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At the Syndicate

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At the Syndicate

Post by Mael Feu on Fri Jan 28, 2011 4:18 pm

|Sorry it took a while to get this back up and running. Life can be a pain. Anyway, you all know who you are, anyone else can hit me up if they like.|

Since the day Mael took Keegan away from the Tel'Ranaemyn Inn - even if she came on her own accord - things had been more than a little crazed and dealing with the shit that went down in the car on the way to the Syndicate was only the tip. He meant what he said when he told Keegan that her old life would left behind for a new one and when the car reached its destination that is when it truly began.

The building was inconspicuous as a simple cabin located on the top of a forested hill. Nothing special, simply the home of an old retired man and his dog, both of whom came out to see what the noise was all about - the man totting a shotgun. When he saw who it was the old man only nodded his head and went inside, the rest of them following. Mael led them inside and to the closet door and once they were in he pushed his hand on a panel and a green light scanned his hand, after which the floor they stood on shifted and they went down.

Down. Down. Down they went at a rapid pace on the dim lit shaft; how deep they were when the descent stopped was anyone's guess. The wall opened up and they were there, having arrived at one of the Syndicate's landing points.

The light shades of metal and the white lights made the place feel cold and sterial even if the people walking by, to and fro consisted of a variety, from those dressed as he was - old-style Calvary jacket, to bikers, poor men, and high society. Everyone was human Some walked in groups and others as singles as they traveled along the six branched off hallways from the large dais not far from where they stood. A mechanized voice relayed orders from an unseen intercom system, it wasn't in words but a code of numbers, letters, and callings of the Greek alphabet.

"Home sweet f*cking home." Mael stepped from their space and towards to dais, assuming that Keegan would follow unless she wanted to stay in that shaft. Pazuz and Firefly knew the place and had their own things to attend.

When - if - Keegan came she would be met by a short woman, 4'11 with jet black hair pulled into a pony tail. She was around 25 years old and wore a straight expression. Mael was listening to the calls being delivered over the intercom and shoved a hand into his pocket. He hated that thing, didn't matter where he'd been or how long he'd been away that damn thing always had a call for him to answer.

He looked back at Keegan. "Keegan, that's Cuda. She'll take you from here. Don't let them break you." A partial salute and the man was heading down one of those six hallways.

From there Cuda would be taking Keegan down a different hallway and showing her to what would be her domicile. Inside, on the single bed was a packet with the emblem of the Syndicate on the cover. Inside was a schedule and listing of classes that consisted of basic combat training in hand to hand and weaponry, also tactics, psychology, and courses under mechanical engineering. There was even a class for new Initiates, which is what she happened to be, where she'd learn about the code of the intercom and the rules of the place and how things went. Many of the classes were very physical, hands on, and intensive.

The dresser in her room contained a few changes of clothes though they were all the same: dark blue jeans and a non-descript gray shirt. Inside the packet was also and ID badge with her picture. When had that been taken? Everything that was there would easily take weeks, in the least, to crack.
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