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From the Nevernever

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From the Nevernever

Post by The Summer Lady on Sat Jul 17, 2010 3:20 pm

The time of summer was one of beauty, blue skies, sunshine and the gentle breeze that wafted through the trees. Each leaf seemed to celebrate joining in a unified dance with its mates across the vast forests that surrounded the Palace of the summer court.

Eolandesidhe felt the peak of summer passing and the draw of autumn near when the power of both Fae courts were in balance. After that, was winter. A time when the summer court withdrew from their glorious celebrations and awaited the rebirth of spring heralding their time of power once more.

"No, Zolina, please tend to your flowers..." a distracted wave toward the young beauty that was now her own to keep. Humans. Why the Fae ever deigned to co-mingle with their kind was a story best left for the long winter nights. For now, the Queen that is, made the trek to the veil that separated her from her purpose. She stepped from her realm with nothing more than a movement of air. The slightest breath and there she was, standing in the midst of all that was Earth. Instantly the stench of rot, decay and decomposition assaulted her nostrils causing the barest flicker of revulsion to pass through the clear blue eyes.

To think there was a time, so long ago, when she considered living here a possibility. Now it was sheer lunacy to even entertain such nonsense. Today, however, the Summer Lady had a purpose. A mission that she meant to fulfill despite the protests from those surrounding her who saw it as ill advised. Did they think her inept? She knew exactly what she was doing.

Dressed in what she considered to be the most understated of human fashion, a pair of soft white pants, a billowing tunic, sandals that graced her feet as if born to be worn only by her, she was barely given a second glance save for the curious stolen looks at her white blonde hair and the startling clearness of the sky blue eyes.

Here, upon this realm, she felt the pulse of her daughter, the one who held her own blood and whose power could rival even the greatest of Queens. It was like a drug to Eolandesidhe, a drug that never lost its ability to send the user on a unique high. She savored it, closing her eyes and drawing in a breath while her very spirit reached out and brushed against the child that was meant to be more than a confused, troubled changeling. But it was not her child she was seeking this day. No, her ire had been stirred and even now the pale skin held the hint of peach, the blue eyes the decided spark of indignation, and her very bearing the distinct posture of vexation.

She made her way to an area of woods near where he resided and whispered his name.

"Jamison LeFey...." Then the Summer Lady whispered a name she called him once upon a time, a name she had used fondly, one he responded to with only the most positive of reactions. She knew, however, that using it now would serve to elicit many emotions for the Great Warden.

All the better.
The Summer Lady

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Re: From the Nevernever

Post by TheWarden on Sat Jul 17, 2010 4:39 pm

Jamison was as he was most days he was sitting up in his room. relaxed upon his bed with a book open in his hands, bespectacled eyes wandering the pages before him. absorbing the words therein. Esper, was a great help in these instances. the spirit which he had been bonded to, granted Jamison a limitless Eidetic memory.The Warden was lost to all in times like there, when he was expanding on his knowledge of spell weaving. Even Spider knew it was nigh impossible to get his attention at times like this moment. But, she was one of two people who knew how to stir the warden from his study.

"Jamison LeFey"

words that resonated within him, in tune with the magical forces around him. even penetrating the barriers he had around his room. Jamison rose from his bed then and snapped his book shut. After removing his glasses he tossed the book back onto his bed. "Zephrys" a word of power brought his cane to his hand. The cane, made from what was once his staff, carved from the same tree that built the house of the original Merlin.

Jamison didn't even bother with his coat. The person invoking his name was no here for a fight if she had, she would not have invoked his name, instead she would have torn down the wards of his room, and killed him in his sleep. No there was no need for the coat. But that didnt mean there was any reason to dawdle. a quick grasp at the set of keys he kept near the door, he had several. designed to be a weapon against a preternatural at his door, this set. hard iron. they disappeared into his pocket before he stepped from his room

Jamison also did not bother with his elderly limp as he ran from the Inn, in the direction the magical pull of his name had pointed him. He was wearing a simple pair of slacks and a white button down. hand clutched tightly at his staff. standing in a bit of a defensive posture. his wrist watch out front. through it he channeled a shield. it also bore his old wedding ring, a gift from her. despite their parting he still wore it as it was an amazing magical tool.

On the barrier of the woods Jamison stood watching into the trees. eyes searching for the woman who called his name. "I would ask that you step from the trees... I've no taste in walking into an area so covered in shadow." his way of trying to wrest control of this meeting from her. at least a little bit of it.[i]

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