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Walking With the Wizard. -:{ A Logish }:-

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Walking With the Wizard. -:{ A Logish }:- Empty Walking With the Wizard. -:{ A Logish }:-

Post by Gwendolyn Zoi on Sat Nov 14, 2009 1:36 am

((The first part of this log was eaten by the Aim))

That was really a good question, one that suprised the old wizard, most people in the know when it came to suiper natural didnt care much about the wee folk."I imagine it would put the group as a whole in disarray for a while... but then they would select another to speak for the group... but I cant recall any recent memory of a speaker being taken, they tend to be the oldest and smartest of the group. a little harder to catch." there was another nod from the wizard."though... its an entirely different story if you have one of their true names."

She did have those, even if they didn't always come out the way that she wished that they would. She listened rather quietly when he spoke, for she did like the learning, even if things got jumbled in her head. One wouldn't be surprised if she confused the fae with goblins at some point of time. It was just how it worked. But then he caught her attention. "There name? Does it hold real power over them? Like Rumpelstilkin?"

"indeed. exactly like him. might want to be careful when you say that though, since that book was published he gets alot of people bugging him" Yes he was implying Rumplestiskin was indeed real. and he was a very very cranky member of the Courts of Faerie."But it doesnt only work on the Fae, anything really. if you know its full true name spoken form their own lips... that is an open door to that person's being for someone with enough power and the know how to use it."

She blinked, "You mean he is real?" She studied him a moment, "Did he ever say what he wanted with a baby? If he's very grumpy, wouldn't a baby just got on is last nerve, all the care it would need?" So maybe that wasn't thought about in the average, but she thought it! Then she looked thoughtful, "Do you know him?" She thought a moment, "So...if someone knows what they are doing, and you give them your name, its giving them a power over you?"

"I dont know what he wanted with the child... but I will say that there are some of the darker fae have more... intense culinary tastes" that was sugar coating for telling her that he thought maybe rumplestiskin wanted to eat the baby, that was not unknown in the darker circles of the unseele court of the fae." No, no I havent, The more infamous fae, tend to be immensely powerful, far out of the league of anyone short of one of the Queens of Faerie

Of course giving it to her sugar coated let her make her own conclusions. And that could be good or bad, it would all take time for it to come out of her mouth to see how it ended up. She gave a small nod then a blink, "Is Tinker Bell real too?" She thought if he knew of one real one she read about she could ask that as well. She paused in thought, "So the Queens of Faerie aren't the same as the group leaders that appear to people? Right?"

"tinker bell? No, I dont think so though she is one fo the wee folk, so I imagine she is based upon someone that the author knew..." Jamison stepped back then, and tapped his cane on the ground. dragging it in a circle, digging into the dirt just a bit creating a circle around him. when it was complete the wizard turned the hand of his cane to revear a sword, the blade of which he scraped across his thumb. welling a bit of blood to the pad of his thumb. following the closing of the cane down , he made a show of carefully kneeling down. eyes closed as he presed the bloody thumbprint down at the rim of the circle he just created." This, is a magic circle, its a place that one can use to channel in magical energy... and here, its going to help me better illustrate my thoughts...." the circle snapped to a shut and gave a constant hum of power." there..." pushing up on his cane to stand, pulling from his pocket a handkerchief which he used to clean his thumb before shoving it back into his pocket."Now, The Fae, are more then the elves, or the wee folk that I was speaking about. they're an expansive family of creatures, living in two factions..." from the opposing pocket came a handful of dust which he tossed into the circle bringing to life an image of a wonderfully beautiful sunny landscape." The Selee or summer court..." a flick of his hands and the imagine chanced to that same landscape but seen as a winter wonderland." and the Unselee of Winter court. understand so far?"

She pulled a sad face, she was so excited for a moment that there really was a Tinker Bell. Then when he stepped back, she stepped back away at the same time, instinct perhaps? Then she saw him cut himself and she had the urge to press something to it to stop the bleeding but she had a feeling he had it for a reason. Just that urge, which she was good and pushed back, and didn't move from her spot. She nodded a bit, "They both look so nice." But she was following, "Summer Court and Winter court." Don't ask her to remember the other terms for that would be to much...and could get dangerous in her mind.

"Not all of Faerie looks like that, there are extremes in either direction. but they're at war with one another.And Have been since time began, each court is run by three women. The queen that was, the queen that is and the queen that will be." three woman, dressed in beautiful sun gowns appeared, on young, one old one in her prime. and then three woman almost mirroring them in the same positions. And the war changes tides, and you get to see the effects in the changing of the seasons. And Within these lands, you'll see all sorts of creatures... true story about the Fae is that any creature in any faerie tale, is more or less a part of Faerie Albeit there is a great deal of artistic lisence taken... most of them arent very nice beings."

She blinked a moment, "Why are they warring? Why can't they just meet in the middle and have the queens take turns or work together?" She frowned, "IT doesn't seem like it would be a healthy place with the Summer and Winter fighting all the time." Although it could seem to effect there seasons all over, but she still thought they should just try to mend whatever was broken. "So most of the Faerie are not helpful little creatures?"

She did not like the sound of this, not one bit, it was ruining all those fairy tales she had read....she was a avid reader, which is why everything and everyone got mixed up in her head. She didn't usually take to much time to process a book, or even finish one before starting another.

"Well, its sort of like whats meant to be, they war because they're supposed to. but its not like open warfare, its more like the cold war. not much actual fighting. and they're not all big and mean. things, there are some nicer ones. like the Gruffs." a motion his hands and a group of bipedal billy goats. starting at about four feet and ending at about sixteen feet tall." they work for summer, not nececarily the nice guys, but they're true to the story, they like to protect their own... you never want to muck with a gruff, because there is always a bigger and meaner billy goat gruff..." and there was a motion of his hand then and another creature appeared. "The Seven Dwarves, they where real too, and according to legend they protected a wizardess in order to help topple a usurper to the throne in Faerie..."

She gave a small nod of her head, "So they are at war..because its what they are suppose to do. But don't they ever just want to go shopping together?" They were females! And then she blinked, "They are real?" And then he moved on, "The Seven Dwarves are real? Is Dopey really real? He always was my favorite in the story." She had a tender heart for the one that didn't always seem to fit in. "They had a big role then?" She was all excited it was hard to keep her emotions in check, something she was still learning and struggling with at times. But for now, she just had that look of a child at Christmas getting told that Santa really was real!

"I dont know how particular their names where... these are legends. the particulars are lost in time... and perhaps they do go shopping, but I do believe it would be for more then finding the latest fashions. it would be to find out more about the others..." Jamison, closed his eyes then and gave a tap of his cane, motion brought to the pictures int he circle like a hologram." they did, in fact they are the ones who really killed the usurper to the throne. Dwarves are miners, and as such, the only creatures in faeire able to work Iron... to any other fae, Iron burns, it kills them, for them just touching iron would hurt them. any more, poisons them, its like a taint for them, they call it the Bane. and the dwarves, are immune to the bane, so they wore iron clothes, and used iron weapons to restore the throne to the proper queen."

She blinked, "That isn't common knowledge is it? The iron?" She knew it would take a lot for someone to bring forth the fae if they weren't suppose to, or so she hoped but what if they knew that? And they did something evil with it. She looked worried. "I mean they are protected from it somehow aren't they when they appear here?"

"No, in fact it is sometimes much worse when they are here. which is why the bigger meaner, older ones dont usually come out here of their own volition." a nod. and jamison waved his hand again, the hologram within the circle disipating. though the hum of power still there." and it is fairely common knowledge... common enough for any wizard worth his salt to carry around a few of these." from his pocket came a single iron nail.

She blinked, "So when they come here they are even weaker towards Irons?" That did not sound very well. In fact now she was worried about them. Not that they needed her to worry but she did! And then she paused, when he had a nail. Her eyes got wide. "Jamison are you a bad or a good wizard?" Of course, she was taking a jump there, when he said any wizard worth his salt and pulled it out. She hadn't felt any strange buzzing, or tingles...but what if her angel senses were outta whack?!

"I am a Warden of the White Council of Wizards... I am very much a good wizard... Though, it is my purpose to seek out those who practice in the black and remove them." he said very simply. a toe moving forth to scruff out the circle which went away with a bit of a muted sounding pop. the sound of the magical energy rushing back into place after being displaced by the circle.

She peered at him, hazels not wavering for a full moment. Which was long for her right now. Then she smiled, "I was hoping you weren't bad and evil." She nodded her head, "Not that everyone that is bad is evil and not all evil is bad." She thought a moment, "Though removing the other's doesn't sound to nice. But is that because they would remove you if they had the chance?" Of course, he didn't have to answer her, but she was rather curious. And that was why she had to ask things.

"Indeed, those who practice the black do often fear my presence. And magic is very much a I get you before you get me sort of situation. so they usually try to get me first, when they think I cant see them." he cracked a smile and then leaned into his sword cane some." Though I am veyr good, and one has to get up extremely early in the morning in order to get one over on ol Jamison."

She gave a small nod of her head. Sensing that he was once more telling the truth, and really he wasn't attacking her, so there was nothing to fear from him right? At least for now. She blinked, "So..Wizards can go invisable?" She started to look around the area, before he got her attention back. " did you find the inn? Do we have a bad wizard there?"

She was right to keep her guard up, in fact she would find that even this moment Jamison was on his guard as well. hell he was on his guard int he shower and when he was asleep. but he did laugh, she was certainly an enquiring mind, it was something he could greatly appreciate."We cant really go invisable, but we can convince you that we're not visable, they're called veils, and its more or less a magic curtain, that is up and looks like the area around us...." and when she asked why he was here, jamison shook his head." I dont know if there are any practitioners of the black here... I'm here to take a sabatical from my work." technically true, she didnt need to know that he had angered one of the summer queen with his being a zealot for the laws of magic

It was probably best when people wanted to kill you. Not that Gwen knew anything about that, for who would want to kill her? No one that she knew, at least not that she knew she knew ya know. Now it was a good thing that he liked that sort of mind because here it went again. "Well, if you can use a veil and blend in with the surrounds, would it cause a ripple when you moved, or breathed where you would only be spotted iffen one looked right at you at that very moment? Or how would you be able to tell there is a veil even if your watching your area's very closely?" She let out another small breath, "Those are good I think, taking a rest so you don't get so burnt out." Not that she had ever taken one, for she really hadn't worked, before. Save for her helping with the kids at the farm.

"well, me, I'm a combat wizard, I'm not all too skilled with subtler magic like veils, my veils would be obvious like that, but there are veils that are so entirely perfect that they say wizards themselves have become lost in them. Though it is what protects me that keeps me a formidible being . and prevents someone in a veil from taking a potshot when my back is turned."

She gave a small nod of her head as she listened. "So it depends, can you sense other wizards being a wizard?" She then nodded before dropping her voice just a bit, "What is a potshot?" That was a term she hadn't heard before but it did not sound all to pleasureable.

"Not really, there is an ability that wizards have called the Sight, it allows us to see the energies that surround people, to see what they truely see themselves as. that is the closest we get to being able to see when another wizard is working the art." a nod then followed by another small smile," A pot shot is a shot taken at someone when their back is turned

"Oh! What sort of energies do you see with me? Good ones? Bad ones?" Surely not bad ones or he wouldn't be sharing so much with her right? Least that was how her mind was working currently. "Though it is probably a good thing that you can do that with other wizards." She nodded a bit, before blinking, "That doesn't sound very nice at all! I mean if your going to be attacking someone you should at least give a lil hello I am George and I am here to attack you! Stand guard!" Okay so that probably wouldn't work to well in the real world when it was kill or be killed.

"Oh I dont know, we dont make a habbit of walking around using the Sight all the time, the things you see in the Sight stay with you, you can never ever ever forget them, you always remember them as if they had happened seconds ago... and there are things that you can see , that are terrible..." he did pause though and closing his eyes."Seeing though, as how it is only you and I here, I might be able to tell you safely." and he opened his eyes which looked different now, the color of his iris gone, just pupils amidst whiteness. what he saw, was what she saw herslef as. how Gwendolyn pictured herself in her minds eye

She blinked a moment, as she looked at him. "So its something you turn on and off? And the things stay with you forever!?" That just sounded crazy. And then he closed his eyes, she shook her head not that he could see it. "Oh dear me...I don't think that you should do that. What if you..." And then his eyes were open and they were not the same eyes that he had before! And well how did Gwendolyn picture herself. She really didn't think about herself that often. When she did try to think of herself, she though about being there for her friends, and taking care of Leoette. That little kitten was so dear. And the adventure to find the kitten...and yes a good friend!

"Yes, its one of the few graces about it."he watched her for a moment, before looking off and away and closing his eyes and taking another deep breath and opening his normal eyes."You are a young lady who looks to care for all of those around her... a very good soul... one of the things I dont mind carrying about with me for the rest of my life. thank you." offering a polite bow to her.

She just couldn't imagine carrying something bad around with her forever. She liked to think of happy thoughts like rainbows and unicorns. With everything she had been experincing she was begining to think that they were all real. She relaxed a bit seeing that his normal eyes were back in place. She smiled, she was rather glad that it wasn't something bad. "Whew!" Then she blinked, "Why are you thanking me? I should thank you for telling me such things." She nodded a bit. Before she noticed that the time was slipping past. "I fear I must go in pretty soon...its time to feed Leoette."

"well if I have something good to look back on, the bad things arent as bad. yes its always a full pool, but its a pool that is filled with both." And when she said she should be going he smiled and gave a nod."Very well, Thank you for sharing your time Ms. Gwendolyn. and be safe this evening." another respectful bow to her before speaking more." If you would ever like to learn more, please do not hesitate to ask, I am here at the inn, and am rather easy to locate."

She thought a moment, as his words hit her and then she nodded. "That does make sense." Her smile came naturally once more upon her face, when she smiled it did not stop at her lips, no it touched her eyes. "Thank you for all the information Mr. Jamison! I do hope that we run into each other again." She rather was pleased that he did not seem to get flustered with all her questions, and he was rather good with explaining things for her to hopefully remember later on.

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