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Post by Vesta Voui on Fri Aug 22, 2008 7:13 pm

Well, we all know that I'm nosy and I'm sure some of you all are too. Anyway. We are all 'family' here, so why don't we profile our characters? It's a good way to help flesh out a character and help you learn about them. I'll go first - gotta lead by example you know.

Name: Vesta Voui
Gender/Age: female, age 20
Background: Summer break was at an end Vesta was getting ready to go back to school and start her third year at the Art Institute of Chicago - working towards her degree in Visual Communication. A week before school her brother wanted her to meet him in the city and help him pick out some items for his first semester of school. So she went to catch the CTA 3 King Street bus. It was on time and she got on. When it got to her stop, she got off. However, when she got off the bus she wasn't anywhere she realized. When she turned around to get back on the bus, it was gone.
Persona: quirky, likes to be different, has a tendency to be sarcastic at time. While she may appear odd, she is a kind person. At heart.

Character Profile Vesta_10(thanks to Employee-mun for the pic!)

Vesta Voui
Vesta Voui

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Post by Nephalei on Fri Aug 22, 2008 10:55 pm

Yaay I love doing this stuff. ^^

Name: Grei Nephalei Diin-Jei (but hey, as long as she's here, it's just Nephalei)
Gender/Age: female, age 18
Background: There's not much to be said about Nephalei's life before she came here. She grew up in an ordinary home with five sisters (ALL SISTERS... what are the odds?), of which she was the oldest and the least extraordinary. She was decent at everything, neither good nor bad enough to stand out. Her life was boring and normal, though that certainly was not the type of life she'd like to be leading. Until, of course, she found herself here, and began her Great Adventure.
Persona: She is a softhearted and cheerful person. She is a bit absentminded, and has a tendency to ramble. More than anything, she's a romantic; for as long she can remember she has been in love with fairytales and stories of magical lands, as well as stories about falling in love (and best of all, stories of the two combined). She daydreams a lot, and has a wild imagination. Her self esteem isn't the best - she often feels a bit awkward and out of place, even if nobody else thinks she is - but she is far from an unhappy person and tries to make the best of everything.
Picture: Click here


Name: Azline of the Militairs
Gender/Age: female, age 18
Background: Ah, while Neffie has so little, Azline has so very much. But I won't go spilling this one; she'll tell someone herself eventually. ^^
Persona: Azline is a very straight-laced, uptight person - understandably, when you consider what she is and what she does. She is a perfectionist to the highest degree, and often has a low tolerance for other people's blunders. She will give %110 towards her goals, and has no tolerance towards her own mistakes. She puts herself under tremendous pressure.

She is, however, a good person; she is undyingly loyal to those truly close to her, and they matter more than anything. She does want to do good in the world, but because of her position in life, gets easily discouraged. Deep down inside, she really envies the happy, innocent lives that most people have (thought she knows this is unattainable for herself, and just buries herself in her own work as a way of coping). Lately, after something terrible happened to her, she's been pushing herself far closer to the edge than she should be. She's beginning to fall apart and is in danger of doing some real mental damage to herself. She's come to the Inn in hopes of letting herself heal.

Heehee. That was fun. XD


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Post by Leo on Sat Aug 23, 2008 12:43 am

One day I might take this name off of 'guest'. Especially since I seem to like you people. :wink:

Name: Eleuterio Mînguez (a.k.a Leo)
Gender/age: male / 27
Background: Brief version. Leo works for his boss, the Marqués del Stry. They are originally from Novelda, Spain. Leo takes care of Mr. Stry's business and legal dealings when his boss is away. You could say that he is the right hand man.

He has been in the service of his boss since he was a young boy of eight, when his father put him into the service of the Stry's. The Marqués was an only child and Leo quickly became more of a brother to the Marqués , who is a few years older than him, than a servant.

Not only does he have a strong head for numbers, but he is a fast learner.

Personality: Rational and, due to his upbringing as a servant, has a hidden submissive nature.


Character Profile Diegoluna


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Post by Tarinilis on Sat Aug 23, 2008 12:55 am

Name: Tarinilis Silverband
Gender/age: Male/ 250 years old.
Personality: Friendly, quick wit[sometimes] and generous.

Character Profile Lost_elf_male

(This is the original picture I had chosen for Tarin, only it was black and white. Now colored, by whom I don't know.)

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Post by Epiphany on Sun Aug 24, 2008 8:35 pm

Name: Epiphany
Gender/Age: female, age 21
Background: As an infant her mother abandoned her and left her in the care of her mothers best friend. A small and langkey thing, Epiphany stayed with her foster mother until she was 8, then she was sent off to be schooled by friends of her Foster. These people were her "Guardians". Though not always the best student, Epiphany was always dependable. When she was 14 she was given to a Guardian who happened to be a Pirate captian and she learned the art of piracy. She didn't care and it taught her a love for the seas. Nothing thrills her more than going sailing on the open seas.

At 17 she decided to leave the seas and come home, wanting to strike out a life on her own - and to see her Foster and the children she had. During the next year strange things started happening to Epiphany and in the next few years she discovered the truth about her mother, found her father and discovered she had siblings, and discovered who, and what, she really is.

Persona: shy (she really is!), likes to be helpful, though she can make a mess of things. Artistic and has a strong imagination.

Character Profile Pic

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Post by Guest on Mon Aug 25, 2008 5:18 am

Name: Venis Celestial Sanderon Crow Asgard Jordianthan
The Vampire Goddess of Fire a
nd Protection
Natural Born Witch
Gender/Age: Female/ age 332
Background: Venis was born a witch. Her father was a warlock, her mother a white witch, causing her internal strugle between good and evil to begin at a very early age. She was turned into a vampire at 21 when she was fleeing her home. She spent about a hundred years raining terror down upon the lands with her sire and an army of vampires. She was granted Godhood in order to defeat her sire without perishing herself. She moved to Rhy'Din at age 320, she met her first husband there. Gabriel Crow was a werepanther who was very cruel to his pack when Venis wasn't around. When she left him due to his masocistic ways, he lead the pack into slaughter. It was about five or six years later when she met her second husband. He was a techno-elf named Zane Asgard. Shortly after meeting him she joined The Society of the Blood Rose. Zane abandoned her within a few months of her joining the Rose. He hated everything about it because he was never even able to enter the grounds. Shortly after she had their marriage disolved on grounds of abandonment she met Kahn Jordianthan. He is her third husband, and she loves him very much. She was abducted when Christmas shopping one day, and that's how she ended up here. She has four children from before Kahn. They are Alexander Sanderson, Terran, Krystal Asgard, and Dreconis Darkmane, her only natural born child. Long story. Then she has her step-children, Kahn's children. She loves them all equil and would die for them or kill for them just the same.
Persona: Venis is in constant battle between the good in her that comes from being half witch and a God and the evil inside her from being half warlock and a vampire. She is relativly good natured, but don't get on her bad side. She has the ability to feel the pain of all who are around her. Emotional or physical pain, she feels it. She also creates and controls fire. To amuse herself and others she likes to make diamonds. She is confident, yet humble. She knows who she is and what she can do, yet she knows also what she must do ... for eternity.

She protects all she can, from whatever harm may be. Ignite her spark and you shal see.
She is a lover of all beings, great or small. But let anyone cross her and they will fall.

Picture: Character Profile Venis3

((Not her best pic))

Name: Midnight {Helena Duke} ((NPC))
Gender/Age: Female/ age 153
Background: Midnight was born Helena Duke, a witch. She gave in to dark magics and turned warlock. Her doing so would have been forgiven were it not for the attrocity of murdering her entire covenant in cold blood. Before she was captured she had destroyed seven covens robbing them blind and murdering men, women and children alike. She grew in strength with every life she took as per her pact with the devil himself. So when she was captured she could not be killed. The only alternative was to give her eternity in the trappings of an animals body. She has mellowed over the last hundred years. She knows that she can never be freed from her inprisonment within the cats body. Never again to speak, or use her hands. So she has given in to her fate.
Persona: Midnight is cantankerous and crabby and snobbish as all cats can be, only ten fold. She prefers to simply lay around all day and do nothing. But she is vile and over protective when it comes to Venis and her friends and family. She will be nice to anyone who comes around so long as she feels they are of no harm to her or her family, but if she feels someone is a danger, her claws are a lot bigger than one would think.

Picture: Character Profile Midnight

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Post by Guest on Mon Aug 25, 2008 6:11 pm

Name: Tasha Elizabeth Erin Masterson

Gender/Age/D.O.B: Female, age 33, June 19th.

Background: Tasha was born a human, in Rhy'Din. She is the youngest of three sisters, Alicia the eldest and Catrina the middle. When she was 16 she was staying over at a girlfriends house whom she knew from school. Her friends family had two pet panthers. What they didn't know was that one was a lycanthrope who preferred her panther form. She bit Tasha that night and on the next full moon Tasha shifted for the first time. She was considered an abomination and cast out from her home by her family and friends. She joined a pack of werepanthers after about a year on her own.

Gabriel Crow was their Alpha male. She was pack for about two years when Gabriel met Venis. He bed her, wed her, and made her his alpha female. Most of the women wished her ill will because she wasn't lycan. Before Gabriel met Venis he was morbidly abusive. He had a masochistic streak in him, and he was cruel to his panthers. He wore silver jewelry just for the pain. And he used silver to punish his panthers when they didn't do his bidding. Once Venis came into the picture, he only abused himself. But Venis couldn't stand to be around the pain from the pack and from Gabriel anymore so she left him.

When he found out that she had left him, he led the pack into slaughter. Tasha survived because she had been away at her parents funerals. She returned to the pack at the end of their great battle. She fought along side what remained of her pack until she could fight no more. She escaped under the cover of darkness. They thought Gabriel to be dead. It took Tasha quite a while to find Venis. She nearly gave up and went home to her two sisters. But she was determined, given that her sisters did not want her at home with them. She found Venis at the Rose and Venis took her in.

She joined the Society and moved quickly within the ranks. Always seemingly one step behind Venis, where she wanted to be. She became a healer for the Society. She had no magic of her own, but Venis gave her all her recipes from her book of spells that didn't require natural magic. She has even tweaked some things and come up with some recipes of her own. She met the love of her life at the Rose. Gareth Machera, he was a friend of Gawain's. She even made a pact with a Lych to keep another from taking his love from her.

She was abducted with Venis one day while they were Christmas shopping, the day she was to move in with her beloved, and now she too is here. She is where she has wanted to be for her entire life, in the presence of someone who can love and protect her. Now begins her new search, the search for her beloved. She thought she had found that love in an old friend, but that was not to be. So could this new man in her life be the one she has been searching for?

Persona: Tasha is mild mannered, shy and innocent in a very child like way. She has been abused and cast out and thrown away by so many that she has loved before. She trusts too easily and looks to find the good in all. She truly believes that good and evil cannot exist without each other. This brought her to try and find the good in a Lych. It drove him crazy by the way. She is innocent and sweet ... that is until you make her mad. She is dangerous when cornered in human form, she is deadly when cornered in panther form. She will fight to the death for what she believes in and those whom she loves.

Picture(s): Character Profile Tasha3Character Profile Leviathan-1

((I promise I have better pics guys, they're just on my other computer.))

Name: Leviathan ((NPC))

Gender/age: Female/ 8

Background: Leviathan is a regular run of the mill panther, but very large. She was being abused at the Zoo she was at and found a way to escape. Tasha, Tasha rescued her while she was looking for Venis and took her in. Tasha feeds her and cares for her. She has no special powers or abilities, she is just a pet who loves her new caretaker.

Persona: She is very calm and docile unless someone messes with those around her. She is after all, a wild animal.

Character Profile Tasha123-1

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Post by Guest on Mon Aug 25, 2008 7:52 pm

Name: Lt. Seleen Orenda DeChamp

Gender/Age/DOB: Female/ 235/ July 31

Background: Seleen was born on Earth, same as Venis. When Venis was raining terror on the lands she came across Seleen in the second village she encountered. Seleen put up one hell of a fight to protect her home lands. Venis was so impressed by her courage that instead of having her raped and killed she turned her. Seleen has been Venis Lieutenant ever since. When Venis fled to Rhy'Din Seleen stayed behind, not of her own free will. She liked her life in the castle of Venis sire's ancestor, except for when she was getting beat for Venis being gone. But when he had Venis kidnapped and held against her will, and when he harmed an innocent, that was it. Her loyalties were with Venis.

Persona: Seleen is as anal as Venis, she likes things to be perfect. She's a bulldog about security and will fight anything. She likes things to be in order and on the up and up. She always fires on all cylinders. She is a warrior at heart. She's definitely a tom-boy. She dresses in leather every chance she gets, which is when Venis isn't telling her what to wear. She doesn't date or have boyfriends, although she likes men. They're just usually put off by her. Of course, that was before she moved to Rhy'Din and met Shuda Darkite. Now Seleen is a very happy woman who is about to get married to a man she can spend the rest of eternity with. And she plans to do exactly that.

Picture: Character Profile SeleenRedtietop

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Post by Guest on Tue Aug 26, 2008 12:21 am

Name: Madeline
Gender/Age: female, age18

Background: Madeline was born to a very poor family in one of the smaller villages of Rhydin. One day when Madeline was nine, a group of robbers came to her tiny village, and robbed and murdered her family. Madeline managed to escape the attack with a broke arm and badly bruised body.
One day, Madeline wandered in to a recruiting tavern of a guild called The Society of The Blood Rose. She had only stopped for a glass of milk, and maybe a bite to eat, but what she found was a wonderful group of friends who took her in and made them a part of their family.
Madeline has spent the past seven years at a convent on the out skirts of New Haven receiving an education. She has just returned to New Haven to start a new life full of adventure. She can't wait to see what life has to offer.
Personality: Sweet, kind, eager to help others. Has been known for getting into mischief.
Madeline TodayCharacter Profile Pbucket Madeline's favorite outfit Character Profile Pbucket Maddie age 9 Character Profile Pbucket
Madeline's necklaceCharacter Profile Maddiesrose

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Character Profile Empty Re: Character Profile

Post by Guest on Tue Aug 26, 2008 6:22 am

Ok guys, here I go, all nine coming up. I'll be figuring them out as I go. Now for those of you who know me you know that it's not like me to use photographs for charrie pics, I usually make my own, but this time I'm making an exception. I hunted these pics down because they were the closest matches to the descriptions I gave. Remember, these guys used to be NPC's. So here we go.

Name: Manuel Costas a.k.a. Manny
Gender/Age: Male/45

Background: Manny was born on Earth, he grew up in the castle with Venis. His family could be traced back to Venis' childhood, his ancestor had been her nanny. When she fled her home and was turned into a vampire she soon sent for the daughter of her nanny to be her servant. Over the years Venis would see her servants grow up and get married and have children and she always kept them all around her because it was her one link to her home and her mortality. Manny was an only child when his father died. Manny was 16. His mother died a year later, Venis said it was from a broken heart. That was when Manny took over for her. But he has never really felt like a servant, more like part of the family. He's like that helpful uncle who you are always giving money to. His official status is what some may call a butler or personal valet. But that's just a formality. Manny was married once, it lasted 15 years when they divorced. She died of cancer a few years later. That was why she left him, so he wouldn't have to deal with her death. His wife Jane and he had never had kids. Manny feels bad about not ever having a child to be there for Venis after he's gone, and someday he might wish to try again, but he feels he getting too old and that it's probably already too late.
Persona: Manny is kind-hearted and generous. He's always helpful and very trusting. He's like a jolly old man, like Santa Clause, only more gruff. If that makes any sense. He's basically just a big sweet teddy bear. But he's also just a little over protective of Venis and her family.

Photo: Character Profile Manny ((Not exactly perfect, but close))

Name: Shamus McDougal
Gender/Age: Male/31
Background: Shamus was born and raised in Rhy'Din. His ancestors are from the highlands of Scotland. He's never been married and has no children. He loves horses and started out as a stable hand. He paints and whittles horses for the other employees children. He carves the coal for Venis when she's making shaped diamonds. So she made him a diamond horse for his birthday.

Persona: He is very sweet, but also very tough. He's more into long relationships than he is short ones. He likes all types of women and knows exactly how to treat a lady. He was trained in kick boxing, so don't test his limits.
Photo: Character Profile Shamus ((again, not perfect.))

Name: Bo Wheaton
Gender/Age: Male/ 26
Background: Bo was also born and raised in Rhy'Din. His parents were rather wealthy, but a few years ago they disowned him. They didn't like his choices in life. He wouldn't give up the girlfriend and had chose to not go to college to become a doctor. He had a love for cooking and wanted to become a master chef. They thought it was beneath him so he left and the disowned him. He and his fiancé Alyssa went looking for a place to live and they stumbled upon the keep that belonged to Venis. Venis let him cook, gave him a place to live and made sure that he made enough money to support himself and his fiancé. He was thinking about asking her to marry him on their Anniversary, it would be their fifth. So when he did ask, she said yes.

Persona: Bo loves to cook and it is his life's passion. Her is paid well to do what he loves and would do anything to protect that. He can be quite dangerous when crossed, but otherwise he is a total angel. He has never betrayed his girlfriend and never could imagine doing so. He's loyal and obedient and knows when it's time to be tough.

Photo: Character Profile Bo ((Perfect))

Name: Kevin Arnold
Gender/Age: Male/ 23
Background: Keven was born on Earth, but his parents got into some major trouble and fled to Rhy'Din. He has some Native American ancestry and it shows. He's single and has no kids, He still speaks to his parents regularly. He loves them both very much. He even send half his pay home to them every week.

Persona: He tends to go a little stir crazy between girlfriends and is a total workaholic. He loves to arm wrestle just to show off the fact that size isn't everything. He will fight if he has to, but he would rather talk it out over an ale or a beer. He's a peace loving animal lover who would spend all day outside if he could.
Photo: Character Profile Kevin ((Almost perfect))

Name: Derek Feildman
Gender/Age: Male/ 31
Background: Derek left his parents and family behind on Earth to move his wife Karen and ten year old son Jason to Rhy'Din. His son was in a lot of trouble with school and the law, he figured that Rhy'Din would be a better environment for him. He figured he would be in less trouble in a more creative environment. So they moved to Rhy'Din and found a home within Venis keep. Derek went to work for her as security to begin with, but after a while he started doing more. When Tasha found out what a good cook he was his job description changed greatly.

Persona: Derek is no nonsense. He's straight up, but he's also the strong silent type. He will tell someone like it is if he feels the need and he has a blsckbelt in karate.

Photo: Character Profile Derek ((perfect))

Name: Isah Levi
Gender/Age: Male/32
Background: All Isah ever wanted to be was a veterinarian. He loves animals. He payed his way through college doing odd jobs as a bouncer and a personal bodyguard. That was how he met Venis. She hired him to be a bouncer on the opening night of her dance club. He had to quit college before he hit medical school because of the school having problems with staffing and things. His transcripts were lost when the school shut down completely. He hopes to return to school one day, but he thinks he's getting a little too old to start over and go all the way. But he's happy working for Venis, and he gets all the time with animals that he wants.

Persona: Isah is a sweet, caring, romantic who loves women. He believes in commitment and monogamy and treats every woman he dates with respect and like a queen. He is looking for Mrs. Right and won't settle down with anything less. But that doesn't stop him from looking. When he's interested in a woman he spends all the time he can getting to know her so he can find out if she is Mrs. Right or not. He's had plenty of practice dealing with beings who get out of hand and has no trouble dealing with the situation. He's tough when he needs to be but he prefers to be a lover and not a fighter.

Photo: Character Profile Isah ((perfect))

Name: Joseph Haim
Gender/Age: Male/ 35
Background: Joseph is a bar room brawler. He comes from a broken home and is the oldest of five brothers. He met Venis in a bar one night back on Earth. She taught him a lesson in dealing with women and she kept him around because he liked to brawl. It kept her from hurting so many people. He moved to Rhy'Din when she did. He's like her personal enforcer. She has trouble when it comes to not hurting people who pick fights with her, so she calls on Joseph.

Persona: Joseph likes to drink, fight, and love. He's Irish after all. He will get into a bar fight at the drop of a hat, unless Venis reals him in. He has dated more than his fair share of women and loves to get a little one night action. He's not into long term relationships. He's definitely the love em and leave em type. Were it not for Venis he would never stay in one place very long. She keeps him in check.

Photo: Character Profile Joseph ((perfect))

Name: Andrew Phoenix
Gender/Age: Male/ 24
Background: Andrew had his heart set on being a male model when his parents said they were moving to Rhy'Din. He went with them rather than stay behind on Earth and try to survive on his own. They hadn't been here a year when his parents were killed by a rouge cyclops. He was crushed. He went into Venis' dance club one night to tie one on and realized he was broke. Venis let him work off his debt and he asked to stay on. He's been with her ever since. He is single and has no kids.

Persona: Andrew hates to fight. There's nothing he loathes more. But if he has to he will. He would rather spend his free time with a lovely lady enjoying a nice glass of wine and a sunset.

Photo: Character Profile Andrew ((perfect))

Name: Jorge Rodriguez
Gender/Age: Male/ 37
Background: Jorge was born and raised in Rhy'Din. He grew up in a large family. He has three sisters and two brothers. His parents went to work for Venis before he was even born. He was one of three of the kids who chose to stay on as they got old enough to choose. He's been married for fifteen years to his wife Olivia. They have two sons, Noe and Juan, and one daughter Gabriela.

Persona: Jorge likes the finer things in life and won't settle for less. He's had a very spoiled upbringing and does the same for his kids. His family means the world to him and he would die to protect it. He's not a violent man unless he's crossed.

Photo: Character Profile Jorge ((perfect))

Name: Ivan Petrovski
Gender/Age: Male/40
Background: Russian born Ivan has worked for Venis for fifteen years. He has know Casie for a couple more years than that. He was a boxer before he tore the tendon in his shoulder. Venis hired him on because of his bruit strength. She knew he would be good for moving things around and would need him for such projects. It was a good deal for an ex-boxer, because he was getting paid for things that he could do in his sleep.

Persona: Ivan is very sweet and caring when it comes to his friends. And he tried to be friends with everyone. But when people make it hard for him to do so, the boxer takes over and he can knock most people out with one punch.

Photo:Character Profile Ivan

Name: Paul Whitman
Gender/Age: Male/34
Background: Paul was found beaten nearly to death in a bar by Joseph. He brought him back to the Keep and he was nursed back to health. Venis gave him a job as a stable hand. Shamus and Joseph taught him some basic fighting skills. He doesn't like to fight, but he never got beaten half to death again.

Persona: Paul is an animal lover and always tried to be a peace keeper. But he does know how to fight.
Photo: Character Profile Paul

Name: William Case
Gender/Age: Male/28
Background: William spotted Venis across the room one night at a party. He asked her to dance, and then he gave her a ride home later that night. He slept in a guest room, but he never did get around to leaving. He hung out at the house for a few days before Venis realized that he had no place to go. So she gave him a job as a butler. He moved out to the Keep after she married Zane Asgard. He didn't get along with a lot of her employees. When he moved out to the Keep he started working as a desk clerk at the Inn.

Persona: William doesn't know how to fight, nor does he want to. He is one of the few employees that she has who cannot. He is calm and gentle and has the biggest crush on Tasha that anyone has ever seen.
Photo: Character Profile William

Name: Jason Feildman
Gender/Age: Male/17
Background: Jason is Derek's teenage son. He was born on Earth and they moved to Rhy'Din when he was young. He's a senior in high school and carries a 3.5 GPA.. He works part time for Venis helping with the animals or landscaping. He will be going off to college after graduation.

Persona: Jason likes to have fun. He has yet to get very good at any certain fighting type, but he's been learning several. But he's mostly all about school work. He has no idea what he wants to be. But he thinks that given his love of music, something music related would be good.
Photo: Character Profile Jason

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Post by De'Ryanna Aybara on Tue Aug 26, 2008 12:09 pm

Name: De'Ryanna Aybara
Gender/Age: Female age 17
The daughter of a powerful mother and father, and sister to her twin brother Xander, De'Ryanna always knew that she was destined for greatness. This conclusion was founded more-so when her mother discovered that, like herself, De'Ryanna could tap into the Source and harness a great power at a very young age.

With their father away on campaigns, De'Ryanna and her brother grew up in an edifice known as The White Tower with their mother where she learned to control the Source and increase in her own ability. She became very strong and soon became a little stronger than her mother. The women of the Tower were known to be the 'Movers' and 'Shakers' of the world, as they often had a hand, if not a visible one, in many major events.

To young to test for the Shawl that would enable her to become a full fledged member of the Tower, and her mother needing to go off on assignment, De'Ryanna and her brother were sent off to be fostered in the house of a merchant lord. There she learned manners of court, social dealings and the wiles of women. Instead of being married off for political gain, she chose to leave her household to seek what the world has for her and to one day obtain the coveted Shawl.

Personality: She lacks the type of humor of a 'normal' person and her attempt at jokes are often poor. Life in the Tower and at court have taught her to be strong - never let on your emotions unless it earns something in the end. While she may collected and all together outwardly, inside she is still a young girl who is trying to find her way.

Character Profile Ryan

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Character Profile Rysig
De'Ryanna Aybara
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Post by Cadmon Lennan Dewayne on Sat Aug 30, 2008 7:04 am

Name: Cadmon Lennan Dewayne
Gender/Age: Male/ 23
Background: Cadmon - Gaelic - Strong Warrior, Lennan - Gaelic - Lover/Concubine, Dewayne - Gaelic - Dark/Black. Cad was born on Earth. He got into some trouble with some very bad men. He was in over his head. He needed to find a place where no one knew him, some place safe. He loves the ladies, he has no shame for it either. He grew up rich, but squandered it away. He went to college a lot, that waspart of where his trust fund went to. But he could never pick a major sohe just kept going finding different things to do each year, trying to find out what he wanted to be. He found that he was really good at a game called Texas Hold'em. Or at leaste he thought he was, that was where the rest of his money went. And that's also why his parents wouldn't give him any more.
Persona: Cad is sweet and careing. He really loves women, he definately qualifies under the lover not a fighter catagory. But he has gotten into a few fights in his life. He is strong of body, mind and soul. He is a God-fearing man, who also believes that the possability of other things is real.
Photo(s): Here are a few of my favorites.

Character Profile Cad4
Character Profile Cad5
Character Profile Cad3
Character Profile Cad2
Cadmon Lennan Dewayne
Cadmon Lennan Dewayne

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Post by Beastie on Thu Sep 04, 2008 1:26 pm

Name: Dreconis 'Beastie' Dragonis-Darkmane
Gender/Age : Male/ 30 in human years

Background: Interesting is enough to say it in the least. Son of Venis and Lord Krownar DarkArmor-Darkmane (deceased). Raised by Krow and Sheena Darkamne. One Battle Sister, Airtia Shadoan, and one he is close to Tasha. Lots goes on with Dre, a Fire Drake/Drow mixture. He has found out that his father was a 5th Genereration True Brujah and that he was a demigod. He has been taught the ways of magick, dragons, drows, the shadows and other beings. He is Dancer in the Dance of Death, and excels at it. His adopated mother, Sheena ( a wood elf) taught him the waves of magick. Ironically he exceled in weaving the threads of Fire, Wind, and Lightning. He has been loved, and has loved, but mostly all Dre knows is pain and suffering and the Dance.

Persona: Now this one is a tough one. Dre has a werid personality. He is a loner, but caring willing to help anyone but himself. He as a werid sense of humar. (see the apple reference in his first post). He exudes, well sex with everymovement he makes no matter which form he is in. Quick to explode, but slow to anger. He is a fighter, a lover, and a jokester. He hates ignorance and politics. Not that he will not take part in them, but he does not like them and is often very brash about his choices. He is happiest when Dancing, making love (which he considers a dance of a different sort) or is in the forge.

Picture: Not working right

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Character Profile Empty Re: Character Profile

Post by Guest on Sat Sep 06, 2008 3:30 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen = Dreconis "Beastie" Dragonis-Darkmane

Character Profile Dre

Scaley Dracon

Character Profile Dredrownew


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Post by Inion on Mon Sep 08, 2008 2:35 am

Ok so I thought I would join in, so here is a bit about my everyones

Profile for Inion

Name: Inion de Solas Geal - meaning Daughter of the Bright Light or Daughter of the Moon
Age: 2,100 in human years give or take a year or so
Race: She is a fairy -- mother - Fairy father - Elf

Description: stands 5'8', silvery moon white hair, pale skin, eyes a soft shade of purple that change depending on mood. Wears a glamour to hid tribal markings and make others more comfortable around her and of course pointed ears. Her wings are normally hidden or folded behind her, when open they tower over her head by a fot and touch the ground, they are translucant and shades of purple.

(sorry i couldnt get the pics to post)

History: When people think of fairies they normally think of the pixies that are see in books, Inion isnt one of these, she is a Guardian Fairy. They are a race of fairies that are more human or elf like and tend to be guardians of the forests they live in. Her clan is all women, when a boy child is born they have the traits of the fathers. This doesn't mean there aren't anymen just that none are fairies. Her clan has protected a quiet glade in Ireland since time out of mind. Those humans that live within the forest and the outskirts that surround the glade are touched by the magic of the fairies and live in peace with thier magical nighbors.

Inon was concived on a full moon and born on a a night of a full moon. Her race of fairies are born with the coloring of the time of day and month, sun colors for those born in the day, night for those born at night and of course time of year effects color also. Even with that in mind Inion doesn't look like any other fairy in her clan she is a full moon fairy and those are very rare. She felt like an outcast most of her life, give that and that she was the daughter of the clans Queen only made things more difficult. Yes Inion is truely a fairy princess but she doesn't like to talk about it much. she wasn't an only child though, she had an older sister who has past away, another topic Inion politely avoids, and she had a younger brother who was half human, he lived a long life and died in battle. Her parents are still alive but not together, their union was more to strengthen the allaince between the fairies and the elves. SHe has one daughter at this time a beautiful spring sunset fairy, her father was Inion's first love that was killed by a dragon on the day thier daughter was born. There have been other loves since then but few have had her heart. She first came to Rhydin for a new adventure, that she found among new friends and a love who stole her heart. She was taken in the night by the Elders of the Light, but now she is back in Rhydin to help keep her safe. To tell her whole history would take along time since given her age she has had lots of adventures and stories.

Special Powers: she was trained as a healer and a warrior, Her magic goes beyond the normal magic. There is no bounds to it. She is now the keeper of the Sword of Light that once she learns to control ts power hers will be restored and stronger. Also her smell is different to each person shes around. Its a comforting smell, some have said she smells like popcorn or the ocean even like candy. She does have a weakness and thats chocolate.

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Post by Inion on Tue Sep 09, 2008 12:39 am

(thanks for the offer)

Dang I forgot to put in Inion's personality

Personality: She is calm and quiet most of the time. She is usually the mothr of the group, but watch out she is a fairy and has a silly side. You never know if she has a water gun hiding behind her back. She also can be quite the flirt, another fairy trait, but her heart belongs to someone. She loves to bake and makes fudge alot so dont be surprised if little pink boxes of it start showing up. Right now she is not truely herself but as she heals her true personality will shine.

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Post by Guest on Sun Sep 14, 2008 7:32 pm

Name: Katyana Phyros

Gender: Female

Age: 26 in human years

Background: Katyana is a water elf and a friend of the house of Darkmane. She met Dreconis Dragonis-Darkmane and Zephyr Eurus through a mutual friend. They have been friends and running buddies causing caos in many of the well ordered towns or brought order to the more chaotic towns. No job was too big or small for this trio. A large black panther follows her where ever she goes to protect her from any dangers that may come her way.

Persona: She is laid back but protective of her friends. She also has a wierd sense of humor. When you get her into battle she becomes some type of hell beast.


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Character Profile Empty Re: Character Profile

Post by Guest on Sun Sep 14, 2008 8:32 pm

As per the mun's request ... Ladies and Gentlemen, Kat

Character Profile KatyanaPhyros

Anyone else need me to post one for them? You can send em to me via email or PM me to request my email addy if you don't know how to get it from my profile, just be sure you let me know which email you sent it to.


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Post by Sky on Sun Sep 14, 2008 10:59 pm

Name: Sky
Gender/Age: Male 4.8 billion years (but he will never tell)
background: Sky has a long and vast background. He is of a celestial race above the angels and demons. He is the last of his kind. He keeps his blood a secret so he wont be hunted down like his family was. he started an anthro tribe in his later years. (anything else you have to get out of him in character. ofcourse this is ooc anyway and even this will be hard to get out of him
Persona: He is calm and laid back. He is very curious about everything and about learning. Despite his wisdom of age, and curious nature he lacks a lot of wit. He loves all life and being but when his feral side takes over he may tend to lose some of his morales. It takes time for him to trust, despite that he is loyal to all and a true ally

picture i lost it!

Sky is a Black cheetah anthro. He has a small build esspecially for an anthro. He has black fur and dark gray spots including the signature cheetah "tear streaks". He prefers to stay in the forest, and is the self appointed gaurdian. He wears a black denim jacket.

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Character Profile Empty Re: Character Profile

Post by Guest on Tue Sep 16, 2008 10:02 pm

Ok, ladies and gentlemen, Zephyr.
Character Profile Zephnew

Character Profile Zephyr

And for Madeline

Character Profile Zephyrinatowel

I have drawn better, and I will, just give me time. This was just a bitmap drawn on my computer in the old paint program.

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Character Profile Empty Re: Character Profile

Post by Guest on Wed Sep 17, 2008 9:54 am

Well seeing how the pic is up, might as well do the rest of it. There is a complete history that has been written and (with the Admins okay) will try to post it in the Story continues.

Name: Zephyr 'Stormbringer' Eurus
Gender: All Human Male (shocking I Know)
Age: 27

Background: Zeph is from an isolated part of the world, all he knew was his village and the constant battle his gods waged with villagers as pawns. Due to a circumstances, like being sacraficied, he left the village....with ill results. His second attempt was beeter. He learned quick not to help folks and that he would be lunch or a slave to people in these lands fast. He met the Beastie and Kitty Kat and they raised their own havoc. Chaos in towns that were to ordered, order in towns that were to chaotic. All for pay or just for the fun of it. He mostly followed, as Beastie of Kitty Kat came up with the ideas.

Persona: Zeph is good natured but oblivious. He is naive and is still learning the way of the world. He talks funny and seems rather stupid, or at least he hides it well. He also hides the hurt when people laugh at him because he misunderstands words being said. He is not political in the least and is only comfortable around his friends, knowing that there are many powerful things out there and that all of them will kill him or do worse.


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Post by Guest on Tue Sep 23, 2008 4:50 am

Name: Princess Dalia Blackheart
Gender/Age: Female/121
Background: Dalia left her home on the other side of the planet. She has traveled half way across the world of Rhy'Din on a quest. She has very limited time to accomplish her task. She is immortal, the closest way to describe her would be the Highlander immortals of Earth. Only, her kind can die two ways, beheading or die the day after their 1,000 birthday. Her race does not go through the 'normal' stages of life. They do not nessesarily have an adolesence to speak of. Nor do they age to a point of no longer being able to bear children. So they could become a parent anywhere between 10 and 999 or so. They try to live as human's as it is the closest race to thiers. They have a Monarchy as opposed to Capitalism or Democracy. Dalia is the heiress to the thrown. She is not running away from her destiny or trying to hide from anyone or anything. She simply has need of something and has come in search of it. If she does not find it here then she will eventualy move on. She does have the power to concentrate energy and use it to her advantage. Her species aquired use of electricity about a hundred years or so before her birth. So she can use that, but she can also pull other forms of energy. She can drain energy from another being, but she refuses to drain enough to harm them. She can also pull the energy from the elements, mainly the ground and the air. She uses this as a form of defence, never for an offence.
Persona: She is quiet and demure. Her species believes that all life has value and they never intentionaly harm anything unless it is self-defence. They require very little by way of nutrition, but they do eat and drink at least once a day. But they always put back double of what they take. If they eat meat, they breed animals to aquire two to replace the one, if they eat a salad they plant a garden. Dalia has never attacked anyone, and she has only ever had to defend herself once in her life. But she loves to play fight. So does not anger easily at all, her species is very laid back and zen-like. But she is very skilled with her use of energy.
Picture: Character Profile Dalia2

Thank you Venis-mun for providing me with a link, I do not know why my photobucket will not work, but I see that I am not the only one with this problem. Thank you again.


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Character Profile Empty Re: Character Profile

Post by Casandra Lightheart on Mon Sep 29, 2008 3:45 pm

Name: Lady Casandra Marie Lightheart of Claremount
Gender/Age: Female/31
Background: Cassie used to really open with everyone; that was untill she was hurt time and time again by the men she loved.
Jaded by life she tries to keep everyone at a distance, if you can get through her walls you will find a vivacious woman that is full of life.

Since coming to the Inn Cassie has been reunited with the people she considers family. She has also become close to Marques del Stry he has broken down most of the walls that she put up to try to keep people out.

(These are Cas' new pics no they don't all match her personality but the face, hair and eyes are perfect)
Character Profile _0
Character Profile _1
Character Profile _2
Character Profile 61528_IMG_2714_122_1187lo
Character Profile 61543_imgF308385C_103E_01BC_08C4094
Character Profile IMG_3002_thumb
Character Profile IMG_8867-1
Character Profile IMG_9438_thumb
Character Profile ImgB08D34D9_9135_57C6_932A46FF648F9

(Cas' twins Natalie and DJ)
Character Profile DJ
Character Profile Natalie

(Kjay Cas ever faithful companion/ptotector)
Character Profile Kjay

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Character Profile Cas4-1
Casandra Lightheart
Casandra Lightheart

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Character Profile Empty Re: Character Profile

Post by Guest on Mon Sep 29, 2008 4:38 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Casandra Lightheart
Character Profile Cassie


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Post by Guest on Thu Oct 02, 2008 3:20 am

Name: Krystal Ann Crow

Sex/Age: Female/98

Background: Krystal was turned into a vampire one night when she was 17. She was getting all hot and heavy with her much older boyfriend, not having any idea that he was a vampire. He was definitely a love ‘em and leave ‘em type. He had no problems with making vampires; it was the sticking around to teach them and take care of them that was the problem. He drained her almost to death, and then he slit his wrist and placed it to her mouth until she began to drink from him. He bedded her that night, while she was entranced by him. He took everything from her in that one night. And when she awoke the next night, she was starving and alone. She went to try and find something to eat, but food didn’t taste any good to her. Finally she picked up a rat from an ally way and bit it. She drank it dry and went for another.

When Venis found her about a month later, she was sitting in the garden between the club and the house, holding the lifeless body of a bunny rabbit and crying. Venis took her in and pretty much adopted her. She took care of her and taught her how to survive. At one point Krys joined The Society of the Blood Rose. But she couldn’t handle the paperwork involved. She had never really been one for papers and such. Her entire life had been about having fun and not much else. She hadn’t been very good in school; in fact she wasn’t even sure she was going to graduate. Her natural mother had died when she was a little child, and her natural father always pawned the upbringing of her off on the servants. She had never had rules and structure in her life before Venis.

In an effort to erase her past and make a new start she took Venis’ last name, which at the time was Crow. When Venis married Zane Asgard, Krys refused to call him her father; she was never very fond of him. She hated how jealous he was, of the Society, of the kids, of everything in Venis’ life that he had nothing to do with. She was so happy when he abandoned them. But she would never admit that to her mother. She hated that he hurt her mother in such a way. When Venis married Kahn Krys was ecstatic. Kahn was wonderful to them all from the start, Venis and her children. He had no issues with anything in Venis’ life. Krys asked him one night if she could call him father and was so happy when he said yes. Finally she had the family she had never had before. She had a mother, a father, and siblings. Granted, she wasn’t a God, not even a Demi-God. She was only human before she was turned; she was nothing more than a simple vampire. But she was still a part of their family. No one held what she saw as shortcomings against her. They didn’t see her that way; they only saw her as Krystal Ann Crow, a part of their family.

When her mother was kidnapped, she had been away. She had gone out into the world to find her own way. She regrets not coming to see her father and siblings or their friends. But she was still rather self-conscious and thought she would no longer be welcomed by Kahn. So she stayed away. She thought about going to see everyone on occasion. But she figured it would be best if she didn’t. But never a day went by that she didn’t miss her family and friends. She just never figured they missed her as well.

When she heard word in the Vampire Tavern that it was possible that her mother and Tasha had returned she was overjoyed. She immediately headed to the house. The guards told her that Kahn had left for the keep a few days previous. So she was headed there when she saw one of their coaches parked outside the Inn. So that was how she got here now.

Persona: Krys is still very much a child. She had never had to grow up and become a responsible person as a human, and as a vampire she has searched for that part of herself she has been missing. She loves her family and friends and would protect them at any cost. She’s not a fighter, but can defend herself well enough. She loves all things feminine and girly. Her favorite colors are pink and orange. She loves satin and lace and all things frilly and foofy. She finds friends easily, but still has underlying trust issues. She really has a thing for men though. She has lived her afterlife doing that which brought her into the afterlife to begin with. Only now she doesn’t have to worry about such things as diseases and pregnancy. So she’s a little insatiable about it. She is capable of long term relationships, but she doesn’t stress between boyfriends, she just finds herself some entertainment. So it's not her wrath one has to worry about, it’s the wrath of her parents and her over-protective older brother Dre.

[img]Character Profile Krystal2[/img]
Character Profile Krystaloutfit3

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