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Power Sources {a log}

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Power Sources {a log} Empty Power Sources {a log}

Post by De'Ryanna Aybara on Sun May 23, 2010 2:36 pm

(This is a continuation from the thread 'Questions to be Asked')

Jamison offered another place, and she was fine with that, especially since she did not take into account his abilities. Remembering now that he had even requested a room devoid of electrical things because he did not want to break them. "Thank you Jamison." She said with a smile and then went to walk in the direction of the Garden. Or really,, the door that lead to the Garden. "You have me curious as to why you are wanting to know about what I can do." When she reached the door she opened it and left enough space for him to get through.

"You don't have to thank me, I only seek to keep your establishment as pristine as posible." Jamison Followed behind her, of course walking with a limp, favoring his right leg; he spoke as he walked, offering a bow as he stepped through the door before her. "That, is a most Wonderful question; as you may know, I am a Wizard, how much do you know about us?"

"I don't know much of Wizards." Outside the air felt a bit cool to her at first, whether it was due to her being warm from meditating or the small breeze that blew by, but being outside was also relaxing. "Though I've taken study of many various cultures and people I have not read much on Wizarding. Where I was previously there were no such things, The closest comparable person would be myself. And the men who can do the same." She walked slowly out in the garden. No particular path.

"Wizard's are a race of men and women, that carry specific gifts in the practices of the Arcane; we have a governing body, Its called the white council and they like to think that they know everything... unfortunately though, they do not... because I've never seen a craft such as yours before; I'm curious because the root word for Wizard is wise, we learn, we know things, so I'd very much like to learn."

Listening she glanced to him and then straight ahead. Her feet had found a path to travel and it was towards the small pool. The movement of the fountain was easy to hear, especially in the rest of the silence. "Your White Council sounds much like my White Tower. I have to wonder if they would work the same. The Tower is a group of women who control certain Source of power.. and those women are used to shape the world and it's events to what the Tower perceives to be the right thing." She paused a moment. "The men and their ... tower.. hall.. whatever it is that they use to collect themselves.. have their own agendas."

Jamison followed her listening rather intently to her words. "They do sound shockingly similar, though the Council is completely integrated the two seem most identical. But your Tower, they govern the power itself? is it distributed like a resource and not natural ability?

"It's natural." She walked with her hands down and clasped in front of her. "Some of the Sisters - that's what the full fledged women in the Tower are called - are under the impression that everyone has the potential to have this ability just that not all of them can. Or they can't unless they are given proper instruction. The others think that having the power isn't given to everyone and no matter how much a person tries to obtain it they never will. It's not the same as learning to do sleight of hand." Hoping that he didn't think that is all that he did. She wasn't trying to classify him but only give an example of what someone can learn to do.

"We call our member's Wizard's and Wizardess'; Our primary goal is to make sure that Adept's get the proper schooling and a firm hand... We don’t reach everyone with the gift; that leads to bad news." Jamison's tone sombered a bit at that last thought; he had killed too many young men and women simply because they didn’t know any better... but laws where laws and he wasn’t proud of it all. "Interesting, your Source of Energy, do you require incantation or regents to call upon it?

When she reached the little pool she stopped and looked down into it, seeing a bit of reflection it gave to the surrounding plants. After a moment she turned her attention back to him. "It's quite interesting.. For the females the only thing that is required is that you surrender yourself. Open your body up to it's power and move along its path. Sort of how a ship navigates the sea or a bird in the air. You don't fight against the current, you move with it. For the men it's different. They have a struggle." That was one reason she was glad to not be man and the reason why many of the men were violent, crazy and insane. "There are items that can be used to increase ones strength. But never must we speak or even gesture to use it. Gesturing is a Novice habit."

"Fascinating, I must say that is rather dissimilar to how it is we Wizards channel out gifts... for us, channeling raw magic without focusing object's or words of power is extraordinarily risky, the Raw Magic overwhelms the senses, one can get lost in it, and if you do not expel it all; it can kill us. Energy has to go somewhere." Jamison had taken to leaning onto his cane as he stood there, listening to her words, offering his won, hopefully being just as informative as she was."

"Hmm." Was the first thing that she said as she listened to him. "The Source is.. powerful. If you are able to tap into it, it fills the wielder with such pleasure. The greatest feeling you've ever known and your senses are heightened. You see better, hear better, things like that." He was a smart man, she wouldn't have to explain senses to him. "It's so sweet and intoxicating that a person wants to draw more of it, but if they are not careful they will draw too much and burn themselves out. Meaning that they sever themselves from the Source. Doing so will often kill a person or, in the very least , drive them insane from grief of loosing something so very precious. We learn our focus in learning to surrender to something powerful as that."

Ah, that sounds similar to what they've Labeled Black Magic. IT is some of the strongest most refined magic one can access. shape shifting, necromancy, the works are all labeled as black; It's like a drug, Adepts the Wizards don’t pick up often turn to the black, when they don’t die by the demons they often summon, the Warden's are sent in to take care of them." A nod offered as he mused over what she said some more before adding. "Interesting; you mentioned men have to fight to tap into this Energy, why is that?"

"The only answer i can give for that is because it is different." she cast her eyes about for the stone bench she knew was there and turned to go in that direction. Motioning him to follow if he wanted and hoped that he would. "The Source is broken into two parts, Saidar for the women and Sadin for the men. At the beginning of creation of that realm the Creator gave the Source to be used for the good of mankind to a Select few. they were suppose to use it to the good of the world. But you now how power can corrupt and it did so for the men. Or one. It's likened to other religious stories." she sat down on the bench, pushing her hand under her slip of a skirt. "Who we refer to as the Dark One, he was male, took the Source and tried to recreate the world and found allies in other men. they all gathered their power to go against the Creator. The females rose up against the men and the world broke and the Source split and the Creator sealed the Dark One away. Up until a few generations ago men who could use the Source were hunted openly and killed or Severed from it for fear they'd do it again. There was a taint on the male half that made them violent. It's still violent. which is why the males have to fight to control it." She may have a bit of a rambler in her, but she did it for instruction, thinking that what she said needed background information. "Till this day men are predominantly stronger in the Source than females. It can take two of us to bring down one man, if that man is strong. Depending on his strength it can take more. The Source makes them violent and they can access parts of it that the females can only normally only brush against. Though some are the exceptions."

Power Sources {a log} Rysig
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Power Sources {a log} Empty Re: Power Sources {a log}

Post by De'Ryanna Aybara on Fri May 28, 2010 1:20 am

Jamison smiled and shook his head. "We Wizards are still often hunted down and killed. The other members of the supernatural community, not to mention human 'Purifiers' (complete with an air quote.) they all feel the same thing of our magic; all magic is dark magic." Jamison had been into a scrap with purifiers before, they where not to be trifled with; Those arms with unwavering faith in their cause are rather scary even for wizards. That was mulled over in his mind while he listened; Jamison had an assisted memory; within his body dwelled a greater spirit of intellect. and anything he saw, read, or heard got stored away in her memory until the end of time. "Interesting; You say that men where once killed outright for using this 'Source'( no airquotes there). What changed that stopped that? are they still kept under close watch?

"To help... heal that world both parts of the Source were needed and in combining both of them together... the male side was Cleansed. The evil that was on it was supposedly whipped clean and men could channel without the fear of going insane. This is the general belief." General. Meaning that not all of them believe it or think that things are as well as they wanted all to think. "There was some Sisters who still keep a wary eye on the men that can Channel. Males as a sex have a tendency to be more violent. No offense meant." Jamison was a male. "Though it is clear that like ying and yang the two sides can't completely do without the other. If a collection of Channelers, both male and female, were to work together again they could destroy the world again. Or create it how they wanted." That world. Though she had to wonder if the same could happen on this plane.

"No offense taken, As a Sex males do have a history of violence.. I myself am no stranger to such rages; Though they're not always corrupting... properly channeled emotion, in a powerful enough Wizard can level mountains, and raise islands." a nod of the old Wizard's head stepping up beside her and looking down at the water." Such is the case with any people who hold power De'Ryanna... power and greed... It happens shockingly often... I've stopped one myself... a large coven of Witches, thought to purge Russia of all men, trying to end communism." that was an event. it haunted him sometimes.

Strangely enough she laughed at that. It wasn't very loud or long but it was a short laugh that had a musical undertone to it. "Without the male population our problems would be solved, but without them we would still have problems. It goes to say that people with power should be controlled in some way if they do not have the ability to control themselves. As long as they are not treated like animals." In some parts of the world she was from females who could Channel were collared as soon as their talent was discovered and brought to heel like dogs. Thinking of that she went silent for a moment as she found herself on either side of the fence when it came to that particular issue. "What about you, Jamison." She turned her head to look at him. "Why do the things of electrical energy go out when you're around them? Does your Wizarding power pull on the electrical currents?"

“We as Wizards aren't entirely certain as to why electronics are affected as they are in our presence; People think that it was an intentional side effect added during the increasing modernization of human culture. in an effort to Drive Wizards further into obscurity and push us into hiding... Because a large part of who we are is blending in with humanity en large... if we can't go into a store without exploding the light bulbs... what are we to do?" that was just a theory, but the truth was that it wasn’t only electronics that did it; high tech guns, credit cards. they all ceased to function when around a wizard for any extended period of time." Jamison rose his cane so it was in plain view, running a current of energy through it." A wizard's power comes from within; it is amplified by how he channels it and what he channels it through."

"Interesting. You may have had no problem where I was. We had nothing electrical." This partially explained why she was always seen in the long full skirt and bodice. Older style of dress that was only the basics. Her eyes wandered down when she saw him pick up the cane and she connected it with what he was saying. "Does this mean that if your internal spirit is weak then your magic will be weak? Do you have to have a certain level of inward strength to send it through something like your cane?"

"My home, has no electronics in it, I run it on oil..." nodding slowly and lowering his walking stick and once again, leaning onto it. "Exactly; spirit is key, I've seen some of the most powerful wizards in the history of the world, crippled by broken a spirit. As for a focus, It's not hard to use... its more helpful when one has a deep connection to the item; the more for yourself in it, the more useful it can and will be to you."

He said another point that was interesting and she pursed her lips together and lowered herself down to the ground. She kept her skirt clear of her feet and out the way as she reached out to dip her fingers into the water. "Is that the same as the saying people say, of you have to put your heart into it? Do you have to care about what you're doing to be able to use your abilities?" She was steadily watching the water and the circles of waves she was making. "I don't believe ours works like that. Though I can't be sure as I've always seen what I've done as something to be done, how I felt about it not making any difference."

"It is indeed very similar to that saying... its more a matter of belief then caring... you have to believe in doing what you're trying to do... as a matter of fact, that is a wonderful metaphor... thank you De'Ryanna." Jamison seemed extraordinarily thankful at that; perhaps it was something he would use from today on; and a moment of musing on what she said he would ask." can someone force you to use your abilities against your will?" with magic one couldn’t; it was near impossible to force a wizard to do anything against his will, the thread of a death curse was a strong deterrent.

"You're welcome." With his last question…she didn't answer it right away. She knew the answer but it wasn't a good one, and this is why she was focusing her eyes on the water. "Yes. One who can Channel can be forced to do so against their will." It was touching on the topic of Collars. "In the land where people like myself are hunted.. we're see as things that need to be controlled. Collars, with a chain attached to a bracelet, have been created. You put the collar on the Channeler and the wearer of the bracelet can prevent the Channeler from accessing the Source or make that person so things with their power." She pulled her hand out of the water and gave it a single hard shake. "Ironically the only people who can control the bracelet are those who can Channel themselves, they are only of higher class." Nobility in other words. "The Sedai are practically slaves to the royals. Some of them are born to the Collar or made to believe that they need to be collared for their own good." This wasn't something she was too happy about. "Although.. the same can happen for two that can use the Source and are bonded together. It's just a non material chain. "

"I am terribly sorry to hear that, There are a number of specific acts and items that are particularly useful against wizards, I would beg your forgiveness for my not disclosing those particular things ins such a very... public setting." Jamison didn’t want everyone and their cousin to know how to hurt and or kill he and his daughter. "There is no way for one to force a wizard to channel their magic against there will, it simply can not be done... and even trying to is extraordinarily dangerous for the sheer fact that anything with a heart that beats, needs it... and stopping it is very easy for a Wizard."

"Its quite alright Jamison." she said as she stood, using the excess water that was on her fingers and brushed it along her neck. "We all have our secrets.
She was able to say that with a bit of smile. "Seems that you Wizards are quiet resilient to things. yes? Can't be brought down by a stray arrow or whatnot?" he did say that there were ways, but not what they were. It only gave her something to puzzle after. "Sedai usually get protectors, called Warders. The only ones of us who don't are those who pick Red for their color. Those women don't like men in general and their goal, was to capture all men who could Channel. The different circles of Sedai do different things. An organization dedicated to different parts."

Power Sources {a log} Rysig
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