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((OOC)) Writing Residency - Ragdale

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((OOC)) Writing Residency - Ragdale

Post by Archer Caughey on Tue Mar 07, 2017 12:01 pm

Writer Friends...

If you are working on a larger project (a book of some nature, a poetry chapbook, a play, etc.) and you have the time and ability, I wanted to share out the information and application for a Ragdale Residency.  I was awarded a 25 day residency in January 2015, and it was incredible.  Gorgeous grounds, amazing food, beautiful trails to walk, and you are the master of your own schedule which means all the time in the world to write and revise.  I got more work done in those four weeks than I would have in 6 disciplined months in the real world.

Considering lodging and meals are included, the cost is modest but there's also financial aid and scholarships available.  They take care of you so well that you never have need to leave the grounds if you don't want to. (I think I only left three times during an entire month to go wandering?)

The deadline to apply is May 15th for a 2018 Residency - so it gives you a chance to plan and save up well in advance.  You're notified in July if you've received a residency.

If you have questions or want to learn more, let me know!  I'm applying for a 2018 residency so I'll be all up in getting an application together this year. Wink

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