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Adding to the Team

Post by Mael Feu on Tue Aug 24, 2010 10:55 am

Early afternoon when the sun was starting to set is when Mael left out of the Inn and started into town. A steady walk without rush or drag he had his hands stuffed into the pockets of his dark blue pants. Hair was combed back though a few strands still fell to the sides of his face. Tonight he had on his jacket: Navy blue and in the style of the Civil war Calvary unity with the silver bands stripped down the front. He keep his gaze straight as he traveled and when he got to town turned in at the second bar on the left. There wasn't anything spectacular about it other than this place always seemed to be moderately full no matter the time of day. Must have been the location. That's why it was the perfect spot to meet the one he had come here for. It wasn't odd to be at the bar at this time. Mael went to an empty booth at the side and brushed off the debris that was left on the table. A clatter of people were around him so his noise was hardly a disturbance. From where he sat he had a good view of the door if he shifted to the side. The waitress came by and he got a drink. He casually drank it while he waited. -

Meal was being watched. From the shadows starting to form in the alleyway near the bar a thin man with piercing silver eyes was watching as the other man approached and entered the building. A smirk briefly crossed his face as he pushed off from the wall he was leaning against. Let the games begin. Heading into the bar he made a note of where Mael was sitting, deliberately taking the back way through the crowd of people until he was leaning against the wall behind the booth.

They knew how to play the game. Both of them. You weren't suppose to make it obvious that you were looking for people or waiting for someone which is why Mael drank casually and even ordered a side dish of nachos. Just an average guy at the bar. When the other guy leaned on the wall he knew it was the one he was waiting on . Picking up his cup he spoke while it was up to his mouth. "When did you get in?" He could hear him well enough he hoped because he wasn't going to talk louder than conversational tone. -

"Been here a while." His voice wasn't soft nor loud, but steady. As he spoke his silver eyes were gazing around, looking to see if anyone was watching. This wasn't his first meeting so when the waitress swang by again he ordered his own drink for cover. Shifting his stance he crossed his arms over his chest as he waited for her to return. To anyone looking it appeared that he was just partaking in the scenery, or in this case a bar full of people.

Full of people it was. Couples, friends, enemies arguing, there was even a kid or two, even though they were not with families but on their own. Makes a person wonder. The cup was taken down from his mouth and he flourished a hand over the table he was at. "Sit." Wasn't that much of a request. "Ever work this side?" of the water. From what he knew about this guy he had been stationed elsewhere beside Rhydin.

Kids in a bar - what was the world coming to? Then again . . . The not much of a request was considered for a moment before he pushed off from the wall and slid into the seat across the table. "First time. It seems to be living up to the hype." So far at least. A subtle glance was taken at the people again, this time focusing on their species. Humans, demons, vampires, and that was just what he could see without looking too obvious. "They aren't very subtle, are they?" He meant the species. The last place he'd been they'd looked human - on the surface at least.

"Not here, no." Scooping up the cheese with one of the chips. "They're an infestation at times." the chip crunched as he pushed it into his mouth and then rubbed his fingers together to get rid of the salt and spice on it from the chip. Mael took his cup and took another drink of what was in it before setting it down, but the spot it sat on the table wasn't exactly clear. The bottom of his cup was covering a circular note. He slid his cup across the table. "Pazuzu, right? Have some." Waiting for him to take the cup and what was underneath.

Infestation. The word was committed to memory as the silver eyes narrowed just a shade. If he got his way of it this infestation would not continue for long. "You are Mael?" A nod of his head was given to his name as he reached out to pick up the cup, fingers deftly sliding the note from its hiding place underneath and slipping it into his sleeve as he lifted the cup in pretense of taking a drink.

"Right." Simple enough. He thought he remembered the guy, seeing him years ago but he didn't put too much thought into it, no need as the guy was who he said he was and that's all that matters. "There have been word about town, people whispering to themselves, about Vampires. Something should be done about that." the what he didn't say. Pazuzu had the information on it. "There's an Inn not far. might want to check it out." -

So this was Mael. He'd heard of the guy but rumors were often just that - rumors. It was too early to pass judgment however. "I'll take care of it." He allowed a smile to cross his face. He was well known for his skills when it came to exterminating vampires. "An inn, eh?" Eyebrows lifted. He had to be kidding. Overseas there had been hotels, not something as rustic as an inn.

Single shoulder shrug and he took his drink back. Wasn't anything too strong in the glass, only Vodka. Might be why the guy had a tell-tell grin on his face when he took hold of his glass and downed the last of it. "It's a place to be." Implying that that is where he was if the guy wanted to run into him. "Or elsewhere. I expect to see you there once you're settled." The slightest of nods was given to the pocket he saw Pazuzu slip that card in. "Done?"
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