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Life is worth it...

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Life is worth it...

Post by DrDonaldBlake on Fri Jul 10, 2009 1:24 am

There where times when it was that the Great God of thunder and lightning needed help from small gimpy Doctor Donald Blake. as it turned out in this instance it really was something that required the mortal help of someone who wasn't a giant Nordic mass of muscle with a giant hammer and a cape. Usually wasn't the best handle on a situation when it involved women in general, let alone a woman who was in extreme duress. Emotional Duress was especially bad, like a women who had been shunned by her lover who decided that he wanted to stay with his wife. It's that reason and that reason alone that Donald was walking up behind the woman, as clichι as it sounded standing on the roof of a new york sky rise. as it turned out it was the mans building, where he lived. best way to garner his attention one could imagine. donald who was still dressed in his doctoral best. white lab coat, khaki's and a blue button down with a tie hanging loosely around his neck.." As a Doctor miss, I cant imagine that what you're probably thinking about doing there... is pretty bad for your health." Good ol middle American accent, with a friendly tone. Donalds steps could be heard growing closer. the sound of his steps preceded by the thunk of a walking stick, something Donald carried with him at all times. had to, sort of his thing.][d

The temptation was not one born of impulsiveness. To just end it and be done with the continual fight within herself. Shelia had given herself, heart, mind, body and soul to a man that promised her the world, and gave her nothing but fleeting moments of his time, distracted moments at that. What was it that he used her for? The sex? Likely not, he could get that anywhere, her money? Possibly. She inherited enough that it made that a likely scenario. The voice behind her interrupted her train of morose thought. She had attempted to channel this pain into her art. Sculpting morose and morbid figures, painting dark, blurry oils on canvas, and stepping back only to find it still remained within her. She loved him, though he was married. She had debased herself by begging him to stay, she could still hear her own voice breaking, then shaking with desperation. Even now, as she turned to see the man in a white lab coat, her cheeks flamed with the humiliation of what she had done. Even worse, what she would do again if she thought it would gain her the love she could not seem to let go. "How would you know it's worse than what my life is now? How could you know that feeling nothing, going into blackness, would by far be superior to this....this pain..?" Her brows drew together, the simple jeans and loose button down shirt, smeared with if she'd left her easel and walked directly to this ledge. *

"Well, I've been dead and knew about it before... that is pretty harsh." Thunk, thunk, thunking his way up to stand beside her, looking out over the city and then he leaned over a bit to look down at at the ground before looking up at the woman beside him." And life is certainly much better, regardless of howmuch it hurts to think about going on living... Names Donald by the way Donald Blake." he picked up his walking stick and held it in both hands examining it. carefully before he went on." I'm guessing It was a man, a man who came into your life, and was the shiniest picture of great amazing manliness... but really wasnt that at all commited to you... and for some reason he left you, in favor of the wife and family he had elsewhere... right?" Thor knew stuff, and that stuff is the reason Donald was here tonight. in order to help this woman. "Which is why we're here... and you're thinking that this might garner his attentions completely if only one time... right?"][d

Her mouth parted to speak...the jaw flexing as she struggled to deny his words. But the flaming arrow of pain would not allow her to deny it, not at this point. She turned to see the cityscape again, feel the wind that lifted the strands of paint tainted hair, searching the horizon for some sort of answer, some guide, some anchor. Then realizing it was standing at her side. Her upper lip curled upward, bitterness a strong residue. "He would have to live with the guilt, with the memory of what he's would cause him a little hurt as he hurt me.." She glanced toward Donald again, and even in the midst of this mess, there was a glimmer of charm, of a beguiling female who knew how to use her gift to the utmost. "Forgive the rudeness, considering the situation, Donald Blake, I am Shelia Havenworth. At least, I think that's who I am.." *

"I can imagine that he would, in fact live with that guilt... but i dont think it would be for long... dudes a sleezeball..." said with a small head bob of a nod at the woman. returning his own smile, a bit of boyish charm. and he spun the wlaking stick around one hand and then let his smile fall." You have a very beautiful smile Shelia Havenworth... and I could venture that you always have... that always, in yoru life you've longed for something-someone... someone specific... that for some reason you could never find, you've come close before, until of course you met this man... and you thought he was your one, the one you where longing for..." Go donald! with the lame ass segway onto being a creepy sounding Stalker person. that is most certainly a good way to garner someones trust." I know , or have an Idea... because I at one time was in a very similar place.... living life... well a half life really... not really at all sure what I was supposed to do, or feel.][d

She prickled at his words, they struck far too close to home..and for a moment, the world revolved on a memory, one she did not recognize. A series of flashing scenes, of a woman that was her, and yet something more. Lethal, dangerous, powerful with an ability to charm and beguile all but the one thing she wanted most of all. It took her breath away and in that instant, Shelia had to close her eyes against the onslaught. She lifted a hand as if to ward off this man who stepped into her darkest moment. "Then you must options are very limited here. As you, I have no idea what to do, as for what to feel, there are too many emotions to pinpoint just one. I don't have to live this way...." There came a tip of her nose, the aristocratic features, even smudged with paint, were obvious. "Tell me, Donald Blake, what did you do? How did you survive it?" *

The answer was simple, donald knew that, he also knew how crazy it sounded. but what the hell. she was listening while he was still talking, and that was something worth while." Truthfully... I literally just found this stick. this walking stick ..." picking it up into both hands again, gripping it tightly , eyes on it for a moment and then back to the woman." and I was awakened... my hight purpose realized. "Shelia, we have that higher calling in common. a life lived, memories had that was not ours to claim to begin with... and a great pain, a sadness that was not meant for a mortal soul to handle, Its the reason I became a doctor, destined to help those in need... You have a higher calling as well... meant for greater things then to end your life in jumping off a building to spite some man... and I know i can awkaen you as well... but you need to step back fromt he ledge with me ."[[d

Who was this man? He appeared out of nowhere, told her of her life, and then seemed to understand she was having some strange visions of another life. She chalked that up to mental duress, the extreme pain she was going through, or at least she did until he revealed his own knowledge. Curiosity seeped through the rest of the emotions. Even the pain was temporarily numbed by this overriding sensation. To be awakened? Was it like that, did a person have to go through pain to arrive at a certain point where other things were revealed? She did not know, but what she did know was that she could not resist taking the first step back from the ledge..away from the danger, and clasped her hands together in a tight, skin whitening hold. Not quite wringing them, but clutching for sanity's sake at least. *

" good... thank you..." another one of those boyish smiled and he pulled her back from the ledge a bit more. and have a nod." Stay here, and dont move... what happens next is a little jarring. " And Donald stepped from her then, farther into the center of the roof of the building they where on, limping along with his walking stick. raising it high above his head , and then with a bit of great effort onthe doctors handsome face, he brought the walking stick slamming down onto the roof. which brought forth from the clear skies a great arc of lightning. which strick the stock in Donalds hand which was followed by a great flash. which when faded left a man that was not Donald standing where he had been previously was a very broad, very tall man. arms and legs covered in an armored scale mail. which dissappeared into boots, anchient and buckled to his knees . and a blue tunic that wrapped around his large body."Amora... Goddess of Asgard...That... is your true name child." his voice was powerful, deep, but there was a sense of carring in his words. slowly the man stood. comming to a veyr forboding six foot ten inches tall. clasped in his right hand was a large stone hammer. words at this moment unreadable etched into the side of it." My heart Greves for you... you have born with you a great and unquechible thirst... as donald stated...such is not meant for a human soul... Tell me child... reach within... speak forth my name... and begin your realease." somewhere somewhere deep within her being she knew the man before her.][d

Shelia had heard stories of being reborn, of experiencing something supernatural, but her encounters with it had been mainly dreams. Dreams of another place, another time, but were all attibuted to just that..dreams. When that stick hit, and the shockwave extended to encompass Shelia, she felt the very atoms shift and change. The moment she saw him, she knew. "Thor..." The word issued like a caress, familiar and filled with revelation. In that moment, she became Amora. Asgardian Goddess, taller in height, fuller in curves, the clothing was that of boots laced to her upper thighs, and a vest that was criss crossed at the waist with a thick belt. Long honey gold hair swirled around her torso. The release had only begun, falling away were the confines of a reality that was only perceived, and within that falling away she saw Asgard, smelled the land, heard the sounds and her heart ached with longing. Homesickness replaced the pain, still the pain of loss, but of a different kind of loss. Her obsession with Thor, her need to prove herself, it all wrapped together neatly in bringing her into the plane of Shelia Havenworth, a woman bent on cursing herself with misplaced love. It was shocking to say the least, reeling with the knowledge, but feeling the power she held course through her blood in tingling spurts. *

"Amora... My heart rejoices to once again see you..." Of Course Thor was happy to see her. she wasnt a terrible person. and he was always happy when another Asgardian was to come home.Mjolnir rose up above his head, sliding it into place at his back, hidden beneath his red cape. hands rising t remove the battle worn silvered helmet from his head. a small woeful smile forming upon his face. there was happiness there... but it was more of a longing happiness, amora was a reminder that he had yet to find and release his beloved Sif... and trusted friends Hogun, Fandral, and Volstagg.. but he was still absolutely happy tio have another Asgardian.][d

It would take some time, upon her features were the very real struggles of assimilating what had happened. This was her true self, this was reality, what she had been was a soul caged in a human shell. A shell she had allowed to be abused, and used, and pained. For the time being, Amora could do nothing but stare upon the face of Thor, the face of a God she knew like the back of her hand. Even her voice was different, fuller, more expressive with a prominent confidence lacking in the cast aside Shelia Havenworth. "My heart rejoices as well, Thor. How could it not?" The slow smile came, the pools of her eyes liquid, but there were details to grasp. What happened to the other Asgardians, why were they not there? *

Eyes matched her gaze his own endless wonderful clear blue eyes. gazing right back at hers. his smile faltering a bit at her second question." Ragnarok... the end has come and gone. We are reborn, all of us... brought to life once again to live and be free of the endless cycle... our home, Asgard has also been born anew. Now is a new age for our people. A new time. Come Amor, allow me to carry you home to the great halls of Asgard." and of course it was something that she might like a little more then him but he slid an arm around her waist. pulling her weight into his body. holding her close before pulling the hammer from its home and swung it up, its speed carrying both Gods high into the sky, carrying them to what would be their home.


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