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It all started when.... |Now Open! |

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It all started when.... |Now Open! | Empty It all started when.... |Now Open! |

Post by Vesta Voui on Sat Mar 22, 2014 12:46 pm

|So, sorry about the length. OMG it's not even done yet! x.x It will be open later for others to play if they like, in the meantime enjoy!|

Our story begins at a little known nighttime spot called 'The Hole in the Wall'. It's a more posh gentleman club for the high society folk of Rhy'din who expect the best and are very generous with their tips. There was no getting into the club to partake in its delights unless the doorman was given a pair of silvers.

A short lady in her mid-forties with double sized breast, and a round apple bottom, is the owner of The Hole. Her name is Madame Phumpardine. Her girls are clean and the furniture well attended. The wooden floors are always polished and the silverware shines. The drinks and performers are always at their best and, for the right price, almost anything can be brought.

Coin isn't the only currency the establishment has. Secrets are as valuable, and rest assured that no one ever finds out about the whoremonger habits of the areas elected officials when they do their business at The Hole. There is nothing that goes on that Madame Phumpardine didn’t know about five minutes before it happened.

This story isn't about her - sorry to disappoint - or this club, though both are factors. The tale is about her newest barmaid, a multi-streak colored haired girl named Vesta, and what happened the night her trail run at The Hole in the Wall ended.


Food and drink orders at the bar were at there heaviest once the stage show ended. During the performances many of the clubs patrons were far too busy watching what was going on in front of them to worry over the drink level of their glasses. If they didn’t happen to approve of the show it was the Floor Girls job to give their attention something else to keep it busy. The barkeeps used this time to restock their own supplies and wipe down the bar to meet the Madame's standards. She was always making her  way around the club, checking on the patrons and the quality of her employees service.

Vesta was not a Floor Girl. She was not even close to being one of those dolled up girls dressed in their high-cut bustles and heels that made their legs go on for miles. She thought the corsets they wore were nice, if not a bit too lacy for her taste. The Floor Girls were also very limber. Vesta was more stocky and swinging from a silver hoop on a chain was not exactly her thing. It was a wonder how she had landed a job here at all.

Vesta had arrived at The Hole two weeks ago. She didn't have the coin to get past Saber, the large bouncer at the door, but her fishnet stockings and black mini tutu had given him enough reason to call for the Madame. When Phumpardine saw her, she described Vesta as a purple rain on a washed out board - Vesta still didn't know what meant - but after hearing her out had decided to find a spot for her at the bar. The only condition was that she had to wear what the Madame assigned.

No more fishnets. No more dark liner under her eyes or arm warmers covering up half her arm. Vesta had to wear a dark lace corset of purple and silver and black pants that hugged her legs. The Madame wasn't too keen on the sharp tooth Vesta wore around her neck on a leather cord, but she let her keep it because it nestled on the cleavage the tight corset made. Eye candy. Madame Phumpardine was all about giving her patrons something to look at, and while Vesta didn't fit the mold of the Floor Girls, she thought that the rainbow streaked hair and fuller look would be a draw to other men.

Vesta had no complaints. The Hole was a decent place to work. At least here she only had to worry about the occasional patron thinking she was a Floor Girl. It was a lot better than having people look at her as their next meal as they had in the vampire bar she previously worked at. The girls here were probably too thin to interest their appetites.

The current show was just about to end and Vesta was lining up shot glasses on her side of the bar. Only a few seats were occupied on the other side but none of the men were paying her any attention. Then a new guy sat in one of the bar’s stools directly across from Vesta.

“What can I do you for tonight, Sir?” Vesta asked, lifting her eyes up from her task and placing both hands on the bar rim.

Like all the other men in the club this one wore a suit. His attire was dark blue crushed velvet with a high black trimmed collar, and his light brown hair was cut short and slicked back. The man’s eyes danced in delight as he watched Vesta. He pulled a silver coin from his pocket and set it in front of him on the bar. “Why don’t we take a little time alone together?”

“I tend the bar, Sir, I’m not a Floor Girl.” It wasn’t uncommon for people to offer her money for services, but that wasn’t her job. She was allowed to take on men if she was offered, but Vesta wasn’t even slightly interested. Not even for the extra cash. “Let me call one of the girls over for you. I’m sure one of them will be glad to take your money.”

The man let out a quiet laugh and raised his left hand to stroke his small goatee with his thumb and forefinger. “I’m not interested in them, I’m interested in you,” he said.

Vesta’s smile turned into one of annoyance. She really didn’t have the patience for this. Her shift would be over in less than an hour. She was tired and the corset was digging into her chest for having it on for so long. The last thing Vesta wanted to do was spend her last moments with a guy who wanted her for something besides bar service.  “Unless you’re going to order something, we are done here,” Vesta said before tapping two of her fingers against the bar and going back to her work.

“Then I guess you don’t have time to talk about Aiden either.” The man took back his coin. Vesta stopped what she was doing and looked at him. Why was he asking her about Aiden?  How did this guy know him and that she knew him?

The man smiled devilishly. “That got your attention. Ready to come with me now?”

The stage performance was over and a few patrons made their way over to the bar for drinks. Floor Girls also arrived to place orders for their tables. Vesta was momentarily distracted by the strange man. He continued to grin, his attention put her a step or two off her game and she lost focus. The other barkeep with Vesta shoved passed her as she attended to patrons, and another guy knocked on the bar with his shot glass, trying to get some attention.

“Ah-um, yes, Sir, sorry,” Vesta apologized to the man who was knocking on the bar. “What will you have?” Though Vesta was curious now as to what the strange man in the blue velvet suit had to say, she couldn’t forget about her patrons either. “One, one moment.” She said to the strange man. It was the last day - last minutes now even - of her trail run at The Hole and she didn’t want the Madame to come by and see she was giving dissatisfying service. The pay was good, and the tips were not to shabby either.

So Vesta went about taking care of the last of her patrons, filling their tab as quickly as she could while still retaining the level of service the bar was known to give.  All the while the man watched her. He didn’t order anything and didn’t speak to anyone else. He simply watched her.

Soon it was couple minutes to Midnight, and time for Vesta to start gathering her things. Fortunately for her another show started at the top of the hour so the bar patrons had already begun to filter back towards the stage. “I’m going to head out now, Jazzy,” Vesta called to the skinny chic that was her replacement.

Jazzy was staring into the back of a silver shined bottle at the bar, using it’s reflection as a mirror while she meticulously drew on her bright red lipstick. She had arrived a few minutes ago and always refreshed her makeup before she started her shift. Jazzy paused for a moment to speak, “I ain’t know yous had a beau.”

Vesta frowned. “What are you talking about?” She shot a glance over to the guy who was now rising from his chair. Vesta turned her back to him and retrieved her bag from under the bar. Taking out her clock-card from her bags pocket, Vesta scanned it under the time clock that was mounted in the side of the bars sink.

“That guy over there,” Jazzy replied as she smacked her lips twice. Satisfied with her lipstick she lifted her head from the bottle and brushed her powder blonde curls out of her eyes and out her lipstick away. Jazzy was a very curvy girl and the tight bodice made her breast bounce as she paraded in her heels past Vesta and went towards the stranger. “I been watching you, stranger,” Jazzy said as she stood opposite of him at the bar.

The man ran two fingers down the front fold of his shirt and smiled at Jazzy. “And there is so much to see of you,” he said in a coy manner.

Vesta groaned softly and covered her face in her left hand. This wouldn’t turn out well. She didn’t want to leave as this guy had something to say about Aiden, but she didn’t want to give Jazzy any ideas of that guy being her beau either and breaking in on the conversation would do that. Vesta tapped her foot and glanced to the stage where the other girls were putting on an acrobatic show with hoops and poles. Why couldn't this guy be like all the others and have come here for the show?

"I can offer you more than just a drink," Jazzy replied. She leaned forward and propped her elbows on the bar, her ample size breast now getting the exposure that they needed.

Jazzy was up to her tricks again, and Vesta turned around to see the mans eyes staring right where she knew they'd be. On the breast.

“Perhaps another time,” the man said, his eyes slowly moving back towards Jazzy's face. “I have business with your friend over there.” He nodded to Vesta, and she rolled her eyes. Her shift was officially over and she was still here.

“Let's go,” Vesta said rather impatiently, not caring now if Jazzy thought the guy was her beau or not. She lifted the entrance flap to the bar and left out. “Before Madame Phumpardine thinks I'm pulling extra shifts. See ya tomorrow, Jazzy.” Vesta started walking away from the bar and towards the door.  

Jazzy shrugged one of her shoulders and stood back up. “If you get bored with her, you know where to find me,” she called to the man, waving a finger at him as he left to follow Vesta out.
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It all started when.... |Now Open! | Empty Re: It all started when.... |Now Open! |

Post by Vesta Voui on Thu Apr 17, 2014 12:55 pm

|Changed the title! It is open now! |

Vesta exited through the front door of the club, saying goodbye to Saber as she stepped out into the night air. Spring had recently started and there was a cool breeze in the air. Pulling her bag to the front, Vesta took out her jacket and put it on.

The cityscape outside reminded of her home, back in Chicago, even if it was a little dated. The streets here were paved and the sidewalks were made out of cobblestone, shops in well kept structures and polished apartment buildings and houses. It was a far cry from the area she use to live in, and it took a bit over an hour to get her by bus from her room at the Tel'Ranaemyn and the Marketplace. Vesta had thought she'd be safe around here with no one knowing her.

The bus station  was four blocks away, and the next bus would arrive in half an hour.

“Could I interest you in a ride?” The strange man said as he stepped next to her on the left. “My car is parked right over there. It would be better than waiting for the bus.”

“The bus is fine,” Vesta answered. Crossing her arms and turning to face him. While taking a ride could be better than the bus, she didn't trust him. She walked away enough from the Hole to not be seen as loitering on the outside. “Why don't you tell me your name, and what you want.”

“My name isn’t important, but what I want is.” He was quick to dismiss the topic of his name.

“I need to call you something,” protested Vesta.

He squeezed the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes a moment. “Something. Call me Something if you insist to call me anything.” He said.

Vesta started at him in disbelief and shock. “I can’t take anything you have to say seriously if you want me to call you ‘Something’.”  She brushed him off with a wave of her hand and crossed the street, continuing her way to the bus stop. “I’m out of here.”

“I’d go see Aiden if I were you,” he called after Vesta as she walked away. “He’s going to die when I see him. I’m going to kill him.”

Vesta froze then turned around to face him.  “What did you say?”

The man smiled smugly and scoffed as he folded his arms across his chest. “Exactly what you heard, I’m going to kill Aiden. Are you sure you wouldn’t rather have this conversation in my car? It is right over there,” he turned to the left and pointed to a Maserati so dark red it could be mistaken for black in the night.

The last time Vesta had accepted a ride from a stranger she was sixteen. Instead of taking her home she had found herself in a situation unbecoming of a girl that age. Some lessons only need to be given once for them to stick.  “And I told you no,” Vesta said.

She crossed the street and walked back to him. Vesta may not have accepted the ride offer, but she wasn't going to talk across the street about murder either. “What's Aiden ever done to you, eh?” she asked once they were closer. “And why are you telling me?”

“You're his doll,” the man said. “I saw the two of you together that night at the other bar, though you likely didn’t notice me amongst all the other vampires present that night.

“I’m not his doll,” Vesta countered his remark.

The man groaned out of annoyance and rolled his eyes. “He can’t even have a proper doll. Surely you see why he must die. He’s a disgrace to vampires. All half-breeds are. They’re a disease that taints the very nature of what we are.” He showed his disgust by spitting on the ground.  

He saw the look of anger on Vesta’s face and continued to speak. “You should really calm down, my dear. I can hear your heart rate rising, and I haven’t had my supper yet. Anger smells ravishing.”

Vesta narrowed her eyes and balled her fist. “You leave him alone!” Who was this guy to come to her and say that he was going to kill her friend. He was right, she was angry, and that anger caused her to be very brash. In her moment she rush at him, wanting to knock him out for even thinking about wanting to kill her friend.

Faster than Vesta could blink, the man grabbed her. One arm clamped tightly around her waist, pinning down her arms, and the other hand forcefully pushing her head down to Vesta's left shoulder. His lips  dragged across her exposed neck and Vesta was afraid.

"I told you about your anger," he said.

Right here, in the open, was too exposed. Even with the darkening night the club was a block away and the bus stop just as near. Besides, he wanted to enjoy this. It only took a moment for him to carry Vesta a mile down the road and to the alleyway between a florist and a jeweler. He found the placement for this to be quite ironic.

Before Vesta could cry out, the vampire sunk his teeth into her neck and cuffed his hand over her mouth to silence any screams. He was not gentle or kind in how he gorged himself on her blood and Vesta's protest - as short lived as they were - only drove him into further delight.

His goal was not to kill her, he wanted Vesta alive. He could track her now and she would lead him straight to the man he wanted to find. When he was done he Vesta - who was now unconscious - upon the ground. Pulling an ivory colored handkerchief from the inside pocket of his coat, he whipped away the access blood on his mouth and turned the corner out of the alley.

The man stood before the flower shop and examined the shelf of assorted product. In the more shadier of neighborhoods the vendor would have never left their items out for fear of being robbed. The vampire picked a purple carnation with yellow spots from its container and headed to where he had left Vesta.

"It would have been so much better, for you, if you had only accepted my offer of a ride home," he said casually. He bent down in front of her silent body and leaned the flower against her neck. "Nevertheless, dinner was wonderful. We should do it again sometime. Perhaps after you take me to Adian? Good girl." Standing he didn't give Vesta another glance  as he vanished into the night.

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It all started when.... |Now Open! | Empty Re: It all started when.... |Now Open! |

Post by Aiden on Thu May 01, 2014 7:43 pm

So what was the man in question, Aiden, doing while Vesta was out working and dealing with a potentially murderous vampire? Cruising around town in his “borrowed” black sports car-- what else? When it came to working for a living Aiden had been there, tried that, and had no intentions of returning. Work was by and far boring as hell and if there was one thing Aiden couldn’t stand to be, it was bored. Besides, after growing up learning the art of “investment” from his aunt, it wasn’t like Aiden truly needed the money in the first place!

At any rate, at a little past Midnight Aiden was heading up the road that led to the better part of town. It wasn’t an area he could claim to frequent often but Thursday night had unofficially become Phil’s night and who was Aiden to pass up a booty call like that? The half breed was many things but stupid wasn’t one of them! Phil was the owner of a shoe store in the downtown district and Aiden’s latest addiction. Standing a head taller than Aiden’s six foot three, Phil was vaguely humanoid with luscious green skin, a magnificent tail, had an ass that just wouldn’t quit, and had no problems being bitten. Surely it was no wonder why Aiden couldn’t let the guy go!

It was at the point where the paved road gave way to cobblestones that Aiden pulled over into an empty lot. He could have driven the whole way in but in this kind of a neighborhood Aiden held the feeling it was better to be sneaking around. Getting out, he palmed the keys in one hand as the other ran through his messy bleach-blonde mop that even the stiffest hair gel hadn't been able to tame before setting off down the road.

It wasn’t a long walk to the shoe store yet Aiden took his time, his dark eyes wandering over the dark shop fronts as he passed. It was interesting to see the differences here where many of the places left their displays out in the open all night compared to the part of town he was used to. Even dressed up as he was in pressed slacks and a deep red long-sleeved shirt it still made him feel a tad out of place in this neighborhood. Who knew what could be out there in the dark watching, or laughing at, him? What was he doing here again? Ah, that’s right- Phil. That reminded Aiden as he dug into an inner pocket of his leather jacket to retrieved a dark flask. Popping the top off, he scanned his surroundings again before bringing it up to take a swig of the thick liquid inside. While the blood helped calm the dull burn in the back of his throat it did little towards calming his nerves. Darn that Phil! If it wasn’t for the fact that he had a strict rule against having “dinner” as soon as they hooked up Aiden wouldn’t be in the middle of the street having the heebie-jeebies in the first place!

Luckily Aiden’s feet were on a faster learning curve than the rest of him and had kept propelling him forward while his mind wandered. By the time his brain caught up with the rest of him he had already turned the corner onto the street with the florist and the jewelers where he stopped dead. The hair on the back of his neck prickled in anticipation as he capped his drink and stuffed the flask back into his pocket. There was a strange smell in the air beyond the exotic scents coming off of the flowers and for a moment Aiden couldn’t identify it.

He forced himself to move forward, sniffing the air cautiously as his dark eyes took in the darkened storefronts with a whole new level of curiosity. Something was . . .  Blood? Was that smell blood? Recognition sparked as he moved in closer towards the two shops and indeed under the smell of flowers there was the lingering scent of fresh blood in the air. While vampire attacks were not wholly uncommon it was rather surprising to come across one in this kind of snooty neighborhood which was why Aiden kept following his nose for a closer look. One quick look couldn’t hurt, and besides, it never hurt to check out the competition either!

Slipping past the flower shop Aiden followed his nose into the adjoining alleyway only to stop dead for the second time as he laid eyes on the crumpled body laying there. Was this some kind of sick joke?! Even in the darkness he could see the rainbow streaked hair and there was only one person in the realm he knew with hair like that: Vesta. All thoughts of his booty call with Phil as well as his concerns over being watched vanished as his brain took over and he tore off to her side.

“What are you doing here?” He practically growled as he landed on his knees beside her, leaning in closer to check if she was still breathing. “Why the hell are you in this part of town anyway? This is worse than being at the bar!” She wasn’t conscious to hear him ranting but it didn’t deter him. “And what the hell are you wearing?!” Thank god or whatever other deities out there she was still breathing!  The ill-gotten flower was crumpled and thrown aside as he slipped his arms around her. “Who did this to you?”

It was nothing to lift her off the ground; Aiden may be a half breed but he was still stronger than he looked! His gentleness only went as far as his holding her, however, for the look upon his face was nothing short of being murderous. Sighing, he looked down at her face, his eyes trailing over her lips, her closed eyes. "This isn't how I pictured getting you into my arms. You're rather a light weight ya know " He told her, trying to put a bit of a chuckle into his voice even though she couldn't hear him.

“Let’s get out of here.” The air rippled around them as deep red light curved up from Aiden’s feet to surround them. With one last look at the alleyway Aiden tightened his grip on Vesta as the light engulfed them and they disappeared.

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It all started when.... |Now Open! | Empty Re: It all started when.... |Now Open! |

Post by Telguest on Tue May 20, 2014 9:50 pm

“Perfect,” the vampire said as he watched the one who had come to the rescue of the human girl. It proved that the half-breed was weak.  Displaying such a human frailty as to care for those inferior species.  

He had never personally laid eyes upon Aiden before that night he had seen him with Vesta, but he had known of his father, Jay Aurora. A vampire whose name use to mean something once upon a time. That was before he had begun to be despise his very nature and produce such abominations like his son. The only reason the Council hadn’t gone after Jay was that many of the Elders believed there was hope for him, he only had to be rid of the distractions. Taking care of Aiden was one task that Riley was pleased to receive.

Rylie watched it all from the rooftop corner of the shop across the alley from where he had left Vesta’s body. She had been larger than some of the girls that roamed around at night, those twigs generally required he take three to satisfy his appetite, but Rylie was satisfied enough, for now. He wouldn't need to indulge himself in another for a few hours. Of course, this didn't mean that he would wait.  

His plan had been to swipe down upon them after Aiden had taken the body, but just when Riley was about to make his move, something happened that he did not expect. Aiden disappeared. In a puff of smoke *POOF*, like a magic trick, and he and the girl were gone.

Rylie jumped down and landed in the vacant alley and scanned the area for any sign of their whereabouts. Magic, Riley wondered, how could that half breed wield vampire magics! It wasn't common for a vampire to be able to do magic - not that he knew of. Changing into bats, turning into mist or fog, things of that nature. Those that could do these things were often very old. Or very strong. That this halfbreed was able to do something like that.... Riley refused to think it was the old vampire magics. It has to be some sorcery of his human side. Thinking of that made him feel slightly less disgruntled.

Rylie then reached into the left pocket of his cost and pulled out a black leather cased phone. Sliding out the keyboard, he hit a few buttons and made a call.

“There's a small problem,” he said once the other side answers the call. “No, it isn't done yet. The halfbreed has magic.” He stopped talking and began walking out of the alley, heading in the direction of his parked car which was by the club. “I don't know how. He disappeared in a puff of smoke.”

He moved quickly down the street and pulled out his keys as he reached his car. “Don't you think I know that!” Rylie shouted into his phone, yanking his car door open and then tossing himself inside. “Don't worry, I can find him easily,” Rylie said before he hung up the phone and tossed it into the seat next to him.

Feeding off of Vesta didn't only feed him, but now he would be able to tell where she went - keeping her alive was insurance. In case Aiden never came, he figured she would lead him to the halfbreed. Now, she was. Rylie closed the door and started the car. It was time to follow the trail.


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It all started when.... |Now Open! | Empty Re: It all started when.... |Now Open! |

Post by Aiden on Tue Sep 02, 2014 1:04 am

Apparently Aiden wasn't the only one left in the dark wondering who would do such things if the vampire Riley was that impressed over a simply disappearing trick! It was a shame Aiden didn't know about it then for he would have been amused as hell; hadn't the guy done any research at all? Aiden had never been feared for his abilities, but once upon a time he had been quite known for them. Surely there were documents out there somewhere that listed his magical and non-magical abilities and the insanity that sprung forth from them. . .?

As it was Aiden had no idea, nor cared, that they were being watched when they disappeared from the alley. His attention was upon Vesta and the desire to get away as quickly as possible. In his haste Aiden hadn't given a single thought towards using his hidden talents although as he and Vesta appeared in a ripple of crimson light beside his still-parked car, he wished he had. Pain hit like a driving blow to the gut causing Aiden to double over with it and, in the process, loose his grip on Vesta. Thankfully he had left the top down upon the car which meant the girl was headed for a face full of leather seat rather than asphalt but still, it probably wasn't the best landing ever. Thank goodness she was still out of it then!

"Well shit. . " Aiden wheezed as he leaned up against the side of the car, casting a vaguely guilty look at the dumped heap of Vesta. Wasn't this just a crock and a half? He should have known better- to try using magic out of the blue like this after all these years! What was that old saying Jaden was always trying to beat into his head- something about magic having a price? Aiden snorted painfully as he struggled to catch his breath. It figured Jaden would be right about it after all these years, she would surely have a field day if she could see him now! "That was so not part of the plan. . " Aiden mumbled towards the Vesta heap. Did he have a plan? Not really, but Vesta didn't really need to know that, did she? Besides she was still unconscious which made her point on his plans (or lack thereof!) a moot point anyways!

When it finally felt like he could breathe normally again, and didn't that just show how utterly human-like he was?, the half-breed straightened up and reached in to gently manhandle Vesta into a more comfortable position in the backseat. "Let's get out of here," he mumbled as he opened the driver's side door.

It wasn't until he had dragged his drained, still slightly aching butt into the car and pulled out onto the road that it struck Aiden that he had no idea where to go from here. The sensible choice would be to head towards the inn, they both lived there after all, but there was little help to be had within those walls. Aiden didn't often intrude on the comings and goings of the people around the place but it was hard for even him to notice that nearly all the residents had up and left leaving behind a motley few, most of being mere children, that made up the staff. Call Aiden what you will but Aiden wasn't completely heartless and possibly having the death of children on his hands? No thank you.

That left his aunt Ruby's as the next choice in line, which wasn't a bad option to consider. The mansion was heavily fortified without taking into account those who resided inside, plus there was enough space that a battle, and there was going to be a fight no doubt, wouldn't cause any lasting damage. It was a nice thought, and Aiden knew they'd be welcomed- his aunt was always hoping he'd eventually bring someone home for her to meet! It should have been a no-brainer then but deep down Aiden knew he couldn't do it. The 'great' and lorded over Jay Aurora still lived there and while Aiden's utter hatred of the man was unfounded, he knew he couldn't drag Vesta into his family drama. Not like this at any rate. It was off to the inn then!

Regardless of his 'borrowed' fancy sports car Aiden wasn't in the habit of driving like a complete and total idiot, although one could argue that bird had flown the coop with how fast he was heading back towards the inn. He didn't have a clue what to do when he got there, true, but being inside of the building had to be better than the inside of the little car. A glance was given to Vesta in the rear view mirror as he pressed further down on the gas pedal.

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It all started when.... |Now Open! | Empty Re: It all started when.... |Now Open! |

Post by Vesta Voui on Sun Jan 04, 2015 1:18 pm

Vesta drifted into a fitful sleep and began shifting around on the backseat of Aiden’s car. Her thoughts were haunted by what happened at the club and the Vampire who wouldn’t give her his name.  Whenever her thoughts drifted to Aiden she saw herself kneeling next to a pile of ashes and a bloody sharpened stick in her hand.

“I’m going to kill him.” She heard the voice in her head say. “Going to kill him.”

The image in her mind shifted and she saw herself running towards Aiden. Not only did she see what was going on, but she could feel it as well. Her feet hit the pavement and the wind as it brushed through her face and hair, Vesta could feel it all.

“Go kill him.”  Now she was running, the sharpened wood in her hand. “Kill him.”  In the image, Vesta saw herself hugging Aiden - he felt as he always did - and he embraced her tightly. Then she drove the  wood into his back, and Aiden’s scream reverberated in her ears in a deafening pitch. Vesta was horrified. She felt sick and disgusted, and the feel of Aiden’s crumbling body in her arms filled her with despair.

Vesta started to moan and cry out while in the back seat of Aiden’s car. She was no longer unconscious, but in a deep sleep “No! No, why!  Aiden. AIDEN!” Tears streamed down her face as sobs poured from her mouth, and her body quivered with the weight of her sadness.

All the while the only thing she heard was the laughter of the vampire that had put this realistic dream in her head.

This was how it ended.  This is what the Vampire had wanted her to see and he had given her this dream while racing in his car down along the streets of the Lower Town. She had been such a pleasant girl to feed from, and manipulating her psyche was even more enjoyable. Humans were such fragile and gullible creatures.

“Careful now, Aiden,” Rylie said. “Wouldn’t want you to have an accident.” He laughed.  Flexing his fingers on the wheel, he honed in on the direction Vesta was being taken. “I’m coming for you, half-breed.”

Rylie did not forget Aiden’s stunt back there in the alleyway, how he had vanished in a puff of smoke. When he had relayed this to the Council they told him not to kill him, but to bring him in instead. Likely they thought that Rylie couldn’t handle it. He was a third generation vampire of one of the oldest houses. His bloodline was pure and able to be traced back to the dawn of time. How dare they think that he could be outdone by a half-breed!

It wasn’t long before Aiden’s car was in sight. “It is time.”

Rylie phased out of his car - it was only a material possession and something he could easily replace - and quickly traveled the remaining distance to Aiden’s car as smoke on the wind.  He materialized with a soft *thump* on the car's hood.  Crouched down on the spot and his hold secure, Rylie grinned.  “Hello, half-breed.”
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