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Visitor at the Manor

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Post by Telguest on Tue Dec 10, 2013 4:00 am

After Sacher stood back up, Ama reached for the door's knob, turned and opened the door. It was not much past the hour it was when he had first arrived her and, since he had come without a method of transportation aside from himself, she did not have to call for his car.

If she were a younger girl dealing with the likes of Sacher may have been difficult. "Working in Seρor Stry's employ I have seen many things, Seρor Sacher, and offers of various natures. While your words of flattery may be true, the reason behind them is up for debate," she said.  Being polite and yet to the point. She rarely had time for idle chatter with the people Stry brought over, though, truthfully, hardly any of them took the time to make chat with her as he was unless they wanted something. Ama would make no comment to her thoughts on that.

Almost as a second thought she said, "I'm not so young as to know that things are given through hard work. It doesn't take much effort to flash a smile and speak flattery. j You came in no car, but I can arrange for one to take you where it is you want to go." It was her job to see him out and she would do so, even if he tarried on the way.


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Visitor at the Manor - Page 2 Empty Re: Visitor at the Manor

Post by Sacher Masoch on Tue Feb 11, 2014 4:53 am

Sacher couldn't avoid the smile that curled upon his lips.  She honestly thought he wanted something or had some ulterior motive for speaking with her.  The poor dear.  How sheltered she must be in this house to think that no man could simply find her attractive for the sake of her beauty alone.

A slight shake of his head was his initial reaction to her words.  He followed his action with soft spoken words. "My dear, sweet, Ama.  The sole reason for my words of flattery is their truth. Please, rest assured, I intend to show you that I mean the words I speak. I have no need of motorized transportation, but thank you very much for the offer.  I bid the a good eve. Until we meet again my lovely." Then with another bow of his head, he parted her company and exited through the open door.
Sacher Masoch
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