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It's Greek to Me! {le log}

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It's Greek to Me! {le log}

Post by Epiphany on Sun May 16, 2010 3:05 am

Now Epiphany had thought about what she was going to do with Al during the walk back to the room gave it a lot of thought. Truthfully she could have taken Al back to the room she was registered in the Ledger but then how would Epiphany know that she was okay? Or even when she woke up? No. That wouldn't do and that was why she had taken her through the Door and into her own room. Epiphany even did it up to what she thought would make the girl more comfortable when she woke up. Inside the room was lined with pillars made in the greek style. They were white marble with a vine or two wrapping around the bottom base. The floor was a polished granite with specks of dark blue and black mixed it to break up the color. Draping green plants and flowers were in short and tall vases. There was a ceiling, though it was more like a dome and walls? There were none. Looking between the pillars there was lush green landscape and the sounds of birds, trickling water, and filtering female voices here and there. It was very Ancient Greek and why not? Azlin was Greek and to Epiphany it made sense. There was even a stone-carved statue of Azlin near one of the pillars that had her dressed in a flowing toga. Al herself was laid across a canopy bed of light pink and white sheets. many of them were silk and very soft. Epiphany was a ways off to the side with her back to the bed and talking to female who was dressed in a light blue tunic and sandals. Epiphany was dressed the same way, though Al.. well... if she took off the sheet she was under she might feel a bit of a draft. Fortunately it was warm where they were.

Now, after Al passed out, she had no recollection of anything that had transpired. Maybe that was for the best. She did not know what Azlin was, because her mother was beating around the bush on filling her in, almost as if she thought that Al was to fragile. Just as she had seemed to want to tell Gwen about Al in her own way, but Al let that cat out of the bag. Before waking she turned her eyes were still closed. Turning onto her side, the sheets slide over her form, and that was the first thing she felt. Slowly her eyes would pop open, afraid she was to move, from that spot. For the bed she was looking at was not normal. Fingers came up slowly to touch the sheets. Had she had to much to drink last night? That did not make any sense, she hadn't gone out drinking. She had found Epiphany. She would move so she was on her back, before sitting up, bending at the waist, her hands moved up to wrap the sheet around her. She had noticed that she was lacking clothing, and that wasn't the first time that had happened, either. Bright leaf green gaze would dart around, the place, it would seem odd, yet something about it made her feel, comfortable. She felt as if she wasn't quite herself, and that was something that was scaring her as well. She peeked under the sheets to make sure her crystals were still there, because that had cost a pretty penny to have done, and she didn't want to lose any. Once her head came back up out from under the sheets, she called out, what she heard back would depend on what she did next. "Hello? Is" She hadn't seen Epiphany or the other lady.

They were probably hard to see - Epiphany and the other - especially if one wasn't sure if they were really.. where they were or not. When Al spoke it carried in the near empty space and aided by the columns was able to reach their ears of the other two. It helped that the one talking to Epiphany caught Al's movement and had already tapped her shoulder to make her aware. "Oh!" Pip said in surprise before she took the bundle from the lady and headed over to Al. "Hey." said as she got closer. A hand parted the sheet canopy and she slipped inside to sit on a corner of the bed. The bundle she had was that of clothing. In the same light blue Epiphany wore so it was safe to assume that it was the same thing. No undergarments though. There was a strip to manipulate around that bottom half under the tunic if a person wanted to, but that was all. "you're awake. Good. I was starting to think you'd never wake up." she patted the bundle. "Here's something for you to wear. I can't seem to recall what I did with the other clothes we had...."

So see it was a good thing. She called out because she felt as if she wasn't alone, and she wasn't, not really. Normally she might of just assumed that she was on her own, but it wasn't true this time. She had an odd feeling, as if things weren't the same, as they were before. When Epiphany entered and sat on the corner of the bed, she smiled to her. "Epiphany..." That was a name that she would remember, even having only met the girl a few times, she was someone you would remember. And the naked moon time, that was special, right? "I am awake! Sorry? What happened?" That was a good question right? And then the bundle from Pip, she would reach out her hands, the sheet slipping but one corner was caught under her arm pit to keep the clothing up. She laughed, "I am glad I have plenty of clothes with me." Even if she had gotten picked on for the amount of luggage she had brought. She paused a moment, then she decided that maybe the questions would be better after she was dressed. If Epiphany handed Al the clothing she would slip it on over her head, so when the sheet fell she would be covered with the blue tunic. Not that she was very shy, but this morning she felt...strange.

There was no need to be shy about being naked around each other, not after the dancing. what could be odder than that? Well, maybe if she woke up and found Epiphany playing with the jewels... but she knew better and she had left them alone. Some things were private property. "We were dancing around with the Lights and then the feel of the area changed and when I went to pull you along, help you off the rock, you passed out. Couldn't find anything physically wrong with you." Cause they looked! Epiphany had even checked again after she had brought her here. "Though sometimes, when people play around with voice and all that, they pass out at some point. Maybe that's simply what happened to you?" That seemed to make sense. Anyway it was the only thing that she could come up with. "So I brought you here. How are you feeling now?"

Exactly! That shyness was pretty much gone now. It had to be right? It wasn't odd! It was fun until the passing out of course! It was a good thing that she didn't wake up to find Epiphany playing with the jewels cause then it would of been over! "I ate. I haven't been sick." It was so weird. At least she thought it was weird. "Do you think that the voices had something to do with that?" Cause that sounded right to her, the voices, were still playing in her head when she was sleeping but they didn't make any sense. "I feel...odd. Not like myself." It was true, she looked to Epiphany. "This might sound weird...but what do you know about Azlin?" Now she would of asked about Derick, but Az was the one that had her in the room with her, and seemed to be a more focal point of the voices.

"Um...ha." and she laughed a bit then and scooted off of the bed, pushing the back of her tunic down under her as she did. "What don't I know. That's probably a better question and that was because she didn't know much. Epiphany thought that maybe Al knew what Azlin was and, if she didn't, was it really Pip's place to tell? She was never told not to tell...Away from the bed canopy she motioned to Al and stopped. "You can walk right? Yes? I know you just woke up and all that so you might be a bit groogy and weak legged but if you can walk then you should come look at this." Motioning to the statue in the room.. or what of it that could be seen which wasn't much from the viewpoint of the bed as the art was at a side of a pillar so it was nearly hidden.

So then Pip knew alot? That was how the girl was taking it! And so when Pip got up and she would follow suit, the girl did ask if she could walk. She did the same with her tunic letting it fall down a bit, as the standing up from the bed happened. She glanced around, a moment, making sure she did not feel to dizzy. Since she wasn't feeling dizzy, she nodded. "I can walk." And she would move and go to look at the item that Epiphany said she should look at. She moved in the way that Epiphany had pointed at. Stopped when the item was in view not so hidden by the pillar. "That looks awfully a lot like..." And she blinked, yes blinkage was going on, before turning to see where Epiphany. "Are you telling me that Gods are real?" She needed to see if that's what she was saying, because if that was, then it would explain so many things in her head. Like how Az didn't know she was there yet she had to have given birth, if she was normal. How her dad hadn't a clue she was around. All the important things!

Epiphany was sort of standing off to one side and twisting the toe of her sandaled foot into the polished floor, but she was listening to what was being said. "I think real all depends on what you mean." And really she couldn't say much else on that. It's not that Epiphany didn't believe that her Aunt was real, it was only a different belief system than her own so she wouldn't deny or say otherwise. She did like the stories of all the gods and goddesses and what they could do and all that but.. it was a tricky thing. Pip moved closer to the statue and looked down at the base by the feet and slightly squinted her eyes. It was blank and then in the next moment a name was written there. It said: The Goddess Azlin Zoi. "There's a name written there if you're not sure who it is. Didn't you get this stuff in um.. history?" Would it be history? At the orphanage things about the gods was taught in Theology and Mythology, but she didn't know if such things were offered wherever Al got her schooling from. And this way.. as long as Pip didn't say the name first, then she didn't have to worry about lying and say that she never told. Because she didn't. She showed but didn't tell.

Well if she knew that Epiphany and Gwen had Angel in them, the same reaction would of been given, like a for real? She had met a half vampire, but she didn't know what he was, so that didn't count right? All of it was taught in the mythology class. " mythology." And she noticed that Epiphany wasn't saying anything but she could understand that. Loyalty and not spilling the beans! And she moved closer to the base by the feet. Now that threw the girl for a loop. It took a few moments for it to actually crash down on her. And it did, she looked over to Epiphany. "I read about her. She was one of my favorites." It was very true, the parts that were in the myth section, and then her eyes widened. "It is true! They do exist!" Okay she had a m&m's commercial there for a moment, could you really blame her? She paused a moment, "Do you think..that might be why the voices? And why I feel so...odd." Okay she did feel odd and it wasn't because she was naked with a girl under the moonlight, it wasn't the first time, and probably not the last time. She gave a shake of her head, this was to much, yet she was curious.

"You okay?" Realizing that this was probably a lot to take in at one time, especially since she just got up and what had happened before she passed out. Epiphany was watching her for any sings of faltering or fainting. Don't let it be said that she didn't take care of people in her care! Need some water? A guava fruit? Persimmons fruit maybe?" Okay maybe the last suggestion was a type of a joke on her part as that fruit was noted to be the so-called fruit of the gods. Pip did have odd humor at times. She was smiling nonetheless. "Fresh air?" Though.. air was freely flowing in and out of the columned place they were in. warm air, like a nice summer day that wasn't too hot or too cold. "I know that some information is hard to swallow at first, but that could have been due to the voices. You know.. what you found out here."

That was a loaded question, was it not? She thought a moment or three before answering. "I think so." She really did think so. Even though all of that came into her head. She thought about that, a shake of her head, well she started to shake her head before she paused. "Maybe a piece of the fruit. Do you have persimmons?" Hey the girl said it and oddly it did sound rather...good. Oh she knew the whole thing about that too! She shook her head. "No thank you." "The air is fine." It really was. She thought about that, "the voices could have to do with what I see here?" Now that was a bit hard to believe but hey, with everything else. "Epiphany...does that you not just your average mortal?" Why she felt the questions to Epiphany was probably cause she obviously knew that Az wasn't a mortal..and well ...she was there.

Hearing that she would like fruit Epiphany gave a sway to the right and started heading in that direction, walking in a casual pace towards the opposite side of where they were now. "Of course I have them. Would be wrong to offer it and not have it. Persimmons healthy, earth color outside, as delicious as an apricot. Picked at the height of ripeness." She was describing it for a reason. Even as they were walking there was a table where they were walking too that almost seemed to virtually come out of the background. Was it there before? It was hard to tell for it appeared to blend in very well, but it was defiantly there. Getting closer the colors smoothed out but that could have been a trick of the light for sunlight was entering n at various points between the pillars. This particular beam just happened to be by the table. The fruit was there - whole as well as halves and slices - as well as compliments like red and green grapes and apples. And crystal clear water in a tall glass. They were getting closer to all of this. "Unless your voices happened to hitch a ride while I was carrying you and pop into my head, I really doubt that what you see here is their doing." if it was, then it was news to her!

Now when Epiphany started to walk, Al feel into step with her. It was wrong to ask for something and then stand there staring at a statue of well your mother. OH that was still odd! She'd get used to it once everything really soaked into her head. "Oh those sound great." She wasn't just saying that, and when the table appeared to well appear she wouldn't question it. Surely it had been there and she just hadn't seen it right. It looked rather good, she thought the whole little set up there. Before she spoke. "Oh! I thought that you meant that you and well...heck." Maybe that would make more sense to Pip then it did to Al. She smiled before she reached out to take a slice of the fruit. "When I see my mom she is going to have a lot of 'xplainin' to do." Just in general, she did not like not knowing things.

"You should start to do random things." She said, even adding in a very confident nod. "You know, so you can see what you have. Maybe you have like speed or can make flowers grow with a touch. Or die." thinking of that she pursed her lips together and then shrugged after a moment. "Cause you know.. doesn't have to be a 'nice' ability or anything. I don't really know what she had," hiking a thumb back at the statue. "But if I did then that would be a good place for you to start. You said you had dreams? Those could clue you in." She was watching and waiting for Al to actually eat the fruit. When she did it would taste just how it was suppose to be and would be as filling as it should be.. while she was here. Leaving she would be hungry, though there was no need to tell her that. Being hungry later may seem normal.

She let out a laugh, "Do random things and see if anything happens?" That could be bad, but that could be good too. What if something bad did happen....and how was she to know how to well deal with it. She then gave a small shrug, because it did sound like a good thought. "I guess I could try that?" She was thinking on those dreams, and she wondered. Even as she was thinking, she must of been thinking of the way that Azlin walked, because one moment she was standing on the ground, feet flat. The next she was hovering, just a inch above the ground. Now because she didn't know what to think, she spoke rather softly to Epiphany, with a slice of the fruit in her hand. "Did I grow?" That sounded right didn't it? And it would be cause the girl was hungry often.

"More or less...." Talk about going around a question! Epiphany plucked a few grapes and popped them in her mouth. "Thinking happy thoughts?" There was a bit of a joke again in reference to the Peter Pan story: happy thoughts make you fly. "I wonder if you were to step forward or backwards... would you fall back down to the ground? You wouldn't get hurt, you're only about an inch or so off the ground." The wide grin on her face.

That was alot of help. She would think but wouldn't say it out loud. It was the ONLY help she had right now. But then Epiphany spoke and she felt her lips quirking. "Only the best." Thoughts you know! And then she thought about that. "I wonder..." Even as the words were slipping out of her mouth, she would take a step forward. The height stayed the same, and she did not fall nor trip, instead she took another step. She was literally walking on air. "Now, I think I finally understand the saying about walking on air." She looked over to Epiphany, before she though on something else. Epiphany wanted her to fall! And fall far! Naughty girl! "Do you have flowers here?" As in this area, she thought she could try it? See what might happens if she did touch them and thought.

Not that she wanted her to fall, she just had seen a person or two rise in the air to only fall once they realized what they were doing. If Al fell, well, it wouldn't be any worse than taking off a heel shoe, right? "There are flowers. Outside there's a wildflower garden." perhaps it wasn't really a garden as these flowers were randomly growing as part of the green landscape. "Go look." and she started past the table to exit out on of the pillars, squinting her eyes a bit as the full force of the sunlight hit her now that she was outside. It really did look pretty out there with the rolling green hills and even a large three layered porcelain water fountain that wasn't too far away . She was curious as to what Al would do.

That is understandable then! That was true, she was not terribly high seeing it was less then a inch, or a inch at most, she could forgive her for that. She made a small nod of her head. "Oh! I think I should try the flower thing." And just like that she walked forward, floating because she had not really thought about it. Once they were outside, she blinked at the light, and wanted to go bright light, from the gremlins movie but was afraid it would be lost. So she continued on, taking a deep breath of the outdoor air, laughing. She always loved nature but it seemed as if she was more connected with it now. Once she got to the patch where the wild flowers were, she saw one that had not yet fully bloomed. Kneeling she was no longer floating knees on the ground. A deep breath as she reached out to touch the bud. Happy thoughts, for the flower. Slowly the flower started to open, and Al got excited at seeing it happen, but soon that smile faltered, as she looked to Epiphany, "I killed it." The flower itself looked as if it had been old and had a full life instead of a baby. She frowned. IT was as if the fullness of her happiness aged the flower to quickly.

"Mm too much to soon" Oh she had been watching. Not overly close to be a pain, but at a good distance to not miss anything and yet be close enough. "So...." saying as she tapped a finger against her chin. "Maybe it's an emotional thing? You were thinking good things earlier to make you float so.. and I saw how you looked when you touched the flower, then you got excited. You have to take things slow when you start out. you have to learn to handle what you have." that was the best advice she could give her about her abilities, since she didn't have them. But some things were universal - like learning control. Even she had to learn it with her own ability.

She looked at the poor wilted flower and back to Epiphany. "Sorry." She was sorry cause she didn't mean to kill the thing. She had let it drop from her hand, very carefully, before getting up. A nod of her head, as she stood up. "That makes sense. One must learn to control their emotions." Normally she was much better with it, but well it so much new information, all at one time. The piece of fruit was in her other hand, she took a bite from the slice. A thought hit her, if the fruit was the fruit of the Gods and this plant was wilted because of her emotion, maybe...she took the other half of the piece she had, and she squeezed it over the wilted flower. Maybe...maybe something would happen. But she wouldn't watch, because she was already standing up, and popping the slightly squeezed piece into her mouth. No reason to waste perfectly good food. Before sticking her thumb and forefinger in her mouth.

Al was going to God-inize Epiphany's plants! Try to strangle that weed, that's a god-plant you're trying to tangle with, not so easily killed. It was sparking back to life even if Al wasn't looking. "I think that's a lot easier to say than to actually do, the emotional thing. I feel it about my Foster Sister all the time though she doesn't know it. i know its there. Maybe your mom has some tricks on how to control your things without needing any type of emotional control. Maybe not not any...." but she knew what she meant. Right? "I hope you didn't have any where pressing to go or do because I'm not sure how long you were out." she chuckled a bit. "I wasn't paying attention. "

She was! She didn't even realize what she was doing! She thought about that, and gave a small nod. "I am sure, that it is not going to be easy." She gave a small nod of her head, "Your right she would probably be the best one to talk to about all of this." And she would, just wait til she saw her, and she had tons of questions for her. "I do hope there is another easier way to control things." It did make sense to ask the person that she had gotten the whatever it was from, right? She let out a small laugh. "I don't think I did. Winston had a meeting...but he normally doesn't hear back for a few I should be safe." She knew that her boss had a pressing meeting, about getting a building. Otherwise no nothing that was that important. She laughed, "Good thing I woke up!"

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