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Daddy's Little Angel Coming to Join the Party -{ A log }-

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Daddy's Little Angel Coming to Join the Party -{ A log }- Empty Daddy's Little Angel Coming to Join the Party -{ A log }-

Post by Callisto Zoi-Elliot on Thu Jan 19, 2017 9:03 pm

Gwen had not let go of Harms hand the whole way home.  She said that Callisto seemed really upset and it was truthfully the only reason that she was okay with leaving Archer there with the yellow eyed beastie.   She would have stayed with her friend if it wasn't one of her babies whom seemed so upset.    Once they arrived back on the island Gwen squeezed Harmie Bears hand and she called out.  "Callisto....where are you sweetie."   And they would hear a muffled in here from her bedroom, and well Gwennie looked to her husband, before they went forward and they found Callisto face down on her bed, Disney princess style, as she was crying into her bed.

Harm had listened to his wife, he knew she didn't want to leave, but in truth he felt better with her no where near that creature, that thing was just, yeah. he was good to get the fuck up out that bitch. He knew his wife was worried about their daughter though and she didn't know much of the details to give him much so he was doing what he could to just keep her clam until they arrived. his hand in hers he looked to her, following with her until they arrived to their daughters room he frowned and looked over her there on the bed, upset and princess hurt. Moving to his daughter had gently ran his hand up and down her back. "Whats going on baby girl? Mom and I are both here, and we are both curious what has you all upset baby girl." he frowned heavily as he looked over her a moment then turned a gaze towards his wife curious of her thoughts.

When they arrived Gwennie and Harm made their way to the bedroom, and when Gwen saw her daughter laying there crying she let go of her husbands hand as he moved forward first and moved to rub her back, and Callisto didn't really move, she was sobbing into the pillow, as Gwen moved to the other side of her.   And Gwen looked to her husband and Callisto took in a deep breath, her moms hand when it touched was slightly warm through her dress, not that she was using her gifts just her mom didn't have regular hands, and she always felt that warmth.    They would hear a sniffle as if she was taking a moment to be able to say it.  "Damien.   He....he's a jerkface."   And Gwen blinked a moment.  "Jerkface?"    Almost as if the term wasn't something she was familiar with.

Harm looked to his daughter and then his wife, feeling her hand leave his own as he moved to his daughter, rubbing her back softly while he studied his baby girl and then looked to his wife a moment while she continued to sob. His daughter that was, he continued to rub his daughter back and when his wife did the same, he knew his wife's gifts would be helpful to cull the sadness enough to get an answer from her. Hearing it was about Damien he looked towards his wife again and then his daughter before he heard his wife's question, smiling to her softly. "Its a name that means she isn't happy with him." He offered to her. "Baby girl, what has Damien done? Do I need to kill him finally?" he asked her trying to at least make her chuckle.

She was there and still laying across her bed Disney Princess style, as she was sobbing into her pillow, and it was something to have Gwen as a mom, without trying she was able to offer a soothing without any thought and her hand was moving along her back.    And well yes, of course it was Damien, the man that no one wanted her to date and he said that he really digged her and she thought that meant something.   Her boyfriend previously to Damien dumped her as soon as he saw Damien near her, and went peace, and she and Damien had grown close...or so she thought.    She sniffed.   And she slowly sat up, and she looked between her parents a moment, Gwen still had her around around Callisto, though she wasn't fully sure about things when she nodded to her husband, she got that she wasn't happy with him.   And Callisto took in a breath.   "He....he said that he slept with someone on his last mission and he doesn't understand why I would be upset, because he thought it was a nice courtesy to tell me.....but it's not like we I should be fine with it."   Yes she just and well most of that went over Gwens head except that her lil girl was upset and Gwen hated for others to be sad.   Gwen was trying to be soothing.

Harm looked to his daughter as she was sobbing and when she moved to sit up his hand fell to the bed while he looked to his baby girl. However, he had a feeling this wasn't going to bode well for him, not one bit, but hey, that's what having kids was a bout right? His eyes looked to his wife a moment and then to his daughter as she said that he slept with someone else, and that it was nice he told her, but they were just them and he wanted to walk away right then and there and kill the mother fucker where he stood, but that wouldn't be happening, not today at least. No no, she wanted to be with him, and now he would have to make this an okay situation for everyone and not just want he wanted done. "Well.... baby girl, before we go any further with this, have you slept with him? because that really dictates how I handle this." Be it kill him, not kill him, help you get back with him, help you not....

She was sniffing and well Gwen was rubbing Callisto's back.   And she well if they weren't but well she didn't understand.   Her daughter said that they were not exclusive and that meant it was okay then?  She was trying to follow along but truthfully she was best with Rain.  Rain was just like Gwen and they had a way that Harm would be the helpless parent there.  So it was a change right?!   But Gwen was rubbing her daughters back and she felt the sadness coming from her, even as Gwen offered silent comfort.    And Callisto looked between her parents when well he asked that question.   She swallowed, because it was NOT the sort of thing you told your dad, your dad that had that look in his eye, almost as if he was hoping you would say no daddy of course not, when you didn't want to lie, and Callisto looked towards her mom, her face was tear stained as she looked to her dad and she nodded.   "I...I did.   I thought he well, I didn't realize you had to specify that you are exclusive with someone."  She sniffed.  "He just...I thought I was special."  She took in a shaky breath, and Gwen well looked between her daughter and her husband.   Callisto didn't know what she wanted at the moment mind you, except her world was turned upside down again.   "He...he was so nice to me when Kegan dumped me because he saw Damien talk to me."  Stupid reason in her head, but she was good and she didn't take Kegan back when he tried but look where she was now.   Gwen moved to get her daughter a Kleenex, before she was still rubbing her back so she calmed down enough that her dad could understand the words that were coming from her.

Harm looked to his wife and daughter, and while he hated when their kids were hurt, he found it so much easier to deal with Callisto when she was upset because Rain made no sense, but his wife did well with her, and he managed with Callisto, but he looked to his daughter, and he had asked that terribly loaded question. And to his credit, he did not have pure murder written in his eyes, so yanno, there was that. Right? his eyes looked over her a moment as he swallowed and he drew in a slow breath letting it all settle in. Letting the fact his sweet baby girl let that abomination inside her. He bit back the urge to growl, and remained seated, also good. He let her get it all out, knowing to interrupt might mean she would clam up and he didn't want that so he took in a slow breath. "So my little angel, now the question is.... do you want to work on forgiving him, let him know you want to be with him and only him and work through this? Do you think you both want the same things, and would be happy with that? Or do you want to walk away and move on with someone else?" Oh good job harm, logic the mother loving fuck out of this shit!

What parent wanted thier kids upset or hurt.   Surely not Gwen she hated seeing her babies with tears in thier eyes.   But she was pretty helpless with the other kids but Rain, Rain she got, the other two, Loki and Calisto were so not ones that she could understand.    And she was trying here, she was being there and rubbing her daughters back, so there was that!   And well Gwen was doing that soothing thing here and there as she was looking between her husband and her baby girl.   Calisto took the kleenex and thanked her mom as she was dabbing at her eyes, and well she heard her dad when he asked that, of course she hadn't wanted to say that she had sex.   That just she well knew some things were best kept secret yet she wouldn't lie to her dad.    And she turned her tear filled eyes towards him.  And here was Harm's little girl.  "I want him to feel the same pain I feel."   She nodded to her dad.   "I want to rip his rug out from under him."   She was looking to them, her parents that was, and she sucked in a breath.   "I don't know if I want to work on things or not.   I need...time to think on what I really want."   She bit her lower lip.   "And I need to be somewhere he can't find me as easily as he can here....he's...suppose to come back in the morning to talk."  She rolled her red swollen eyes at that one, "I was being to..irrational."   She didn't mention the vase that she threw at his head, even if he ducked she had cleaned up that mess and would have to fess up eventually about it.

Harm was learning how to breath again it would seem, for every breath he took seemed to be a deep one. Callisto, he loved her dearly, remembered holding her in his arms the first time, watching her walk, listening to her learn to speak. She was a gem all her own. his eyes looked over her a moment while his wife continued to sooth her. his eyes shifting over his Gwennie a moment as he saw her trying, he would try to answer her questions later once their daughter was handled. But while she hadn't wanted to tel him those things, she had and it was out there and he would need to learn how to hand that now. Or rather later when he would have the time to actually process it. Hearing his daughter though, and the wanting him to feel the same pain he could understand that, but the wealth of pride that swelled in his evil black loving heart was pure and she could see it. "While it over joys me to hear that, I think I need a clear definition of what it is you intend to do my little angel." Yeah he asked that, and he wanted details, pretty or not. However hearing her about the needing to be somewhere he took in a bit of a breath and thought curiously looking to his wife. "Well, that we may be able to help with but before we even thing of allowing that, i think some restrictions need to be put in place." he wasn't saying no, but he was saying its not gonna be on her terms, no sir.

Harm would Gwenize this all later they were cool with that.   But she was trying to soothe her child the whole time its what she did, and she counted on Harm to say the right things.  Yes that was a true story there.    And Callisto was watching her dad a moment, she was trying to read his eyes, she wasn't so sure how things worked out, only that she wanted revenge.  Oh yes that would be the word that would be the best for it.   She sucked in her breath, and she was looking towards her dad.  "I don't know yet.  I only know I want him to know what i feel like right now."  She nodded about that one, she was still trying to figure it all out.   But she looked back to her dad and she thought of that..."You can help with that?"  Truthfully she figured it would be a no not going to happen mind you, you will have to deal with him, face to face.   She just thought it would serve him right to come back int he morning and her be gone....not that she ever left the island before so there was that.    And she looked to her parents, and Gwen was looking to Harm as well, helpful wasn't she?  "What restrictions dad?"  She was quick to ask him, because would the restrictions be worth getting out of Damien's reach?  Oh sure he could talk in her mind but she might be out of his reach for long enough to make him think on things.

Harm would totally make this something Gwen could wrap her head around so it totally worked. But he was looking to his daughter, studying her a moment, his eyes schooled and unreadable, except for when they beamed with the pride he felt for her. None of the kids had fully taken on this blood lust. Loki did occasionally, but not like this and Harm was so proud of his daughter. but he knew he needed to be careful because of his wife as well was there and listening. He looked from wife to daughter then back to wife before he nodded to his daughter listening to her speak. "Done" yeah, the normal nope not happening was out the window, he felt teaching kids how to take revenge in smart ways was a valuable lesson. he was also a serial killer and held a job as the head of information gathering, aka best torture. However when she asked if he could help with that he smiled to her. "yes, I believe we can. your mother and I know of a place he can't reach." He looked to Gwen, knowing she would want to get back to check on Archer. but when she asked what the restrictions were he looked over her. "You are to be home at a decent hour. No sleeping with anyone. no fornicating with anyone." oh he knew these rules would probably be broken, but his job as a parent was done. "you have to help your mother around the inn, and I want you to let your mother or I know if you are leaving the inn to go anywhere and with whom and when you plan to be back." He thought it fair enough right?

Yes he did have his Gwennie there and she was well glad he would fix it later so she fully had a grasp on it.   Because some of it made sense and some didn't.  She got that one.   And well yes Loki did at times but lil Callisto was probably going to be one of them that would do their father proud.    And she was looking to her dad and she nodded to his done, she smiled, even though her eyes still had drops falling here and there and she was sniffling, thankfully she was calming down, as the anger was starting to take over the hurt.   And she was using the Kleenex to dab at her eyes once more before she looked to her dad and she nodded when he said that and Gwen perked up.  "The inn...and I can check on Archer!"  Oh yes, that was something and Callisto looked between her parents again and she was taking in a deep breath.   "I can do that.  I have never been in a inn before.  I think this shall be a new adventure and Damien won't be able to find me and that is the best part.  But I will help mom."  She nodded to him at that one and she was glad on that one.

Harm looked to his wife gently, and he would explain it all to her in terms she would understand once the situation was taken care of, but he looked to his daughter, seeing the promise in her sweet little wicked heart. When she nodded to his done he looked over the two of them, thinking a moment while he studied her. But he looked to his hands a moment and then hearing his wife after saying that he smiled to her. "Exactly, and we can test Loki on how well he watches Rain." he nodded. "Plus we can let the others know and someone will be here no problem, we all know that." he offered as he looked between them. but he smiled to his daughter and looked over her. "No, he wont be able to reach you. And I am glad you agree to the terms. And I am sure your mother will like the help, plus I think I might know just what might be up your alley, something we can discuss once we are settled and at the Inn. Why don't you go get your bags ready, dry your tears and give your parents a hug. Your mother and I will get some things together and I will let Al know to come by for the evening for your brother and sister." he offered ot his wife and daughter.

She was glad for that she knew he would.   And well yes there was something in Callistos eyes that Gwen might not quite understand but Harm, oh yes, her dad would totally understand that look.   And she was taking it all in, and well yes that would probably make him very happy when he was able to in part wisdom on his daughter.   And when he was saying that about Loki Callisto chimed in.  "Dad, Chance also is good with Rain, I mean they are dating....I am sure that is pretty exclusive."  She almost snorted at that one.   "So I think as long as his parents are okay he can help too."  She nodded towards him at that one.   Just something and she was glad for that she knew that her Aunt would come by to peek in.    And it was very close that someone could indeed check in whenever and nothing strange would happen at that time.    But Callisto nodded to her dad at that one, and she smiled.  "I like that he won't be able to reach me."  She nodded to him and Gwen smiled towards her daughter and her husband, and Callisto nodded.  "Okay dad...I will go ahead and get ready."  She moved to hug her mom and then her dad, after they all stood up, and she was debating what to take with them, she never had a trip off the island, let alone one that would need baggage.  She was so geeked on that one.  And Gwen stood up and she smiled after hugging her daughter she would follow Harm out of her room.

Harm and Gwen had arrived back at the Inn only mere hours after leaving it, this time they had one of their children with them, and given the late hour and the events of the previous day Gwen wanted some nap time, something Harm thought would be best, never mind he wanted that time to spend with his daughter. Finding a place where they could talk had been a bit tedious, so he opted for them to just take a walk. Once they were outside he looked to his daughter and thought a moment before he just spoke. "So, there are things your mother will never know, and not because I do not wish her to, or because I don't wish to tell her, but because she is to pure, to beautiful and to angelic to really process it, and that is where your dear old dad hails from." he offered as he looked to her while they walked his eyes ever alert while they did so, looking for a place that gave them more shield to their words.

Gwen had indeed went and went to sleep.   But Callisto was wide awake, she was still rather upset at Damien, just so ugh.   She only half wished she would get to see his face in the morning or afternoon, whenever he graced her with his presence and she wasn't there, she hoped it was as priceless as she figured it would be.   But Callisto was with her father and she figured a walk would be good, help  her calm down, seeing her mom said the next day they would get her a room near her parents room, because what teenager wanted to be sharing a room with their parents.  Oh no, she didn't even want to think about what could happen in a bedroom with parents...I mean she and her siblings were around and it wasn't because the parents played patty cake...right.    So she was walking with her dad and she was taking in what she could not that it was a lot of light but there was some.   And she thought about that.  "Dad are you implying I am not pure and beautiful and Angelic?"   She had a bit of a grin there because they all knew that Rain was the most like her mother and Callisto, heaven help them was very close to being like her dad, as Loki was a healthy mix unless he was mad.   But she was grinning though as she was watching him, because well its what she did.   But then she thought about that.   "I know that we keep things from mom and Rain because they don't understand the same we do."  She nodded and there were things she was rather innocent of as well but she was just starting to sprout her wings.

Harm walked along with his daughter, thinking it would be a good thing for them. And it was something harm wasn't pleased with but he agreed to as long as it was next to or across from. Yes, the wolf in him would be sure to keep an ear out. Yes, yes he would. But he was walking along, letting his gaze keep an eye out, watching for anything that stood out as something to worry over, and hearing her ask about being angelic he smirked wildly towards her. "Never, you are your mothers daughter, just not so much the mirror image my little princess, until today i thought you were a healthy mix, but... you are much more your fathers daughter than you think." he grinned playfully towards her. Continuing along their walk he looked towards her when she said she knew that they kept things form her mother. "You are right, that is exactly it. And that is why this conversation we are about to have never happened. I need you to understand the importance of that." he offered as he looked to her. Moving to take a seat along a bench he patted the seat next to her and looked over the area. Keeping his ears working on the sounds behind them. "Without worry of upsetting me, tell me what right now, you want to do to get back at Damien?

Well yes, walking was always good, and it kept them out of trouble right!   She was good with moving along with him, that had been discussed and Gwen said she would do what she could, but she understood the girl wanting to spread her wings, not thinking of things the way that Harm did.  She was good with things though, and well yes, she knew her father would be rather cautious with her and she knew the rules.   It just depended on how well she followed them.   Of course he should have expected such a response but Callisto was grinning to him at that one, and she nodded towards him, when he said but until today she was watching him she laughed.  "You almost say that like a bad thing dad."  She well was doing rather well and she did know that and she nodded towards him.  "What conversation dad?"  Yes she did say that to him.  But she moved to take the seat next to him, and she looked thoughtful at his question.  "Honestly...I don't know.  I just want him to feel the pain I felt."  She meant that, she really really did.   "I want him to feel like he knows he can trust me and have his world ripped out from under him."   She paused almost in thought, and her voice got a lil evilly pitch to it. "I want him to suffer."   But she wasn't thinking physically she thought mentally would be rather great though.

Walking was good, it made the senses more aware, which he was never one to shy away from. He looked over her curiously then looked towards the path while he walked. he grinned a bit when she did, and then looked forward once more, teasing he gaze about. "it's never a bad thing little one. Just some view it as a bit..... dark." he grinned a bit towards her while they walked, thinking a moment he turned his gaze towards her when she said what conversation, he studied her a moment then turned his gaze as they walked. "The one where your father tells you what he does for a living, then offers you the chance to become his new apprentice." he offered as he looked to her a moment. but he did take a seat and when he asked that and she responded, her response was well... it once again made him fill with pride. His finger lightly tapped the surface of the bench then settled as he took in a breath. "Well, I can teach you many ways to make him suffer, both physically and mentally. You see, your father is the one they go to when they need to get information, because I hold quite an important set of skills, ones that ensure that should a boy ever hurt you he will feel the pain, but given the look in your eye and the tinge in your voice.... yes little one. i think its time to welcome you into the fold." he nodded to her.

Callisto wasn't afraid of walking, really it's been her only mode of transport since she was born.   Except coming to the Inn she wasn't even sure how that worked she knew one moment she was talking to her parents in the main room and the next minute she was standing in some strange room, before her mom took a nap.    It was weird but she got that things happened right!    But she was watching her dad when he said that and she gave a soft nod, but she could see that.  But she was taking it all in when he said that and she looked to him.  "An apprentice.   What exactly do you do dad?"  Yeah she asked him he started it.   And she was good with that though, and she smiled when he said that and she nodded to him, and she thought a moment.  "That explains so much dad.    But you...are willing to teach me ... because I would be glad to start learning from you."  She nodded but she thought a moment.  "Does Loki know?"  She tilted her head at that though curious.

He looked towards her a moment and smiled towards her. his gaze lingered over her while he was taking a breath of thought before they were smart and found their seat. He heard her ask him about the apprentice and he looked to her a moment then about. "It means you would learn from me, each thing I do, the techniques I use and why i use them." he offered towards her while he was thinking curiously, his gaze shifted from her back towards the scenery about them. his thoughts moving full speed ahead, working on getting things figured out, how it would work with his wife and teaching her.Her question pulled him from his thoughts as he looked to her. "I torture people, sometimes they live, most times they die. But I do it for a reason, usually to get information, sometimes to send a message." he offered to her while he was thinking a moment. When she said that it explained so much he grinned to her. "I am willing to teach you, so long as you follow my rules, and really want to do this." he offered to her while he was thinking a moment. However hearing her ask about Loki he nodded. "He knows a little, and at times when he needs to divert energy he follows me and learns some, but I don't think he will ever have the zest for it I think you will." he offered to her as he smiled towards her.

Callisto was good with things though as she was thinking of what her father was speaking of.   She was rather glad for things on how they were going and she was looking to him at that one, and she smiled.  "I think I would like that dad."  She meant that she did think she would like it, she was fine until she was pissed off and then it was all over.   But she was taking her time and thinking really thinking on things.  "So you make that choice or does it depend on what t hey are.  Do you change things up per what they are or is it a luck of the draw?"  She thought to ask.  Like these would be important things...if one was torturing say a God vs a human it would be different you know.   She was ALL about sending messages right now.    And then she was thinking on that.  "Follow rules in regards to this or rules that I am going to have to remember on top of the rules of the inn on top of other rules?  Like how many rules are we talking about here dad...."  Because in her head..rules were guidelines and sometimes she liked to color outside the lines, but she tried to hide that as much as possible from her parents, she never tried to worry her mom most of all.   But she did ask about her brother and she nodded towards him.   "I could see that Loki  has bit more mom in him."  Not that it was a bad thing she loved her brother, her mother and her sister...and she was her sisters biggest champion her mom had well everyone.

Harm looked to his daughter and hearing that she thought she would like that he smiled towards her. "Well, i think I would like that as well. it can be our thing little princess." he grinned towards her with a soft smile. To her question he looked to her. "Generally, you go by instinct. Something you will learn in time, I will show you what to look for, but you also read up on the person because with torture its more than just the physical. That will go away, but the mental, that mental anguish is ever lasting." he looked towards her with a playful smile. "That we can start working on, something to give Damien a run for his money." he offered to her. He was trying to work things over in his head, how to make it all fit like it should. However when she asked about the rules he looked towards her a moment. "There are rules to everything in life little princess, and they always follow along with other rules." he furrowed his brow a moment and looked ahead before he turned to his daughter. "When I am teaching you this trade Princess, you wont be my daughter, you will be my apprentice, and I will not be your father but your instructor. Torture involves multiple facets, and I want to be sure that you fully understand everything you are getting into." he offered as he looked over her a moment but he thought curiously while he leaned forward elbows to his knees, his gaze shifted towards her a moment and when she said that about Loki he grinned a bit. "I think that does indeed sound right. Loki does a bit more of your mother in him. But he thought a moment and turned his gaze towards her. "So, shall we start on the first lesson of getting back at your ex?" he asked her curiously.  "Well possible ex" he corrected himself.

She did think she would like to learn, you can't really blame her could  you?   And she smiled to him.  "I would like that daddy, because we both know, I will always be your little girl."  Even if she wasn't a virgin anymore, she had to share that with him and she had been a bit worried on how he was going to react like was he going to put a rift in between them but not her daddy!   She did start off with a question mind you and she nodded to him.   "Is it wrong I like the idea of the mental torture?"   She well  it was truthful, she might not always be forth coming with information, but she never lied to her dad.   And she was honest with him in that as well.   She smiled to him though, "I will like that dad."  She would like that indeed and perhaps there was a happy glint in her eyes at that very thought.   And then they were speaking of rules and she thought about that one and he was saying that and she thought about it, "I can handle that, it would only make the most sense."  At least if you asked her it would make the most sense.   So she wasn't upset or offended or anything.   And she was taking it all in and well she was speaking to him of her brother and she smiled to him at that one and she nodded.   But then he said that and she heard him with his words and the correction.  "I would like the first lesson on getting back at him."  No hesitation there.

He looked towards her a moment and when she said that she would like that he smiled to her and studied her a moment. "You will, there is no doubt in that." She was and would always be his little girl. But he was looking towards her, studying her a moment while he took in a thoughtful glance of his daughter then forward once more. His brain was lost in the workings of things, trying the best way to figure things out for all involved. However when she asked about the torture he looked to her. "No sweetie, that is the best torture to give, and the one that takes the most practice. often people forget the end game so you must never forget yours." he offered towards her while he was thinking a moment before he turned his gaze from the moving of leaves back towards her once more. He was glad she would like that, glad that she would be taking in his legacy. he thought it was a bit fitting. He saw that happy glint though, and when she said this could handle that and that it could make the most sense he nodded to her. "Good, glad that does make sense." he offered to her, his fingers flexed a moment the reached into his pocket and pulled out a small ring. It was one he had worn long ago, Xavier had given it to him when he was first recruited. "We will have to get you a chain, but I want you to keep that close. Some places its a get out of jail free card, others gets you special information, items and the like." he grinned towards her. However hearing her answer him about the first lesson he grinned. "Well, the first lesson I am teaching you right now, do something that will make them understand their place. Make them realize they have fucked up, and by not being reachable, you are also doing that." he grinned a moment and studied her. "And then you just send him little notes 'hey, wont be home working for my dad, hope you don't mind.' See how that settles in his brain. Once we get him good and worried, then we can take the next step" he offered looking over her to see if it made sense.

Callisto was glad to hear her father and she nodded to him and she smiled to the no doubt in that.   But she was watching him but not creepy I mean he was her dad...she wasn't a Lannister.  And she looked out among where they were getting a feel of the cool air and the way that everything looked even at night.   Before she heard her fathers voice and it snapped her back to the reality and what they were discussing.    She smiled when he said that was the best one.   "I like the mind I think I would enjoy that."  She nodded to him, well from what she knew she liked the mind games, and after her experience with males, she was all about them now.   If you asked her at least.   But she nodded.  "Never forget the end game."  She got that she understood that.   Well I mean it was good when you could pass things on to the next generation wasn't it?  He had his reputation and who would expect his sweet little daughter to learn his trade.   Oh no, there was so much more to his little girl then some killer eyes.   And she smiled when he said he was glad they were on the same page.   And she took it in, and she was looking at the small ring, and she was looking to him at that one.  "But won't you need it dad?"  If he was sure she would take it but yes she did ask, though most probably knew whom he was and the ring was more of a symbol instead of what its real purpose was.   But she nodded to him, "I have a chain that mom gave me it's probably sturdy enough I will make sure to wear it always."  She smiled to him at that one.  She thought it would work out rather well and she smiled though, and if he handed it she would close her fingers over it, if he held it until they had the chain that was cool too, she wasn't grabby with something her father had for a long long time.  But she was nodding as she looked towards him and she thought about that one.  "So my want to not be where he could get to me easily was smart."  She got that she smiled at that one.  She was thinking.  " will he get the notes?"  She was curious.   But she was all for it.   Thinking.  "Just things that make it so I am not available when  he wants me to be."  She thought that made the most sense and sounded like what she wanted to do anyways.
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