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A Fitting End

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Re: A Fitting End

Post by Airtia S. Cauthon on Mon Sep 10, 2012 7:20 pm

After the surgery Elessar had gone into a state of shock, quite possibly unconscious as well. Airtia had watched over what Venis was doing, now and then glancing over to Elessar, she didn't have too much concern for him as Inion was sitting by and tending to. It was Armandeus who needed the attention now.

She had moved off to the side to make arrangements on the desk when she heard Venis speak again, and what was caught Airtia's attention instantly. It took a moment for her to be at Venis' side, silver eyes looking straight into hers. "Just what do ye think ye are doing?" Airtia kept her voice low, but it was strong. "Ye are nae an elf. Giving 'im yer blood will 'ave dire consequences."

Position was held for another moment before Airtia stepped back and directed her attention to the others in the room. "There tis nae more that can be done fer Armandeus and Elessar. The fate o' their lives rest in them."

She spoke in a decisive manner, not expecting any disagreement to the things she had said. "Let us pack up, and leave them tae 'ael. Elessar can be placed in 'is bed."

It was admirable, what Venis was wanting to do, no blame in it. Now, it really was up to Armandeus if he wanted to live.
Airtia S. Cauthon

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Re: A Fitting End

Post by Elessar on Tue Sep 11, 2012 8:03 pm

"Do the surgery."

Elessar consented to Venis even as he was turning back to look upon the pale and prone form of Armandeus laying so still upon the bed as he swallowed past the knot forming in his chest. Sweet Eru above, he couldn't bear to watch this and so he moved, sliding from Armandeus' bed and down onto his own.

As he lay there with his hands clenched around his bed sheets as he waited he thought he could hear the pattering sound of rain falling outside the open window. Whether real, or simply a byproduct of a dying mind, Elessar found comfort in the simple sound. It called with the alluring softness of a siren song and on the cusp Elessar could hear sweet laughter as well.

He was truly dreaming then as tired eyes slid closed and his mind shielded itself from the pain of his body as it wandered towards a more peaceful path. Here Elessar could follow the dulcet laughter as it lead him down the Lor rana* towards eyes the exact shade of lavender blooms that peered out at him from a heart-shaped face.

On the outside Elessar's body had finally begun to relax the best it could given the circumstances and while the words Venis spoke were heard they came to the elf as if shouted from the end of a long tunnel and, at the moment, seemed meaningless. Still, the injections and the small incision were suffered with the tight clenching of his jaw but the trance-like state endured.

Having been privy first-hand to countless visions of Armandeus' turbulent mind Elessar knew instinctively that what he saw now would not last. Still, it was hard to listen to reason when he could feel the silky soft strands of wet hair slipping through his fingers. . Nevertheless the illusion was already being shattered around him for a burning had overtaken his chest that only grew in intensity as Venis continued to cut into Armandeus. In the depths of Elessar's mind it took forever; morphing from a burning into slow agony that finally succeeded in pulling Elessar unfettered and unwilling back into the conscious world.

Dear sweet Eru above, this must be hell for Elessar could honestly say he'd never felt pain like this before in his long life! The immediate battle to hold back the effect of the pain upon him had lost and he couldn't quench the near inhuman strangled screams that ripped from his throat. It was by sheer grace (and luck for Inion beside him) then that his limbs felt too heavy to move so he could not thrash. Endure. . He had to endure it all costs. If he could not then surely he would perish and Armandeus with him.

Endure. . . Endure. . The word had become a mantra within his head even as he began suffocating as the effects of Armandeus' left lung being deflated transferred to him. Spots blossomed behind his eyes as he struggled to gain breath. . Endure. . Eru save him! The last thing Elessar heard as he slipped away into unconsciousness was the blessing Venis continuously whispered. .

[*Lor rana - Literally translated means 'dream wanderer' and is used here as a means of sheltering Elessar's mind from the trauma his body is undergoing.]

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Re: A Fitting End

Post by Venis Jordianthan on Sun Sep 16, 2012 5:13 am

Airtia had been so quiet that Venis nearly jumped when she heard her speak. She listened to the words of one of her oldest and most trusted friends. "Then I'll just ..." Her argument trailed off as Air continued. Venis was a God, she could change her body chemistry if she needed to, she could become an elf. But Airtia was adamant and she did have that 'do not even bother trying to argue with me' undertone in her voice.

She let Airtia finish what she was saying as she removed the needle from Armandeus' arm. When Airtia was done, Venis spoke. Well, first she let out the sound of a growl of frustration. "Ya know Air, I love you, but you can be so frustrating sometimes." As she spoke those words, she was packing up everything she was taking back out with her. Once she had everything in the trunk, she closed it up.

Then she picked up the papers and the bandages and other various medical supplies. She scribbled down her cell phone number on the bottom of the instructions, and Tasha's as well, just in case. Then she walked over and put them on the desk so they could be found. After that, she returned to Ar's bedside. She moved the trunk and leaned over him. She placed one hand gently on his chest. She could feel his heart beat. She leaned down and whispered. "Armandeus. Be strong and stay with us. There are people here who love you." Then she kissed the elf's forehead, leaving a mark with her lipstick.

She sat back up and looked at everyone. "Please do not wash off the marks." Then she moved to Elessar. She leaned over him next. "Elessar. You are a brave man. You did great. Stay strong and help Armandeus through this. Your loved ones want you here." Her whispers were followed by a kiss to his head. And once again, there was a mark from her lipstick upon his head. It was the best she could do for them given they were elves and they didn't worship her as a deity. She counted the two elves as friends, and they fell under the blanket of her protection. But all she could do for them was what she had done. The kiss marks wouldn't do anything other than alert her if they started knocking on Heaven's door. And if alerted, she would return to try and save them yet again. But it would only last until they had recovered completely. Then the effects would wear off.

Venis' next move was to move to hug Inion. "Thanks for the help. All the help." She made sure to look into her eyes when she said the last. Inion would know what was meant. Then she moved to Air. Airtia wasn't touchy feely, hugs weren't always something she engaged in. Venis moved to stand beside her, facing the opposite direction. She placed a hand on her shoulder. "Thank you for your help Air. I couldn't have done it without you." She raised her hand and paused. She moved her hand to her bicep, not quite wrapping fingers around it, but touching it enough to indicate that there was more. Quietly, she whispered. "Air, don't let it win." Fingers slid from Airtia's arm as she mustered all her strength and lifted the trunk.

She carried the trunk from the room and paused for a moment in the hall. She shook her head and stretched her mouth as her fangs grew back in. "The portal will close once the blood dries." She blew around the edges of the portal with her very hot breath. That way the blood would start to dry. She slit another portal into the air before her now that she could hold the trunk with one arm. And she stepped through it, the portal closing behind her.
Venis Jordianthan

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Re: A Fitting End

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