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Post by Fallon Zane on Wed Jan 18, 2017 1:28 pm

Since the fallout of his life, Fallon had been mostly off the radar. For many years now, he had kept himself isolated, locked away in his manor. It was no secret where he was? But almost all of the doorways and portals in and out had been closed and sealed. Knocks on the doors went unanswered. Letters, messages, all left unread. It was really only the memory of an old friend, and her broken heart, that forced him to break his solitude, and brought him back to this place. There were not all that many memories in this place alone. But their were people about that brought some back. It was a start.

At some point during the last couple weeks, Fallon had decided haunting this place for a while would be a good thing. Though the faces and people of this place held only a handful of memories, they were far more than his head previously held. Well, memories that he wanted to have, anyway. Perhaps those memories would be the key to him getting past everything else? IT sure as hell couldn't hurt. Three years of solitude has not made things any better. Maybe it was time to actually try to move past what had been done, and try to find a way to live on. For their sake.

If this were to happen, however, there would need to be a small bit of transformation in this place. The manor had become his sanctuary, and the things within it helped to keep him calm and controlled. If he was going to spend some time walking these halls again, these grounds? Some of those comforts would need to be here as well. The normal place he withdrew to could not be recreated here, so he would have to improvise. Luckily, he knew that there was one place he could alter a bit, in order to satisfy his needs. And it would also allow him a part of the view he sought.

This was why after stepping foot within the Inn, he was once more making his exit. Past the bar, to the sliding doors that allowed him back outside. Where a few more steps would bring him into the garden behind the Inn. A garden that likely was not looking too good, considering the season. Not that Fallon was going to bring it all back to life, or anything. His power was to take and destroy life, not to create and nurture. Though, he would need no powers for what he intended to do what he had in mind. All he needed to do was find the right out of the way corner.

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