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No More Bunny Hop

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No More Bunny Hop  Empty No More Bunny Hop

Post by Gwendolyn Zoi on Tue Apr 26, 2011 7:47 pm

It was true, Gwennie had not been around the Inn, not since the night before Easter. Not that it was not an normal occurrence anymore, but normally she checked in with a wave or those odd sniff smelling people whom would be able to know she had been around. No new Gwennie scents had lingered, no new Gwennie was around vibrations for those that could feel her, nothing. It wasn’t that she was in trouble, so no distress signals were sent from her happy little self either, well okay so she might be in trouble, but it wasn’t something she was sweating.

Last year Gwen dressed up as a playboy bunny for Easter, this year she thought to do a step further on the bunny theme, a step she highly doubted that she was going to take again! After all if she wouldn’t of dressed up so bunny like, she could of made it back to the Inn with in plenty of time from her sight seeing trip. Buuuuuut no, that was not to be, for she had dressed herself in full white velour, a soft fabric that was like a cat suit, the zipper had been carefully hidden. She had even made cute little socks for her feet that she imprinted with bunny foot prints on the bottom, and she had little mittens of the same for her hands. Her hair had been hanging loose though, and she did have the matching headband with bunny ears, upon her head.

Bound to happen, it was! That she had decided why not go out and explore! I mean it wasn’t that she was planning on going far. What could happen, really? Minding her own business, snacking on a bright orange carrot, because what else was the bunny going to eat, she found herself face to lower leg with a giant troll. Not that that frightened her, not at all! She was not even scared when said giant picked the girl up and placed her upon the palm of his right hand, and pet her. His voice coming out and sounding very loud and yet distant to Gwen. “Bunny! I found a bunny!” Which was filled with quite a happy little sound. Bright blues turned rather wide at the sound, as she cupped her bunny paws to her mouth and attempted to shout up. “I’m not a real bunny! I’m a Gwennie!” But the giant troll did not hear, and he lumbered away with Gwen, getting a ride on that palm.

He took her to his home, at least that’s what she figured it was, for everything was so huge, that if he knew she wasn’t a bunny she wouldn’t of been able to even climb up into a chair. Though he had not wanted to share her, so he stuffed her into a shirt pocket, where she used a piece of lint for a pillow. She figured she had better get comfortable.


After a nap, she was finally plucked out of the pocket, and the giant looked down at her, after placing her on the palm. He poked her with one rather large finger against her back. “Hop bunny hop.” Gwen not sure what she should do, seeing she already told him she wasn’t a bunny, and him not hearing her, figured she had better hop! This went on for a while, before the Giant’s attention was snagged by something else, at what time he put Gwen back into his pocket.

Later that night, when the Giant went to grab “the bunny” out of his pocket, her headband got caught on the Giant’s pocket seam. Even though her hands reached for the ears, she was plucked out without the ears. It was then that the Giant looked at Gwen, before he started to look at her. “Your not a bunny!” The voice came out very loud and accusingly, as he peered down at her. Which caused her to blink, before her pawed hands moved to her hips. To the giant it looked like she was just mouthing something, but he couldn’t hear a thing. Which hand him tilting his head, so his ear was closer to the palm with the girl upon it. “What that?” He asked again. “I’m a Gwennie not a Bunny!!” At which the giant moved his head back to peer at her again. Almost thoughtfully. “Gwennie Pretty!” Which got a small lil err shrug type thing from her and a smile. “Thank you?”

The giant then placed Gwen in a jar, setting her upon the counter in the kitchen before he went off to do something. It was while she was in the jar that she started to panic, she had on Leo’s ring, but she did not have the gift from her Lesson Master. She had thought about using the ring, but she wasn’t in danger right? She was just caught in a glass jar, a glass jar that had a opening upon the top, he had not put a lid on it for he did not wish for her to suffocate.

Looking around, she did, to make sure that no one was around, she closed her eyes, and willed her wings to wake up as she spoke softly to them. “Wake up Wings! Please please wake up wings.” Perhaps there was a sound of a little panic in her voice, because she did not know what the giant troll was going to do with her once he came back, and she really did not want to find out! Thankfully for her, the wings slowly came awake, pressing through her costume, which she as never going to wear again. A small cry of pain as they had broke through the flesh, before they fluttered in their opalistic glory. The small fluffy feathers on top, before the longer stronger feathers that made up the rest of the wings, fluttered once more, before Gwen had control of her wings, and used them, used them to fly upwards and around the Giant’s home, before finding open window which she went out.

Her escape wasn’t completely without a hitch because she was spotted by the Giant, whom came after her, but thankfully her size being much much smaller then his she ducked away from his slow hands aiming to get her. This time she was able to maneuver herself differently and she made her way near the inn, where she put herself down in a patch of grass. Once she had a safe landing, and no looming Giants, she closed her eyes, and spoke softly to her wings. “Please go back to sleep now Wings.” Which they promptly began to fold back up and into her they went, the only markings of the wings having been out the tears in the bunny costume and the sensitive flesh from where they busted out.

Somewhere along the way she had lost one mitten and both of the foot socks. If one did not know better they might think she had been in a fight! As she came across the threshold, her outfit was torn, pieces missing and her hair was mess! Its what happened when one flew after being put in a pocket a few times, without a pony tail holder. But for now, Gwennie was back, and you can bet the next time she dressed as a animal it wasn’t going to be a full blown costume or if it was she wasn’t leaving the safety of the Inn, at least not by herself.

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