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The Whole Shebang

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The Whole Shebang Empty The Whole Shebang

Post by Telguest on Wed Oct 10, 2012 3:43 pm

(This was written as a collaboration between myself, the wretch Aiden. . and a 'surprise guest'. Enjoy.)

By the gods, what in the hell were the people running the Syndicate smoking when they sent him here?! From a dark corner nestled in the back room of the Bloody Rum Runn Pazuzu stood, arms crossed, silver eyes narrowed as he stared out at the chaos playing before him. It was the night of the full moon and the known vampire bar was packed to the hilt with all forms of nocturnal creatures bumping and grinding to the heavy rock music that was blaring from the back room.

Good gods, but this was hell. As far as sh*tty assignments went this ranked up there close to number one in Pazuzu's opinion - what the hell had they been thinking? Sure the owner of this establishment was reported to have special abilities that could come in useful by why in the bloody hell did he have to be the one to recruit him?!

Pazuzu wasn't new to recruiting but damn, this one burned him. He was recruited to wipe scum like this off the planet -and anyone associated with them- yet here he was smack dab in the middle of a crowd and he wasn't allowed to kill any one of them!

In short he was PISSED. He didn't care how valuable this bar owner could be. Screw it. Let Dagnab or Sid do the recruiting- it was grunt work after all. He was getting the hell out of here!

Two steps were taken before silver eyes looked up to find themselves locked in the gaze of fathomless black pools. "Going somewhere?" A velvet voice purred with the seductive thrall of the damned immortal creatures. Holy sh*t!!! Pazuzu backpedaled in alarm only to encounter a veritable wall of cold bodies as they swooned and swayed to the heavy electric metal music that poured from the bar's speakers.

The owner of the velvet voice chuckled at Pazuzu's obvious terror; a twisted, amused sound that permeated just loud enough to be heard above the ruckus that surrounded them. "You can't escape that way. ."

"What the hell do you want vampire?" The last word was spit out as if it left a bad taste upon his tongue as Pazuzu stepped away from the crushing press of the bodies at his back.

"Ohhhh ouch, so touchy." The owner of the velvet voice stepped closer parting the shadows allowing a thin pallid face complete with thin wire-rimmed glasses perched upon the nose to appear. "What's the matter? Afraid of being bit?" It was hard to tell in the gloom and flashing strobe lights of the bar but slowly two mismatched fang teeth appeared in a malevolent smile. "You never know, you may just like it!"

Cocky son of a b!t&h! He should shoot the vampire where it stood! His trigger finger was growing dangerously itchy in the face of this insolence and as far as Pazuzu was concerned the vampire was sealing its own fate. It would take less than a second to remove the pistol hidden in the back of his waistband.

"Now, now, now. . I wouldn't do that if I were you." The vampire leaned in closer, his eyes seeming to glow under the pulsing lights. "Think you're a good shot? You're outnumbered a hundred to one. . How lucky do you think you are?" He chuckled evilly as a pale hand shot out only to hover just inches away from Pazuzu's face. "So, are you feeling lucky? You wouldn't even make it a foot to the door."

What the!? Forget just shooting the vampire he was going to ensure the wretch of a creature suffered first instead! He reached out to grab the pale wrist, ignoring the absolute disgusting cold feeling as he leaned in to meet the vampire headlong. "I don't have to make it to the door so long as I take you with me." The wrist was let go and the arm flung away before he was pushing his way past. .



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The Whole Shebang Empty Re: The Whole Shebang

Post by Vesta Voui on Thu Oct 11, 2012 12:08 pm

"Hey, Hey! Didn't you but see the sign!" that was the voice of the waitress across the way.. on the other side of the bar. She was waving her arm in the arm to catch the attention of the two who were, looking like fighting. "There are rules in this bar!"

Whoa! Who was calling who disgusting!? It'd only take one quick and simple snap and the hunter would no longer have a hand to shoot with! "Think you're good enough then? Go ahead and . ". . and wasn't that voice familiar? Aiden’s pale blonde head shot up in surprise, dark eyes scanning the crowd to find the owner of the voice who was yelling about the rules. Ah! The new waitress! Hmm. . it was impossible to tell just who she was at this distance so that warranted a closer look! Sadly this meant his plans on his current prey would have to wait.

Yes, run off with the little bar chippy and leave him the hell alone! Since the vampire was suitably occupied Pazuzu was making his escape towards the front door! The Syndicate could suck recruiting as far as he was concerned!

The waitresses cover was blown! Well. was she really trying to have a cover? Maybe she was and that's why she didn't say anything earlier…. but she had to say something. Maybe she didn't. To many variables! Now the vampire was coming her way - not to mention the other vampires in this vampire bar were looking at her, they were probably thinking of ways to make her pay for the other vampire missing a potential meal. It was strange to think that she was working there, since she was a human and in no ways a vampire familiar. The only thing that probably kept her from being an appetizer was that the owner hired her. All that was besides the point at the other guy was getting away!

"You.. you guy with the gun and nice hair!" Terrible line. "You can't just waltz on outta here! There are rules!" Shouted the waitress. Rules that were not posted anywhere, but it sounded good and gave her a chance to look like she wasn't looking at the one coming to her. Though she was.

Guy with the gun and nice hair!? Who the hell was this waitress anyway and why was she trying to get him killed! Silver eyes narrowed as he whipped around to focus on the loud-mouth waitress. "I do not believe there are any rules against leaving an establishment." Said Pazuzu.

"There are no rules in this bar,” added Aiden. “Who are you?" It was amazing how one crowd of people could turn into a veritable wall and hold up progress when one wanted to move fast. "Get out of the way!"

The vampire was getting irritable and had resorted to shoving people out of his path as he made his way across the room. The waitress was clearly human- in a room full of undead it was easier to count the actual beating hearts rather than the ones that weren't and that narrowed the list of people Aiden knew considerably. Add to that the familiar voice that was still spouting about rules to the hunter no less- Aiden had a hunch!

"There are rules about enticing a .. a vampire and running away!" Trying that with a lot of confidence, let's hope it worked. Speaking of vampires. "Hi, Adien. Fancy meeting you here.. in vampire bar." Yeah what are the odds he would run across Vesta? She was dressed like a gothic dead doll, even her hair was highlighted in various shades of purple and gray - though there was a splash of dark pink in there too. She pointed towards the one who was leaving "New friend?"

"Of that I highly doubt." In reference to the ruling of enticing a vampire and leaving. "And perhaps you should get your record straight for it was he, not me, who 'enticed' the other first." Who disgraceful could this bar be? A bar owner with supposed powers who was virtually non-existent and now a mortal waitress in a room full of slavering beasts? Yes, leaving was the right course of action to be taken here. "If you are smart then you would do well to leave with me."

Oye, he should have known! All hunches aside, Aiden made it through the crowd to where Vesta stood only to let his eyes roam up one side and down the other. What? He was a male after all and she was smoking hot dressed like that if he did say so himself! "I should have known it was you! What are you doing here?" He asked as a glance given to Pazuzu then her.

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The Whole Shebang Empty Re: The Whole Shebang

Post by Vesta Voui on Mon Nov 12, 2012 3:20 pm

"Oh, you know, the same thing any mortal girl would be doing in a vampire bar," Vesta said, even if that was going completely around the answer. "Unlike your buddy pal over there, my presence isn't enticing anyone!" She said that loud enough for him to hear, and she reached into one of the hidden fold pockets that was on her attire and pulled out a small jade bottle, holding it up for Aiden to see. "It's like pepper-spray, but it's garlic, mixed with some type of Holy water. Yeah. This lady gave it to me at this shop. She has about anything you need in there I'd bet."

Holy hell! She had garlic mixed with holy water!? Black eyes grew wide behind the tinted shades and Vesta was treated to the sight of Aiden backing waaaaaaay up away from her and that bottle. "Shit, you couldn't entice anyone with that! Who the hell's the wacko that sold you that!?" Yeah, the object of his previous desire had been carrying a gun but it wasn't near as scary as the stuff in the bottle!

Well now, that was interesting. . Silver eyes examined the bottle from where he still stood halfway to the door. "Such a unique item. You bought it around here?" Imagine the possibilities if he were to come in possession of a bottle! He could kill the wretched creatures without even getting near them!

Vesta wasn't expecting that type of reaction - well, okay maybe she was. "See. I'm safe." It wasn't something she'd use on Aiden, but that wasn't something she was going to say in a room of vampires. Didn't need any of them thinking they could be special. The jade bottle was put back in her pocket even as she was being asked about it. "Don't go sticking guns in people's faces and you could get something like this too." Perhaps. Maybe she needed to watch out for this guy. He seemed a bit to interested in the bottle. Might try to rob her or something. "Shift will be over soon," Vesta said, "Going back to the Tel?" That was directed to Aiden of course.

Why, why why did Aiden have to go after the crazy ones? Hot girl, even hotter dressed up as a dead doll as she was and she was armed with vampire pepper-spray! It'd be enough to deter any well-respecting vamp but hey, who ever said Aiden was any form of normal? The bottle was being put back in the pocket and with that came a sigh of relief! And a turn of his attention to the gun-toter who was just a bit too interested in the bottle for Aiden's liking. . "Yeah. Want some company on the way back?" Directed at Vesta even as he was focused on the other guy.

The woman's advice about not sticking guns in people's faces was disregarded with a snort as he continued his edging towards the door. A gun to the face was the ultimate information gathering tool! In his experience it gathered information and fast. Now the question was how to get ahold of a bottle of that stuff. . Robbing the girl seemed the best plan and thus he made it all the way out the door to find a good spot to wait.

Vesta watched the other guy leave. "I'll take you up on that offer." Leaning in towards him she whispered, "I don't quite trust that guy." Seemed all to shifty for her liking, and she liked a lot of things. "Besides," getting back up going back behind the bar to give it a last rub down. "Gotta find out where ya been. Thought you may have been, you know." Without saying the word for it she took up one of the straws and hit it against her chest. "yeah." He followed what she meant right?

"Safety in numbers?" He smirked giving her a not-quite look at those mis-matched fangs of his. "There is something I cannot quite place my finger on. . yet." There was something strange about the guy and not just because he'd been toting a gun in the middle of a vampire bar! She had thought he'd been staked, how cute! Aiden chuckled and took a seat at the bar as he watched her. "It'll take more than that to get rid of me!" Surprisingly there were some perks about being a half vampire! "I've been around. What about you? Where've you been?"

"Check this out," she crossed her ams and leaned on the bar towards him. "I was suppose to be going back home for a bit after all that happened." She was referring to what happened between her and Winston - even if it was something that Aiden knew nothing about. "So I used the phone that I have and when the ride came to get me I ended up in Mane, but here's the kicker." Vesta pushed up on the bar to get closer to Aiden, she looked around her for any eavesdropping vampires before she lowered her voice and whispered. "Vampires up there sparkled." That had to be against some type of law or something, she didn't even think they were vampires until other odd things started going on. "And I was all like 'what's going here.' Seemed to be some type of blood or clan war with them and the furry dudes, but i got out of there and ended up back here on some boat." getting back up she hit her hand down on the table. "Been working my way back since! And looking for you."

By now Aiden was used to half understanding just what the heck Vesta was talking about so while the part about going back home after whatever it was had happened went flying over his head he caught back up at the phone (he even owned one, believe it or not!) only to be lost again when she said she met sparkling vampires! Both eyebrows arched up high on his forehead even as he was leaning forward to stare at her over the tops of his glasses. "Sparkled? Like glittered?" Aiden had never heard of such a thing! Vampires were natually pale and sometimes lumious depending on the light, but he'd never heard of one that couldd be classafied as sparkling before! "Furry dudes?" That had caught at his attention too but it was hardly a concern as where there were vampires there was usually werewolves! "How in the heck did you get away?"

"Blink." It was a simple answer. "He did his thing and we found another bus. How we went from riding on the bus to being in the gallows of a ship, beats me. The way I see it - don't question a good thing. Oh, he's back at the room." Referring to the squirrel, in case Aiden was wondering where he was. "Didn't think it was to safe to have him tooting around in a place like this. Though he could be out looking for you too." The clock in bar chimed the top of the hour. "That's it!" Vesta declared. "I'm outta here boys!" Obviously her shift was over, and the other vampires in the bar looked in her direction. Some of them raised a glass to her while gave her a concentrated look wondering if they could steal a drink now that she was off-duty and if it was worth it. Maybe they were even envious of Aiden! The hem of her skirt bounced a bit as she jumped down the bar step and on to the main floor. "Ready?"

So for her safety Aiden owed the non-talking squirell? Really? It was surprising how easily Aiden accepted the answer- he'd defiently spent too much time with the girl in the past- her and her oddness was rubbing off on him! "I haven't seen him around," Although it would be a bit hard to miss a squirell following him around with his crazy wandering habits! As for the other vampires that were eyeing Vesta over like a fountain drink Aiden had turned and was leveling off a challenging look that said she was his. Even though she really wasn't! "Ready when you are," Hopping off the stool he offered her his arm.

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