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Somewhere, across the sea . . .

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Somewhere, across the sea . . . Empty Somewhere, across the sea . . .

Post by Quartet on Tue Apr 12, 2011 1:18 pm

Somewhere in the world, far from the shores of Rhy'din over a long stretch of ocean, there was a city nestled just off the banks of this continents mainland. A city of tall buildings and cobblestone walks; where horses drawn coaches and steam powered vehicles road on the same street and seeing a person travel paths on an aerodynamic board hovering by means of impulse power hardly garnished a glance.

It was in this city that a social club, a cabaret of high reputation - The Specious Virgin, drew a diverse crowd every time there was a performance. Not the average ragtag bunch but people of money, position, power, repute (infamous or otherwise), if they were someone to know - or being known - changes were that sooner or later they visited this cabaret.

The lights on the floor were always dim, a lit candle in a glass bowl on every blood red cloth covered table gave off enough illumination to see what you were doing and at the same time didn't give off enough to make what you were doing obvious. The lights the lined the tri-ring circular stage almost made the light wood of it's floor glow, making the girls that danced that more radiant.

The girls were as exotic as the food and while both were perfectly good reasons to come to The Specious Virgin that reason was only surface. All manner of deals went forth at this cabaret and therefore safeguards were in place for all. The club was a safe-one and it had been that way for many a-years. Of course, this was only inside the doors of the establishment.

At one of the circular tables along the west side of the cabaret, on one of the raised dais' sat four individuals. The perfectly spaced position of their chairs didn't mark the group as friends nor of enemies, they were only a group. Sitting at a table nursing wine and what could supposedly be a light finger meal of sliced rolls, meats and cheese. The light of the candle reflected off the silver angel winged charm that hung off the wrist of the person seated on the North side of this table as a slice of bread was picked up.

"It seems to me that what you are wanting is not possible." North said.

"Of course it's possible," sitting opposite of North was logically South and the bright blue eyes of it were firm and unmoving in the matter of the current conversation. "Anything is possible with the right connections."

"How typical of you to assume those connections are easily had," North replied with a roll of eyes being masked as the bread was eaten.

"I don't recall there being problems before."

"And no problems will there be." Piped in the one on the west side who spoke with an ease of tone and steady rhythm. Dark red leather clad fingers were tented . "We all have our roles to fill. We shall take cues from me if the two of you cannot reach an accord."

The group at the table was silent at the moment aside from the stifled giggling of the cabaret dancer who was leaned against the person sitting east. It wasn't an uncommon sight to see East with a girl for they seemed to gravitate in that direction. Maybe it was the smile and sultry tone of words, or perhaps it was the way they would swoon after a touch? Whatever it always garnished the members of this quartet a specialized treatment.

East gave the dancer a resounding smack on her exposed thigh and sent her off with a push of hand. “Are we still discussing this? The show is about to start.”

“Then why don’t you explain why the resources for this venture are not where they need.” North clearly was in doubt of the whole operation and looking away from South who was finding sport in trying to stare the other down.

“The four of us are able to be contacted and get together and you have doubts about this simple assignment?” The goading came from the East and North, not in the mood for hearing any of the honey coated sarcasm that was sure to come next, pushed back on the chair and stood.

Tailored jacket was pressed out before velvet hat was placed upon the head. “Let me know when it’s my move.” The words were spoken before North’s spot at the table was vacated.

South looked at the empty spot at the table and a languid shrug was given of shoulders and chided the one at the East. “We can’t loose that piece. It’s critical.”

“And we won’t,” the reply came from the West. A red apple was now held in the fingers of a leather-clad hand. “Everything will fall into place.”


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