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The Once in a Lifetime Experience ~:{ Closed }:~

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The Once in a Lifetime Experience ~:{ Closed }:~

Post by ♥Allissya♥ on Mon Mar 21, 2011 11:03 pm

You know how things happen? When you have a friend of a friend of a friend, who knows someone who knows someone else? Because that had happened to Al, she received a call on her realm crossing phone, which was normally only when it was something important for work related issues, so when she took the call she was a bit in shock. What shocked her even more was the fact that she had been told that Al would be there for the interview. It wasn’t a normal job, it was a once in a lifetime job, and the person that knew Al, told the other person whom told other people, whom told whom they knew that she would be there. The small problem with that? Al was in New Haven, and she was going to have to travel with the phone, the phone thankfully was good at making her go back and forth, but the interview was in two days. Two days for her to get things situated, the situation explained to Winston though really she knew he would not be a problem, and to get back to Earth and get her bearings straight. That was a rather large bill, but she knew she could handle it, otherwise she would never make it out for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

First things first, she went to her room at the Tel’Ranaemyn Inn, and packed a few of her necessities in a small suit case. Three suits, one red, one dark blue and one a dove gray were put into a garment bag. Shoes that matched were put into the small suit case, because a girl needed her matching shoes. Picture perfect was a goal that was not allowed to be messed up first thing in the morning, not even a strand of hair had the nerve not to fall as she wanted it too. Once she had her packing done, though she was not checking out of the inn, so she did not take everything, she went in search of Winston.

He was not very hard to find, she just had to go down to the office near the dock, the place still gave her the creeps sometimes but she knew she could handle herself. Sometimes she would feel the eyes on her, and her hands would fight from balling into fists, other times she only could wish and hope that someone would actually jump her so she could test defending herself. She worked out every other day, ate correctly, and had other secrets. She was correct in finding Winston and closed the door behind her, it was his way of knowing she wanted to talk to him without the ears listening that might be walking in the hallways. Always the place had people that worked for him moving around at all hours. When she emerged from his office a half hour later, things had been fully worked out, and her duties that she did for him, well he was going to have to deal. Had it come down to a choice of either letting her go on this trip for this or her just leaving maybe, but neither would say how the conversation went, except that Al was doing what she had set her mind to doing.

Next she had to go back to the inn, grab her belongings and use the phone, thankfully Winston knew she needed a day to get settled and had told her not to waste more time. He was going to be supportive of her, because he knew it was something she wanted to do, he had that proof. So once she was in her room, she wrote out a brief letter for Gwen, which she put into a envelope, and ran it down to slip under her door. Really she did not want Gwen to worry about her, which she knew she would but this way she wouldn’t have to worry about where she was, she told Gwen everything, almost. Az had been in the room so she already told her, once back into her room. Once in her room, she picked up the two items she was taking with her and punched in the number into the phone that would take her back home, to Earth.

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