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Knobs? -{ A log of sorts }-

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Knobs? -{ A log of sorts }- Empty Knobs? -{ A log of sorts }-

Post by -:|[ Titania ]|:- on Wed Jun 07, 2017 10:37 pm

Titania had been running around, visiting her Starbucks making sure everything was going rather well. So far there were no bumps the management team she had put in place really had everything nailed down. She still had to show up and make her presence known make sure everything had been handled and sometimes she would work a shift or ten. It was whatever was needed, she had taken her first real vacation when she had hired a guy named Henry to paint the house, she really did like the work the man did and she didn't think he was over priced he seemed honest at least.

Once the trip went well she needed to hit the hardware store, she needed to get some new knobs for the cabinets in the kitchen. She had held out for as long as she could, because the whole house had sentimental value to her....but she needed to make sure it was nice and fully functioning especially with two young kids in the area, not that she was afraid because her kids weren't like normal kids but still, she would like people to be able to open a drawer and use a knob and not have to try to get between the door and the cabinet itself.

Once she reached the hardware store she got out of her Jeep and made her way inside, and glanced over a few things on her way to the knob area. Once she arrived she took it all in, glancing and trying to mentally calculate how many knobs she would need to redo the whole thing and did she want to grab extras so they were prepared in case anything happened and one decided to unscrew itself and hide somewhere. Wouldn't be the first time, not that she was talking about it though!

Dr. Odman:
I --
Ian Odman blinked and his stride faltered. Whatever he had been about to say was forgotten, but he was a such a horrible listener that he always knew better than to talk to himself -- right up until he forgot that he was a lousy listener, and shared his thoughts anyway. That is, he shared the thoughts he could remember having to share at all, but that never lasted very long. Most of his conversations with himself were short, and never to the point.

Knobs. He was in the knobs aisle at the hardware store, and about to walk into the back of a woman looking over the selection. He brought himself up short, just before marching on and right into the woman. "Ah." His voice was pleasant enough, the sort of voice that belonged narrating audio books, but hesitating, unsure of itself. "Almost ran into you, sorry."

He was tall, and lanky. He looked every bit the disheveled professor, hair a rat's nest atop his head, and his collar askew under his jacket. Except the jacket fit him, his pants were ironed, and his shoes were shined. He blinked, then looked around her to glance over the knobs on the shelves. "Sorry," he said, looking back to her. "I didn't catch your name." It was a safe thing to say, and usually the right thing to say. Sometimes it was the right thing to say. -d-

Titania had been careful not to bump into anyone else that might happen to be in the aisle, she did not have to make an eye to eye connection she was good just knowing that there were others there. She had not noticed that the man was about to move as she was stepping forward at the same time he had made his movement that almost landed in the back of her. Hearing the man, she turned her head, her chocolate orbs landing on him, as she gave a bit of a smile towards him.

The man was tall as she was of average size so she would look up towards the disheveled professor looking man because she was one of those that looked up towards the one she spoke too. Eye contact that wasn't a full eye contact, people were just creepy if you asked her, that was why her social circle was small it wouldn't make a circle, more like a line. A straight line. "I hadn't said it...." She looked towards him because she had been around quite a bit...."Titania..." She thrust her hand out like she expected him to shake her hand and introduce himself as well because he tossed that at her, she would toss something back at him. ~d

Dr. Odman:
I didn't say it! I never told him! Pleeease, I didn't say it! Please, don't!

His eyes were leveled on her forehead, his gaze focused on a faraway point, lost in thought. Lost in memories. He reached his left hand absently to his ear, rubbing a square silver stud earring between his finger and thumb. His body trembled, a barely noticeable shiver, and his eyes widened as he refocused on Titania. He stuck out his hand, then, almost as an afterthought, took hers and shook it. "Dr. Odman."

He let go of her hand, then looked back over at the shelves. "Knobs?" He was shopping for knobs. -d-

It was a good thing she was not a mind reader she would think him a bit cuckoo and she probably would have eased away..slowly...not making eye contact but not breaking the whole face contact, without giving anything away! Little things normally were picked up and we are not saying if those were being picked up at this moment or not. But his eyes widened and she was about to ask the man if he was okay but his hand came out, and she shook his hand, her grip wasn't weak but it wasn't overly I am going to break your hand, it was a firm and confident shake. She normally would say nice to meet you, as she let her hand fall from his after that shake, but she wasn't quite so sure gave a nod of her head.

Focusing her attention back onto the knobs, but when he said that she turned back towards Dr. Odman, once more. "I need knobs for my kitchen....I am going to assume you need knobs for something as well." Otherwise, that was odd he was looking as if he didn't need any and he had seemed rather focused. But she started to move forward again careful of the man near her, as she was counting out 12 of the same knob. It wasn't a fancy knob, but it would work rather well with her kitchen cabinets, and they actually looked a bit worn, with the pattern that was placed upon them.~d

Dr. Odman:
Kitchen knobs he had, but he needed knobs for doors. He needed knobs that wouldn't open doors. He needed false promises, pipe dreams, convincing lies whispering safe words. "I do, yes." The simplest explanation was often the right one, but it was also, and more importantly, often assumed. He did not explain why he needed knobs.

He stepped up beside her, not close enough to startle either of them, and began to study the knobs in earnest. There were so many shapes, so many sizes, and so many colors -- so many, too many, and nowhere near enough of them.

He picked up a light, unstained pine knob, round with a protruding half-sphere, a typical kitchen knob.

Red drenched the knob, dark current red, old red, slow dripping red.

Next was a small square black lacquered knob.


A piercing scream shrilled in his head, and he dropped the knob back into its bin as though it was a hot coal, a hot coal that had just hissed at him.

He picked up a smooth, round white painted knob.

Nothing. Nothing happened, so he grabbed up as many as he could, until both of his hands were full. He looked around, clearly perturbed, and sighed heavily. "Hard to find the right knob. Harder to remember -- to remember --" He paused, looked back and forth from one hand to the other. It puts the lotion on its... "Basket. I never remember the basket." -d-

Well yes, when one had an idea for knobs it was best to find the ones that worked best for you, instead of getting just a random knob that when you got home you realized it didn't work. Though she didn't want to go to Dr Odman's home, especially when he was putting on knobs that were for false hopes, thankfully she was still blissfully unaware of anything with that.

Now without knowing that the man had a voice in his head that screamed he dropped the knob back down, and it had caught her attention as she had been just about ready to leave the knob area, instead she turned her gaze to Dr Odman once more. "Are you alright? " She always had to ask the hard questions, it would seem, she had just met the man but he was dropping the knob as if it had burnt him, and they weren't playing hot potato.

But he appeared fine when he picked up the smooth white knob, he wasn't crying out or anything so there was that....nor did he drop the knob as if it was searing its brand into his hand. Her own hands were full with the knobs she was getting twelve of them to be exact and she let out a bit of a laugh with a puff of air she had been holding. "I never remember the basket either...I always tell myself that I am only going to grab a thing or two and always end up with an arm full." She nodded towards him at that one thinking it wasn't such a bad thing. She took in a deep breath as she made sure she had all of her knobs. Not moving though until she knew the man was okay after his knob issue.~d

Dr. Odman:
"That's brilliant!" He grinned.

At once, he crooked his left arm, and dumped all the knobs out of his right hand into the crook of his left arm, which he held against his side to fashion a makeshift basket. "There we are, perfect," he said. "Thank you."

He ran his free hand through his hair to straighten it out, and succeeded only in disheveling it even more.

"That's a lot of knobs," he said, looking at the dozen she was carrying. "Extras just in case, or are you renovating?" -d-

Well, he seemed alright and she almost laughed at his grinning and its brilliant. At least he was seeming better than when he was playing hot potato with the knob so there was that!

She would watch as he was careful and got the knobs and she smiled. "Looks like you have a good handle on your knobs now." And she didn't mean anything strange by those words because sometimes people took words such as that and twisted them. Hoping he did not!

And well everyone had days like that didn't they? You 'feel' or 'think' you are fixing it and well it only makes it worse.

She gave a nod of her head towards him, as she had her hands full of them right now, easier to not pick anything else up! "A lot of my cupboards in my kitchen have lost their knobs and I have slacked at getting the new ones so I thought I would just grab them all at once." She smiled towards him. "What about you?" It was a good question was it not? I mean he could make something up she wouldn't have a clue right? ~d

Knobs? -{ A log of sorts }- Tbanne10
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