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Orders (OOC post)

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Orders (OOC post) Empty Orders (OOC post)

Post by Beastie on Mon Nov 03, 2008 11:38 pm

Orders are to be in their own separate topics. I will also go and list prices here soon. Each order, must be filled out in full as to what you want and time for it to be done. Real mun days. so yes this means take in the fact that people will be sick and such. Also add if you want anything special, the blade blued or a name engraved.

If the smith that is assigned to do the job has not in a mannerly fashion the order will be A) assigned to a new smith and B) a discount given.

The smithing will be done in the same thread as the order, and once item is picked up will be locked. A PM will let you know when it is ready. At that time the other half of the fee will be required, minus discount if applicable, and you will receive your item.

Currently need these positions
Assistants (ultimately, like 4 to 8, but only if they have the time. It would be doing things like pumping bellows and such)
Smiths ( 2 more would be great. Especially one who knows how to do mundane items would be great)

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