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The New House

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The New House

Post by -:|[ Titania ]|:- on Wed Jun 02, 2010 5:07 pm

The drive from the attorneys office out to Granny’s property took a good 30 minutes. The office was in the downtown area of Rhy’Din, the farm was on the outskirts. As she went along you would see the houses start to pop up, then the houses started to separate more land came in between the houses. When the houses became more sporadic and the land had more of the landscape she was almost there. Turning down a road or two, she would stop at the edge of the driveway. The old mailbox that was out front looked like a old red barn. The doors opened rather largely. All the mail that had been coming had already been forwarded, they had taken care of getting Titanias’ new mail to start getting delivered out here the next day.

She turned her Equanox into the long driveway. The driveway itself was about a 3/4ths of a mile long, White painted fences lined the driveway, and the rest of the property. Past the house if one turned right would lead them to the barn. The barn was a old big building with flickering red and white paint. But the house, that was more taken care of, the time she had stayed with Grams and her family here, they had painted the house.

The long porch out front had gotten a fresh coat of white paint. The hanging swing was still in place though it looked as if it could use a fresh coat of paint. A part of her had hoped that they had not taken it down, she had loved coming out here, in the warm weather and just sitting there and thinking. She knew the animals were gone, and she knew the house would be empty. That did not matter, because the house itself was what she was so glad to have, a part of Gran that would be with her always. It now meant that she would do whatever she had to do to keep the house. Thankfully with her new promotion at work, she should be able to swing everything. Grams had kept up on the taxes and the house was paid for and in the clear. So as long as she budgeted she should be good. The house. The house itself was three stories, if one counted the basement, not including the attic. Pulling her car up in front of the house, she would slip out, shutting the door and locking the car.

She stepped onto the porch and took a deep breath, the air was clean out here, and that made her happy. Of course, the yard needed to be cut, and one needed either a herd of goats or a tractor but she would get there. She tried the door knob first, and found it was locked, so she used her new key and turned the key in the lock. The locks had been changed after Gran passed on, so she had the only four keys to the place. When she entered the small shoe room as she called it, she grinned. Gran was always very strict that if you had been out on the land or possible mud the shoes had to be left in the room. Company had special rights as long as it was outside company that kept the walk and not the mud. Old habits died hard, and she started to take her shoes off, but without knowing what she was going to find, she checked the bottom of her shoes. They were completely clean, so she made her way to the next door, the door that would lead into the kitchen. The kitchen was rather large, with only two openings, one that lead into the main room and the opening to go to the shoe room. Cabinets galore the house had, the refrigerator and the stove were still in place, thankful for that as well.

She would make a quick sweep of the rest of the house, including the basement, the electricity had not taken long to get turned on, for she feared it would, but it was already on. The house was all bare, and oddly not a speck of dust could be found. It was as if they had hired a cleaning crew the day before. Not that she was complaining. The basement was going to be where she had her own special project. The basement was a large open area, already the plans were forming in her mind. But first she needed to go take care of her apartment, work she needed to put in her change of address with corporate, she needed to tell Xavier she needed that key back, so she could turn it in, and she needed to let Damon know where to find her.

Busy girl. Though the last one was no doubt going to be the most tricky part, yet something told her he would be pleased at the thought of her having a safe, good spot for her circle.

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