald Blake. You know that in the future if some torture to you served a means to a greater end my hand would do it. Regardless of whether or not we meet regularly in the meantime for coffee or if you shun and scorn me as plague. If it will happen regardless, then why choose unpleasantness?" A gesture to the 'center ring' as it were. The janitor was just finishing up a rather amazing series of magic tricks with receptionist's ring. A signal for Donald to display his talent, as she would accept his offer.

"you know, friend of mine said something similar before..." Donald smiled and brought the walking stick to his brow and tapped it in a salute." I've not shunned you like a plague or anything since you came back. that's not fair to say. Why would I do that? you've got some great scenery there."smiling and stepping into the crowd there, limping about on the stick. and when he got into the middle group."alright guys, anyone ever see the movie aliens? no... rockin. check this out." and he placed his hand on the reception desk. picking up a pen and then with immense speed and precision he tapped at the space between his fingers. never ones right next to another. and after a few moments of it he smiled and picked the pen up. and tossed it to the receptionist. with a big smile.

"Good enough to paint." Said with a vixen purse of her lips in response to his comment about her scenery. Such was truth, her image had been rendered by many an artist in a host of different mediums both in this world and Donald Blake's home planet. One could only imagine the surprise from his coworkers as the elusive but kind Doctor Blake stepped forward to display a talent. He received cheers of encouragement and even some applause before and during the trick, but after it was complete and he extended that pen out to the receptionist Loki would perform her own talent which would cut short his fanfare. It was felt to him as wind, and the last thing his eyes would see of the clinic was it restored to its normal affairs, with all in the lobby as it should be. The breeze would sweep him away, obscure his vision, and when it cleared he'd find himself seated. At a restaurant where it would take a normal man a month in advance and a bribe to secure a table, but there they were. Seated next to the delicate marble fountain, on the platform where they could be seen by all - the table one secured [if they had the clout to] in order to be seen. It was asian fusion, and the waiter was already pouring each of them a small glass of sake. Behind Loki, on the wall, there was a rather fabulous portrait of her wearing little more than a drape of gossamer red fabric and a smile. "I hope you don't mind me killing two birds with one stone." Talent and dinner, she meant. Laying her hand upon her cheek as her murky green eyes sparkled.

Donald looked confounded for a moment, looking around and then turning to look behind him. and then back tot he woman in front of her." wow, I'm not entirely sure they naturally would have let me in the door to this place if i came in through the front door.... though i can see why you where able to get us a table... " motioning up to the picture on the wall. before a glance to the waiter." can I get some water as well?"

"A common deviant could get through the front door if on my arm, Donald Blake. Don't sell yourself short." Returned with a beguiling smile. "And you are in your medical garb, I'm sure there is some degree of respect among mortals for your profession?" Her slender fingers dipped to close around the small ceramic sake glass, and this she lifted to her lips to drink the full of the contents. There followed no grimace, no intake of breath, none of those post-alcohol signs that the drink had bite. All substances traveled down Loki's throat quite smoothly, and this particular and expensive beverage created a delightful tickle in her stomach. "Water, how risque." Said with a mock gasp. Picking on him once more for his party pooper ways, though she did nod to the water to confirm that the beverage should be brought to the table. "I do hope you pick something more creative from the menu to dine upon, the delicacies offered here some would give their tongue for." Yes, she was aware of that irony. Giving a tongue in exchange to taste food, how chaotic. She did not even have to turn to see what Donald indicated. She knew her image was on the wall. "Do you find it sublime? I'm sure my darling Shelia would render me on a canvas for you, in exchange for bagels of course." A pointed little look. "She has such an impossible talent. An eye for detail surely kissed by the gods."

He raised his glass to her with a smile of his own." I'm the best physician in any hospital in this part of rhy'din... and even I couldn't do well enough to pass off being sober at work." Bringing it to his lips for a drink the free hand picking up the menu and offering it a good reading." This looks pretty great. you recommend anything in particular." eyes lifting from the menu then, mostly at her reference to Shelia."Yeah, she's a good kid... was a little mis guided but she seems better now."

"Though you that you were returning to work this night? How quaint." There was mischief in her vixen smile. No doubt of that. Her jungle green eyes were set on him as any predator looked at their prey. Did she mean to pray upon him? Her words when spoken were not a treat. She merely considered them truth. A mere glance at the menu, before that electric gaze was fixed upon him once more. "I recommend you eat well. And plenty. And that you explain yourself. To say the actions of my past were a 'buzz kill' and then to make dinner part of our exchange is a curious pairing. When you are known for being predictable in your logic." She did not haunt the doctor's place of business and toy with his staff for no reason. She always had a reason, even if her reason was to have no reason at all.


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Re: None Can Hide from the Will of the Gods >> Part I

Post by Guest on Sun Oct 25, 2009 12:12 am

"oh I'm going to make it back to work tonight..." donald said in his own bit of confidence. remember he did have his walking stick with him." well, I was going to head out and get some dinner anyway. thought that since you where there I'd capitalize on the situation. well that, and i knew it was one of the only thing you wouldn't expect... given the past we share with one another. what's good here?"

"Well if work must keep you busy tonight, let me not keep you. I will discard this my attempt at good manners and speak with Idunn myself." It was said like a business deal had just been closed, and she was pleased with the result. A smooth smile was given to him. Then she picked up her menu, lifting it so that her face was shielded from his view besides her eyes. Those were looking downward at what was written on the one page list of dishes, each a greater delicacy than the one before it. "I expect everything, Donald Brake. And yet, nothing. It's the nature of who I am. I don't expect a mortal to understand. Especially the vessel of Brother Dear. Such trouble he has with the concept himself. But, I will take pity on thee. And recommend the squid." As for her own selection, she was still examining the offerings. Rather engrossed.

"I, wait.. Idunn hasn't been found yet. you can't go talk to her... and as far as my needing to go back to the hospital. I"ll ask that you don't begrudge me that... I'm trying my hardest to offer you the same. simply who I am..." and then it dawned upon him. and Donald closed the menu."You can't go talk to Arcadia..." his eyes right on her own." She isn't any part of Asgard.

How she loved that dawn. At his last words Loki raised her eyes from the menu and gave an innocently surprised blink. Menu was placed on the table with a slow, graceful movement of one hand. Then both hands were folded together. Set delicately upon the table top. Eyes regarding him with injured bewilderment. "Why Donald Blake." Said as if she could scarce believe she heard him right. "Sit you there and speak that you are trying your hardest and then begrudge me you do the very next moment? The shock. How ashamed am I for you. And erroneous are the words you speak. Surely you know I speak to countless each day who have no ties to the Kingdom. Even so. Say you that she has no ties simply because you have not seen how lovely her garden grow. In Asgard." Emphasized with a seriousness that could chill a man's soul. Depending on the manner of man. With a gaze that could do the same. "Roots are quite the tie that binds. I'm afraid speak to her I must, if you insist upon returning to work."

"saying that you cant talk to Arcadia isn't begrudging you Loki. I'd say the same thing to any Asgardian who would try and approach her about that... ask your brother next time you see him." there wasn't much of anything in his tone, Donald had a pretty decent poker face. of course next to loki it was probably no where near that good. but still for a man. but he did lower his voice a bit. "I've seen the gardens... they look beautiful. but Arcadia is an avatar of nature, she could start an oasis in a desert and have it be just as amazing." there was a firm nod from donald then. who reached over and picked up one of the sake dishes and rose it to her before drinking of it. "Looks like you have my attention for the evening though.

"No need have I in asking Brother Dear a question when its answer hold I already in my hand. For saying so to the many does not begrudging absolve. Sheer number does not justify reason." If he was fool enough to argue her on that point she would give him a healthy supply of examples. "Argue her make as you will. It does not change fact. She has produced the apples, Donald Blake. After her blessing of the land they grew. For a number of days most precious. Until no more they grew. Withdrawn from lack of tending." No doubt was Loki good at stating her case. Working her art of crafting a situation to her need. The smile upon her lips when Donald abandoned his water and resigned himself to her will was triumph. It was then the waiter came. And Loki gave her order, slender fingers pressing the menu into the hands of the server. With a sultry gaze, syllables alive with her electric buzz. The waiter's smile was sloppy, eager. For a moment the mortal man seemed to forget Donald was there. "And for you, doctor?" A wily smirk as she cast a gesture in the good doctor's direction to diver the waiter's attention to him.

Donald watched her. he really didn't like being manipulated. Thor did that enough, he didn't need another damned Asgardian to do it to him too. so, in order to just spite her he looked up at the waiter." I'll take the scallops tempura. and the peppered brazed beef..." and the menu was offered up to him with a nod before Loki got his attention again." I know, I was there. I saw what happened... but that could be coincidence... Thor had said the Gardens hadn't been tended since before Ragnarok. plants could have just been happy to get the attention.

Sadly the spite was unnoticed. Or unrecognized as spite. For she cared not what the mortal man chose to eat. To dine was his idea, not her own. "Coincidence. An easy means of casting shadows of doubt. But such shadows can be cast away easily enough. The gardens must be tended by her again. Think you not, Donald?" A pointed look. As the waiter returned to freshen their sake glasses. "After all," spoken with such casual airs. Light as a feather as she picked up the small cup. "You do not wish to hinder the health of all the gods of Asgard, do you vessel? Those apples are their need. But you know that. For you saw it, as you say. I merely heard tell of it. How quickly the tree was swarmed. Its fruits devoured. Joy restored to a beaten Kingdom. Such a curiously strong blessing for the wanton Coincidence to bestow..." her finger tapped her chin daintily as she mused on what she last spoke.

Loki did have a point, the people where very happy to have the golden apples once again. and it was a really effin amazing coincidence if it where only that, those where some of the many things that bounced around in Donald's head. but they where thoughts that he didn't give away to her. still wearing his most stellar poker face. picking up the glass of sake." you make a valid point... perhaps you should ask your brother to ask her to make another stop up to keep the gardens in bloom so to speak."

"Oh." Said with such sincere fascination. The tips of her index and middle fingers gently touching her lower lip in surprise. She lowered them, slowly, to speak. "No wonder your tense words. I have made a mistake, how foolish. The danger of eavesdropping, things so easily misread. Thought I that she was your intimate companion. But now I see - her kinship is closer to your god, and to Thor's will she would give greatest favor." A conclusion she was slyly making because the good Doctor told her to let the god handle the issue instead of himself. "Wise, Donald Blake, most wise." Such a delicate, agreeable bob of her head as her eyes glowed with this new knowledge. "Such noble stock is your fashion - to show no envy that such a fetching female follows the Lord of the Hammer more obligingly than she does you." Only then did she pick up her sake, this time to drink.

Donald gave a single of bit of a chuckle. "Thing about eavesdropping is that you don't get to hear all of anything...While it is my place to help Thor however i can to preserve Asgard. Its not my place to ask my friends to sacrifice their own well being for that cause... I said to you that Thor should ask her, not because she'll do what he says... but because I wont do it... "

Donald didn't like to be manipulated. But perhaps what Loki was doing wasn't manipulation. It was simply taking care of her business on her own terms. Talking to Brother Dear on the matter was not a term she wished to accept. Not when she had wiles of her own to cement her will. When the good doctor spoke as he did, she would tarry no longer. There was no time for a meal when she had other business to attend to in the form of paying a visit to this intriguing garden-grower. "So be it." The small glass set once more on the table, she dipped her head in a single nod. "What can be done by one god can as easily be done by another. In this instance, at least, such is true. You've shown me my own error, and that I must 'cut out the middle man' as you mortals say. Enjoy your meal, Donald Blake." Here she stood, and slipped out from behind the table. "You are assured that its cost is taken care of." When she started out of the restaurant, it was no ploy. She did not dally in her steps, nor did she look back.

Donald rose as she did."You really should stop Loki..."donald said with a tone that denoted she should listen. he really didn't care if a scene was created in this restaurant whose name he didn't even know."Or I'll make certain that you receive a visit from your brother anyway..." she wanted to play hard ball and as such good Donald was game. he even had his walking stick in hand already, all it took was a little tap tappy on the ground."I'm not certain he would like knowing you're circumventing him in this matter."

She turned smoothly on the ball of one foot to face him. There was no mischief in her countenance any longer. There was simply hardness. Cold. As for the restaurant? Utterly still. Not a sound made, nor a movement. It may as well have been a gallery of statues, or a wax museum. "Then I bid you strike. For I will tell him just as I am telling you that never before has one of Asgardian blood needed permission to talk to their own kinsman. I dare him show himself to be that manner of King, that he would kowtow to the will of his mortal vessel when that vessel seeks to circumvent the health and well-being of the gods. Tonight I extended to you an olive branch, as it was a mere courtesy that I came to you with the request that you speak to Idunn on this matter as a friend to a friend so that she might be saved the trouble of crossing my path or being bid to duty by her king. Expect you really that I would bother with you further when your inaction reeks of nothing but selfishness? Many of Asgard dislike you as it is. Allow me to tell this tale that adds another log to the fire. Donald Blake said he won't. I assure you to their ears it won't be a surprise."

"you can tell them that Loki...You've got fewer fans then I do in Asgard, and you know that...Arcadia, is not one of your kinsmen... She is not a vessel for Idunn... I do care for Asgard and everyone in it. But you are mislead by thinking Arcadia is one of your number...She has said the words herself...."He said that firmly and with much gusto."If you want to speak to Idunn, find her vessel, and tell your brother so she could be awakened... until then you're not going to speak to Arcadia on the matter."

"You are mistaken. The King of Asgard said she was himself. He was overheard. Think you the decision is hers to make? Fool." That word she spat at him, as venomous as a snake. This encounter with Donald Blake reminded her of why she didn't bother with him. Insufferable. "Your ego will be your downfall, mortal. Simply because you hold that staff you think you can speak whatever collection of words you wish and have them be truth. But unlike that staff, truth is not yours to hold at will. She has grown the apples. Agreed you already of their need and thus her need to tend them. The rest of this exchange is nothing more than a waste of time as you have refused to lend your help." He made his choice. Let him bang his stick on the floor if he wished, to attempt and delay her by putting Thor in her path. The far simpler road would have been do to Loki the simple favor and cooperate for the good of all, because this time her exit was no mortal walk to the door. This time she was simply gone, off to take care of business herself.

Phft whatever. Thor was mistaken, gods are not immune to such things. Donald had one thing that Loki didn't, actually knowing where Arcadia was, and how he could find her... certainly would have been more helpful if Loki hadn't just effin ditched him here at some random restaurant in the middle of randomville. So donald did the only think he knew that he could do. he closed his eyes and thought deeply on Arcadia, hoping that the location dealie was two way and he could somehow find a way to pull her to him.

[end part i.]


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None Can Hide from the Will of the Gods >> Part II

Post by Arcadia Caughey on Thu Oct 29, 2009 11:12 am

Phft whatever. Thor was mistaken, gods are not immune to such things. Donald had one thing that Loki didnt, actually knowing where Arcadia was, and how he could find her... certainly would have been more helpful if Loki had'nt just effin ditched him here at some random restaurant in the middle of randomville. So donald did the only think he knew that he could do. he closed his eyes and thought deeply on Arcadia, hoping that the location dealie was two way and he could somehow find a way to pull her to him.

Had their dinner gone differently, Donald wouldn't have found himself ditched. He was in luck, however. Because the manner of bond Arcadia had established when Donald expressed frustration at not being able to find her if she went AWOL could be used to great depth and many purpose if one knew how - the exact depth and breadth of which Arcadia herself didn't even realize. So when he sent the mental call out, Arcadia did indeed feel it as one would feel a pull. Not quite as strong as an invocation, it was felt by her more like a summons that came with a pull which would be hard to ignore if he kept pulling. But it was Donald, she knew the energy that surrounded him intimately and recognized it immediately, so why should she ignore him? Leaving the side of and old friend, Arcadia was as wind to travel in the direction that she felt compelled to go. She rode the wind quickly, fast as a dervish, because she had never felt a call like this from Donald before and she feared him in trouble. For this reason she barged into the location in her wind form, foolishly forming back into solid shape without her usual caution. She yelped softly when she saw that he was in a restaurant and that the other patrons - who came back to life unfrozen once Loki had departed - were staring at her and Donald, and she hissed at him, "Why didn't y' TELL me - this - a middle o' a dinin' facility?!" Her violet eyes narrowed in a scolding squint which matched her tone as her cheeks flushed very slightly.

Donald just as she did showed a great deal of surprise. when she came to stand before him. he was expecting a conversation, not for her to come flying out in front of him. but now that she was here. he leaned in closer."I'm sorry, I didnt know you where coming, come on we need to get out of here. can you take us somewhere else?" a sense of urgency in his voice, he was afterall a very smart man and a very smart man would know that Loki probably accounted for this. and as such woulds till be watching in some fashion

She was trying hard to ignore the stares. God she hated stares, she hated being the focus of attention....her violet eyes stared hyper-focused at him to attempt to block the sight of everything else out. "If y' wanted a conversation y' should o' SAID somethin' instead o' just yankin' on' you need a lesson in this sort o' thing?" That last bit was said with a tisk of her tongue, and the words spilled out very quickly in a whispered hiss. As she'd feared, Donald had a sense of urgency about him which said there was some sort of trouble afoot and that urgency was catching, hence the rare speed of her reply. "Where d' - " She didn't even bother finishing that sentence. A location sprang to mind that would serve well enough as a start for 'somewhere else' which would be safe enough until Donald named his more precise wishes if he had them. She jammed her hand into her trusty cotton bag, yanking out a compact. Flipping it open, she grabbed Donald's hand and interlaced her fingers with his. "Hold on," she muttered quickly, pressing both their fingers to the surface of the small glass. It would be a bit jarring, what happened next. He'd feel as if the mirror sucked him straight in and spit him out, and that was somewhat true. In this restaurant one minute, falling out of the full-length mirror of she and Adrian's bedroom at his castle the next. Well, Donald might fall. Arcadia simply stepped out of said mirror, rather used to such travel.

donald did indeed fall and spill all over the floor, but he was out of the restaurant. and they were somewhere Loki couldnt possibly be watching after all Adrian kept this place locked up tighter then a vault. and even had magical means to protect it. no way Loki was going to get them. "thank you... we needed to get out of there. i'm sorry i pulled you over, i didnt know... I'll be more careful next time. " he certainly sounded more calm. maybe even relieved. "Loki is looking for you..."

But that didn't mean Loki wouldn't try. Where there's a will...... At any rate, Arcadia resisted her urge to smack her hand on her forehead when Donald took that spill. Instead she stepped around him, over to where she could offer him her hand so that he could pull himself up off the floor. Hand still outstretched, she was about to dismiss this apology and suggest that perhaps a lesson would be best if he was going to use the bond they had for such things, but those words never came. Because of the last thing he said, which changed her countenance entirely. Her hand faltered in its travel over just a little bit, but was still extended as her eyes widened slightly and her brow slowly raised up high on her forehead. The expression as a whole was a cross between 'excuse me' and '@%^$# gods'. Two sentiments that she was definitely thinking right now, in nearly equal proportion.

"Yeah, I probably gave her that very look..."Donald said with a small attempt at a smile as he took her hand and pulled himself up to stand beside her. "Thank you..." and then he cleared his throat."Yeah, she's really dead set on it too...I'm sorry Arcadia."

It was a good thing she didn't need to breathe for survival, because she certainly wasn't right now. A number of very simple questions crashing in her head, and she didn't know where to begin. She was especially stuck between two - the obvious 'why', and the pressing issue of what she was supposed to do about this. Unfortunately neither came out in question form, but rather she spat out a rather emotional response. "And m' what, supposed t' hide here do y' think m' just supposed t' hide here?!" She was losing her eloquence because of her frustration and shock, and losing her eloquence and her calm always frustrated her even more. She was asking that of him because he'd told her to take them 'somewhere else', which to her now meant, 'hide'.

"No, I dont want you to hide... I just wanted to warn you... just so you know that she is coming to look for you." donald said with a bit of earnest in his voice." She's a trickster... shape shifter illusionist. I just dont want her to appear to you as me without you knowing that she might be doing it... I dont want her to make you mad at me."

Arcadia closed her eyes, pinching the bridge of her nose. Her head was throbbing. That was never a good sign, when she got emotional enough that she could feel the bang of Lita in her brain trying to take advantage of her emotionally weak moment to attempt to get free. It was time for a breath, drawn through the lips slowly and steadily and let out through the nostrils. Once, twice. After breathing in a third time she spoke slowly and calmly on the exhale. But it was a determined calm. Like she was going to be calm if it killed her. "A shifter. Illusionist. I can prepare for that." She could. There were a number of charms she could set up that could be activated in the moment should her suspicions arise. "Why would she appear t' me as you, what d' you have t' do with it?" She opened her eyes, so that she could see his answer as well as hear it.

Donald hobbled on over, of course leaving his walking stick next to the mirror, he didnt need it close when he was with Arcadia. he trusted her more then certain gold haired doers of good that he was rather intimate with. "they're all very strong... and oh! well i dont know, they might have a scent... i dont know all too well... I know Loki employs a lot of magic...." Donald took a seat then, at the edge of the bed. "Loki, wants you to tend to the Gardens in Asgard... so that the apples grow again."

Did Donald realize that Loki no longer had a need to speak to Arcadia now? The goddess had asked, after all, one simple favor - to deliver the request that Arcadia tend the Asgardian garden to make apples grow. Donald said he wouldn't do so, and yet he just had. If interactions were chess games, one truly had to wonder how many steps ahead the Trickster was. For the old saying goes that so long as the Trickster knows the destination they can always change the rules and course along the way. It was just whether or not Loki would know that Donald had asked this that determined whether or not Arcadia was free of being visited. Well, that and how Arcadia chose to react. Which...there wasn't much of a reaction to be seen. She stared at Donald when he mentioned those apples, and she could almost taste the one she'd eaten fresh on her tongue like she'd just taken a bite. It tasted heavenly, and that wasn't far from the truth. Inwardly, Arcadia went cold. The beast quieted - that request was nothing it needed to be concerned about. The predator in her considered it boring, hardly worth thinking over. But all the parts of Arcadia who weren't predator....felt differently. "Oh." was all she said. Violet eyes no longer on Donald, but elsewhere.

Of course with Arcadia's reaction. donald had just realized what he had done... he really had done what Loki had asked him to do hadnt he? in just mentioning to Arcadia that Loki was looking for her, he did what he told Loki he wouldnt do. Asshole just got upgraded to wholesale jackass...and Donald had been the sale of the day. he didnt say anything more. didnt really need to. he'd already said enough. though he did slink from the bed, sliding down to sit on the floor. slumping sideways onto it.
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Re: None Can Hide from the Will of the Gods >> Part I

Post by Arcadia Caughey on Thu Oct 29, 2009 11:32 am

Silence from Arcadia, for a little bit longer. Staring off nowhere in particular, her focus was inward, not outward at whatever she happened to be looking at. Though her eyes were diverted when Donald sank to the floor, her brow furrowing a bit in questioning. She said finally, quietly, "I've come t' realize charitable acts...random acts o' kindness...are dangerous things. We think o' them as isolated, one wee deed, but those deeds are as interconnected as every other deed we do. Another rock tossed into the water. With the resultin' ripples chasin' us down. I was naive. Bloody idiot." She was calling herself that, of course. This was all a result of her own mistake, as she saw it. If she never offered to tend to Asgard's garden...what's more if she'd never sent Thor that healing prayer that one stormy night...she would have no connection to the land of the gods or its fruit or anything else to do with that collective of divine activity. She moved to Donald, sinking herself to sit on the floor next to him. Her head fell upon his shoulder quite naturally, and she took his hand. "Do y' know why I think at times that livin' beyond a normal human life could be unbearable? The act o' livin' never stops shovin' lessons at a person...and the notion that m' goin' t' be learnin' lessons like this for years, and years, and years, and years...."

Donald almost shrugged her away, he really didn't feel like he deserved having her close right now. having royally fucked her life up. but he couldn't bring himself to do it. so instead he just leaned right on back. and he didn't say anything for a while. and then he could slowly nod. "I can relate...I really am sorry Arcadia... If it wasn't for me, then you never would have been exposed to all of wouldn't have to deal with gods or their stupid wants..."

Arcadia hooted. A sound full of disbelief and irony. "Donald," she scoffed his name. Giving a slight shake of her head. "Do y' really think this is the first time I've been inconvenienced by a god of some sort? The Powers that Be - the gods m' homeland worships and that I've been taught t' serve - when Archer was murdered the Powers tortured me by tryin' t' drive me out o' me own mind, usin' the fractured personalities I had against me...they were relentless, all because they wanted me t' raise Archer from the dead usin' our bond t' bring him back. When raisin' the departed goes against everythin' I believe in. But I did it, t' save meself. Bullied into breakin' me own moral code. No one can hide from the gods if they're determined t' shape our path."

Something similar happened to me during Ragnarok... well after Ragnarok... when all of the gods died, the spellOdin cast to keep me from... being, faded and I came back. my own man. but when the hammer fell, everything went to hell... an old friend Tony, thought that he could just hire people, have them come and take the hammer. get Thor back... and I tried to ignore it, stick with being a doctor. saving lives... but, in the end, I really had to go and pick it up again... because the world needed the gods..." and then when he thought about it. "it's not exactly the same... but it is similar... my story had a hammer..." he was trying to lighten the mood with that last bit. maybe get Arcadia to crack a bit of a smile.

"So y' agree with me then, that you're not at fault." It was said as a definitive conclusion. That is what his story had done, after all, corroborated with her own experience with deities and their whims. If he interpreted the triumphant curl of the corners of her lips as a smile, then he too would find himself appeased. Which meant that they could move on to other matters, leaving this one behind. At least that was Arcadia's hope. She hadn't the faintest how she was going to handle the business about the Asgardian apples, but she did know she didn't wish to think about it right now. It was only a couple short hours until dawn, getting on late in the evening for her. Hardly the time for deep thinking and considerations.

"Yes, I suppose." Donald said, offering her a small smile. moving an arm to drap over her opposite shoulder. giving her a tight squeeze."I didn't pull you from anything important did I?"

"Suppose is a word folk use t' placate and make it seem like they're agreeable when they're not. Shame on it." Arcadia murmured that with a slight tisk of her tongue, giving him a briefly scolding look up through her lashes. She didn't move her head at all to give the look, so what he saw of her eyes from the angle they were both situated at would have to do. "I was visitin' a friend, who still dwells at a place that I stayed at for a brief time. But we had just finished schedulin' a dinner date o' sorts and he had suffered an injury from the event I found him at, so there was no harm in our conversation comin' to an end when it did." Quite comfortable against Donald, she had no plans on moving unless he showed a wish to do so. Even the vines - which covered the walls and the lattice on the ceiling since they had never left Arcadia and Adrians' bedchamber - were quiet and behaved tonight. Picking up on the frantic vibe, perhaps, and sensing it wasn't a good time to play or make mischief. Though if it were Arcadia alone, they would have responded to her disposition by wrapping around her like a blanket.

"Well I'm not placating later I dunno..."Another small smile and then he picked his head up."that place similar to the Alliance place you told me about? which one? I see a bunch of flyers near the clinic."

"Aye." There was a tone in her voice. The place in question she obviously didn't hold in very high regard. "This one a rather stale edifice with...people spendin' a lot o' effort t' make their idle time seem like somethin' but idle time, with the organization payin' a rather handsome allowance t' each member for....well, honestly I don't know for what. For turnin' in a piece o' paper now and then sayin' they had a couple o' conversations, but the allowance was weekly and the reports were not any rate." She'd gone off on a tangent and didn't mean to. "The Phoenix Coalition is it's name, and the Knight Commander there happens t' be a very old friend o' mine. What sort o' placatin' are y' thinkin' on later?" Violet eyes turned upward to look at him again.

"Sounds like working as a doctor for a bunch of super heroes after Doctor Doom's been beaten..." He said softly offering a nod. implying that when the biggest baddest of the bad on the planet was taken care of. being a doctor for super heroes was rather drab and uneventful. but then when she looked up at him he gave an innocent smile. "I dunno, if I told you i wouldn't be able to placate you later because you'd know about it.

"Doctor Doom...aye..." Now who was placating? This girl was! She really didn't know a thing about Doctor Doom, or working as a doctor for a bunch of super heroes. Or about superheros in general. "I'd have to disagree though, y' could placate up down and sideways with me knowin' it and it's still be placatin'. Will y' be stayin' the night here, then? Are you in any danger from the - how do y' know she's lookin' for me in the first place?" Arcadia picked up her head and gave him a rather curious look. "And were y' finished at your restaurant, or do I need t' wake the cook and have her prepare y' somethin'?"

"Doctor Doom is the only person who scares me more then Loki Arcadia. I mean, dude intentionally uses a silly sounding moniker in hopes someone will make fun of it... so he can melt their faces off." A nod and then his shoulder rolled up in a shrug." We where having dinner, until of course... she asked me to go and convince you to tend to asgards gardens... then it turned into a fight. and she sort of ditched me.... and no I don't think she can track me out here... but she is tracking me... and I need find out how. and no, I'm alright... not really hungry anymore yanno?" which is when he relaxed. "Not going to step on any toes if i stick around am I?"

"Charmin'." Doctor Doom, that is. To Arcadia, it was just another Rhy'din idiot. Even if the man wasn't Rhy'dinian. She'd seen more magically empowered folk than she could count, and more often than not they did one of three things with their magic: absolute nonsense, absolute depravity, or absolutely nothing. Doctor Doom seemed to fit in the middle category. "Y' went out t' dinner with her?" What a look he got then. It was quite a mixture of things, with a touch of envy and a dash of 'are you crazy' at the forefront of the look. And then, she teased with a smart purse of her lips, "No. Shant be a problem so long as y' don't mind sleepin' between Adrian and I. He likes m' pets t' sleep in the middle so he can keep an eye on them." A cheeky little smirk. "That is, o' course, unless y' have another dinner invitation with Loki..."

"I... was trying to turn the other cheek... Loki has been trying to show that she is different, changed from what she used to be, and well she was helping the staff at the clinic to unwind and have a good time... trying to extend the olive branch and everything. And it sort of bit me in the ass... and I uh, think... I, may be able to handle that... but only if he lets me be the big spoon..." Yes donald was the sort to laugh at his own joke but then in a more serious tone he said. "I don't think I'll ever get one of those again." Dinner invitation, that is.

In the sort of deadpan that Arcadia was flawless at her brow slowly arched up on her forehead. Just the right brow. The left stayed at it was. "Donald," she spoke his name quietly in a tone that communicated a 'tisk' without actually having to do one. "Does Adrian look like the sort o' man who's willin' t' be the little spoon? Honestly." There! The mood was officially lightened through their nonsense humor, and Arcadia was now quite eager to drop the subject of Loki apples or anything else, even though she was the one to bring it back up. It didn't mean she hadn't heard his comment about the god tracking him and Donald being eager to put an end to it. It was just very late in the evening, and so long as Donald remained in the castle him being tracked was a topic that could be dealt with in the morning. "Until Big Spoon comes home perhaps we should have y' practice your mental work, so y' don't call me into a crowded restaurant t' make a bloody ass o' meself again, aye?" A faint smirk as she pulled herself up to her feet. That was a task she could handle in the small hours, one that would keep her mind on something other than the request Loki pressed Donald to pass along to her. So long as she too remained in the castle, what she was to do about Loki's request could be dealt with another day.

[end of log]
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Re: None Can Hide from the Will of the Gods >> Part I

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