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Almost a Month!

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Almost a Month!

Post by -:|[ Titania ]|:- on Tue Apr 05, 2011 11:48 pm

Worn out. That was how Titania felt. She was also very grateful that Xavier was around. Just thinking of raising the twins on her own at such a early stage was enough of a thought to send her running for covers! The twins were both pretty easy going babies. Not that they were doing much besides being eating and pooping machines. Izzy was good at sleeping through out the night, she wanted to sleep when she sensed T was asleep because if she slept when T was awake she might miss something. Bastion was never wanting to sleep, thankfully for T, Xavier had taken some of the late night wake ups, and she had gotten more sleep then she had thought she would get.

2 days...2 days and they would be a month old. Her body had healed pretty well after the labor, now it was getting her energy up and getting in exercise. Her exercize consisted of picking up a baby, holding baby, swinging baby and setting baby down. Arms were actually toning up from that. Currently Bastion was fast asleep, of the two he was more laid back already, not eager to do anything. Whereas Izzy wanted to get moving, you could tell by the way her eyes followed everything, the way she seemed to get mad when she rolled herself into a folded postion but could not yet sit up. Izzy let out a small squeak, and T moved over to pick up the girl, a quick burping of the little one, before her eyes closed back, and T set her down in the crib with her brother. Rubbing the little girls stomach till she was asleep as well. A soft smile slipping over her features as she looked down at the two sleeping babies.

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