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The Day After Christmas...

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The Day After Christmas...

Post by -:|[ Titania ]|:- on Mon Dec 27, 2010 1:14 am

Christmas….bittersweet wasn’t it? If anyone had asked her what she would have been doing this Christmas, the actuality of how she had spent her Christmas would of never crossed her mind. A simple shake of her head, for she had the day off, that was a good thing. She could relax, regroup, and think on thing’s she had put out of her mind. Something’s that you could hide up to a point, would eventually have a point when they could no longer be hidden. Thankfully for her that point had not yet been reached. That point still had a bit of time, a few months give or take before she would not be able to hide it any longer. February or March it would seem that thing’s couldn’t be hidden, for a small period of time, at least. If she had told him the truth of the matter would things of changed, or been different? She wasn’t the sort that wanted one to be around for such a reason and that was why she had kept her mouth closed, it was why she hid what she did. If people found out she was sure they would tell her that he deserved to know, and he did deserve to know, at a point. That was one of the main reasons she needed to figure out what she was going to do.

Two choices really, that’s what she figured she had, one was to keep what was to come and see where that road led her. She had a good job, steady income, a home of her own…all good things for such a condition. The other option was to give it away, and that was the option she had been leaning towards, especially after the last scene. But a part of her wouldn’t let her do it, she had bonded already, which if anyone had told her such, she would of laughed. She always said she wasn’t going to end up like her mom, and here she was, 19 and on her way. Though her mother had started early being between 16-17, and not having her own home and steady job. But she had not learnt her lesson, that was something Titania had done, a lesson had been learned. A hard and somewhat bitter lesson. Yet a lesson that would have the most positive outcome she could hope for, her hand’s moved to her stomach, it was rather round at the moment, as one would be when they found themselves in her current condition. Today was the first day in a long time she had not used magic upon herself, so that her form was naturally visible.

Rising from the couch she actually waddled a bit when she walked, her feet were slightly swollen, ankles too. Her body had changed, even if no one but herself had known about it. She had found a magic spell in her grandma’s book, that took of everything. It was a lucky day for her to find that book, because she had just started to show, and she had a feeling that the father was going to be rather, well not very happy. Things had started to change between them, and it happened around the time he came back and she went to see a doctor. She was tired, the magic that disguised her figure could not help with the way she was always tired. Only time would help that, and she had a feeling that once things happened, she would be tired a lot longer. She knew what was to come would not be easy on her, especially on her own. Part of her wondered if she should of not dated and maybe found someone to confide in, but she hadn’t part of her felt guilty when she thought about telling the men that asked her out that she would go, so she had instead confined herself to her own company.

Things probably could have been easier, but when heels were dug in, things got said, whether they were meant or not. She wasn’t one to speculate and she had enough of reliving that last conversation in her head. That was part of the reason for her change, for where she decided to leave held to many memories. The new job was going really well, she fit in rather nicely, and the employee’s were rather great. She had told her boss, whom happened to work for the owner, whom she had yet to meet, that she was going to have to have a vacation but she was unsure if it would be in February or March. Not really giving any details and the man was unable to guess why, but he told her what she wanted to hear, they fixed it up so as long as she was able to be contacted via the phone or email things would work rather well. A laptop had been installed with the programs she used in her office at the Krispy Kreme and also cameras that monitored the building. She couldn’t disagree with the arrangements that were already in place, and some days she ran the store from home, just to test it, and so far things went swimmingly.

A hot bath, was what she decided she needed as she made her way slowly up the steps to the large bathroom, with the rather nice sized tub, for said bath.

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