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Posting Guidelines & Rules

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Posting Guidelines & Rules Empty Posting Guidelines & Rules

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 10, 2008 10:45 pm

So you want to post on the boards - great! Role-playing on a message board provides you the opportunity to conduct play that may not otherwise be done via chat or IM. It also gives you the opportunity to stretch your creative writing wings.

Anyone is welcome to RP here; keep in mind that by posting you agree to the simple guidelines below.

  • Mind your words. Please keep you post within the PG-13 boundary. This means extreme violence, sexual situations, cursing, ect. will be edited if seen. If your post calls for any of those things please be considerate enough to post a warning at the beginning of the post.

  • Be respectful. Many people put a lot of time and thought into their post, therefore, please be respectful of the post of others and don't join in on closed, or private story-lines unless invited.

  • Be polite, If you are involved in an SL with another person and you are not going to be able to post for a while, please let your RP partner know. "If you disappear for longer than a week from a storyline in which you are currently active and have not informed you partner, logical steps (i.e.having them go to their room, back to the Inn) will be taken to remove said character for the progression of the story.

  • No Bashing. Publicly displayed slander, racist comments, and verbal attacks to muns or OOC about characters is unacceptable. Keep personal arguments to PMs or IMs and character confrontation IC. Breaking of this rule can result in sever punishment.

  • No uncommon language. Not all characters speak 'English', but please do not use 133t, SMS, or txt (e.g. - c u l8tr!) in your post. Save it for the OOC section.

  • No Moding. This is absolute and carries sever punishment. For info on what it is, please refer to the topic Cross Role-Playing, Moding, God-Moding, and Powergaming

The Administrative staff of the board has the final say in all issues. If there are any questions regarding any of the above, please contact the Admin at or via PM.

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