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They Wasted No Time [Closed]

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They Wasted No Time [Closed]

Post by Damon Fauci on Tue Apr 06, 2010 12:44 am

Once outside the inn, Damon wasted no time.  A sweep of his long pale fingers indicated that once they'd walked the inn's front path they would be turning to the right.  Thoughtful of her - the fact that she was human, the fact that she had a shorter gait - he kept watch on his pace so that she might keep up.  Nevertheless, Damon would make certain that they would walk as quickly as it was comfortable for her.  "I should warn you, Bella, what exactly we will find that will be to your benefit I do not know.  Beyond the place itself, of course.  Anyone who has. . .unique needs should know of this place, and yet it is known only to those who have put forth the effort to find it.  It is no short distance away, near ten miles, I think.  All but one of those miles can be traveled by any means.  The last must be made on foot.  How would you care to make the journey, Titania?  I leave it up to your preference."  While he wanted to make certain his business was taken care of, he was in no great rush.  If this trip was made out of haste, what Titania would learn would be diminished and the purpose of bringing her lessened.

She followed along, as she had the time before.  She did not question Damon's motions.  In fact she was glad that he did move the way he did with giving her a thought.  She bobbed her head as they walked along.  She took in his words, and really the only thing that needed her input was her preference of travel for the roughly nine miles.  She did not want to take up his whole night, and if they walked that was exactly would it would do.  So she paused and looked to him.  "Do you suppose you could take us to the spot we need to travel to by foot?  It would make the journey quicker, so that we might be able to find what your looking for with more time?"  She thought that might be the best effort. 

"Of course I could.  I have my reasons, however, for choosing not to travel by such a means tonight."  Damon also had his reasons for choosing not to rent a car to take them to this destination.  "And so, we will have to endure a ride in a taxi.  I do hope you have a strong stomach, as many of these drivers have never heard the words 'smooth' and 'turn' in the same sentence before..." A beastly smirk adorned his lip as he walked them to the nearest corner.  The efficiency in which the man was able to hail a cab within second was nothing short of impressive.  Making his desires known without lifting a physical finger was something the vampire had perfected centuries ago.  When it pulled up to the curb, Damon opened the door with a fluidity that was clearly inhuman.  A beckon of his fingers to motion her inside.  "After you, Bella."

She was not rather picky, so when he said a taxi she gave a nod of her head.  No questions were asked, she figured his reasons were his own and she wasn't one to question them.  "I doubt that many a taxi driver has had as much experience as you."  She blinked at how quickly he got that cab hailed, and she would move to slip inside when he motioned for her to.  "Thank you."  He knew it was a impressive skill, she didn't have to point that out.  Then she moved on the seat to the other side, so that he could sit comfortably as well. 

After she was settled in the backseat of the car he followed suit, shutting the door crisply behind him.  There was something deeper to his syllables as he spoke the address to the taxi driver.  With pointed application of his thrall, it took only a word to put someone's mind in the pleasantly pliable state of Theta.  Considering he had several words to say to the driver, the task went all the smoother.  "Saint Augustine's, on the corner of Ripley and Arden."  The response was the car lurching forward, cutting into traffic and making a fast left turn.  If the duty of cab drivers is to take their clients were they wish to go, why did Damon bother putting him under the influence, so to speak?  The answer was simple.  When the  moment came that the driver dropped them off and drove away, he would have no recollection of Damon, Titania, or the ride.  As always, the vampire had his reasons. To Titania he said only this, "I drive as I play the piano.  If one doesn't care to master the instrument they control, then one may as well not bother with it at all.  Whether they will live fifty years or five hundred."

When Damon spoke, he had that sound that was rather pleasant.  It was odd the sounding of his words, but that wasn't a big thing, she had a trust in him.  Which some might consider odd, but that was that, he had earned it the first night.  They had spoken and no punches were pulled on either side.  Honesty.  And it was probably for the best, if he thought that it was to be that way, she was not going to question him.  Besides, she had seen people that were looking for others, and it was probably for the best.  "You do have a good point.  But sadly many just think that they should be driving simply because they can."  She might not have as much experience, but she drove better then the taxi driver.  She was wondering if they were going to make it there alive, okay Damon would make it in one piece but would she?

Therein lies the other reason that Damon had established sway over the man.  If the way the man maneuvered the car became unbearable, the vampire would steer the driver's mind far better than the man steered his own wheel and the travel would be smoother.  There was no reason for Damon to intercede as of yet, as the cab driver was only doing the normal reckless weaving in and out of traffic in order to get his clients to their destination an astonishing minute faster than they would have reached it otherwise.  "It is a rather grave misnomer that extends to all other manner of choices and actions - simply because they can is usually what makes lives end far more prematurely than they should.  Whether it's simply because they can smoke and drink, or simply because they can take bribes, and so on and so forth.  Have you ever done anything, Titania, simply because you can?"  While the majority of his attention was on the road they sped down, he took the time to briefly cast a glance at his pupil and to flash her a wan, wolfish smile.

That would of been a comforting thought.  Not that she knew about that, but it would of been.  And it was true there was nothing to bad about the mans driving yet.  Not to say that it would stay that way.  She thought about that, had she really ever done something simply because she could?  "I am sure that I have...but at the moment...I can't think of it.  Well I did come with you simply because I could?  But I don't think thats what you mean?"  But she didn't know for sure, maybe he did. She caught that wolfish smile.  "I drive, but its because I don't want to walk everywhere.  Ooo! I got a new car, so I am not helpless anymore, when it comes to my brother.  I gave him the old car."  SHe nodded her head, it had been paid off long ago, and she wouldn't of gotten much for a trade in for it either.

"Hmm.  It could be what I mean?  Or it may not be what I mean at all."  The manner in which the corner of Damon's lips curled plainly suggested that he knew just how enigmatic his reply was.  Raven black eyes watching the road and the driver closely, he would add this for Titania's benefit.  "That depends, you see, on the outcome of the evening.  I'd wager you have little reason to worry.  Where we're going, simply knowing how to get there is information so valuable I'll most likely teach you how to lock your thoughts from others before we part ways tonight.  Unless this is a skill you already possess?"  He turned away from watching the road long enough to set his bottomless black eyes upon Titania, before turning away again.  "And congratulations, moreover, on your newfound freedom.  To be beholden to others, never an ideal circumstance."  Quite suddenly the car made a right turn so sharp that the tires protested from the handling.  "I hope you didn't eat a large dinner, Bella..."

[. . .To be continued.]
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