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Communicator Communiqué

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Communicator Communiqué Empty Communicator Communiqué

Post by Telguest on Tue Oct 01, 2013 12:45 am

Located deep within the confines of the Makon prison on Genesis the silence of a dark hallway was disturbed by the hissing crackle of a communicator flaring to life. .

"Status report?"

"Good news from the Northern Front. They believe they've located the portal to

"They are certain this time?"

"Early results show the energy signature matches the one you crossed through and
it's within 300 yards of the location the traitor Edward Manro described before
his execution."

"There’s no time to waste; How long until it opens?"

"Based on the readings they estimate it should open within the next week before
the full moon."

"Good. Prepare the prisoners for transport. Dose them enough they won’t remember
their names. There is no room for mistakes this time!"

"Including the boy? Are you sure that’s wise Ma’am? Given who his father is he
may betray us. The last whelp we sent never returned!"

"The boy goes. Dose him heavier than his companion. He will prove us use even if
he does not survive the trip. Once Elessar Minyatur sees his son dead before him
there will no stopping his return to Genesis and where he goes the blood
traitor Armandeus Valandil will be sure to follow."

"What if the boy should survive. . .?"

"IF he does happen to possess his father’s uncanny endurance to survive the plan
shall still proceed as instructed. Far too much time has passed and yet we are
no closer than we were before!"

"What if the plan does not work? As you said the last pawn we sent never
returned! He may have betrayed us!"

"My dear Sellion, are you still that naive child I plucked from that horrid
world? That pawn as you called him was merely that- a pawn and nothing more.
There was no true expectations of him coming through! Why else would we have
sent him alone? It was a fitting end for an annoying insect in my opinion."

"I- I had not considered it. I thought it strange that he never made contact."  

"Even after all these years you still have much to learn. Be at the lower halls
in one hour. It is time you participated in our plans."

". . Y-yes Ma'am. I'll be there."

With a static hiss the communicator fell silent leaving only a faint chuckle to permeate the air along with the clicking sounds of heeled shoes upon the stone floor. . . .


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