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Post by Venis Jordianthan on Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:45 pm

((This one didn't blend as easily as the other.  We did more of a back and forth exchange this time. Again, I must warn for language. You a should know by now that this is a recurring theme with me.  This is the final chapter of the Dark Venis Saga, so named by the late JonLouis (the mun, not the character), and the beginning and middle will soon make its way to the boards in The Story So Far.  So there's something to look forward to.  Enjoy.))

Venis rose from the chair with wheels that had been used to bring her out from inside the building.  It had been her first time in a human hospital since she was a human.  And, back then, they were nothing like this.

She turned and retrieved her plastic bag of personal belongings from the young man who had wheeled her out.  "Thank you."  Spoken just above a whisper. "I'll just wait on this bench over here.  My ride should be here soon."  He shrugged in response before turning with the chair and walking away.

Slow, careful, movements took her to the shaded bench.  She lowered herself down, but did not sit upright.  Instead she leaned back into a reclining position.  The odd, blue colored, clothing that they had dressed her in felt more like paper than fabric.  It was itchy and uncomfortable.  But at least it wasn't pressing on her stitches.

Squinted eyes watched the goings on around the hospital.  She was awaiting her chance to portal out of there.  "Is it always this damned sunny around here?" Rhetorical question, though spoken out loud, meant only for her ears.  The sun was her reason for remaining on the bench.  They had washed off all her sunscreen and refused to let her put some more on before she left.  They told her that she would be fine without it for the time being.  They also told her that she was lucky to be alive.  Little did they know.

The chorus of voices rang out in her head. ~You should be healing faster than this vampire.~ A roll of her eyes and a quick scan of the area to see if anyone would hear her. "Shut the fuck up.  This is your damned fault.  Had you listened, I wouldn't be here right now." The darkness had picked the wrong victim, and now Venis was paying the price.

When it looked like no one was going to be about for a moment, she scratched a slit into the air in front of her.  She then rose from her perch and stepped through.  Her first stop was an apartment that Seleen, and now Shuda, kept.  It was clear across the country, but it was convenient and private.

As she had hoped, the place was empty.  She moved from the dark living room into the second bathroom.  Carefully, she removed the paper clothes.  She threw them into the trash.  She pulled her dress, that the hospital had cut from her body, from the plastic bag and threw that away as well.  Then she removed the items that the hospital had given her and set them upon the counter.  Clean bandages and tape.  She removed her heels from the plastic bag as well.  Lastly, she removed her bag and set it on the counter beside the medical supplies.  She put her shoes into her bag.  Then the plastic bag went into the trash.

She rubbed her arms.  It had been hundreds of years since her body temperature had been this low.  Perhaps she had lost more blood than she had thought.  The transplants in the hospital did little more than prevent her from getting hungry.  She was thankful for that.

Reaching into her bag, she dug around and pulled out a basket.  A bag of holding was a magnificent thing.  The basket contained a large bottle of Strawberry scented shampoo, two large bottles of Strawberry scented conditioner, some body wash, a wash cloth, and a jar of pink tinted cream.  She put the items in the shower and started the water heating up.

She wasn't supposed to remove the bandages for twenty-four hours, but she slowly peeled the tape from her body. "So much for perfect abs." She removed the bandage and examined the wound.  With a sigh, she shook her head and closed her eyes.  A barely pink tear rolled down her cheek.  "You nearly got me killed damnit.  I tried to tell you to not approach him." She threw the bandage in the trash.  ~How were we supposed to know?~ She growled as she stepped into the shower. "I knew."

The pain of washing and conditioning her hair was excruciating, but it paled in comparison to the pain of washing her once flawless stomach.  And nothing prepared her for the pain of applying the pink tinted, strawberry scented, sun screen.  She was more prepared for the pain when it came to toweling off and applying the second coat of the sun screen.

As the sunscreen soaked into her skin, she went to the kitchen and retrieved a bottle of blood from the refrigerator.  She chose to not risk heating it herself, she used a mug and the microwave to take some of the cold out.  Just enough to make it palatable.

Sipping from the mug, she went to the master bedroom.  Seleen kept clothes here.  She was shorter than Venis by inches, but she was bound to have something that fit.  And Venis was not going to use her magic or power for anything unnecessary at this point.  She was putting too much into trying to heal.  So, it was back to the old way of dressing. Namely, actually having to find something to wear and put it on.  A task she did half-assed, normally.  She either brought her clothes to herself magically from her closet or dresser or simply used magic for the entire process.  It made it easier to do many things at once.

Stealing a white T-shirt from Shuda's drawer, she added a pair of black sweat pants from Seleen's closet and a black hooded sweatshirt from Shuda's.  Seleen had no tops that were large enough to not irritate her stomach. She returned to the bathroom to put her jewelry back on, opting to skip the belly button ring for now.  The gash hadn't hit her belly button, but it had only missed by about an inch.

More blood drank, her temperature rising a little, socks and tennis shoes very carefully put on, and she was ready to go.  She scribbled a note on a pad of paper in the kitchen, procured another bottle of blood, and left the apartment the same way she had entered.

This portal opened up to the Eastern Forrest near the Tel'Ranaemyn Inn.  Rhy'Din.  She was home.  Regardless of having been born on Earth and having lived there for over a hundred years, it didn't feel much like home anymore.  She took a cleansing breath. ~Why are we here?~  Voices ringing out in her head like a chorus.  She began to walk to the waterfall that she knew was close.

The pain of showering and dressing was still taking its toll on her.  Some energy would have to be used for something other than healing.  She paused in her steps and closed her eyes for a moment. Soon her feet were off the ground by about six inches.  It would have to do.  She still needed to tend to her hair, so she needed to conserve some energies for that task as well.  There was no possible way that she could brush it out by hand.

With the darkness falling silent, she sat upon a large rock next to the water.  She reached into her bag and pulled out a small, leather, drawstring purse.  She opened the purse as her hair brush came from her bag to run through her hair of its own accord.  From the purse slid a large, black, gemstone.  It was Emerald cut, an inch in length by a half inch in width, a quarter of an inch thick.

She rolled the stone over in her hand as she looked down at it. "Hard to believe that you tried to end my life just days ago you sick little bastard." She opened the second bottle of blood, having finished the first while she was still at the apartment, and set it aside to warm naturally. "Now, how do I find the one I seek?  It's not like he's simply a phone call away." A sigh as she placed one arm across her stomach and continued to roll the gem around in her other hand.  

The thing about this area is that nothing may ever truly be the way it is. One could never know if they were being watched or by whom.  But if a person would think too much on this then they may end up paranoid and never go anywhere without being on guard. Was the person at the water on guard?  Perhaps she should have been.

This particular creature was not nearby, and yet he was.  He had been in the area a few nights before and had retreated into one of the nearby caves before using his exit there to go to his home. But wherever this man went he always left feelers and one of them was currently at the waters where Venis was tending to her bodily damage. The bubble gurgled and a surface shimmered, if only for a quick moment.  From where he sat, on that otherworldly plane, he was now looking at her through the water.

It wasn’t a two-way refection.  There was nothing for her to see in the water aside from what naturally belonged. The state she was in caused him to frown and with that came the question of why she was here. In this forest.

Form where he was, using the water, when he spoke this is the direction the voice came from. “One may wonder why a wounded goddess is in the forest.” She would be able to recognize the voice to be his, even if he was talking with the timber of the water over his words.  it came out clear

"Because there is a lack of beings with strong emotions here.  Less I have to block out.  It will help me heal."  When she was in control, as she was now, her guard was always up.  So, his voice did not give her even so much as a start.  She closed her hand around the stone she had been rolling around and used her thumb and first two fingers of that hand to open her bag.  She removed the hand that was over her stomach and used it to fumble around in her bag. "You aren't exactly here, I would feel you if you were.  So how did you know I was injured?"  She didn't look to the water, though that was where his voice was coming from and he sounded like he was under the water.  Nor did she ask how he knew she was here.  He had a knack for just showing up.

She pulled the small box from her bag.  Letting the bag fall closed, she opened the box and removed the small wine glass.  She set it beside the open bottle and then put the box back into the bag.  She was being careful to not drop the gem.  Then she poured some of the blood from the bottle into the glass so she could drink it.  After a slow sip was taken, of the barely room temperature liquid, she spoke again.  "Ironically, I was just thinking about you.  Wondering how I could find you.  It's not like you're just a phone call away." Another sip taken and her nose wrinkled.  Not very fresh and barely warm, but it was sustenance just the same. "Would you care to join me?" She meant at her location, she doubted he would care for a drink.  Though, if he wished ...

Benjamin said nothing for a few short moments. “I have joined you,” came his rumble of a reply.

He was there. He could see her, he was talking to her, he only was not there physically. With the damage done to her body and the blood that hung in the air around her, he did not think it would be wise to make a bodily appearance. As long as she stayed by the water he’d be able to see her. He gave no indication that he had heard the other things that she said, though he did wonder why she was looking for him. Their business had been concluded outside of her church, so what reason brought her here today? Surely, she wasn’t looking for him to help heal her.

From where he was, Benjamin continued with his current dealings and watched what she was doing.  He could make a few educated guesses as to the contents of that glass. These Vampires and their bottled blood

Venis gave half a shrug and winced. "I meant physically, but this is fine." She poured the remainder of the small glass into her mouth. The look on her face was pure disgust. "We've already established that you don't trust me. Or, at least, not my unwanted guest."  She pulled a moist towelette from her bag and wiped the glass out. She then capped the bottle and put both away. At least it was pure blood, not blood wine? She didn't think she could catch an animal at this point and she needed the blood.

Her voice, while her own, was softer. Almost sorrowful in its tone.  "Conversations can easily be had this way." She slid the stone back into the leather pouch and put it away as well.  Her hair brush returned to her bag as her hair started to twist in a clockwise direction and form a bun atop her head.

She pulled a small, brown, plastic, bottle with a white lid from her bag. "There was something I wanted to discuss with you the other day." She began pulling bobby pins from the jar and pushing them into her hair, slowly, wincing with every one. "But we both know how that meeting ended." She was torn between continuing to put in the many bobby pins in her hair manually and cause herself more physical pain while she concentrated all her power and magic on healing, or using some of her power to secure her hair in place without causing herself more pain and discomfort but slowing the progress of her healing.  She chose manual insertion.

She closed her eyes and lowered her head. This also helped her reach the back of her head. "I'm sure that my family has cooked up some crazy scheme to attempt to rescue me or save me or something." She finished the pins and raised her head. But she kept her eyes closed. "But, Benjamin, what if they fail?" A thought that had been plaguing her for some time now. "I need a plan B."

She began digging in her bag again. It wasn't that she wanted him to heal her, she wasn't even sure he could, so the thought hadn't crossed her mind. No, what she wanted was quite the opposite.

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Re: ~~>~~@ Forgotten Business @~~<~~

Post by Venis Jordianthan on Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:52 pm

Benjamin almost laughed. Almost.  How interesting it was that she now spoke of the need to be rescued. When he had approached her a few days ago she had stated that she had control of her situation to the point where she was able to help him. Looking at her current state perhaps the vampire did not have as much control as she thought. Hurt, drinking bottled blood, seeking him for advice - at least - something had to have changed. Why was the matter of his concern?

Right now, it seemed that she was asking him for advice which, from him, may not be what a person was wanting to hear. “What if they fail.” It was not a question.  It was a nonchalant statement. Everyone fails at something. Any fish which were in the water were skirting around to the edges. Every time he spoke there was a small rippling over the water’s surface.  Though it could easily be mistaken for wind moving across. “Why are you here for me?”

Getting down to the point.

She wasn't here to be rescued. She still had the same control that she had attested to days before. She pulled the long, slender, box from her bag and then laid back upon the rock to relieve the pressure that sitting had been applying to her stomach. "Simple, really." Her voice still soft as she stared up into the sky above. "You're my plan B." She waited a moment for that to sink in.

After a few moments, she continued. "Gawain could rip my throat out and bring me right back from death. The darkness wouldn't return with me. My son could destroy my body, rendering it lifeless, and bring me back without the darkness. My husband is the God of Death. He could kill me in a thousand and one ways and bring me back without the darkness." She sighed and fell silent for a moment.

When she continued, her voice carried a hint of sadness. "The problem is, that would mean that one of them would have to have the ability to defeat me, and then be able to get past their emotions to finish the task." She closed her eyes for a moment as she continued. "If they can't finish the task, there is a chance that the darkness will win and there will be nothing of me left." A thought that had plaguing her for some time now.

She slid the lid of the box open and produced a large syringe. It was filled with a pink liquid that looked to contain some type of metal fragments too tiny for the naked eye. The result was the look of pink liquid metal. "If that happens. If the darkness wins and there's nothing left of me ..."  She had never thought that she would ever have to utter these words. "Then someone has to end it."

Having set the box down on the rock beside herself, she laid one arm gently across her stomach. The other was holding up the syringe, moving it, as she watched the metallic liquid move within. "I trust that, if the darkness takes me completely over and there's nothing left of me, you will be able to put this into my heart, Benjamin." In other words, she trusted him with her ultimate death.

Venis was not in his presence to see him roll his eyes at her first statement. Plan B. He was partially insulted.  Miffed to say the least.  She had come here with an issue about the darkness she was carrying inside of her, an entity she was adamant in keeping away from him before.  He had even hinted on taking it from her at their last meeting, at least having the opportunity to explore it more.  Then, she would have none of it. Yet now, here she was.

He listened with muted interest as she continued on.  Not interrupting her as she spoke about the other men in her life and, in his opinion, how weak they were. “You come to me about your darkness now when you had opportunity to let me mingle with it before. You refused.” At the end of his words was a hint of a low rumbling growl. “Why must the darkness die simply because you have?”  It was an honest question. She was asking a creature of the dark to get rid of the dark.  He had no problem in killing her, but why should he - if she would be already dead - destroy the Dark?

Her hand slid from its gentle perch across her midsection. A closed fist slammed into the stone upon which she laid. Naturally, it cracked under such force. Movements, that should have been slower and gentler, brought her up off the rock and to her feet.

She placed the syringe back in its box and unzipped the hooded sweatshirt she was wearing. She winced as she laid it upon the stone. Facing the water, right hand lifted the white t-shirt as the left reached for the top of the long white bandage that now bore a couple of spots of red. In a flash of movement, she ripped the bandage off to reveal the seventeen-inch-long gash that had taken one hundred and five stitches to close. And that wasn't counting the number of internal stitches used to put her back together.

When she spoke, there was anger in her tone.  "Because of this, Benjamin. Because I should never have to heal human slow." She started pressing the bandage back in place, carefully. "And because this darkness was never meant for this world. And yes, that is my mistake. I own it." Satisfied that the bandage would stay for the time being, she lowered the shirt back down. "And because it sure as hell has no right to my body and what powers it can manage to siphon from me as I die."

She more collapsed against the rock than sat back upon it. Her voice softened, her anger calmed. The physical ramifications of her anger were taking a toll. "If you want it, Benjamin, then come and get it. It goes against every fiber of my being." Or, rather, the part of her that was the Goddess of Protection. "But I won't stop you. I won't argue. I won't even try to protect you." She shook her head and looked down. "You want it to live so bad, come take it and keep it alive yourself. Because I intend to kill it." That hint of anger returning with her last sentence.

It was a lovely scar. Perhaps he should thank her for showing him.  From where he was the man was even enjoying the display of anger he was getting off of her. Honestly, why people chose to contain their rage instead of letting it go was something he did not understand at times.  At times.  There were occasions where it was needed, though he had told her before to, as they say, ‘let it out’, and now she had.  Bravo, vampire. Bravo. Even if she did have a flare for the dramatic.

For all of her posturing about, Benjamin wasn’t affected and remained placid in his overall thought of this situation. What did all this have to do with him? First, she wanted him to kill he,r if the other males could not, and now she was complaining about having to heal like a human. As an added bonus, he could have the Darkness - now- “if” he wanted it. Benjamin wanted a lot of things, he was a collector after all, at his core, and he took what he wanted, under his terms.  He did not advocate for the Darkness to live, only didn’t see why it should die. There were many things that were not meant for that world (notice Benjamin did not live there). Did she think that all things that didn’t belong in that world should die?

“I fail to see how this has anything to do with me.” Could Benjamin really be that cold-hearted? Depended on the situation. If she thought that he would be swayed by death and destruction then she didn’t know him that well. “If you want to kill it, then kill it. If you want to die, because that’s the only way to kill your aliment, then death you shall have.” It was really quite simple.

Perhaps Benjamin would be saddened to learn that she had absolutely no intention of keeping this scar.  Both this eyesore, and that accursed cross upon her palm were going to be taken care of as soon as she was able.  If she was able.  And it was a good thing that he was enjoying her anger, because she had some more of it to let out.

She laid back against the rock again.  It was better for her to not bend her stomach too much.  She flicked her forefinger of her right hand off of the thumb of the same.  The effect of striking a match.  And the sparks that flew from the strike rose into the air about ten to twelve feet before exploding in a tiny show of light.  Her anger brought a growling undertone to her words.  "The only part of this that actually has anything to do with you is that I believed that you could look at me and not hesitate to fill my heart with the contents of the syringe.  I trusted that you could look at me and not talk yourself out of it because of feelings, and emotions, and loyalty." The accent she put to the words showing her irritation with such things.

His second comment caused her anger to flair even more.  The little sparks of light that she was flicking into the air were getting a little bigger and going a little higher.  "What I want, Benjamin."  Her voice loud enough, and carrying enough anger, that her natural French accent was coming through in the sound of her words. "Is to be rid of tis sheet in my 'ead.  I want it gone, an not b'cause someone, who would suffer fo doing so, took it fom me.  I want to wake up tomorrow, an not be 'aunted by ze images of what it is I 'ave done.  Fo ze love of ze God's, Benjamin, I 'ave no done such t'ings in 'undreds of years. I just want tis to be o'er, an I live to regret it."  She knew that she would regret it for the rest of her life, she just hoped that it was still a very, very, very, long life.

Finally.  Venis cut through all the other things in her head and got down to what she really wanted. All the other trifles about family potentially blotching a rescue and her imminent death, even telling him to take the darkness ‘if he wanted’ it, were things that were unnecessary. He didn’t need to know.  She came here with a purpose and now, after all this time, she got down to the matter. “I did say that if you wanted to die that is what you’ll have.” Perhaps it was because he did not say ‘Yes, Venis,  I will kill you’ that his words were not understood. There was only one person whom he had the slightest regret in killing.

And now it was her turn to roll her eyes. "An I did say tat I did. no. want. to. die."  Perhaps it was her accent that had confused him on that?  She was sure that there was some way of her ridding herself of the darkness without having to die permanently.  That was an absolute last resort.  And it was by far not on her list of favorite options.  She continued her little sparks, even using one to accentuate the last five words of her sentence.

Now he would impart wisdom to her, perhaps it was something she needed to hear. “Getting rid of your Darkness will not stop you from being haunted by the things you have already done and experienced. It will not erase your memories.  Those things will stay with you forever.” Unless she used magics to wipe her memory. “Those things have changed you and will continue to change you as long as you hold yourself a prisoner to them. Accept what you have done.  Acknowledge what you have done. Embrace it.  Darkness. Wickedness. Evil. Those things control people that do not wish to face them. Prisoners of their fears of what it will. You’re afraid. Even if I were to take it, you’d still have to live with yourself.”  He scoffed then and it rippled the surface of the water. “Haunted by the things you’ve done. If you cannot live with yourself then you’re of no use to anyone.”

Hard truth of Benjamin.

She listened to his words of wisdom, she was good for listening.  And when he was done, she actually sat back upright on the rock.  "'onestly, Benjamin, do ou tink I do no know tis already?  Just b'cause I can no avoid being 'aunted by my actions, does no mean I do no wish fo it.  Ze only ting I am a prisoner to is my desire to be done wit tis.  I know what it tis tat I 'ave done.  I accept it.  I will live wit it, so long as I live. Tis like ze first 'undred years of my life all o'er again.  An I learned to live wit tat.  It will be easier ze second time 'round.  I made my choices.  An I accept tem. But tat does no change tat I wish I could fo'get." She knew that wishes almost never came true.  This was not news to her.  But, everyone dreams of something, right?  She formed a little ball of flames in her right palm and began to roll it around, weaving it through her fingers, and essentially playing with it.  It was making a good focus, though it was using power she wanted to use to heal.

This… vampire… was likely more human than she wanted to admit. “You don’t want to live.  You don’t want to die. You want to kill the darkness.” it was a circle.  “ When you need me to kill you, let me know.” She had said that she learned to live with her past, likely what she had been going through now too.  Then she had said she didn’t want it anymore.  To him, that wasn’t acceptance.  She either wanted it, or she didn’t.  Change couldn’t be wished for, it had to be done.  Nothing was accomplished by wishing.

“Unless you want to be rid of it now.  I’ll extend to you that kindness for a straight answer.”

It wasn't the remnants of her humanity that caused her remorse for her actions.  It was the Goddess of Protection that caused it.  It was that which caused her to become nauseous whenever there were strong emotions around.  It was that which pulled her to the side of those she knew whenever they were in some form of danger.  It was that which caused her to lose her drink if she drank too much and ended a life.  And it was that which had lead her down this path of trying to keep anyone who meant anything to her from getting too close to the darkness out of fear of it consuming them.  But, she could openly admit to still clinging to those tiny bits of her humanity as well.

She sat up straight upon the rock.  She winced when she brought up her legs to cross them before her.  With her eyes closed and her head at a slight upward tilt, she weighed Benjamin's words.  She took a deep, painful, cleansing breath.  Two more deep, and just as painful, breaths followed.  Then, she opened her eyes. "Benjamin."  Her voice showing no signs of anything other than her normal pitch and tone.  Not even an accent. "I want the excess darkness gone so that I can live and find my balance again.  And yes, I want that now." She wasn't sure if that was what he meant.  Did he have another question that he wanted a straight answer to?  If that were the case, he need only ask.

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Re: ~~>~~@ Forgotten Business @~~<~~

Post by Venis Jordianthan on Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:56 pm

A firm answer. She wanted to be rid of it and she wanted it now. He said that he’d show her kindness and he would -even if his kindness did not feel kind in the process. What he had been working on in his plane was put on hold - he could come back to it later. Benjamin knew exactly where Venis was.  He had spent enough time looking at her, and the surroundings, through the water to make his pinpoint pretty accurate. There was no bravado or flashy display, the man didn’t exist there one moment and the next he did. The vampire surely was not weak enough that she wouldn’t feel his presence suddenly manifest in the area. The aura which was around him was dark and cruel. Vile and angry, even a tad sorrowful. The agony of tortured souls waifed off of him. Under normal circumstances much of this would be downplayed but Benjamin did not take the time to compose himself from what he was doing before he had left his place of rest.

He had appeared directly behind her.  How looked she would see except for any hint of reflection that was provided by the water. His eyes were a solid blood red and his skin appeared a shade darker than normal. He did not wear much but at least he had some decency and wore loose black pants that hung off his hips. His feet were bare. As soon as he had formed Benjamin leaned towards her putting his mouth near her ear, his right hand was spread and hovering a breath away from the middle of her back.  “This is going to hurt,” his growling whisper put to her ear.  

Benjamin wasn’t quite done with his warning before he flattened his hand to her back and he set off his chain of events.  Would she feel it? Would this goddess-vampire feel the hot, searing pain from his hand? It was unlike the sensation he had given her that one night back in the Inn. The light touch of fire threads making their way through her body, seeking and exploring.  This was harsh, aggressive, and raw. This was wickedness and the fires of hell that he was now sending through her being to capture what rightfully belonged to him. How much Darkness could she take?  Benjamin thought about that somewhere in a small recess of his mind, but he didn’t pay it attention.  His focus was on the thing she had and exceeding its presence to gain dominant control. He was going to have it. That thing in her did not belong there, but with him.

One thing he did do - and he would consider it to be part of the kindness - was blocking his mind from her.  While he didn’t do anything about what she may experience due to his aura, he spared her the mental strain of feeling and seeing the various things all the souls he collected were tormented with.  He kept himself still and breathed steadily. Waiting to feel this new object join him.

*Du dum*  The first indication, she had, that they were now both physically on the same plane of existence.  As she sat in her meditational pose upon the rock, her involuntary heartbeat gave away his arrival before anything else.  And told her that he was within feet of her.  She immediately opened her mouth and inhaled to speak, but no words came out.  His aura was so thick with darkness and cruelty that it felt like an anaconda was swirling around her body and constricting.  Her eyes widened and her mouth opened as she felt like she was being crushed under the weight of the vile anger that emitted from him.  She immediately threw up a shield to push back the black snake that was crushing her.  And she found the hints of sorrow that were sporadically interwoven.  A pink tear rolled down her cheek.  Benjamin had never felt this way to her before.  He hadn't thrown up his own shields or wards or whatever it was that he used to walk among others.  And while she couldn't completely block out all the agony and torture that he was radiating, she was at least able to loosen its grip on her.

She didn't turn to look at him, she didn't get the chance.  And she didn't catch his reflection in the water either.  Because she no sooner relieved some of the strain of his aura when he was whispering in her ear.  Another breath in to say 'ok', but it was too late.  He touched her before he had even really finished his sentence.  Her body temperature was lower than normal, lower than human, nearly that of a normal vampire.  And his hand was hot.  Hotter than his normal, hotter than a lycanthrope, hotter than her normal.   She threw her head back and arched her back.  Given his proximity, unless he moved back after whispering in her ear, her head came to rest on his shoulder.  The piteous sound emitting from her throat was like a choked scream that didn't have the air to fully form.

Venis had been to hell.  She had visited its deepest depths.  So, she knew the feeling that was traveling through her at that moment.  Lava from the lake of fire.  That was how this felt.  The dark, angry, vile, lava flowed through her in search of the darkness that did not belong.  It was excruciating.  And yet, it didn't stop her body from its usual reaction to his proximity, his touch.  Her pheromones rose, her heart beat of its own accord, and at a rapid pace.  Even through all this pain and torture, she desired him.

His hell fires traveled through her body, picking up on bits of darkness here and there, gathering information.  But while there were traces of darkness throughout her entire being, what he was searching for was hiding in the darkest corners of her mind.  The injury had sent it into hiding because she couldn't heal when it was present.  And it wanted her whole, they wanted her whole.  And that's where Benjamin's hell fires migrated to.  The sound that had been emanating from her throat muted to a silent scream as he entered her mind.  And there was a wealth of information for him to find in there.  But it was all behind her gatekeepers.

Her wolf, the solid white beast that bore eyes the same shade of blue as her own.  She stood in the face of that darkness with her teeth bared in a growl.  But under all the darkness and anger, the pure evil that was with that hell fire, there was a familiar scent.  It was faint, almost unrecognizable, but it was Benjamin, and she knew that scent.  So, she stepped aside and let the lava like evil pass.  But she kept her guard up, regardless of who was putting that vile stuff through her body.

That added darkness, the stuff that Benjamin was seeking, knew he was there.  It knew he was looking for it and it was trying to reach out.  It wanted the darkness that was coming for it.  But Venis was still injured and it was still trapped.  Benjamin would discover Venis' hundred-year campaign, back on Earth, when she was first turned.  Those dark days lived with her every day.  She never forgot the things she did.  She commanded an army of vampires, the faces of whom she never focused on.  Save for the only other female on the battle field, Seleen, Venis' Lieutenant in her army of death.  Venis quickly shifted her focus.  She was trying to keep Benjamin's path clear.  But he would find her dark magics.  Oh, there was a definite dark side to the witch.  But all the spells were in drow, and they were all incomplete.  One would have to piece together two, or more, spells and translate them correctly to get one working spell.

There was an immense hatred to be found in her mind.  Hatred for her sire, the man, vampire, who created her.  But Venis had come to terms with it.  And part of her coming to terms with it all was the memory of Radu's death being played on repeat in her mind.  It was the first time she had burst into flames.  So, yes, she had saved the human race.  The flamers had that right

There were good memories too.  Countless faces, some of which Benjamin would know, or at least know of.  There were memories of Benjamin.  They were things of happiness.  Dancing with him at the Halloween party, his escorting her back to her room.  There was the Christmas party preparations, when she was injured from saving Casie, when he caught her under the mistletoe and pulled the taint from her body, that kiss.

There were newer memories.  Her most recent atrocities.  Her agreement with a higher power.  She accepted the terms of a trade.  Gareth was bound to Gawain and The Wolf's Head Inn for a year, she had made that part common knowledge.  The deaths that she had caused, mostly because of the darkness.  

She had memories of her time being trapped back on Earth.  Vlad had sent his minions to abduct her and Tasha.  He tortured her to try and get to her to do what he wanted.  And when torturing her didn't work, he had Tasha tortured. Seleen finally found a way to bust them out.  She got them back to Rhy'Din, though not in the best condition.  And that wasn't the only time she had been trapped somewhere.  Venis became trapped in her own Keep.  That was when she had called for that darkness to give her the power to escape. That was the beginning of all this mess.

There was a deep seeded anger.  And close to this anger was the memories of her third wedding day, the night that they bound themselves to each other, and the result of that bond.  Venis trusted that all of the things that Benjamin discovered, as he sought the unwelcome guest she carried, would still be there when he left.  If he took anything other than the knowledge of these things, and the darkness he came for, then she would still be off balance.  And if he took something dark, that actually belonged there, her scale would tip too close to the light.

But he was now facing the result of her bond with her husband.  The large, pure white, ice dragon, again with eyes the same shade of blue as Venis herself, stood with her wings spread and ready to attack.  She was the last thing between Benjamin and the darkness.  One might think that it had taken Benjamin's hell fire a long time to get past all these memories and the light and dark that gave Venis her balance, but in reality, it was only two, maybe three, minutes.  And Venis was still in excruciating pain.  All these things that had been pulled to the surface by Benjamin's presence only added to her torture.  It was a flood of memories and emotions that she hadn't been prepared for nor had she been able to shield against.  And there would be no putting them back in their places until Benjamin was out of her.  Which meant he needed to get past her dragon.  Through gritted teeth she spoke.  "Let. Him. Pass.” Her tone had anger and a definite growl to it.  It took a new breath for each word due to the pain she was in.  But the dragon moved and the darkness, in a chorus of a thousand or more voices, moved toward Benjamin.

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Re: ~~>~~@ Forgotten Business @~~<~~

Post by Venis Jordianthan on Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:00 pm

((Sorry, but Venis’ secrets are hers.  And while Benjamin had managed to drag them to the surface with his presence, they’re staying a secret from all others. 😉 ))

Benjamin's reaction was quite opposite from the vampires. He would assume it's because this isn't something she goes through on a normal basis. The man stayed his hand and didn't so much as flinch as he navigated. If she had had a consciousness full of Light and laughter he may have spared a second in wonder but this? No. He had seen enough, and the souls he carried with him had seen enough, over the centuries to make these images and the emotions they carried, commonplace. Though he had no reaction, it did not mean that it did not register

The man kept his mind and thoughts clear of anything else but the task at hand. He didn’t want any part of him to mingle in with her. Venis also wouldn’t have to worry about him taking anything but what he came for - the man wasn’t tempted.  He was not a Sin Collector - that was someone else job - and if she thought that he was doing this for the sole purpose of obtaining what lay inside of her then she did not know much about him. Understandably. Benjamin was not the type that exposed his reasoning for many things.

Venis’ pain was distant in his ears, he had warned her that it would hurt.  Did he feel anything about being the cause of it?  Who could tell for anything he felt was locked away. She would not have to suffer much longer.  Once the last blockage was removed, and what he sought began towards him, Benjamin reached out to take it and drew it in like a mother does to their child. He felt the transference of the new addition move through him and the other parts of him welcomed it home. The substance which had been a bane to the vampire would find a wealth of what it wanted inside of Benjamin.

With this task done, it only took a second for Benjamin to leave her system.  He abruptly took his hand from her back and all which he had let inside of her was gone. If there were lingering effects it was due to a memory of the experience. With his task done, Benjamin closed his hand into a fist and took a step backward. He made no other action towards her, nor did he say a word. Just as suddenly as he had appeared Benjamin was gone.

Oh, there was light and laughter, but those things were not as attracted to Benjamin as the darker things.  They weren't fighting their way to the surface to 'come out and play', as it were.  And Venis had no misconceptions of Benjamin.  She knew that there had to be more to his offer than simply the taking of what he wanted.  She just didn't know what.  And at that moment, she honestly didn't even care.  Nor did she care what his price would be.  She just knew that at some point she would have to pay it.  Hopefully, it would be something she could do and still live with herself after.

The Darkness thought it had a seven-course meal with Venis.  Being with Benjamin was probably more like an all you can eat buffet.  For that reason, she was not surprised that the darkness went to his welcoming embrace in such a way.  And she was happy to get rid of it.  And then just like that, Benjamin was gone.  Gone from her mind, gone from her body, gone from that plane of existence.  And yes, the memory of the event remained, and would linger for many years, if not forever.  But there was one other tiny effect.

The heat that Benjamin had been radiating from his touch was rather extreme.  While Venis was the Goddess of Fire, this was a little more than she was used to.  Especially with her temperature running so low at the moment.  She felt the fire building inside of her from the beginning, but she was suppressing it with the block that she was using to dampen the feel of him.  But the moment he left that plane of existence there was no longer a force pressing against her shield and it caused the shield to drop.

There was no need to tell him to duck, he was gone, and the span of time was a blink of an eye between his leaving and her reaction to overheating.  It was as if a string ran from where he had touched her back to the front of her body and out.  That string was yanked and her body was pulled off the rock at a rapid pace.  As she was pulled skyward, with her back arched and her limbs limp, her flames flared to life.  Her body hung about fifteen feet in the air as her flames consumed her.  The clothes she was wearing, including the tennis shoes, burned off of her body and the ashes floated away.  Her body started to become the flames, all except for the area covered by the bandages.  It was sheer concentration preventing that area of her body from becoming consumed.  And it took a lot of extra energy for her to materialize her metal bikini directly onto her body.  But it was made for just such occasions.

After a few minutes of her looking like a female shaped ball of fire floating in the air, the flames went out.  She hadn't been expecting to combust, and she also wasn't expecting to extinguish.  She hadn't consumed fresh blood in days, she couldn't sustain her flames.  So, the end result, was her falling to the ground below.  She landed with a thud, on her back, about a foot away from the big rock she had been pulled from. "Ouch.  That hurt."  She slid her hands over her stomach for a moment.  That was what really hurt.  After a couple of minutes, she moved to get up off the ground.

She took the two steps back to the stone and picked up the hooded sweatshirt she had taken off earlier.  "Just like a man.  Get in, get what he wants, get out, and go poof.  Didn't even stick around to cuddle after."  She chuckled as she was putting the hoodie on.  That made her stomach hurt worse.  And when she looked down to hook the zipper, she noticed that the bandages had taken damage in the flames.  They looked as though someone had teased them with an open flame and had burned the threads of the gauze in the process.  But she zipped up and turned around to sit down.

Being clad in nothing more than the metal bikini and a hooded sweatshirt, there was an audible clank as she sat back against the rock.  She needed food and clean bandages.  But, before she would grab up her bag and head out to hunt down some food. "Benjamin, are you still listening?"

Did Benjamin want what he had taken from her?  He never said that he did, only that he would take it if she wished to be rid of what she carried. And she had. There would be repercussions on his end, whether good or bad, because that was the way of things. Nothing ever happened without an effect. What it would be Benjamin was not likely to expose.

Back now in his own plane, he set about taking care of business.  He didn’t watch what went on after he left because it wasn’t a concern of his. If Venis was not able to survive the brief percentage of an encounter with him he would question her ability as a goddess.

His connection to the area was still intact, so when she called for him he heard. The only answer he gave her was a gurgling of the water he had spoken through earlier and a blow of the wind that rustled through her hair.

The gurgling of the water, and the wind rustling her hair, made her smile. ~Parlor tricks.~ Thought to herself.  And then the welcoming peace that came from no one being in her head to answer her.  It was such a relief for her thoughts to be her own again.  It made her want to keep the blocks up, a little longer, that had been keeping everyone from mental linking with her.

Presuming that Benjamin could hear her. "I wanted to say thank you."  Her voice was soft and calm, she truly felt some peace from the silence. "I presume I'll get your bill at some point." Everything had a cost.  She knew this.

She picked up the syringe of pink liquid metal from its box on the rock.  She looked at it for a moment.  "Oh, did you ever find a way to sift that soul?"  She presumed that she knew who's soul he had been speaking of, even though he hadn't told her, but she wasn't going to throw that name out there if she were wrong.  She pressed the plunger down on the syringe and the pink liquid began to run out of the tip of the needle.  As the liquid hit the air a stream of fire extended, from the forefinger of her other hand, to ignite and dissolve the liquid.  Once it was gone, she put it back in the box and put the box back in her bag.  She would sterilize it later.

Perhaps all of this - her coming out here to this neck of the woods - wasn’t wholly about needing a quite spot. Not even about asking if he would kill her if need be, or take the thing that plagued her.  While he did not doubt that these reasons were very valid, there was the other reason now come to light.  A few days ago, he had rescinded his offer to have her help and now she was going to see if he changed his mind. Tsk. Tsk.

Benjamin did not respond to her quip about the bill.  She had made an assumption and perhaps it was right. Let it stew about as it would. Even to her last question he wasn’t going to give away any information on it. “Our business is concluded, Venis.” That is the reply that he gave. It had a tone of finality.

Her reasons were more than valid.  They were truth.  She wanted a quiet place.  She was wondering how to find him to ask him to be her plan B.  Asking if he had remedied his issue was an afterthought.

She threw her hands up in the air as a gesture of surrender. "Alright, Benjamin, just thought I'd ask." She put her hands back down and started to make sure that she had everything back in her bag so she could go. "I'll leave the offer open."  She picked up her bag so she could leave.  "I'm going to go hunt down some food.  Until next time, Benjamin."  And she turned to walk away.  She honestly was going to go find some fresh food.

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Re: ~~>~~@ Forgotten Business @~~<~~

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