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•§• Reflections of Memories •§•

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•§• Reflections of Memories •§•

Post by Airtia S. Cauthon on Sat Apr 03, 2010 2:25 pm

||Hello, as things have been progressing I thought it would be interesting to put up an old post I did years ago of when Airtia gave her children away. I like it because it shows a side of Airtia and Tyger that no one sees. Anyway... it's not long and I'll probably add on to this thread with other glimpses of the past from either Airtia or De'Ryanna. Enjoy! ||

---- To everything, there is a time and a season....

Seasons came and seasons went. Day turned into night only for the sun to rise once more when the moon tired of its place in the heavens. Everything had its time.

People believed that they could change their fates, change the destiny that had been pre-planned and laid out for them since before they were born. They couldn’t, and in believing that they could they only brought unnecessary pain to themselves and other people.

This wasn’t her. She had been playing a part for years, being someone who she wasn’t, and in that time her real nature had been stifled. The past few weeks, the months of separation, the connection and the bond, they were all playing an effect upon her. Airtia sat now, in front of the fireplace in her living room, silver eyes watching as the flames licked along the wood. In her fingers was the soft covering of her children’s bedsheets.

“Momma, momma, look!” The twins were just a few months over a year but they were already walking and speaking in small phrases. Airtia was watching as the boy and girl ran in circles around her as they tried to catch one another. She laughed as Junior jumped in her lap to take shelter from his sister, who Airtia had taken to calling Danny. Those were happy times.

The sound of the children’s laughter was echoing in her head and she held that blanket close to her heart. Her children were one of the only things she had left.

---- The Silence of the Answer

Tyger had done what he could but it wasn’t enough to stop his Master from what she had set her mind on doing. He watched from the nursery window, as the light from lanterns grew bigger and the people carrying them walked up the hill to the house. If cats could cry he would have shed a tear as he heard a familiar song coming from the lips of his Master.

Airtia was holding a child in each arm, singing a song that always broke his heart even though this was only the second time he ever heard it. The first time was when she had sent her foster daughter away six years ago. Now the twins were resting peacefully, entranced in the magic of their mother’s song.

The cats’ eyes blinked and he brushed his face with his paw as he saw the females outside knock upon the door. Normal people could never find the mountain, not unless they were previously invited or one of his Master’s people. The song faded and he could feel those eyes looking at him before Airtia turned and left the nursery, heading to the front door. Tyger couldn’t hear all the exchange between his master and the women, but he knew, yes he knew.

The children were being given to those of her Order, a group of females who had sheltered her when there was a need. They would keep the children safe and deliver them to the proper Foster home till their mother went back to claim them. First they would be taken to the Tower. It was made clear that needed to be their first stop.

Airtia didn’t return to the nursey like he expected her too, though he waited there for her. After a while he hoped down off the sill and traveled down the stairs. The house was so quiet, if he didn’t know better he would have thought Airtia had left out, but he knew she was there. She wasn’t hard to find. When he came off the stairs he peered around the wall to the living room and saw her sitting by the fire. Silent.

---- When the long night comes

Standing she looked at the encased sword that rested over the fireplace. A rather large sword was propped up for display. The blade was concealed in a sheath made of dark leather, rune markings running up and down along the blade. The hilt looked worn, but it was still sturdy and when Airtia reached into the casing and held it in her hands she felt a jolt go through her.

This sword had history, a bloody history, that was about to be revisited. It was all too familiar, the feel of it in her hands, and how it gave a slight pull on her shoulders as she set it in it’s place upon her back. This was all she needed.

When she turned from the fireplace she saw Tyger right where she expected to find him, standing in the doorway watching her. A nod was given to him and she started out of the house, of course, he would follow. There was someone she had to see before she left, but her mind was made up. She would go, but was she gone for good?

That was to be seen.
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