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Four Months

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Four Months Empty Four Months

Post by -:|[ Titania ]|:- on Sat Jun 04, 2011 12:27 am

It had been four months since the twins arrival into the world. Four months of learning how to juggle her life from how it used to be. Not that she was complaining, she wouldn’t of given up the twins for anything. Every day was like a new adventure with them! Especially when the giggles came out of the twins, it seemed they would just look at each other and burst out giggling. Though she could of done without the two of them waking each other up. It was harder with Xavier gone.

She was sure he had a reason for leaving, but she would of appreciated a letter, or something. But maybe he had a reason for just disappearing? Honestly she couldn’t blame him, they were both rather young, and now he was saddled with two babies.

Having been putting off the hiring of a nanny she finally had given in. The nanny needed to be hired. She was running herself ragged. She wanted to be able to enjoy her time with the babies not feel cranky and tired. Plus she still needed some time for herself. Between work and her home life she had no time for herself. Sure she did when she could convince people to baby sit but she wanted someone around more permanent. Which is why the girl was hired. She a bit older then Titania herself, nor did she really look like a nanny, but the twins responded to her, she seemed to genuinely like the babies, and the two females got along smashingly.

Thankfully for Titania, once the nanny was hired she was able to actually get more then a half hour to a hour of sleep in a row. She also was able to get back to her training. While she was pregnant she had to stop that, but now now she was able to go back to it. Having missed it, and in the beginning the lessons had to start almost at the beginning again. Thankfully she was almost back to where she had been, but after having the twins, some things felt…differently. That was to be expected though for she had gone through changes.

Today she did not have to work, nor did she have any lessons planned, so she and the nanny decided to go for a walk. They did this often, instead of using a double stroller, they both pushed a single stroller. She was all about keeping the twins together, but she thought at some times they needed to have their own space. Especially Iz, she had a mind on her, and she liked to bat at her brother. Thankfully for the most part he just seemed to giggle when she did bat at him. But when she batted him enough and he batted back, she tended to make a small little fist that looked like she was going to hurt him.

The nanny had been made aware of the fact that the twins were not ‘normal’, which was a good thing for Iz had grown a tail a time or two, totally ruining her diaper. Yet no other change had taken place, yet. Bastion had yet to have anything strange happen, but that was to be expected once Iz started showing signs.

Conversation was quiet between the two women as they walked, the nanny did not need to help out as she did, but T enjoyed having the conversation, plus it made her want to exercise more to get her old shape back. Mostly there was a happy thought for her, she remembered thinking that she would never fit into her old clothes ever again.

Four Months Tbanne10
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