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What else could it be?

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What else could it be?

Post by Epiphany on Sun Jun 20, 2010 6:43 pm

Days had passed. The darkness and the quiet of the underground hide-out suited her just fine. She was able to finish the sketches for the Clinic and there was no one to bother her. If she wanted to go somewhere she could -and she did but only finding that she slept through the better part of most days and woke up with a pit in her stomach and an odd sensation around the front of her mouth. What the latter was she didn't quite know but for the stomach pain she attributed it to being hungry.

What else could it be?

She wasn't known for eating a lot anyway and her body was likely reminding her that she needed to. So she would get up and eat a thing or two of fruit that was kept in the room of treasures, the only problem was that afterwards the pain was still there. Clearly now this pain was all in her head.

What else could it be?

Everything else with her seemed fine (aside from the abnormal sleeping) and she went about her business as usual. Everything was fine, that is, until she went to the church to spend time with the kids and take part in her duties. The Church of Saint Emili stood tall and regent upon the top of its hill. The work of stonemasons and hand-crafted items brought a feel to the building that always seemed old world to Epiphany. Looking at it was often a cause for story inspiration and she used it to her benefit when telling stories to the children. A tall and thick wrought iron gate surrounded the large church with the gate door left open during the day for parishioners to come and go as they would even outside of normal service hours. Large trees kept the church grounds in relative shade throughout the day, which was good for those who sought shelter from the beat of the sun and for the Nun or Priest who was assigned to stand at the gate. Their job was simple: greet those that entered and protect those inside.

Epiphany knew everyone who worked at the church and the children in the orphange unless they were newly arrived but the Priest who stood at the gate on this particular late afternoon was new. Brother Tomas, ten years older and with a face that always looked worried, was there today and as he saw Epiphany approach his brows knotted together and his lips pursed. "Hello, Epiphany."

"Hi. What's wrong?" she asked while starting to scrub at her face. Brother Tomas was looking at her curiously due to the fact that her skin was slightly paler than normal. Epiphany thought perhaps it was something else. Like dirt. "I've been underground the last few days. Designing. Might have missed a spot."

The Priest gave a slow nod of his head before he moved aside from the gate. When Epiphany stepped in she felt her skin prickle and she scratched the side of her neck. Brother Tomas watched as she passed and entered to the church ground proper before he left his post to follow after. His post was over, time for another to take his place. She didn't mind his company for she hadn't seen him in a while and he was able to fill her in on a few of the concerns people have been coming to the church with and the status of the children. Even as they talked Brother Tomas continued to look at her with that same knotted brow expression.

Epiphany laughed and gave him a friendly pat and reassuring smile. She knew how many of the Nuns and Priest felt about cleanliness and she assured him that she would go right to the dorms and wash thoroughly Perhaps that would calm his features.

What else could it be?

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