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pris and the four-tailed adventure ][ a log

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pris and the four-tailed adventure ][ a log

Post by Guest on Fri Sep 11, 2009 2:31 pm

things were more back to normal. dommy was home, school had started, she saw her most precious duck enough that it made her happy, and she'd found a parent who she knew could watch even when she couldn't watch him. all of it created a sense of stability, so pris was more back to normal. maybe it was because pris knew she wasn't behaving very normal [even normal for her] that she hadn't gone to visit lumie in a few weeks. for some reason lumie was someone that she only wanted to see when she knew she was in her driver's seat. she felt that way today. which is why the tardis door got a knock. she should think that a whole big big house inside a small box was odd, but this was pris. she had been told the reason why it was the way it was and that was good enough for her. she was wearing a big fluffy royal blue skirt. and red and white striped tights. puffy blue legwarmers, and her very red mary janes. her top shirt was a black tank top with a butterfly that was painted like the union jack. the shirt underneath that was red and short sleeved the shirt under that was white and log sleeved. lots of layers for pris today. you'd think she'd be hot, but she wasn't. she was wearing a blue wig that was curly, ringlet curls with the sides pulled up in silver clips. the wig reached to her shoulders. the make-up she wore matched the color scheme of her clothes. she had her black shoulder bag with her as always.

There was silence for a moment, and then, the door opened rather quickly to reveal an out of breath teenaged lumie, apparently he had run all the way up here from wherever he was previously to answer the door before anyone else did. he was wearing an outfirt similar to what Archer wore, a pair of slacks, a button down and a vest. a big bright smile for pris."Pris! you're here!" his tails wagging a million miles a minute behind him. "come in come in!" and he stepped back so she could come in.

while she waited for the door to answer she'd been fiddling. her toe digging into the ground with a series of stubbing gestures that were spaced out with the same rhythm, and she was wringing her hands. not the very bad wringing she did when she was upset or frenzied or having an episode, this was more tugging at her fingers like she was pulling small levers. when the door opened and she saw lumie there, her eyes widened and her head titled with curious fascination. "are you going to go out and push important papers?" it was asked in a dreamy hushed tone as she stepped forward to look at him closer, her hand reaching out to feel the starched collar of his button down shirt. she leaned into that collar very close, so that she could better inspect it. "i didn't know people our age were old enough to do that." our age. she was nice enough to equate lumie to her own age even though she was over a whole year older! and she was asking if he got a business job, of course, like a paper-pusher.

Aroo? was the face lumie was making right now. but then immediately after "oohhhh! no, no I dont push papers, I help the doctor save the universe, and the doctor says you have to dress nice because you'll never know where you end up and you dont want to be underdressed for anything..." a firm nod from lumie who smiled again. "did you come over to try the one machine? the doctor is home now, we can use it!"

"oh." it was said thoughtfully, with a nod. the helping the doctor save the universe part she remembered. his explanation for wanting to look nice just in case, that made a lot of sense to her. her fingertips rubbed the collar a moment longer before she released it and stepped back. "unless there's a snow planet, are there snow planets?" her mind had immediately jumped to the times when what lumie was wearing might be underdressed for where he and the doctor went. pris went around back of the teenage boy, and the next thing he'd feel was her fingers petting down one of his tails. while she did that she was quiet. she was thinking about what he asked her. "maybe...." was pris suddenly getting cold feet. she sounded a little nervous. her fingers clutched around his tail, as if for comfort. "i came to see you."

He turned to face her, allowing her to hold onto his tail, smiling brightly and giving a nod, but then stopping and thinking. "I think so, there are fire planets, so I think there are snow planets..." and another nod, smiling, watching her pet and hold onto his tail. "you came to see me? awesome! did you want to do anything?"

when he asked her that pris went still. statue still, right in the position she was in. which really made her look like a statue, since she had all of her weight on her front foot and little in the back and one hand on his tail and all of that. but just as suddenly she broke out of the statue. first with her eyes and then her head, so that she could look all around and see if anyone else was here with them. she didn't see anyone, but it wasn't good enough maybe she thought there was someone else watching that lumie wouldn't know about? pris slipped around to the front of the boy, placing each of her hands on his shoulders and urging him to kneel down with her on the ground. once they both knelt, she cupped her hands around his ear and leaned in to whisper very quietly, "what would we do if i were a fox creature with tails like you?"

No one could watch what happened inside the tardis without being inside the tardis and no one was upstairs here with them. it traveled through time and used to be able to travel between universes when those paths were open so the tardis was outside of time and dimension and stuff. Lumie was a little scared, worried maybe a little bit with her behavior. but then he relaxed when she knelt him down and whispered, tails wagging a bit more again. "we would run and play, maybe in the grass outside. Or play hide and sneak... which is very fun to play... i mean, only if you wanted to do that." whispered back to her just as softly, leaning against her a little bit.

"outside." pris rolled the word around her tongue with a thoughtful whisper, her hands still cupped up around his ears to keep what she said to him top secret. her thoughts were racing, as pris' unconventional mind was drawing bridges and making connections that most people wouldn't think of. with one central point - the one that made her kneel him down and whisper to him in the first place. "is there a different outside that we can go to? a fire planet or a snow planet or plant planet that we can run and play on? i don't want to get in trouble with my parent i don't know if he'd like me having tails." after whisper whispering that to lumie pris dropped her hands from around his ears finally, folding her hands in her lap as her green eyes darted over his face. while her eyes did not remain steady wherever they looked, she changed looking-spots more slowly for lumie than she did for a lot of people. she was starting to trust him more.

"oh! oh! oh! we can go somewhere amazing, best places to run and play in everywhere!" Lumie's excitement his tails started to wag a million miles a minute. "we can go and visit my home planet, i dont think your parent would get mad, the doctor is the best person in the universe at protecting us..."

his excitement made pris smile. pris didn't smile all the time, not unless she was around certain people who could make her smile. but when she did it was never a tiny smile, it was a very big smile which bloomed over her whole face. her cheeks flushed a little bit at the idea of taking an adventure like this. they were going to go to a different planet, his planet, and his planet wasn't earth and it wasn't here and those were the only two planets she'd ever been on so far. "okay." pris nodded as she agreed breathlessly. her fingers fiddled with each other because that was the only way she could let out some of her pent up nervous excitement - since she didn't have tails to wag. "okay we can do that yes yes yes." pris, satisfied that this was a very good solution, finally got up off of her knees and stood.

"really? okay! hold on! stay right here I'll be right back. Doctor! Kitty!" and lumie would run down the stairs, shouting out about pris being here and wanting to be a fox to go play on his home planet. and a few minutes later lumie came running full blast up the stairs followed by a rather bemused looking doctor. Who turned and offered pris some of that beaming brilliant smile. "So you and lumie are going to run amok on his home planet?" the doctor said, motioning her over to the resequencer. "has lumie told you what this is yet?"

it always happened when she was in the presence of the doctor, at least at first. pris' eyes got as big as saucers. a very awestruck, fascinated stillness from the girl. she stared at him. always, even the first time she met him. just flat out stared. even if she didn't want to she just couldn't help herself. and her fingers always moved, slightly, like someone playing air piano. she was air painting. but the intial shock at what she saw when she stared at the doctor always faded, eventually, like coming out of a deep dream. "uh huh," she said with her eyes still fixed on him, with a slow nod. pris followed him over to the resequencer, keeping a few steps behind him. enough that if he were to reach around he wouldn't be able to touch her without taking more steps. it wasn't that she was afraid of him. it was just what she saw when she looked at him which made her do that. the uh huh, while it could be taken as a response to everything he said, was really about the last thing he said - lumie had told her a little bit about the resequencer.

The doctor gathered that much, offering to her a smile, pulling the xray like nozzle down so it was pointed at her. And he turned the machine on which lit up with a bit of a wheeer. "good... now it is set to make you similar to Lumie. same breed as him. it's going to feel very weird like your cell phone vibrating all over your body, but it's not going to hurt alright?" And then he smiled, placing his hand on the button. "pris, I will press this button when you tell me to, you can count to 3 say ready set go, whatever you like."

she stood where she was supposed to stand, but that didn't mean that she stood still. now that the initial shock of being in the presence of the man who had all the planets inside his body was over, she was behaving more like her normal self. which meant her eyes were darting again, between the machine and lumie, and she was rocking her weight back and forth from one foot to the other as her palms smoothed down her skirt over and over. "cell phone, buzz buzz buzz." she said that to herself while the doctor kept talking, just to assure her mind of the lack of danger. she whined next, one of those high pitched drawn out whines as she tugged on her skirt. she was drawing up the courage. "one, set....wait wait wait!" it was exclaimed with great panic as pris rushed away from the spot and carefully put her shoulder bag some place safe. she didn't want anything inside of it changing. then pris made her way back to the mark. this time she squeezed her eyes shut, breathing in loudly through her nose and then exhaling out in all one breath, "onetwothreereadysetgo."

Lumie moved to stand close to her, tails wagging slowly back and forth. a concerned little noise for her. When she said ready set go very quickly and she would be bombarded with the radiation from the resequencer. With an initial push against hers, like a push to her stomach, before the buzz like vibration the doctor warned her about started to spread throughout her body, changing it.

it made pris cough. actually, it made her hack. the press to the stomach caused her to make a sound that was a lot like a cat trying to hack up a hairball unsuccessfully. it took every bit of will power she had over herself to not start itching when the cell phone buzz feeling spread over her. her fingers wiggled though because she wanted to itch, she just kept her arms straight at her sides. her toes even wiggled inside of her shoes because she wanted to itch. she started to make the petulant whining sound again until the changes started, which really if she was changed to a human-form kitsune at the moment meant one main thing to her body - as the tails grew out and were constrained by her skirt so that they were trapped, pris let out a yelp of discomfort. except that yelp sounded a lot more foxen - like a yip. she tried to reach behind her and sneak her hand under the band of her skirt so she could pull the tails out. she got one of the two out, but the second one she was having trouble freeing. she gave her foot a little stamp, and huffed. when she huffed, she didn't realize she made an actual huff sound and a mental one. pris didn't realize kitsune's like lumie could very easily speak with their mind.

"Are you alright there pris?" the doctor asked, walking over to her, lumie yipped too and rushed over, leaning his face infront of her face and looking at her eyes. And then when he saw a tail move he smiled big and yipped again. Reaching over to give the tip of one a small tug.

now she bent over a little bit, bending at the knees into a mid-crouch position. this gave her a different angle so that her fingers could slip in where they couldn't before and with a little growl and a tug she pulled her second tail out. her tails were an ash brown color, very much like her normal hair whenever she let herself have normal hair, though the tips were distinctly black. once the second one was out and not being suffocated by the band of her skirt she let out a very happy sigh. but like her yelp, her sigh was different. it had a rumbly undertone to it. like a purr. which made pris pause. "purr." she heard it. the rumble of an actual purr when she said purr. "purrrrrrr." it did it again. "purrrrrrrrrrrrrr." god. she was fixating on the fact that she could purr for real. when lumie looked into her eyes, he'd notice they were different. there was only a little hint of green, the rest of her eyes were black like his. when he tugged pris tried to make the purr sound without saying the word this time. purring as she tugged his tail in return. slowly, and kind of in small jerks her tails moved. like they were still getting used to being there. "okay mr. planet." she said finally to the doctor.

"please, Just The doctor..." in response to her calling him mr, planet and then he smiled big and bright, starting to set the course to lumie's planet. "well then! off to Polythea! tally ho, sally forth and Allonz-ee!" allonz-ee delivered with the final button which sent the tardis rocketing towards the planet. Which made lumie grab pris and sit her down so they didn't fall over. and he gave her a hug while he did, maybe it was an excuse.

"well i don't want to call you the doctor. i already have a doctor i call doctor and that's doctor duck and he came first." out of the mouths of teenagers, and in that lovely tone of challenge they managed so well. hopefully he was used to dealing with teenagers? he had lumie to deal with after all. it was a good thing lumie grabbed pris. she wasn't expecting the rocking and the moving and she was about to shriek just as she was pulled to the ground. the movement was much better to deal with down there. "purrr." said pris with her actual purr underneath the word. she nuzzled her cheek against his cheek, and her tails were flicking back and forth more smoothly now, which meant she was getting the hang of them.

Oh snap she told him, in fact the doctor really didnt have anything to say to that more then a soft. "but, that's my name..." said more to reaffirm himself then to inform her of that fact. But then he perked right up, "alright kids, you've got three hours until the effects wear off, and we're back home for you Lumie if you need anything. Have at it!" Lumie smiled a little bit, nuzzling his cheek back against hers before standing up and pulling her to stand as well, tails wagging like crazy.

pris didn't hear the doctor. probably because she wasn't concerned about him. she'd told him and now that he was told her attention was entirely on lumie. because he was her friend, of course, but maybe it was a little bit more than that too. that instinct of being an animal and meeting another animal and getting all excited because you and the other animal were the same. that's kind of the subconscious thing pris had going on now. she let out a squealy yip as lumie pulled her up to her feet, and her tails were wagging just like his. being like him felt okay. she'd been a little nervous but it felt good and safe. to pris that meant that having tails was a good and safe thing to have. she let lumie take the lead, and he would sure have to be the one who kept his eye on the time. pris and telling mess. she and clocks did not get along.

once out the door lumie stopped a good distance from the Tardis and smiled. Turning to face her and looking at her all over, and then stepping behind her to see her tails. Giving one a little tug before stepping out in front of her again. "what do you want to do first?"


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Re: pris and the four-tailed adventure ][ a log

Post by Guest on Fri Sep 11, 2009 3:06 pm

she was a girl. even if she was odd and eccentric, she knew he was looking her over! "do i look okay?" thank god there wasn't a mirror around, pris would take one look into it in a moment like this and want to change everything. even her question sounded a little worried. like she was afraid that he didn't like how she looked now, even though she didn't think she looked any different than the tails. she felt a little different and she knew she could do some different things, but she thought her look were the same and that was mostly true. she spun when he tugged her tail and lunged forward to grab at his. if she caught it she'd give it a pull back. "i want to see things!" was her answer to his question. what kind of things did she want to see? that was impossible for her to say, since this was a whole new place. "i've never been to a new planet before. and it's your planet. you know best." stated like a fact, so he couldn't argue!

"you look wonderful!" lumie said excitedly and then he bounced a bit. Looking around and then pointing, "come on we have to go that way... we can run in our other form if you want to try that, it's really really fun to!" Lumie's tails would not slow down, and its not like he'd want them to if they tried.

when he said she looked wonderful pris purred. it wasn't that she was a vain girl, to her looking 'okay' was different than to what other people meant by 'okay'. pris' tails stilled when he suggested running in their other form. it was the first time it dawned on pris what being like lumie really meant. the first day she'd met him he'd been a fox, a fox creature who had spoken to her mind without sound. she was so used to seeing him like a boy pretty tails now that she'd totally forgotten about the full fox part. "ohhhhhhhhhh," her eyes were growing to dinner plates again. "i can...i can?" she was having trouble believing it, because she'd never turned into anything but herself before. her one hand was smoothing down her skirt again, and it prompted her next words, "what will we do with our clothes?" that was whispered to him. she was almost embarrassed to ask the question, as embarrassed as pris could be anyway.

"we can we can!" Nodding very quickly and then he smiled big and said without pause. "they come with us, mine always do they just come back when I turn into a boy again." A nod then and he stepped back, taking her hand. "all you have to do is think about it, and want to do it... and then you it."

"ohhhhhhhh." there was going to be a lot of 'oh's from pris today. it was a day of discovery for her, and that was a good thing. pris needed more days like this, to remind her that her classmates at school were the boring ones and that she was a misfit because it wasn't good to be boring, not because of all the reasons they told her about. when he took her hand she squeezed his, squeezed his tight as a vice and she shifted her weight back and forth and let out a very puppy-like whine. again, just like before she was trying to get the courage up to do it. she squeezed her eyes shut tightly, and dropped his hands as she thought hard to herself [not realizing she was sending the words out telepathically with her thinking because she was thinking it so hard] "foxfoxfoxfoxfo - " she was a fox. it happened all the sudden, that one moment she was standing up on two legs and not very hairy and the next she was down on all fours with hair all over and an entirely new, lower perspective on the world. it was enough to make her start yapping her head off as she crouched down to lay flat on the ground like a cat does when it doesn't want to be wherever it is but was dragged there by its owner. her yapping didn't translate to works it was more just "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

When she became a fox, lumie did as well, walking up to her and crouching down just like she was. And leaning his maw over into hers and giving it a little nuzzle and a nibble. Speaking into her mind like he had before. "are you ready to run? oh! if you want to talk... just, think... think what you wanna say and you will."

as soon as lumie was a fox too he'd notice pris was inching over on her stomach closer and closer to him. for comfort, probably. she was letting out another one of those small puppy wines, her tails flat against the ground and barely swishing like she was trying to hide from all the larger things that were getting ready to eat her. not that there were any, but she didn't know that. pris was used to being small since she was just over five feet tall, but this was even smaller than that small! much much smaller. she was very grateful for the nuzzle and the nibble - it drew a comforted little purr out of her and now she was nuzzling back into him and burying her own maw into his neck as she thought to him with great mental urgency, "my legs. are they all going to know how to move?" pour pris. she was used to only having two of them!

lumie nuzzled right on back. giving a little fozen chittter. "of course they will!" said back into her mind, with a bit of a 'well duh' implication. And then he jumped up and hopped around a few times "come on, run with me, it's more fun then anything ever!!" And lumie tore a good distance away, and then stopped and came bolting back. yipping her up and along. "try it!"

"well i don't know!" was huffily spoken back to his mind. and she followed it up with a duh tone right back. "i've never been a fox before." she watched as lumie bolted off. by the time lumie ran back to her, pris had at last pulled herself up onto her four legs. she was looking down at them, her head cocked to the side in a rather cute display of foxen curiosity. she picked up one front paw, and looked at the underside of it. she picked up the other front paw, and looked at the underside of it. she hunched back onto her back legs, stretching both of those front paws out and clawing into the ground. and then she chitted with amusement. that was neat. clawing into the grass. could her back legs do that? that's exactly what she was trying to figure out when lumie was needling her to try running. so she hunched her whole body down, kicking up the dirt with her back paws as if it would help her gain momentum. as she did that, she wagged her hind quarters back and forth and her tail swished back and forth with determination. and then - woosh! off pris bolted as fast as her little legs could carry her.

"so! just..." and that's when she took off, lumie whining about her getting too far away before bolting off after her. And well he was able to catch up. barking at her, before pulling ahead. He had been doing this his entire life hadn't he? lumie then decided he was going to show off, which meant he was going to bound from one direction to the other. Like a zig zag before running in the opposite direction.

"wait uuuuuuuup," was the whine that lumie would hear in his mind while he was busy showing off. pris wasn't out of shape, but she also wasn't a girl who was on the track team either! she was doing the best she could. pris tried to speed up, and she tried to mimic his running pattern by zigging the next time he zigged. but between the increase in speed and the attempt at zigging she got tangled up in her two extra legs and took a rolling tumble as she yelped and yapped. pris came to stop finally with a thunk on her belly, splayed out flat on the ground. she looked a little winded and bewildered.

And he bounded back and splayed out infront of her. Inching forth and nuzzling at her nose a bit, before plopping and rolling over onto his side, panting away. "are you hurt?" picking his head up, and looking over at her to lap at her foxen cheek.

lumie wasn't the only one panting. pris was hanging her tongue out of her mouth, and in the moment it felt entirely natural. she might find it odd later, remembering how they spent their day, but for now this was all very natural. the things she did were starting to feel obvious. like breathing was obvious. she pulled her tongue up into her mouth so she could nuzzle his nose in return, and she nuzzled her maw into his cheek before giving it a slow grateful lick. grateful that he came back to see if she was okay! "i'm not hurt," she replied as she pulled herself up a bit so she could shift her position, so that when she rolled onto her side it was kind of curled up on lumie. so that she could bury her head in the back of his neck. it was a spot she liked to bury into. "my legs just got tangled up like tree branches."

Lumie moved his head so that it was over hers, and took a deep fox breath, speaking into her mind. "Mine do that sometimes, when i go really really fast. you'll get better at it the more you do it..... but wasn't I right? wasnt it the most fun in the entire everything?!"

pris murred into his neck, and gave him a nibble. he'd be able to see her tails flicking merrily back and forth after he asked her if this was fun. a sure sign that pris did honestly and truly thing this was fun, even if she didn't say it. not outright, anyway. what she said was, "you're lucky to be a fox creature, lumie." pris dipped her tails lower, and they settled on top of his with little flick gestures. she didn't say it, but she was wondering how much time they had left. at least hopefully she wasn't sending that thought out telepathically, she didn't mean to. all the sudden three hours seemed like a very short time.

lumie picked his head up, making a small noise, looking over into her eyes. and then he gave a small yip. "I think I am sometimes too... but you're lucky too. You get to be a girl all the time, I have to be in this way sometimes, even if i dont want to be."

pris eyes were still looking all over the place. it actually probably seemed more natural for a fox to do that than a regular girl. but when he moved his head her eyes moved to look back at him, and she met his eyes and kept her eyes looking at him for the very first time. to let a person change you into a fox creature you had to trust them, didn't you? and if she trusted lumie, didn't that mean she shouldn't be afraid to stare at him? pris had decided that whatever she sat at lumie when she stared would be okay to see. she yipped back, licking the tip of his nose. "you wish you were a girl?" it was an honest, incredulous question. sometimes pris took things a little too literally. "why do you have to be this way when you don't want to be? what's wrong with being this way. i don't mind being this way. i feel very warm." the fur, of course, is why she felt warm.

"No! I wouldn't mind being a normal boy sometimes... and not a fox creature." said softly, laying his head down on her again. Taking a slow needed puppy breath. "I turn back like when when i go to sleep, or when i'm tired... it takes energy to be a boy. Not a lot, but it builds... you know?"

"normal boys are stupid. they smell and they're mean and they do mean pranks. they don't do things like save the universe they just sit around in groups being dumb. i have to see them at school every day. i hate them." a lot of the boys at school were really terrible to pris, because...well, she was an easy target. she stood out. she didn't act like the other girls. and worst of all, the other girls didn't seem to like her either. so the boys figured something must be wrong with pris, if even her own girl-kind kept a distance. when lumie laid his head on her she layed her head back down on him, releasing her own breath and resting on him comfortably. to her lumie was like a breathing mattress, since every breath up and down he made the part of her that was laying on him was moved up and down too. it was very calming. "it takes energy for me to see things okay." it was the only thing she could think of to try and relate to what lumie felt.

"Other boys and girls are stupid... If I got to go to school i would protect you... " lumie was quiet for a moment and then yipped again. "I can go to school too, and i can protect you from the mean stupid boys and girls... that way you can learn better. and not have to worry about mean boys and girls... being, mean... boys and girls...!" He wagged his tails, proud and excited about the idea.


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Re: pris and the four-tailed adventure ][ a log

Post by Guest on Fri Sep 11, 2009 3:25 pm

pris began to purr. a sure sign that what lumie said made her happy. he wanted to care for her and stand up for her, and that was something pris found very important. she knew because of the strange way her brain was that she needed people to care for her, and school was one of those places that dommy and donnie and even her new poof the parent couldn't go because they were adults and adults didn't belong in school. she nuzzled her maw into him, and gave him a nip and a lick. "but how would you get into my grade....and my classes...." one of the first times she'd actually pointed out that he was younger than she was. well, at least she thought he was younger than she was. she didn't know how kitsune's aged and that it was different.

"easy! I'm very smart, and the doctor can put me in your classes!" he said excitedly into her head. Picking his head up then, and returning her nip and a lick with one of his own, followed by a nip of his own too. "the doctor taught me a lot, and i also went to school here, when i was little before going with Kitty and the Doctor."

"mr. planet can do that? of course he can." she didn't give lumie time to answer her, her mind provided the answer right away. with what she saw when she looked at the was obvious he could do things like what lumie just said. she didn't know how he could do them, she just knew he could. pris picked up her head too, inching her foxen body forward so that she could lean forward and nuzzle her maw against his. so that they rubbed nose to nose. "i would like that." him at school with her. "i haven't had a friend at school with me since before my dad died. back when i was on the earth planet." back before pris hit puberty and her mind started to warp and she'd just been a normal girl.

lumie nuzzled his nose against hers and leaned over and licked at her nose again. "I can ask the doctor when we get back home." Whipping his tails back and forth like crazy. He had been thinking about going to school for a while and now he wasn't going to let it go until the doctor got him into her school and her classes. Which of course meant lumie may have to hide his tails.

he probably wouldn't have to do that, unless he wanted to. it was a rhy'din private school, there were all sorts of students there. part of each student's file was about what they were and what they could do. it was why pris hadn't gotten in trouble for what happened to the librarian. because her file said - correctly so - that pris couldn't do anything like that. "purr purr purr." she said it mentally as she actually purred, trying to move her paws and shift her body so that she could give him a hug. it turned out kind of awkward when you were fox! she ended up kind of falling on top of him and off the other side him in a goofy roll, with an indignant little yip as her maw was smushed in the dirt. her tails floofed behind her and she tried to sneeze the dirt and grass out of her nose. "that's not what i meant to do." she said telephatically in a crabby teenage tone as she pawed at her maw.

And Lumie around around so that he was on top of her. sprawled out and giving her ear a playful nibble. and then a yip. "it's alright! I meant to do that last bit." And then he licked at her ear and nuzzled into her neck. "shake you head it helps get sneezes out."

she started squirming and chitting like it tickled, and it probably did! between what he was doing and the tickles the piece of grass stuck on her nose was giving to the inside of her nostril. as he nuzzled her neck she was shaking her head hard back and forth and then sneeze sneeze sneeze! three of them and the blade of grass flew off. she licked her nose and then let out a satisfied murr. "it's gone." said with relief. she snapped playfully up at him and pawed him in the face as her tails wagged back and forth in the grass. "where are we going next?"

lumie yip yip yipped and bounded up and jumped around her a few times beofre stopping and sitting back up onto his hind legs, eyes looking around for something and then he said. "this way!" and lumie tore off in a direction, towards what could have been a city in the distance."

as lumie jumped around, pris rolled up onto all four of her legs. it looked like she forgot she had four legs and was trying to get up on two for a moment, but she tried to play it off as her jumping around too. her tails wagged excitedly back and forth, and she watched him look around with a slightly crouched down posture. when he ran off she yipped a few times eagerly and then tore off after him, this time determined to keep up with him.

he wasnt going too fast, he knew she would want to keep up and it would have been mean to keep her in his dust so he let her catch up. he chanced a glance over at her while he was running, which was a mistake since he stumbled a bit over a root, recovered but she could tell he messed up a bit. even though he played it off brilliantly

and he would hear her chitting in a vixen giggle when he played off that trip. she bent her little runt fox body down lower so she could push harder against the ground with her hind legs and run faster so she pulled in front of him, before springing up to do a series of graceful fox hops. she was showing off how good she'd gotten with her four legs! pris was very much getting used to this. and it was more than her just being a very good mimic. things were very active when you were an animal, moving from thing to thing to thing to thing so it was a natural ease for her racing warped mind that needed exactly that constant change in order to keep focused.

Lumie stopped, bounding around her, barking and leaning over to bump into her biting at her ear playfully. "you learn quickly! very impressive, can you do this one?" And lumie ran around in a circle and then after a bit of a straight away he lept as high as he could and did a back flip, only half landing it, stumbling to a fall on his side.

pris felt she could she do what he did. even as a little fox pris was very very good at mimicking, it would just depend on whether she could get a strong enough handle on her fox body to manage what he tried to do! she yipped and yapped her little head off. tearing around him in two circles and then breaking out into a straight away and springing up in the air. she didn't kick her hind legs up enough, though, so she kind of fell out of the flip sideways and kind of scrambled as she fell to the ground landing on her rump and back more than her feet! she quickly pulled herself up to her feet floofing her tails and trying to shake a leaf off her paw as she huffed mentally.

Lumie scrambled up then and yipped happily. "oh man you where so close! you did very very good." Leaning over to give her a nuzzle and a nippie. "Come on, we're almost to my home city... you can see where i grew up!" Lumie was almost excited, well he was, you could even hear it in his mental voice. He decided he was going to introduce her to his parents. they were very important here, lumie's parents guarded he king and queen of Polythia.

"i did do good." said with firm pride. pris gave her vixen head a firm nod and wagged her tails triumphantly. she murred at him, and gave him a nippie back. to his suggestion she gave him an agreeable yip and started to run off, but not too fast so that he'd be able to run ahead of her. she didn't know which way they were going after all! as she ran her tails bounced back and forth happily. when she'd first knocked on the tardis she was nervous about being a girl with tails - if she'd realized back then that she'd be a foxy fox she would have panicked maybe and not tried it. but because it happened in the order it did pris felt very comfortable and good. it was just a change in perspective. and she was an artist savant. perspective shifting was something she was very very good at.

[ end of log for board purposes! ]


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