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Post by Om Kennedy Yajna on Sun Feb 20, 2011 1:58 am

(Not open. It's just the explanation of why he's not around anymore.)

The man who stood at the podium inside the Massachusetts Capitol Building was well-groomed. In a suit. And Tobias Kennedy. The people he looked out at were packed into the room like sardines. He expected that. Figuring they could guess what he was about to say.

"For over a hundred years, the name Kennedy has been synonymous with Action. But more importantly, it's been synonymous with -thoughtful- action. Uncle John, Uncle Robert, Uncle Teddy and Uncle Pat, throughout their civil service each of them always took the time first for -reflection-. Reflection about whatever conflict was at hand, sure. But also reflection about who America was at that given time. Reflection about what America had just lived through. Reflection about why America's desires were leaning towards a specific viewpoint. And finally, reflection about how the proposed action might affect the future - positively but also negatively, for the wealthy but also for the working man, for our great nation but also for the world.

"Reflection makes Action precise. That's what those four men have taught me above all.

"Today we stand as citizens in a country of Action, as the United States has always been. But what I see absent, what I see painfully lacking that's causing the multiple rifts this country is currently suffering from, is -reflection-. A step away from impulse, from reflex responses, from acting on mere instinct - as I stand before you -this- is what I declare is needed to heal this country of its wounds. Or at least some of them. Enough that we as a nation feel strong enough to move forward to create a new day.

"After a lot of reflection of my own, I'm confident that my announcement today will be the first small Action towards creating that new day. The issue of genetic mutation within a large part of the population has been a complicated one. It's affected how each and every one of us lives our lives and looks at our neighbors, our coworkers, and sometimes our loved ones. Yet it's an issue that's dealt with sparingly and scornfully. Behind closed doors where decisions are made for the many by the few while the many are left uneducated about the intricacies that truly surround mutation and humanity.

"I stand before you such a mutant. I declare that today, without pride but also without remorse. In so declaring, I am the first American to accept a nomination that's put their genetic status openly on record. So I am certain that no matter what the outcome of this race, Americans will talk about genetic mutation to a degree that they never have before. Any prejudices, fears, or injustices that have formerly been cloaked in the shadows will now be forced to the light. The eyes of the nation will now turn here, to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, to watch history in the making. Will this be an easy road? No. Will the nature of our words always show the best of us during debate? Of course not. It's always darkest before the dawn, after all. And I say to you today that we -have- to walk through this darkness if we're ever going to come to the light of this situation. Genetic mutation is not going away. It is not a rumor, it is not a conspiracy, it is a biological fact. A fact that if dealt with openly will come to a solution someday. And that day will be a day when -every- American citizen, mutant and non-mutant alike, will once again feel safe. A day when every American citizen will also have their faith restored in this country that was founded on the very principle of thoughtful Action that my uncles held so dear.

"That day is within reach. We together can create it. If we couldn't, if such a dream was impossible, I would not be standing here now saying this: I accept your nomination and hereby announce my candidacy for United States Senate representing this great state of Massachusetts. Thank you."

A man announcing his bid for Senate who had never held office. It was a move the Kennedys had made before, and won. It was also a move they'd made before, and lost. But the possibility of losing was nowhere to be found in Patrick Kennedy's eyes as he patted his son on the back. Because he knew this move was the best one his son could have made.

As for Toby, well. Go to India, go to Rhy'din, go anywhere else and what he'd learned from it was that there was no escaping the fact that he was an American. More than that, an American who -cared-. The soul searching vacation was over, he had something bigger to meditate about now.

Om Kennedy Yajna

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