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De-Syndicated (Open to those to which it pertains)

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De-Syndicated (Open to those to which it pertains) Empty De-Syndicated (Open to those to which it pertains)

Post by Firefly on Fri Jun 10, 2011 7:14 am

Firefly was almost at a loss. Ever since her partner had found himself a new toy, she had been solo. Not that that was going to stop her...she was a woman of skill, and a high-ranking operative. F-cking bitch. She had d-cked up at least four of her plans. Deep in the garden, she snapped her cell-phone to it's open position, sliding it out to reveal the keyboard. Hurriedly, she began to type, hoping the screwy reception would hold long enough for her to get at least one damned message back to HQ.

HQ-partner has sought to cut me loose. Need backup, unless you feel I don't, as well as orders. Proceed or withdraw? I need an answer as soon as possible, preferably immediately.

She snapped the phone closed, looked around to make sure she hadn't been seen, and began to walk back to the inn. Until she was ordered off the case, she would proceed as directed, Mael be damned. He could, as far as she was concerned, go piss up a rope..that is, unless he came up with one hell of an explanation or, less likely, an apology. He had not only cut her loose, he had actually hurt her feelings. She would not easily forgive this, since she had thought herself to be beyond such petty shit as emotions. Still, not only her feelings, but her pride, had been hurt. She would be seeking out that trollop that Mael had decided to train, not to mention the shit-storm Pazuzu. He had, after all, dared to draw his weapon and aim it at her. Such a mistake was one at which he would only get one free shot. The next one was going to cost him his misbegotten life, the miserable son-of-a-bitch that he was. Truth be told, she had never liked him. Thus, ending him would not bother her in the least. She had a job to do, and she would get it done, with or without Mael's help. Until then, she'd play the shy and timid girl she had presented herself as. Time was on her side, at least for now.

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De-Syndicated (Open to those to which it pertains) Empty Re: De-Syndicated (Open to those to which it pertains)

Post by Answer on Mon Jun 13, 2011 10:38 am

As long as she was using the official phone that was given to her by the Syndicate, then her message would get through without a hitch. And it would go straight to the phone of the one intended.

A report had already been filed on what had transpired that night the car had gone to New Haven with Firefly and Pazuzu to pick up Mael, and the other that had chosen to leave what she knew behind and go with him. Right now, with all the training she was being put through that decision was likely regretted. But, nevertheless.

Four words came back to respond to her query: Mission is a go.


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