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Until further notice....

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Until further notice....

Post by Beastie on Mon Feb 16, 2009 2:47 pm

Due to some recent things and going ons and other craziness, I will be saying this. I will only be speaking here in the boards as my characters in an IC capactiy and in the games. Nothing more or less. If it is anything else OOC do not approach me in any way shape or form. The most I wish is to be told I am tagged for a thread and where.

No I will not discuss the reasons for this. No I will not talk about my character or any other character OOC. Stating simply, my characters will be just that characters. I will post using their names in the games only, that is as much OOC as people will get.

This does include all forms of communications.....

Thank you for your consideration.
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