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After the fall

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Post by Epiphany on Wed Aug 12, 2009 9:31 pm

"Belief is a very funny thing Gwen." Epiphany said from her spot upon the ground, she had her eyes closed and was breathing steadily. She felt the cold bottle pressed into her hands and then Catherine's own surrounding it. Felt it since she had closed her eyes but it was not a shock. The cold water was actually a relief and even caused her to let out a small sigh as Catherine moved away.

When her hand was free Epiphany brought the bottle water to her lips, but she didn't open it and it wasn't tipped for drinking. Instead she had the bottom pressed against her mouth for a few moments before lifting it. Hopefully all this didn't count towards moving. "When you believe, you have faith. Do you have faith in what the Voice was saying enough to believe that it is the truth?"

Epiphany was thinking of it too, but she already knew what the answer was. She knew that Gwen was her sister if only because she knew how things in that room worked. More than that, Epiphany knew that if Gwen had been able to get into the room alone then there was something similar in their genetic code.

The ground changed, less sandy and she heard the beeps and gears of the TARDIS. She remembered the last time she was here and that thought made her smile. "Thank you Catherine, Doctor, for looking out for Gwen."

It wasn't terribly noticeable, but Epiphany had a lighter tone of voice when she was speaking. "And Epiphany."


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Re: After the fall

Post by The Doctor on Tue Aug 18, 2009 12:38 am

The Doctor's trip into the TARDIS was quick, it seemed as though the moment the door closed the time machine was already matierializing around the two ladies. finding the woman laying on a pair of cots that he had in the console room.

"Alright Ladies, I'm going to try my best to make this an easy trip, kitty if you wouldnt mind with you help me out?" pointing on out towards the area of the TARDIS that kept the ship steady, can you hold in two of those buttons there, green and... mauve" and then he gave a firm nod. when it was catherine got there and pressed in the buttons the TARDIS' engine revved a few times before it started to fade from around the two women, who would soon find themselves in the ICU of the local clinic. Epiphany would know it well.
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