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The Inheritance

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The Inheritance

Post by -:|[ Titania ]|:- on Wed Jun 02, 2010 3:42 pm

Titania rolled over in her bed. She did not want to get up, she knew she needed too, but that didn’t make it any easier. She always slept better when she was not alone, and as her arm moved across the bed, she would suddenly remember that she was alone. That would explain why she still felt tired in the morning, and not fully refreshed. Suddenly she was not able to sleep any longer, so she tossed the sheets off of her, and moved over to her dresser. Pulling out a light blue tank top and a pair of blue jeans shorts she quickly dressed herself. After putting on her bra.

Steps would pad out to the main room, looking at the envelopes on the table, as she sank down on the couch and began to look through the envelopes. One envelope stood out among the rest. It was from the law firm that was handling the estate of her grandmother. Granny had a closed reading of the will, it was a rather odd thing, but only her children were allowed to be present. None of the kids had asked what had came of the will or what would happen to their Grans’ things. The only thing that Titania cared about was that her Grans few possessions would be well cared for. The reason that she knew the law firm was her Gran had her running errands and they had all received letters from said law firm stating that once Grans’ will had been read and any protests were done, they would be alerted if anything was to come to them.

It had been months since her Granny’s passing. So when the envelope came, Titania did not place it together. In fact as she opened the envelope she figured that maybe they were trying to solicit more business, not that she was thinking of making a will. Imagine her surprise as the words she read literally jumped off of the page at her. Her head was shaking just a bit in a no, I am imagining this, sort of way. She had to re-read the letter more then once. She knew things had been handled a bit strangely, but now she had to wonder if it was because of this letter. There was a phone number. She would call the number and they would explain the whole thing to her. They would say they were sorry the letter had made a mistake.

A half hour later after setting down the phone, she was in shock, for they said the letter was indeed a factual item. They had waited to let her know until it was all free and clear, it was what her Grandmother had wanted, and they followed her wishes. She needed to come in and sign some papers, have a valid id proving that she was herself, and she’d get the keys. The keys. She well now the first thought besides the shock was she was going to have some place to build her circle. A place she knew no one could bother it without her knowledge. Or a break in.

She went to grab her shoes, the office of the attorneys had an opening and she needed to get down there. Grabbing her wallet she pushed it down into the back pocket of her jean shorts. The sooner the better, they had said as much, now that it was free and clear of any protesting, they wanted to get it into her hands as soon as possible. They would of called her but her number had changed from the one that her Gran had given them. Grabbing her car keys off the hook, she made her out, locking the door and making her way to the office.

It did not take her long to get to the office, and once she got inside, they ushered her inside a nice big office. The back wall was full of windows, a big cherry finished desk stood in the middle of the room. Inside the big office chair sat a small man. That did not make this feel any less intimidating. Looking around the room, there was a bookcase that matched the masculine desk, a set of two matching chairs without the high back for clients to sit in, and a plotted plant. A few paintings were on the wall. She suddenly felt very underdressed. She did not know what she was suppose to wear for such a outing. Suddenly the small man lifted his hand, as he spoke. “Titania? Please have a seat.”

And with that it began, she moved forward, feeling like a naughty child about to get punished, but that was not what was happening at all! Once she was seated the man made a few pleasantries with her. He explained a bit more in depth about her Grandma’s will. And the odd clauses that were put in place, her Gran was a smart woman, and she did not want Titania to get her hopes up. She had told her attorneys that of all her relations that she thought Titania was the best one for the home. She thought the girl had been through enough and wanted to give her a little bit of help. They had a special bond, she was the only one that did not seem to think that Granny was just some ole lady. No, she was the one that respected her Granny more then the others, she was the one that went to Granny for advice. When the visit was over Titania was the proud owner of a home, and not just any home but her Granny’s home. Her home. She left the man with a handshake, taking the keys and out she went.

To Be Continued....

-:|[ Titania ]|:-

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