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pris and the girl to god talk [closed]

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pris and the girl to god talk [closed] Empty pris and the girl to god talk [closed]

Post by Guest on Fri May 29, 2009 12:12 am

it was a half day at school. so it was early in the afternoon still and pris was already back at the inn. she had found a nice open area of grass nearby and she had a gigantic piece of paper that she bought at a craft store spread out. it was four feet by fifteen feet, the longest she could get it with the money she'd had on her. she also had set out buckets of paint, four of them. yellow, blue, red and white. no brushes, because she wasn't going to use brushes today. at the edges of the paper she had nice big rocks to make sure it didn't curl up. and she had a towel spread out to wipe her feet and a few rags. pris was wearing a bathing suit. for pris and her strange style the bathing suit was really tame. just a mint green one piece with a ruffled v neck that tied around the back of her neck. she didn't have any wigs on or jewelry either. her hair was currently black with orange and blue streaks in it. right now it was in two pigtails. and the girl was just walking the paper back and forth. as she looked around the area. trying to figure out what portrait to paint on this big paper. humming to herself.

Thor was silent in his approach to the young lady. Thor and Donald had a talk before he had come out here, and Donald, being the only man who could say so, had called thor a right heel for how he treated Pris, despite his good intentions. It was True that at times not even a God who served humanity knew everything about them. Which is precisely why Thor was here now. Even coming without his armor, helmet and if he could travel without it he would have left his hammer but he needed that. when he landed Thor had slid his hammer into his belt settling it to his right side. before he spoke again."Priscilla... Might I have a word with you?" his voice powerful but not as booming as it normally was, he did come to make amends afterall

she didn't see him coming. because pris wasn't looking to paint a sky today. she was staying away from all things sky lately because it made her think of other things that she was trying not to think about. she didn't jump when he said her name though. in a half dreamy contemplative state it wasn't easy to scare her, things were calm and fine when she was in her faraway place. she turned around so she could face him though as soon as he said her name. putting feet shoulder width apart and standing with her hands on her hips and as tall as she could [which wasn't very tall at just over five feet]. she held her chin nice and high and answered in a very mighty tone that was obviously a mimic of his, a purposeful one, "boom. might i kick you in your shin?" she thought that was a good response. and titled her chin even higher after she said it adding in a smart-mouth tone, "i'm pris." she didn't like being called priscilla very much.

Thor offered her a polite bow of respect when she pt her chin up in the air."Yes Prisci.. Pris, you may kick me in the shin." Donald had said that she would want to do that and also that he should say." I most certainly deserve it.. "Thor rested a hand on the head of the hammer hanging from his belt, his outfit was similar to his dress one, the blue tunic, sans the platemail underneath it.

she didn't expect him to say that. which is why pris blink, blink, blinked. and turned her head to the side, and turned it back, and then lifted her chin up a bit more to make sure it was at maximum chin up. her lips parted and she was about to say um but she didn't want to let herself say um so she shut her mouth and pressed her lips together. a soft huff and she said finally. "you're just saying that," back to the mimic thor tone, "because i have not my proper shin kicking footwear. my toes would breaketh." she took her arms off her hips and she folded them poutilly across her chest. donnie duck was safe enough to stare at, what she staring at boom? not really. her eyes were darting here and there but it was with no pattern at all. she really didn't know where to look. or what to do.

"Very Well... Perhaps when next we meet, you may have the proper footwear i which you might kick my shin... I've come here to apologize for my behavior during our last encounter." He said softly, eyes watching hers as her own darted from place to place. yes i knew why she did that, and no he did not mind. of course it may have been one of the reasons Thor thought the way he did about potentially asking pris if she would like to be a vessel but now was not the time, no it most certainly was not

"perhaps mayhaps treethinks next time we meet i will then!" pris replied sticking her nose up in the air like she was too far up in the sky to smell anything down below. blame poof for suggesting that she was just that, too high to touch. when he said why he was here she started to squirm. a trademark pris high whine as she shifted from foot to foot in this uncomfortable shifty dance on her paper. which she needed to stop before she put too many wrinkles in it, but that's not what pris was thinking about now. "duck gives me kisses," on the cheek of course, "duck cares. and i think he's good enough to be a hero on his own without you and your boom and your hammer and your not wanting to be friends i'd rather be saved by the big bag wolf. he gave me nice heat. he painted me a picture like i asked him too. he said he'd be my swashbuckler even though he is what he is. he cares, a BIG BAD WOLF CARES MORE THAN YOU!" oh yes, she very much yelled that at thor. this is what the god got for trying to apologize to a teenager who was tired of people treating her any way that was different than being treated nice or like a normal person.

Thor stood there and took what she had to say. only to lower his head as he spoke in response."Donald is an amazing man... a man who more often thinks of others before himself... Truly a tribute to humankind... Pris, I am sorry. Know that I do care... When last we met, I left, rather suddenly... I only did such in order offer you the company of Doctor Blake." And he brought his eyes back up to hers."Agai Pris... I am sorry for how I presented myself during our last meeting... know that I do care as to what happens to you."

"he is," she asserted when thor said duck was an amazing man and she kept repeating it while the god continued to speak. "he is he is he is he is he is." by the end of her repetition there was a slight waver in her voice. because she was remembering the day he was talking about. it hadn't been a very good day. she bit the inside of her lip very very hard as she started her shifty dance again. "why?" she meant it to be assertive, like an accusation, but her voice failed her and it came out quiet and strained. why did he care, that's what she wanted to know.

"Why? I care, because Donald cares... I care because i have seen what life has been for you, because you have had a life where so many people only sought to take advantage of you..."Thor lowered himself so that he was no longer towering over her, sitting down upon his knees. eyes watching her face." I am sorry Pris... There are times where it is that I cannot hope to understand what it is to truly be human.

"don't," pris said that with ferocious emphasis after he mentioned how people sought most often to take advantage of her in the past. "don't," she repeated as she folded her arms around herself tighter as if she was hugging herself to give herself armor to keep away those thoughts. for a moment her eyes looked here there and everywhere where he was. at the empty air. before her gaze shifted down. but it went all the way down to her paper. she couldn't look near him, not right now. she focused on the last thing he said. instead of the personal stuff about her. "then do what god did. he was jesus and he learned." very matter of fact. "get some lessons. they make me get lessons," she waved at the air when she said they. as if to refer to the they of the world. her eyes looked at him briefly then she looked away. to her buckets of paint. "and even though i hate it i do them. the lessons. so you hate them but do them too."

[ to be continued. . .]


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pris and the girl to god talk [closed] Empty Re: pris and the girl to god talk [closed]

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 01, 2009 9:50 pm

"I did follow in the Christian gods foot steps before, There was once a time when it was that I had a son. And very much like the Christian god he was taken from me." he said softly, eyes watching her while she moved about, looking around at her paints."Perhaps you are right, there are many more lessons that even I might learn... as it is when a man claims to have nothing to learn he truly admits ignorant."

he had to go and say that. about his son. pris didn't know what to say to that. or do. and her mind kept asking her over and over, what are you going to do? and she didn't have an answer for that. so she was stuck. she was stuck and staring at him and she couldn't get past not knowing what to do to comment on the lessons part. and she couldn't stop herself from staring either. well mostly staring. she managed to move her eyes back and forth just a little bit. but it was enough.

"Would you accept a gift from me, were I to offer one Pris?" he asked softly, his eyes watching hers. a hand on each of his thighs. sitting relaxed before her. aside from that he too didn't know what else to say. and he did have a gift to offer, so what better way to move everything along?

a gift? pris perked at that a little bit, her head tilting a little to the side and her chin lowering for the most part. at least she seemed to be done with the high as sky attitude and the mimicking of the thor-speak. now she unfolded her arms so that she could fiddle with her fingers, walking her giant piece of paper back and forth before she finally dropped to her knees and stuck her one hand into the yellow paint and her other hand into the red paint. she started smearing her fingers quickly on the middle of the paper, blending the two colors in the center spot with each to make a rich orange. that had yellow and red coming out of it in twisting lines. it looked a bit like a ball of fire at the center of her paper giving off heat. "a kiss?" she asked finally. that's the gift she'd asked him for when this all started after all.

He thought about that for a moment, previously, his lips where for sif and only sif. but as it was, sif was gone and he knew not when or if she would come back. and well Pris was a child, but then he did give a nod." indeed, among a second gift that I have gathered for you." or had made while in Asgard. the gift itself tucked underneath his cape. the big red one he always wore. though a hand did reach behind him and produced a long and flat package wrapped in some very fancy looking paper

the path of least resistance was a good one to take with pris when it came to the kiss. thor did the right thing. pris shimmied forward on her knees across her paper towards where he was sitting, and she closed her eyes and puckered her lips. "ihaspaintonmuhhands," she said through puckered lips at thor as she peeped her eyes open to look at the fancy wrapped object he was holding out to her. that was her reason for not reaching out to take it. she even held up her hands to show him as she closed all her eyes again.

"It is only paper, Young Sophitia very rarely is able to wrap gifts, and as such gets rather overzealous. worry not on soiling the paper." offering the present forth to her, it was a fresh set of new oil pastels. of course they didn't look like the other ones they where rather archaic looking and had no wrappers, though the colors where bright and vivid, and there where quite a few of them. very exquisite made too! but with the package offered forth Thor leaned forth and placed a kiss on her lips, just a small chaste one, before leaning back just a bit.

pris' wouldn't see he was offering the present forward until she opened her eyes, and she wasn't going to open her eyes until she got her kiss. so she sat there with pucker lips until the god kissed them. the fact that it was small and chaste didn't matter to pris. she didn't ask thor to kiss her to prove that she knew how to give a real kiss, the kiss represented something else to her. "now we're friends." she said with satisfaction as he leaned back and her eyes opened. that's when she saw the gift and she added, "and friends give presents," she added matter-of-factly to herself as she took it from him. color smearing off her fingers and onto the paper as she pulled at it to tear it off. even though he said it was okay to treat the paper badly she was still careful with it. presents weren't something she got often, so the process of unwrapping was a special excitement for her. "oh," she said breathlessly when the paper was pulled away, "oh oh oh..." soft sounds of fascination as she lightly brushed her fingertips over one of the pastels and looked at the color which rubbed off on her fingers with wide-eyed adoration.

Thor leaned back, eyes watching as she opened the gift, a raise of a brow at her reaction "are they satisfactory? I have seen that they appear as your favored medium." hands once again on his thighs, sitting as if he where meditating.

it started softly, and then her squeal got louder and louder and louder. soon she launched herself at thor, suction cupping herself to the stoic man with a squeezy hug before plopping in his lap with the pastels still in her hand. she gave another one of the colors a little pet, and she reached up and painted with them - on thor's right cheek. she drew him a little hammer shape there in the dark blue. then she peered at the shape as if she was assessing the quality of the pastel before nodding and saying with confidence. "treethinks they are satisfactory, boom." she rubbed her ring finger over the dark green pastel and then proceeded to color in the area around the hammer. she was apparently going to make thor art as her thank you by using him as the canvas.

when she launched herself at him, Thor didn't seem to really know how to react and wrapped arms very carefully around her as a hug. but he released her quickly, not wanting to crush her. she would probably find the god as rather uncomfortable. he wasn't very cushiony and he did allow her to draw on his cheek." I am rather pleased that you enjoy them.

this wasn't about comfort. this was about saying thank you for her gift. which was turning into a very elaborate face painting. he would experience first hand just how quickly she worked as she used the god as her canvas. his one cheek was all blues and greens. a drawing of the earth from above. and now she was moving on to his chin. rubbing her fingers clean on her bathing suit first so she could dip into the red orange and yellow. she was coloring those colors on his chin and jawline. making that spot fire. she was doing a portrait of him, on his own face. while she worked she started to hum in her strange atonal way, pausing only to say, "i love donnie he's my most precious doctor duck." certainly something she'd never said to donnie himself.


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pris and the girl to god talk [closed] Empty Re: pris and the girl to god talk [closed]

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 01, 2009 10:02 pm

"Donald is indeed a good man. very much deserving of your feelings towards him"Thor did not move while she drew art on him, though unfortunately it would probably wash off when he flew home to asgard but for now he would allow the girl her indulgence

"and that's why you're only out sometimes." it wasn't a question. it was her implying that he wasn't good enough to monopolize donnie duck all the time. "he should give you behaving lessons. he has a good way of behaving. he takes care of me. he could teach you how to take care of me." apparently it was all about pris. at least right now. but to be fair she had no family but dommy to care for her. so she had to suction cup herself to people if they showed any kind of nurturing towards her and didn't treat her like a child or like she was crazy. because most people did just that. pris was still working on his chin and jaw with the face painting. making very intricate flames, and even small balls of flames.

"Yes, Donald does need his own time... he does take care of you very well" Though I do strive to take care of you as he does, It is that I must also take care of my people and my home... though i will still ask him when next we meet

"i am donnie's people." asserted firmly. like pris felt she had to stake her claim on doctor do-good. she leaned in very close to boom. invading personal space. so her eyes could peer close at his chin. short touches of her fingers and she sat back. wiping her fingers on her bathing suit again. it was getting streaked with all sorts of smudgy color. now her fingers were dipping into lighter blues pinks and purples. she was drawing sky on his other cheek. earth and water on one cheek, fire on his chin, sky on his other cheek, who knew what his forehead would be. "who are your people." it was a question, but she said it like a statement. probably because she was so concentrated on her work.

"My people are those of Asgard... Gods to govern the Norse pantheon... we are the protectors of man and the realms of Midgard..." pausing before that last bit Thor turned his head just a little when she started on the other cheek. he wouldn't mention that his people where a dead shell of their former glory. no, that wasn't for the ears of a human child, no matter how much donald cared for her

"asgard asgard azzzz-guard," repeated in a soft murmur under her breath as the god told her about his people. she often did that with thing she didn't recognize. to make unfamiliar things familiar through repetition. her doctor had taught her that compulsion, to try and help her not feel lost in school each time a new concept was introduced. "shhh canvas." she said that in a hush hush command when he moved. she didn't mean shhh, she actually meant be still. if things moved that changed the painting. her free hand clasped the other side of his head just behind his ear. to keep his head still. "norse. midgard. nose horses guarding middles." she was telling that to her mind. which was asking her 'what are those things' over and over. she knew it wasn't the right answer, but she had to tell her mind something or it wouldn't stop.

Thor tensed for a moment and stilled. when she asked him too. eyes closing while she painted on his face, that old bout with ego creeping up within him, though he did well to quash the ego. as he was trying to mend a bridge today and not destroy one.

pris huffed softly. normally when she said nonsense answers aloud people corrected her and gave her the right answer. so when he didn't she made her bitter lemon face. "i don't get those words," she said emphatically. "nose horses guarding middles i know that's not right. you're supposed to fix them. so i can learn." a less than patient explanation as she continued to work on the sky and wind. they were hard to make. especially on a cheek. but she was determined. she shifted in thor's lap. because no, he really wasn't very comfortable.

Thor thought for a moment on how to simplify what he was saying, and after a second of his eyes watching her he said in a very donald blake tone."We guard the planet and everything on it." and then yes he almost offered with a nod, but then stopped himself at the first little movement as she had asked him not to move.

"hm hm hm." pris was thinking his answer over. there was a moment of silence. where she was just staring at thor's cheek. making the sky and the wind. fingers working quickly. she had to stare, because he was her canvas and it was also a portrait and she always stared at portraits. maybe it was her staring that caused her to say, "that's a lot of things. everything is a lot of things. you shouldn't be lonely." she didn't see lonely when she stared at thor. she didn't see things in terms of emotions. but it was the image she saw of him when she stared. she interpreted it as him being lonely.

"it is a lot of things yes but there are not a lot of my people. and even with a great many things about in life, there is still a void to be left in ones life... As it is my wife is still among those of my people who have not yet been found I fear that void will be neigh impossible to fill." a slow nod from the god."Though there are men i consider friends, yourself included with whom I find respite."

"you can always color it in. the void. until it gets filled with something else. that's what i do with my dad." she said that very matter-of-factly, and didn't say why she did it with her dad. maybe he knew, if he heard everything donnie duck heard, what had happened to her father and why it left a void there. and pris spoke the truth. she had entire sketchbooks and folders filled with drawings that were connected to her father in some way, even if those looking at the drawings didn't see the connection. pris did. and that's all that mattered. a few more flutters of her fingers on his face and she wiped her fingers off, announcing. "i'm done." and so she was. thor's face painted, she was done with her thank you.

[end log!]


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pris and the girl to god talk [closed] Empty Re: pris and the girl to god talk [closed]

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