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Making a trip

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Making a trip Empty Making a trip

Post by Guest on Sat May 08, 2010 8:04 pm

Kyra decided to go see her grandmother for a little while. She felt at peace in the Darkmane Castle and around Sheena. It is no big secret with people that Sheena is the only one of her father's mothers that she accepts and calls grandmother. The other made attempts but she just didn't feel comfortable with her completely something just felt wrong to her. Once she got settled into her room she felt an urge to go out exploring. Eventually she found a room that she found had no outer doors and was only found by a secret passage. She went and looked around before finding a book and sat down at a desk that was there. Kyra started reading the book and couldn't help but smile as she quickly realized it was the history of the Darkmanes and some notes that her grandfather had written. There were even stories of days she knew nothing of but it gave her a greater insight of her parents and the rest of her family. Things were starting to come together when she got a feeling that someone was watching her. Not liking the feeling she put the book on the desk and left the way she came and made her way down to the kitchen as it was soon to be dinner. Hoping Sheena was not looking for her or worried she smiled as she came in to the kitchen. Kyra figured she would speak up before Sheena said something to her.

"Hey grandma, sorry I got a little lost in this room."

Sheena smiled already knowing where she was. Some of the servants report when there is someone snooping around in rooms they should not be in. But she was not angry that her granddaughter wanted to see more of her home. Krow would have been happy to know she found her way to his secret study.

-It's fine did you find everything you wanted on this trip?-

Kyra shrugged a little and sat stood across the counter watching Sheena cook. Grabbing a carrot from the plate she munched on it before she spoke again.

"Anything I can do to help?"

Sheena looked around and shook her head.

-Take the plates to the table and have a seat. Dinner is ready but thank you for asking.-

They sat and talked through dinner while Sheena told Kyra stories of her dad and even some of her mother. The only stories she wasn't able to tell just yet were those of Krow. After they were done eating a servant came in and whispered to Kyra. A bright smile crossed her lips as she looked to Sheena.

"May I be excused? Amadeus is here and evidently has a present for me."

Sheena smiled and nodded. She knew of the present and it was her late birthday present now that she is up to company and has a better attitude about her life.

-Go ahead he has been around asking about you a lot lately. Have fun and don't stay out to late.-

Kyra smiled and gave her a hug before running off to see her friend. His back was to her and she pounced him playfully and unfortunately knocking him over.

"Hey there. Long time no see."

Amadeus laughed as he fell to the ground face first with her on his back. Shaking his head and quickly turning with her on top of him and grinned. Being in a playful mood as she seemed to be he tickled her and got her on her back. With a smirk he leaned in close making her think he was going to kiss her before he whispered to her.

Someone is in a good mood this time. I like seeing you so happy but you should remember who you are dealing with when you decide to be playful.

He kissed her cheek and got up holding out his hand to help her up and grinned.

Let's go outside I have something for you. I've been waiting for the right time to give it to you.

He turned and knew her well enough to know she would be right behind him. She was the curious one of the two and that is what made them such good friends. Once they got outside she would see a pure bred black Arabian horse. It was fully saddled and ready to go and there was another one there that was a gift to someone else. The other was a mustang that was brown with a white diamond on the face. Kyra would be able to give that one to who ever she wished. This one was also saddled and ready to go.

Kyra stopped at the door and looked at him as if he were crazy standing next to the two horses. She shook her head at him.

"Amadeus what is this all about?"

It's your birthday present. The black Arabian is your present from me and the brown mustang is a present for anyone you want to give it to. Why don't we take a ride first to see what you think of them. The Arabian's name is Slepnir but you have to choose the name for the other.

Once he stopped talking she gave him a great big hug and went to the horse and ran her hand down its back with a huge smile. Before she realized it he lifted her up and put her on the horse and was on the other before she could blink.

"You are crazy Amadeus simply crazy. Race you to the cliffs."

And off she went racing and giggling with Amadeus right on her heels. Once they made it to the cliffs they sat and talked about everything that she was feeling and he just sat and listened to her. Feeling better they made their way back to the castle. After their ride Amadeus went back to his home and hugged her goodbye leaving her at the front door. After a goodnights sleep Kyra woke up the next day and packed her bags trying to figure out how she was going to get both horses back to the inn because she knew who she was going to give the other horse too and she already had the name picked out.

Once she got downstairs she found Sheena in the main room with bags sitting next to the chair. Sheena was tiding somethings up and was giving instructions to the servants and when she would be back. Looking up she smiled to Kyra.

-I hope your bags are packed. We have a long ride back to the inn.-

"Really?? You are going to come with me?"

Kyra ran and hugged Sheena and did a happy dance. Running back up she grabbed her bags and was back down before she knew it. The ladies went out front where the horses were already to go and the bags were put on the horses and each helped up on them. And so the trip back to the inn began.


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Making a trip Slepni10


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