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{|} Shipment's in, let's ship out {|}

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{|} Shipment's in, let's ship out {|}

Post by Headsmen on Tue Jul 20, 2010 7:28 pm

This shipment, it took a bit longer than it was planned to take but some things couldn't be helped. There was only so much a person could do to control the tides and the winds of ocean currents but that's why the product cost what it did. Hazards. Since it had arrived the Head got one of his men to go to Winston and the one picked was a short and stubby Dwarf with flame red hair and sun burnt skin. There was a smell of soot about him and his steps were heavy as he entered into the Inn. The construction work was clear to see and he scoffed at the progress. Digging his inquiring nose in the crew men's business. What did these human's know of digging tunnel's anyway. Ask him they needed a Dwarf on the staff. Anyway, he found Epiphany - or she found him - and was given the number to Winston's room. The time was about early evening and he made a few dry coughs before a ham fist knocked on the door.

He had been at the office all day, and just recently got home, to the home he called now, and took a quick shower. So when the knock came to the door the man had wet hair, but he was full dressed in a pair of khaki dockers and a light blue polo shirt. The collar of the shirt had a small white line along the edges, and a man riding a horse with a polo stick in his hand in a deeper shade of blue over his left chest muscle. Feet were bare, as he pulled open the door. A blink, before his mind started working. "Hello..."

There was the dry cough again and a long sniff as the Dwarf looked at the man who opened the door. "You be Winston?" This Dwarf wasn't at the warehouse the day Winston came but he had been given a description of him and this man was fitting the bill rather well. "You be looking like him. I's got me a message to deliver."

His head gave a nod. Simple at that. Nothing to be hiding for. "I be Winston." He wasn't making fun of the man and he realized what he said. Hand would be thrust out if the man shaked if not it would go back to his side. "From the Head?" he figured as much at least.

"Say your ship has come in." Literally. None of that figurative crap that meant he was headed in for a bout of good fortune or anything like that. Not unless the man was looking to get away. "We's got your metal, it be down at the Warehouse for you to git when ya sign your papers."

"Should I come with you now? I know that Miss Epiphany wants to get started." It was his deal, he threw himself out there and he looked to the shorter man. "Did the Head say if I am leave with this ship or if it’s a different one?" Really he just needed a few moments to get things situated.

"Do I's be looking like I am knowing all your details!" The Dwarf scoffed and gave a hurried wave of his hand to the man's bare feet and chest. "Put some clothes on for you be scaring away customers if you come." To him Winston didn't have enough hair. He was bare chested but there wasn't a lot of hair going on and that was something they dwarf's didn't do. He turned from Winston and that room. "Thinking I'm suppose to tell you everything. I's said I had a message. Not answers." with that he started to walk away. or really wobble..

He was wearing a short! The blue polo! So he blinked, and looked down and shrugged, putting his feet into a pair of black slip on shoes. "You might be." Seriously he might of been informed. And then he was following along. After locking his door, there were two letters prepared just in case he didn’t come back that Al or Vesta would find. "The message being that the shipments here. Got it." Winston’s long stride made sure that the Dwarf didn't to far ahead.

That's right. blue polos were not shirts. A good shirt was covering and protective not something that could be ripped off easily. So says the Dwarf. He waited, more or less, for Winston to get ready. In truth Winston could walk faster than this Dwarf so there wasn't any worry there of one loosing the other in a foot race. "That's the message. Watch your step down here. Those fools are digging." Called them that cause they were Digging without a Dwarf. "Are you ready for what may be?"

Bah! Real men wore polos! He gave a nod of his head. "They must of started to get ready before the supplies came in." He would watch his step and at the Dwarf's words, he thought about it a moment. "As ready as I will ever be for the unexpected." Before Vesta the man was not one that was so good for unknown adventures. After the ones he had with her, he was ready!

"Good." was all that he would say though he started to laugh. and the laughter made him cough again which in turn got him a few eyes from a couple crew men as the passed by the digging hole. "They're just digging." as to why they were working. had to get ready for the metal and all that. "You's any idea as to how ya gonbe working that metal? Ship will give you lots of time to think on that one!" And he laughed heartily as he left out of the Inn. Really, he did kind of tell him that Winston was going to be leaving the Inn for a bit.

The good was almost frightening to hear, but nothing would flicker over his face. Steps did not falter even as they went around the area the digging had started. "I honestly don’t know how the metal is going to be getting worked. Maybe you should speak with Miss Epiphany?" it was a thought and"I am sure that my days will be more occupied learning things to do then thinking on the metal." He thought so he didn't know for sure.

This guy didn't know about ships did he? The poor man. He gave a dismissive wave of his hand back towards the Inn as he was now outside. "Kid got more than a few spikes up her sleeves. No wonder you got no trouble dealing with us." Then he was mumbling something that was hard to hear in low and gruff tones, his feet crushing hard to the stones on the walk as they went. This Dwarf had a heavy foot. Hopefully there were not going to be more of him on this trip Winston had to take. The Dwarf looked to Winston. "Don't you be trying anything funny on our walk neither." He said that because he was thinking about Epiphany and how those two knew each other.

He did not. He went sailing before, and he had gone on cruises but his boating experiences would be way different then the one he was going on to now. But that didn’t mean he wasn't up for it. "She keeps spikes up her sleeves? I don’t recall seeing her in sleeves long enough for that." He took it rather literal, as they walked along and away from the Inn, he cast a glance to the man. "Try anything funny? What am I going to try?" He had no plans on doing anything besides walking with the man.

"Gettin' her out of clothes to quick to note?" Well he did say that Epiphany wasn't in sleeves long enough.. so she had to have had them on at one point in time, right? "Never know what you people are gonna pull." Talking like he was never a shifty one or that he didn't work for a shifty person. They were not too far off of the building since he wasn't going to the same one anyway, but they were more to the docks. The city was doing its night time activity. The Lights were on a few people were milling about. "Honesty gets you killed." Was his advice.

He laughed. He had to laugh. "I have never slept with her." Looking thoughtful a moment no he really hadn't, he had just met her and she got him into a mess! "She does some the tricky sort." That was about right and he looked at the area they were in. "So I shouldnt be honest when I get on the ship." He took that mental note because it sounded like something he was going to need.

"Only if you want to get killed." he could be a flat out liar.. or he could be an honest saint. The thing was knowing how to lie enough to live and make due. Some sailor sort were the type that would get over on a man for fun. Which was often the case. They were drawing nearer and lights could be seen out on the water from the ships that were there. Not bright and not too many, just one here and there so those on shore would know that they were waiting. the smell of the ocean was strong and you could hear the waves hitting against the docking. The buildings here were mostly wooden and none were elaborate. Simple wooden structures and a tavern nearby called the Wailing Wench. It was to this tavern that the Dwarf was leading Winston.

"Yes, that does sound like a good thought to him." He had a feeling no matter what he was going to be the butt of the joke for some time to say. He followed the dwarf right to the tavern. To say he wasn't aware of his surroundings would of been a lie. He smelt the salt and the water, he saw the bouncing lights letting people know there were ships out there.


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Re: {|} Shipment's in, let's ship out {|}

Post by Headsmen on Mon Jul 26, 2010 12:45 am

The Dwarf stepped into the Wailing Wench and when the door was opened the sound came pouring out. It sounded like a bawdy bar. There was drunken laughter and yelps, bits of argument and the beginning sounds of fights. Some signing and playing of a piano mixed in with various other din. It was the type of place that wasn't for the faint of heart or those who were too nice. The Dwarf grunted as he entered in and started heading to one of the booths on the side where there was someone Winston should recognize: The Head. He was there with his ham fingers wrapped around a fat leg and he was eating away.

He did not have a problem with following the Dwarf. There was not a weird man thing where he had to be in front, it was much easier to follow someone else when you did not know where you were going. When they went inside his gaze would look around but not overly long in any one spot, except when they landed on the Head. He would wait until the other Dwarf got to the Head and he wouldn't speak first. He was learning.

It was a normal type of wooden bench made up of panels hammered together for a person to sit on. It could have been polished or sanded but the owner didn't care that much. What was the point if there were going to be fights and beatings on the table? Better to let it be as it was an keep the money. The Dwarf weaved in and out of the other people in the tavern to get to the Head and when he got there he pointed to the other spot - across from the Head- for Winston to sit. The Head looked up as he tore another wad of meat off the bone and dripped the leg only to pick up his mug and wash the food down. He didn't speak for a moment and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand when he did. "Ya still living I see. Didn't even try to skip town." Not that it would have done him good, was what the Dwarf was thinking. The one who had brought Winston was standing near.

He moved with the weaving in and out, did not even bump a single person, look at those skills. Once they reached the table he would look to the one Dwarf that brought him, before looking to the Head. When the Dwarf that brought him he would sit down where it was indicated. He waited for the other to talk when he did, Winston would grin, not the ha ha grin but a thoughtful almost grin. "Still living. I wouldn't try to skip town, I gave you my word." He was the sort that if he gave his word he was good for it.

"Good." With his food covered fingers the Head pulled out a sheet of parchment and pushed it across the table to Winston. It was a ship manifest. On it was listed the items that the ship was picking up. The goods were listed as "Sellable Goods" that was it. Under it there was : Prime condition, double price for rots, no illness. Total 50. "That's yours. Don't loose it. Make sure you come back with what's on that list." There was also a location on the sheet. Winston would be going to Royier in the Viana Islands.

When the sheet was pushed over he took it, and glanced at it. "The people I am going with or the place I am going knows what I am suppose to pick up? Because Sellable Goods could be anything." Least he thought it could be anything. The paper would be folded in half, exactly before set on the table before him. He had never been to Royier in the Viana Islands so he hadn't a clue about the delivery.

A Tavern wench was walking by and the Head beat his mug upon the table. "More ale!" She heard him and went to get it. Her clothing was loose, the bodice half open and her breast more than a little exposed but that wasn't much different than the other female workers in this place. Then he looked back at Winston and pointed a finger at him. "When you get there go to the trade center. Rulaud will take you." pointing to the red bearded Dwarf that had come with them.

Now the way that the tavern wench was dressed wouldn’t even get a blink. That was the most common way wasn't it. Nor had he been looking at any of the women's breasts that were about popping out if they weren't out. His mind was on other things, and he hoped that Vesta and Al got his letters...or he was going to have a whole lot of explaining to do. A brow was lifted before he nodded. "So Rulaund knows what to do. Any last minute directions?" He figured it was last minute because the ship was already there right?

The wench came over and poured the dwarf his ale. Whether Winston was looking at her or not she gave him a very suggestive smile she her hand pulled up on her skirt to expose to the thigh. She would have done more - girl gotta make a living somehow, right? - but the Head gave her a firm slap on the backside and sent her off with a coin tossed her way. "Yeah." Drinking down half his mug before he spoke again. "Loosen up. Ya hang around acting all business and no pleasure you're gonna find yourself with a beaten in skull and lying in a ditch somewhere. Then you'll be someone else’s problem." Or tossed over board. Whichever.

He laughed, he wanted Winston to loosen up, obviously he had seen the man, in business. More then once, he wasn't the sort that could take business arrangements lightly. He was going to have to try. Hopefully it worked. "Then I shall have to be more pleasureful, don't think my girl would like that very much." He wasn't giving out names...names were dangerous.

It was a good thing that he didn't give out names, if he had you can bet that the Head would have had one of his men 'check on' that person. Just in case. Collateral was always good. The Head made what could only be described as a gruff sound and waved his hand at the guy. "Go on now, get out of here. Ship's not going to wait on ya all night." And it wasn't. If Winston missed it then he'd have to find his own way to the Island.

He was learning, but he had learnt that back home, one did not get to where he was in the business world, to know that you didn’t give out that sort of information. And he would give a nod to the Head and if the other Dwarf did not lead Winston would just until they were outside. "Which one is it?" It was a good question right?

With the Wailing Wench behind them Rulaund took steps towards the docks and the sea. Didn't have too far to go as they were pretty much on the docks already. "Da one dere." And he pointed to a docked ship. Old-fashion looking with a few modifications that were not visible apparent. The ship was called 'Bertha' - long story' and the name was scrawled on the side in black paint. It looked rather sturdy, the boat. With a large sail and a firm mast. Long deck and a haul. There were keyholes at the bottom deck and a plank lead up to the main. On the boat were other sailors going around to make sure things were in order to sail. There was also someone barking order to the men, and that person just happened to be a woman. She was tall with sun-kissed skin and hair that was covered with a tri-corner hat. Brocaded coat with silver trim was open, Rapier at the side and a couple pistols in her belt. Turned down boots and a bone earring in one ear. The Dwarf Winston was with nodded up to the female. "De Capt'n. Don't mess wit her."

He wasn't planning on messing with anyone! That was not what his game plan was, and he was going to do his best to stay out of trouble right now. This was his first trip aboard a ship and if he didn't do what he was suppose to it wouldn't be a good thing he got that. A nod of his head. "Got it." He would pretty much shadow Rulaund, because he was the one that knew more then Winston. Careful to stay out of the way, but not afraid to pitch in if needed, and directed.


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Re: {|} Shipment's in, let's ship out {|}

Post by Captain on Wed Aug 04, 2010 4:41 pm

The Dwarf, Rulaund cast a judging eye over at Winston as they started to near the boarding plank. A man carrying a box on his shoulder brushed through them - instead of around - and the dwarf spat at the back of the man's feet. "Humans." A detestable tone in his voice. "Ya gotta be loose up there on deck or they'll spot ya and be takin' vatage and I won't be comin ta no rescue." He rolled his shoulders and spat in his hand and ran it through his hair. "Call me Ralls. Rough ya self up a bit.." talking about Winston's polo shirt and neat pants. "Ya look a target." And sure as it was the Captain was standing at the top and on the ship watching the people coming on and off with supplies and looking at Winston. As he was one she didn't know.

Okay so he was learning he would take the words that he was told. He also untucked his polo shirt from his pants, so that way it wasn't as bad as he had been at first. "Be loose?" That sounded strange and he well okay he was asking. He figured the way that the guy spit and said that the the one that walked through them had to be a human. Winston had manners and yet he had a feeling those would get him picked out as well. Hands moved upwards to mess his hair. Really he didn't know what else to do. This wasn't his normal forte. He did not look at the Captain he was told not too for the most part he was listening.

Ralls started up the plank and despite how stable and unmoving it may have looked from a distance, once you stepped on it and started traveling up, the sway of the boat against the plank could be felt. The ship rocking against it as it moved with the natural current. It wasn't a hard rock, but it wasn't hard to feel. "Hope ya don't have landlegs." If he did then Winston would get seasick. The footsteps would echo against the wood and as they came closer the Captain stood in their way to enter the ship. "I know you." She was talking to Ralls, gave him a nod. Then she tipped up her head and was looking over Winston. "Who be you." In truth she knew who it was as she was told that the dwarf would be bringing another with him. But maybe he didn't know that she knew. Either way, it was a question she wanted answered -

Winston took a few moments to get his legs to work correctly but he tried not to slow down. He had no doubt that Ralls would just keep going if he fell backwards in a ball. Steps were taken almost carefully he would get the hang of it, it just took time. He almost asked what other kind of legs a man that lived on land had…but he didn't. Instead he stopped and he looked up, did his gaze find hers, maybe, maybe not. "I'm Win...." That was his name....partially he had been told not to give out so much information, so he thought that worked right? Was the Captain one he would have to be wary of?

He was right, if Winston would have stumbled, teetered or anything like that the dwarf was not going to back step and make sure that he was okay.. The Head wanted his delivery and whether or not Winston made it back alive wasn't any of his concern. Must be why Ralls was going with - as a just in case policy. Good thing he didn't fall. The Captain was watching and if she noticed it wasn't something she was mentioning right now. "What yar doing 'board my ship. Sending me a pretty boy. Perhaps your gonna earn ya wages by servicing me. That's 'bout all yas good fer ain't it?" Her weight shifted from one foot to the other but it wasn't out of nerves, but out of what she saw was a funny situation. The other guys aboard who were passing did cast an eye, but they went about their way readying the ship for sail.

Good thing he didn’t. whew. He glanced over to Ralls then back tot he Captain. "I'm new. The Head." thats all he knew the man by. "He sent me along with Ralls there. He didn't tell you?" He figured those things were all taken care of, if they weren't it was some pretty crummy running of your business. He was a pretty boy so he wasn't going to deny that. Now the first retort he couldn't say he had to keep Vesta out of it, right, it was smarter and wiser that way. He dodn't want anyone going after her. "Well, that's not what I was told to do. But your the Captain have to do what you say on your ship no?" He couldn't help but give a little grin, he tried to fight it but well it had to happen.

"Ya damn right ya do what I say." Is what the Captain said. Ralls wasn't doing anything but standing there and staying quiet. She wasn't talking to him and he wasn't going to open his mouth and land himself in trouble. Just when he was thinking all was well with what he was doing the Captain reached and yanked him forward stepping aside to pull him to the ship. "Don't ya see dem getting ready ta set sail! Git!" Ralls all but went willingly. once he was on deck he looked back at Winston a moment and then went to help unfurl the sails. The captain now turned her attention back to Winston. "Doesn't matter none what the Head said or not. It's my ship and ya as wobbly as a jelly."

See! He knew to listen to the Captain. Isnt that lesson one stage two? He was a quick learner sometimes. He hoped. And he glanced to Ralls, but then she told him to go and he was left alone with the Captain. half a thought was to follow Ralls but the Captain did not excuse him and he didn't want to cause her ire right off. When her attention turned to him, he gave a nod of his head. "It is. I was trying to hide it. I haven't done much sailing but I can learn." He was determined and when he put his mind to something...well yeah. "I just don't have any sea legs yet." He didn't tell her he never had been on such a ship like this.

The wind brushed past and she heard it hit against the sails. "I ain't risking ya on the knots. Child probably untie 'em." She backed away from the plank and more on to the ship She didn't tell him to come along but hopefully he did because she was continuing to talk. "We need a cabin boy. That'll be you." She walked heavily with aggression that gave off the sense she was not one to trifle with even if she was a woman. She had to be. If he took the time to see the whole crew was a collection of men. "ya'll earn ya legs that way." one way or the other. "Ya answer to me or my First Mate. If the men beat ya up that's no business of mine. Ya still 'cpected ta do your work." She was standing at the door that lead down to bellow deck, it was a bi dark there but that might be cause it was inside and they were currently out. "First task, secure the crates, we be setting off, then swab the deck and meet the chef to get the meal started."

He couldn't disagree, if one needed good knots and he wasn't, because he wasn't, familiar with them that wouldn't be wise. When she did start to talk he would follow along, if she did not want him to she would of said something right? Like sit and stay boy. Cabin boy, he could handle that, he gave a nod. H e hoped. "Yes, Captain." Would be the first words out of his mouth, if they beat him up, he wouldn't go down easily. His muscles were not all just for show, he wouldn't flex, he didn't have too. When she pointed to the down he figured thats where he would go. He spoke once more. "Yes Captain." Hell thats whom she was right? And leather and lace and all that, he had a feeling well he wasn't letting his thoughts go there, but could you blame a guy? The Captain probably well yes, thoughts drifted back to him, he could control those thoughts right? He wasn't a saint. Or a eunuch. But down the steps he went to get started securing the crates.

Most likely he didn't want to become an eunuch either but that was probably what would happen to him if he touched the Captain in that way without her wanting him too. She did watch him and would watch him whenever if she wanted to. But she has better things to do at the moment than watch him and instruct him in what he was to do. So once he started going down she left and went about getting ready to cast off. Down in the bellow it wasn't as dark as it first seemed from above. there was adequate light there to see with and what he saw where large crates. All of them were between 6 - 7 feet long and not too wide. The width of an average human body with a small amount of room on the sides. There was rope hook to the walls and other supplies in bolted down crates. The ones he had to put up were not bolted down. It looked like he was alone but the bellow deck was pretty large and there was a wall with a door that lead to the other part. Obviously this was the cargo area.

: He might be a man, but he wasn't one that touched where he wasn't wanted. He had charm he didn't need the other. It took a moment for his gaze to adjust to the dimmer light. Before he made his way to the first crate he was looking at what was going on, and he saw the ropes and the hooks on the walls, and he got to work, using the ropes to tighten the crates down. He moved to the first crate to test its movement. Once he was glad it was secured he went to work on the others..unless someone said something he would get them all nice and secure maybe to secure.


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Re: {|} Shipment's in, let's ship out {|}

Post by The Crew on Sun Aug 15, 2010 1:33 am

While Winston - or Win as he was being called here - was tying down the crates as he was told to do there was a bit of noise coming from the room behind the closed door down there in the bottom. Not damaging noise but noise nonetheless. Of pots and pans and then the door opened with a bit of a bang. Coming out from back there was a skinny thing of a man. He was tall, nearly seven feet, with long lanky arms, long head with a pointed chin. His hat sat haphazardly on his head and the apron he wore was tied about him twice over. This man was so skinny that he could likely fit behind one of the ships wooden beams and be nearly hidden. Was he even human? The big round eyes might have someone wondering. "You there! Get over here and lend a hand. I ain't got all day" The man had a high pitched voice that sounded strange coming from someone as tall as he was.

The crates were all secured, and he was unsure if he should or shouldn’t. He thought about it he needed to help out, that was what he was suppose to do. And then he thought about that, the first bit was done so he went towards the man. "What did you need me to do." Steps were there carefully. He looked around doing what he needed to be done with the man.

When the tall guy saw Winston coming he started walking back into the room he came out of. Effectively it was the kitchen and the mess hall, one was separated by the other. The mess hall was, essentially, a mess. There was a but that wasn't what would need to be done. The tall guy got out a wooden bucket, a mop and a scrub brush. all of these were tossed at Winston. "Don't you feel the ship's a-moving? Get on out there and start scrubbing the deck." Nothing was said about how he was suppose to get the water or anything else like that. "Don't take all day either. Suppa's in a few hours and I be needing ya."

He caught the items carefully, and gave the man a nod of his head. "Scrub the deck?" Then it hit him he was to use the mop and the scrub brush on the deck of the ship, and he had a bucket perhaps there would be water that would splash up on to the ship? he really didn't know. But he figured once he made it upstairs and started to look about someone would say something to him, they always did. Scrub brush was put into the pocket as he carried it and the other hand held the mop. Up the steps he went and looked around to see if he could find any water, this was a whole new experience and he was doing his best staying out of the other men's ways.

Of course there was water, they were on a boat so water was all around them. Unfortunately for him there wasn't any water sloshing up on the desk - there would be if there were waves or the sea was a bit rocky, but for right now the sailing was smooth. If he was looking all about he would not that there literally was water everywhere outside the ship, not a scrap of land in sight. The sails were full of wind as the they pulled forward and up here the sway of the ship was more evident - that was because he was further away from the water - so hopefully he had good footing and would catch the sway and bounce of the ship in enough time to not be totally thrown. There were sailors about on the ship. Some were working the ropes, a man or two were sharpening swords and a handful were lazing about. The ones who were lazing saw Winston first and one of the men elbowed another and he nodded over to Winston. It was like he was the new guy on the school yard and the kids were watching him. Watching and talking quietly about him. For now. There was no sight of Ralls.

But no water for him to use on the floor. Great! He glanced around not seeing anything. Of course he felt the eyes on him didn't they always do such to the new guy? next he began to look around for water. There had to be waters somewhere besides outside of the boat right? And then it hit him the kitchen. he went down stairs and peeked around to find the sink. Once that was accomplished he would put water into the bucket and then he went back upstairs and began to work on the deck...unless something caused him not too.

Winston was gonna have a lot of back and forth to do if he always went downstairs to get water for the deck, this wasn't no small ship. Even that tall skinny guy he met down there had only looked when Winston came to get the water. He didn't say anything, only shook his head in the direction of the man as he was leaving. Once he got to work he would hear a bit of laughter coming from the guys who were looking and then they came forth. They looked like sailors: none too neat and all of them were bare foot. some clothing was tattered and their hair was either matted or braided or they had none at all, a few of them had bandana's around their heads. A mixture of humans of various shades. the guy who was walking in the middle of the group was darker skinned with a broad nose and a braid dangling from his chin. "Looks like we got ourselves a fish." Mutterings of agreement and gruff laughter settled around him as all six of the men - that's how many there were - looked down at the man scrubbing the deck.

He would figure it out sooner or later perhaps as he was mopping. Of course, he hadn't gotten to far before the six men came towards him. Though he hadn't noticed that they were basically upon him. It wouldn't be until he caught the sight of one of the men's boots before he looked up, but he didn't quit scrubbin'. He had a job to do.

The men noticed that they were being ignored and, like any playground bully what did they do? Press on. "'ey! 'Ey! Ain't you be hearing me? " one of the other guys nudged that bucket of water with his bare foot so the water that was left in it moved around. "I said, we got ourselves a fish." Clearly they expected Winston to say something or the like. A man behind this 'leader' spoke up. "Maybe he hard of hearing. A huff and the man nodded. "He gon' be hard hearing of something else." So that might not have made a lot of sense but who said that these guys made sense?

Slowly and almost leisurely he would look up. If he moved quickly they might think he was afraid of them. "Oh, I heard you. I thought you were talking to him." His head nodded towards the smallest of the men that had come forth. He didn't say much else, and they did not make much sense. "You went fishing? I always liked fishing..." He moved the mop continuously; he didn't want the Captain to scold him for not keeping up the mopping while he was being 'social.'

A couple of the guys laughed - expect the one that Winston was referring to, he was giving the man an evil eye. In fact he didn't like being called a fish so he outright knocked over the bucket. "Fish ain't go no water now." Ah-ha-ha, that's how the guys laughed out it as they started to make a semi circle around him. "Just look at him. Bet he can't even stand." And they laughed again till the leader man spoke up. "What's your name?"

Of course the one that he made a comment about wouldn't find it funny. He would think it was not funny at all. That did make perfect sense to Winston. When the water was knocked over he didn't make a move. In fact the only movement was the fact his eye eyed up the water that was now on 'fishs' boot...but he didn't say anything the brighter ones might notice that. He was standing! The ship was moving but he was doing pretty well with the help of the mop. He looked to the leader, the one he assumed was the leader. "Win." That was what he was going by.

"Win some, loose some. That how it go?" The guys laughed and the one who had the water on his feet was laughing too but it was a bit of a hysterical laughter and he went on like that until one of the other guys slapped him on the back of his head. Then he about choked on his own laughter. The leader guy nodded to the turned over bucket. "Ain't ya gonna get more water.” He said it in a partial challenging way and crossed his arms.

Haven't lost one yet." Spoken matter of fact-ly. He blinked at that man the one that seemed to be a bit more off his rocker then the others. Before he looked back to their main guy. "If your not planning on taking a rest on the bucket, I really should. Or I could wait until your friend moves and I can mop in his wake." Speaking of the water.

Course, the bucket was tipped over and unlike the people it wasn't so steady on the boat, meaning that the bucket started to roll with the sway of the boat. One of the guys - a square one with a long mustache - pointed it out. "Ya bucket getting away." Very obvious of course. And the other guys just started to laugh. All but the leader, he was looking at Win with his arms still cross and giving him a hard eye. The funny one helped the bucket on it's trip by stepping out of the water around his feet and kicking the bucket.

He would watch the bucket as the man kicked it. To bad he kicked it the wrong way. "It is." Even as he said it the bucket rolled back to him due to the waves, stopped by his foot. He glanced up to the leader of the rag tag back, even as he bent and picked up said bucket. "Well it has been nice chatting with you guys, but I don't want to upset the Captain..." He would wait to see what the men said before he attempted to move perhaps.

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Re: {|} Shipment's in, let's ship out {|}

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If this guy didn't want to upset the Captain then, "You'd best be getting to work, Win," the apparent leader of the group of guys around Winston said. But it didn't seem like they were going to go anywhere. The smaller guy - the one who's foot had gotten wet - made to move back but when he didn't see anyone else following suit he tired to play off his movement as a restless stretch. The one who had spoke even smirked now. "We'll even help. Won't we?" Looking to the other men with him who were chuckling under their breath.

Did they really want to upset the Captain? She did not seem like the type of woman that was going to take people not doing what she wanted lightly. He gave a small nod of his head. He bite back the words, do ya really think, some people liked to state the obvious. "Now really don't you have better things to do then help me out?" He was trying to be not rude about it, but he figured any help these guys gave, would not be help at all. He wasn't born last night.

"No." To put it plainly. There were still other guys watching things and they didn't have to be at their post all the time. Once the sails were in place and things were secure they only had to wait for more orders, or a sudden rising of a storm. before they had to go back into action. they were just the crew after all. "Make ya nervous. Don't want anyone watching you on your hands and knees?" Not to mention that they were on a ship in the middle of the ocean. The only thing they had for entertainment was their games of gambling and fighting. No wonder they liked shore time!

"No...well then." The guy that seemed to be the weak link he would toss him the mop. "I saw a few more mops down the steps..." He figured hey you wanted this right. "Seeing I don’t have the scrub brush I wasn't planning on being on my knees and that how your guys swab the deck?" Wasn't that what the other guy had called it or the Captain? Fighting if they weren't 'regular humans' wouldn't be quite fair would it.

Fair, what did pirates know about fairness? Nevertheless the wimpy guy actually took up the mop and made a few nervous swipes across the floor while his eyes darted to the other guys and the floor. It was amazing that he had survived on this ship. Perhaps he was the old cabin boy and old habits died hard. The other guys started laughing. "Guy got guts." and "To bad for him" was heard in that group. "Just can't do what you're told can ya, boy?" that was the 'leader' guy who now had a wild type of look in his eye and a curve to his lips. "Get him." That's when two of the other guys started to converge on Winston. There were only four of them in total and one was currently mopping. The scene was being watched by others aboard.

Now the one was moping that cut it down right? He had four then that left three. It had been a while but it wouldn't be the first time he was in a brawl. His muscles were not just for decoration, even if they were not on display. He would not strike first, in fact he actually laughed, and waited. If one went to grab his arms they would see he wasn't a easy catch. If one went to hit him first, they might be surprised how quickly his own fist came matching up.

They weren't going to hit him, not at first anyway, their aim was to grab Winston and restrain him. So each guy would go for either one of his arms while trying to not loose footing on the slippery desk that way around them due to the water being spilled earlier. So while Winston evaded one guy who went for the arms, the other made to tackle him from the other side.

The guy that did tackle him from the side, he would turn towards him. His voice was speaking rather softly, a softness that did not show any expelling of energy what so ever, yet. "Ii didn't realize you were into men. I'm sorry you’re not my type." He did not move the guy off of him, instead he started to twist a few ways if it worked out, the man would actually be on his back. It wouldn't be the first time.

On his back would be perfect for the other guys. The leader one was laughing as she other guy was trying to get a firm hold and grip on Winston's legs. Not to hold him down seemed like he was trying to get his arms around the guy's legs! "And you like to take it laying down." Winston was on his back in the more submissive position. While that guy was struggling for the legs the other guy was trying to move in and grab a hold of Winston's arms.

Well if the one guy was on the ground going for his legs, he would move quickly using the momentum of the guy on his back, spinning, before dropping backwards, which if the other guy wasn’t prepared, he would drop quickly piling the two pirate men on top of each other.

And... the two men fell on top of each other - really one top of the other but it was all the same thing. Just as they were getting up the Leader guy had punched his right fist into the palm of his left hand - water came from somewhere behind them and made to splash the collection of brawling men. Following the water, whether it hit the guys or not, was the Captain's loud and booming voice. "Get back to working for I throw the whole lot of ya overboard to cool!" Did she mean it? Yes, and she would probably leave the people dangling in the cold sea water until she felt like having them pulled back up. "This deck isn't going to clean itself!" The two guys started scrambling to their feet while the leader guy was holding his position and attempting to stare down the Captain without really doing so.

That was the goal, Winston had hopped up once the guy let go. He was waiting for the leader, that was next right? Show himself to the leader. He could handle that. When the water came and splashed over them, and that voice, the Captain of course. He was a bit disappointed, it was just starting to get fun. He would look to the man with the mop, his hand out for it, if he wished to relinquish it. "Thank you." Was spoken to him. The fact the leader guy was starring down the Captain wasn't unnoticed by him. And that was when he noticed it. A rip, in the seam of his shirt. Well they said to not look so clean cut, and now the polo's sleeve was was a start?

There had to be someone on the ship who thought that they knew better than the Captain and had treacherous thoughts of mutiny and other fun things like that. If there was one person aboard the ship with those thoughts it was that guy, waiting and abiding his time. He gruffed then and started off to somewhere else. The wimp guy? Well now he was really nervous with the captain's appearance - or he wasn't to sure what the other guys would do to him - that he made quick, small shakes of his head to Winston and held on to that mop and started to get up the water that was splattered around. The Captain, she was looking, and looking hard, at Winston. Ralls - the dwarf who had brought him on the boat - came up and tried to take Winston by the wrist. "Hells bells gun get yourself dead." Is what he said as he wanted to move him away from the whole scene.

Well it wouldn't be the first time he was in a scrap. Or the first time he had to make something up to a woman. Just saying. And the wimp guy kept the mop, so his hand went down, just at that time Ralls had shown up. And the light tugging he went easily enough with him. "It's better to stand there and let the group of em beat me to a pulp?" His voice was low as he moved to wherever it was he was being taken. The mutiny guy might want to be nicer if he wanted anyone to participate then the small posse he had going on.

"Yes!" He said in a hissed low tone. He was tugging Winston along to one of the railings where shipments where sitting around. "prob just tossed ya in the water o' gave ya' an eye. Now they's be getting the way another way." The Leader was a guy who liked to get what he wanted. "Gun 'ave to keep ya wit me. Less Captain 'as ya wit her. Be her toy." Hey people get lonely on journeys and need entertainment! "Keep ya head low and just do yar work. Learn to knot." And the dwarf started going through the steps of a basic ship knot.

Well that didn't sit well with him, not at all! And the guy probably figured that, but he went with the tugging. "So I keep my eye on them..." That was until poor Ralls said he was going to have to keep him with him. And then of course, the thing about the Captain. He almost spoke the words out loud that the Captain looked rather pleasin and he wouldn't mind pleasing her but that could get a man in trouble. "She already told me I am to do what she says." And he already agreed to that....being the Captain's Toy would probably make his journey a hell of a lot easier. Damn that Dirty Pip. He nodded. "I can do that..." He hoped, and he was paying attention even as he looked for a piece of spare rope to practice on.

"Sure ya could." He was sure of it. The man looked to be a straight arrow to him so it made sense he'd be interested in the female. "She can be jis as hard going as Scythe." he was referring to that leader guy even if he didn't say anything else to clarify it. Maybe that's why the two were at an odds. "Don't know why I care. Not for me to see you live." but it was for him to make sure that his boss got the package that they were sent out to get. "Three days. Think ya survive three days till we get to port?"

He meant he could learn to tie knots. But he was straight in that aspect so he could be interested in the female. A man whom before they went off to sea, didn't have time to really prepared did he? "I figured she wasn't some push over." That wouldn't make any sense for her to be all push overish, wouldn’t make a good captain. "Awe you like me." He was messing with the guy and Ralls should see that very obvious. He was moving his hands on the rope. "I can attempt too." A grin was flashed, before the rope was knotted though perhaps not the correct way yet.

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Re: {|} Shipment's in, let's ship out {|}

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The days went by on the ship without too much consequence. The weather was in their favor and Rals had gotten permission from the Captain to work along side with Winston. It wasn't something that he wanted to do but he had to make sure that the man at least made it to their destination alive. If it wasn't for the fact that the trader they needed to see didn't deal in open trade with Dwarfs then he would have left the guy to the proverbial wolves that was the crew. They may have said a few things when they thought he wasn't listening or did a thing to two to make the remaining journey be less than pleasant, but it was nothing compared to a brawl or knife fight that was sure to have happened. At nighttime, though, Winston was on his own.. That dwarf didn't need to be sleeping in the guys cot or hammock or wherever he found place to sleep on the ship. Three days after they set sail there was an island coming into view and the call of "Land Ho!" went out and the men started getting ready to bring the ship in to port. By now Winston would have a good handle - hopefully - on how to secure the sails and bring in the ridgeline, knots and a bit of anchoring. the crew were rallying up on their task, happy about the chance to steal into port for a couple of hours. Rals was standing against the railing as he wasn't going ot have a part in cutting the sails. Winston was there, he could do it - hey had to have some perks for making sure the guy stayed alive, right? He figured he knew what the land call meant and would be there at his side when he got done his work

Now he had been spending more time with Rals, he noticed that, and he had not fought against it. He did what he was told for the most part, and nothing really had happened at night so far. Not that he would of not been warming the Captain's bed if she requested it. She wasn't the sort of woman you said n o least that was how Winston felt. For now he was on his own, listening to the orders before he would make his way towards Rals, for that was what normally happened when he had a job to do that wasn't directly connected to what Rals was doing. It had seemed that was what the captain wanted so its what she got. A brow was lifted as he looked to the dwarf, like a what not sort of look.

“There." He said and pointed a hand out to the ever-nearing land. "We'll be docking soon and then comes reason I let you stay alive for the trip." he gruffed at that. The time he had spent... "We will be going into market, not too far off of the docks there's a seller, refined man in a suit and ruffled collar. He has the good we've come to get. His name is Driel. Its your job to make the trade." and he started fishing around in his pocket and pulled out a small sack of what could only be coins. He didn't make it obvious and he kept his back to the rest of the crew. Even now he was keeping the sack close to him.

He gave a nod of his head. He let that remark pass, he would of done fine in his own head at least in such a fight, he had a small rebellious stage that he didn't really talk about. It was an agreement. "So I am to go to Driel and make the deal with him? Does he know that we are coming?" It was sometimes better that way and sometimes not depending on whom one was dealing with and without him knowing well he didn’t know! He saw the small bag, but he wasn't reaching for it yet, he wasn't stupid.

"Of course he knows that we're coming," said Rals in an obvious way. What did Winston think they did, just go and hope that a bargain was struck. "Wouldn't drag you out here for no reason. Just cause he knows doesn't mean it's a done deal, and I can't come with you. Don't ask." Don't ask the why not because this Dwarf wasn't about to say. "Will you take the pouch already!" in a harsh whisper. "Be docking in five and I's got things to do. "

He gave a small nod. That made sense for him. "I’ve been dragged before when a bargain was not a knowledge." It was true and half of the companies he took over they didn't know either that they were going in to a merger that was not going to make them very happy, okay so it was a take over but still. "Aright." He wouldn’t ask. Then he paused a moment. Then he bit his tongue they still had a few things to do before he totally pissed off Rals. He moved just so it looked like a slight of hand, one moment the money pouch was in Rals hand the next it was hidden on Winston’s body. "Once I get the deal do I just meet you here or what?"

With the sack gone he put his hand on the railing and gave it a squeeze while he shook his head. "Once you make the deal i don't care what you do. It'll be delivered so if you want to swindle anything you have on you in town that's your call. But if you be wanting to get back home this way then you need to be getting yourself back here before it leaves." Shore leave, just like anyone else. Unless they were a highly needed person of the crew, if they were not back in time the ship would haul out without them. Otherwise a crew would be sent after them. "Hurry and finish your work." The dock was before them and the ship was pulling in.

He gave a nod of his head. "Got it." Which meant that he would not be squandering anything he would go make a deal and get back to the ship. He had things on his mind, things he was going to have to handle once he got back to the Inn, things he hadn't had time to think about until it came to this trip. Made a guy see things in a different light. He started making his way away from Rals to finish whatever he was told to do before they docked.

Didn't take long for them to dock the ship pulled into the port. It was rather smooth - well as smooth as it could be anyway when a ship of this size was pulling into a long docking port. The men scrambled to their stations and did what they had to do to get things ready. The captain came along with her first mate and they were talking over re-supplying and were the first to step off the make-shift plank. Rals was nowhere to be seen.

When the ship docked and things were done and people were leaving he followed off the ship. He also went looking for the man that Rals told him to find with the collar. Once he reached Driel he would pause looking to the man. "Driel?" A questioning look.

He wasn't hard to find. Standing there in the marketplace a bit off side of the main road of travel. his focus was on the docks and the people traveling around it from off the ships, and he was eating an apple. So when Winston came up to him he took a moment to take another rather big bite, chew and then speak even if his mouth was still rather full. "And you are?"

He sized the man up rather carefully as in not getting caught. "Winston. I'm here to deal with you for some special metal." He didn't want to say anything more then that in case the eyes were not suppose to be around, and ears were dangerous things, he wasn't one to say everything so loudly. He had a tone to his voice that spoke that he had business dealings before.

"Metal.. Is that all that you've come here for?" asking as he took another bite of the apple and motioned the man forward with his hand. "You can call it that. We can call it whatever you want. What do you have for me?" That was the real question. What was he getting for handing this over. "Things like my, metal, don't come cheap."

"Is there something else I should be here for?" His interest was piqued for the moment. He pulled out the pouch that Rals had given him, and held it before him. "It is a good thing I have come prepared then." The pouch wasn’t to far away from him it was in his reach to grab it at any easy time away and next to him. "How much is this going to cost? I heard the delivery is included."

Driel looked at the bag, measuring the amount that was in it by sight - more like taking a really good guess. He dealt in a lot of trading and when you did it for as long as he did there were a few things that you learned. he reached out for the bag. "Would you like to come see..."

"Yes. Does that mean we have a deal?" He had a hold onto the bag until he said that they did have a deal. He was a bit curious about the stuff, seeing the Dirty Girl got him in trouble in this for the first place, and he doubted he would see the stuff back at the Inn. And besides he might be speaking of other things that Winston should be interested in. If and when he said it was a deal he would release the bag of money.

Driel plucked his hand back away from the bag and brushed his fingers off of themselves as he turned. "We'll see if we still have a deal once you see what's to be seen." Winston might change his mind. Could never be certain. He started walking away from the docks but not far. There was a make shift tent a few feet off to the side and it was in this tent that there were several large crates. Crates that were tall enough to fit in an average human. and wide enough for 3 or 4 standing in line. If a person were to look at the crates carefully they would see holes drilled into an upper portion of the creates. There were about 10 of them. Driel pointed to them and leaned against one of the poles that held it up.

He nodded his head at the words that Driel spoke. He also fell in line behind the man, careful with the pouch of money he had put it away while they walked, he was not familiar with the area and who know whom or what was lurking. Into the tent he went and looked at the box, before noticing the holes and a feeling came to him but well he wasn't sure he wanted to know. He held out the pouch of money. The man dealt with deals and so he would figure he would take the money. He didn't want to know if there really were breathing beings in the boxes.

Of course Driel watched, he was waiting to see if there were going to be any problems with it or not but since there didn't seem to be he held out his hand again. "It seems that everything is in order then." There was breathing coming from te box if a person was going to listen. They were out in the open and so it may be hard to hear it straight out unless you were really paying attention. There was no smell, so that had to be a good sign right? "I'll take the money and it will be delivered.."

[color=darkred]Yes, now Winston could of asked to look but he wasn't going too. The men had probably done business the same way in the past so really he was just the go between right? The bag of money was handed over. "Thank you." He would wait to see if the man needed anything else before making his way back to the ship.

Driel grinned brightly and he took the money and moved it around in the palm of his hand. Then he stuffed it into his own pocket before walking by one of the crates and giving it knock. "Pleasure doing business with you. Be sure to tell your boss I said hello." and he grinned before waving him off. The deal had been made he and was considering himself clean and free.

He would give a nod. "Will do." And then he was going back to the ship. Businessmen, even shady ones that wanted to stay in business went by word, so he wasn't worried on that one. Really who wanted to piss off a horde of dwarfs? Once he was back on the ship he tried to stay out of trouble. Tried.

{the end . . . for now}

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Re: {|} Shipment's in, let's ship out {|}

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